Lisk nano wallet

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Lisk Nano Wallet FAIL

1 777 views | 20 Nov. 2017


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Lisk Nano Wallet Failed thread: https://thebitcoin.pub/t/lisk-nano-wallet-fail/9792

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Have you tried entering the word in one by one with spaces in between instead of copying and pasting it into the nano?

Sambandha Khati

Just a question about something here, so I finally made a wallet on Lisk Nano and I noticed when I sent Lisk to my nano wallet it shows the address where it came (an exchange) is this dangerous? Say I send someone lisk they now know my withdrawal address isn't that hackable?

Qura the curator

trying all those combination will be waste of time..need to note it down

Hamze Junior

I found from the internet that you have to pay taxes if you cash out... is thst true?


sudhir shrestha

Was surprised to learn that Lisk nano 12 recovery keywords are also the passphrase to unlock wallet at startup. Lisk Nano does not store your 12 (or more) words passphrase on your machine, hence why you are not asked to add a password. Note that the password other wallets require is limited to your machine. If a hacker discovers your 12 (or more) words passphrase, they won't need your wallet's password to spend your funds.

A Google User

I learned Bytecoin may be good. Do u like bytecoin? It is interesting!!! Ltc LUVYbuSbMPTrJ87CBDCzkMnsPCCF8vCUsS

Zakaria Marokkaan

This cines whil neo go to mooooon lisk have very gooood wallet

Jody Drammel

I learned today about LISK but I don't know anything about it sir. Bitcoin will reach 10K soon!

LTC LKFGhCG7avSndkYcdbMbrqikpVymHHjtJ6

Darryl M

Twelve words to login each time. You would probably miss the trade because it takes so long to get at you coins.LLyQxbx2RmZYNF3Sq5ZENbak6yTrGV6qfm

Pro Shipping and Copy

I learned how to build a sound proof box to house my Antminer L3+ to keep my family from freaking out about the tornado whirling in the garage! FYI, we have a solar system (in USA) to help subsidize the cost of running the miner. Thanks Jack.

Libertad Bitcoin

Today I learned that IOTA is a good investment, because it involves billions of IOT machines

Mr G

I like Lisk but find this passphrase method of entry bizarre. It's almost more secure to leave it on the exchange where you at least have 2FA. Really need Ledger integration here.

The Cryptomaniac

I copied my 1st passphrase into notepad before I logged in for the first time. Then when I got my 2nd passphrase I literally wrote that one into a book along with the first. That way I'll never lose them. Never have your 2nd one on a PC though, that's the all important one for txs and voting. Write it down physically and store it in something of importance.

Krypto Koning

Im still new to the crypto market, i learned that i should not respond to every micro-action of the market (Sold Vert-coins waaaay to cheap, just cause they temporary went down, after which the sky-rocketed ofc.) :/ .. Still learning i guess, so your videos help out alot! Keep it up - Happy holidays from The Netherlands.


Rusty Jones

just checking my nano lisk wallet, I'd double check your not picking up spaces at the end or beginning of phrase. Print your phrase and have someone you trust check it, sometimes you can't see what's in front of you. Check each word has a space between them. Could be as simple as a capital letter. phrase is all lower case. Sorry so simple solutions but start simple then panic. Really feel for you. LQUaAJPY3xuvKpQWoyM6ARjJLwHZzkFcJi

Andrew Sok

Can you download a lisk wallet on mac?

Money Magic

Trying to help get your videos out there with Likes and comments, because these are for informative videos!! Thank you and Good luck in 2018 49er!

Avlek Singh

Has it ever been hacked ??

BDP amolli

any chance you can do a instuction vid on how to do the recovery


If you create a new account with Lisk Nano it clearly says at the beginning of the process:"After the registration is complete, your passphrase will be required for logging in to your account. Please keep it in a safe place." And yes, as you've stated already at 03:37, you always should log out after you've created a wallet and log into it again to make sure, that the passphrase is working and bringing you to the same account you've just created. On FEB the 20th, you should check out the Youtube channel of Lisk (LiskHQ). They will broadcast their relaunch live.

Benjamin Favre

Are you typing a blank space between each word ? Because you should

Mare M

Did you copy and paste the key phrases or did you type the key phrases to log in?LTC:LM9vzcqUendevjuxW3mApLeoP67J4ZmRki

shikha dhital

thanks for warning about this and to be sure to double check on lisk nano wallet passphrase.. how much have you invested on bitconnect??

Creeme Wilsson

Wow. I have not never used LISK. Thanks for teaching about it! I learnt it have its own wallet!



My question to you is about ripple today. Is it a good time to invest in ripple now or should I wait till it goes down a little bit??



Today I learned the lisk wallet takes an incredibly long time to log into, even if you can log in. LMc5yvDPZ7V7UmRgGE9CC2iJ9yxXYSKiHC

Divinorum Studios

I’ve never had a problem logging into the Lisk Nano Wallet. The problem your having probably isn’t the words themselves but the spaces in between them. In order to log into Lisk Nano you need to type your 1st word then (space) then 2 word then (space)...do this through all twelve words until the end. Now this is VERY important: do NOT put a (space) at the end of the last word. The very first time I ever logged into Lisk Nano Wallet I did this and it wouldn’t let me in. Don’t get frustrated if it doesn’t work for you the first or second time. Just keep entering your 12 words slowly and with the appropriate spaces and you should be fine. I admit that it’s a little bit clunky but I have a lot of Lisk and I appreciate the security. Down the road I’m sure the Lisk developers will streamline this process.


I am invested in Lsik and I´ve experienced a similar problem. So I am forced to leave my lisks on the exchange - which I don´t like. It sucks! If they are unable to come up with a functional wallet, how on earth do they want to create a functional platform?


Works fine for me still holding my 300000$ lisk on it ?

Lisk nano wallet

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Lisk Nano (LSK) | desktop wallet | latest review with ratings | 2018 | in 5 minutes

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Lisk nano wallet

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How to Buy Lisk cryptocurrency LSK with Bitcoin and Wallet + Giveaway

149 views | 26 Apr. 2018

Here we show you how to

Here we show you how to mange LISK LSK Cryptocurrency with Bitcoin and move to wallet. Ensure you have control of your keys and passwords. keep it safe and don't share with anyone.

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