Trnx stock predictions

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Taronis Technologies NASDAQ Extension!

452 views | 5 Sep. 2019

9/4/2019. Taronis

9/4/2019. Taronis Technologies has been given an extension by NASDAQ since it couldn't issue its R/S until August 26th. They will need to have the stock at $1.00 until September 23rd.

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Garrett Shook

When is cutoff for 5-1???

Garrett Shook

Yoo are the dividends 5 to 1
Or 1 to 1?
I thought it was 5 to 1 on trnx fuels...

Everywhere keeps saying 1 to 1.
And you said 5 to 1 on WaterPilot.
Was that an error?


Tfuels shares will be 5 to 1 with the date of record Nov. 5

Trnx stock predictions

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235 views | 19 Apr. 2020



Thanks for watching make sure to like and subscribe feeling great about $GILD and all that they are doing! Great company to invest in.

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Young Chief

Nice vid love them all

Dominic Vitale

Aye nice vid dawg

Katelynn Scott

I agree with these predictions. Sell sell sell

Trnx stock predictions

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11/11/19 Stock Trading Watch List | WKHS DERM ENG TRNX | Stocks In Play

705 views | 11 Nov. 2019

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Alex like shit is easy to the point, simple!!!! haha

Insurance Casino

Alex after your vid it went to another channel. Your vids rock, so I would make sure all your vids go to more of your vids. Peace.