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Farming 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 Leaves With New Upgrades in Leaf Blower Revolution

639 391 views | 14 Dec. 2020

I used the power of

I used the power of multipliers to get more leaves. A lot more. Plus I got some new tool powerups that helped and a totally new level with all new leaves. This would have taken a long time if I didn't have the help of the game dev to provide me with some in game currency. Even with this help it takes a long time to afford those upgrades, but every one counts.

Leaf Blower Revolution - https://store.steampowered.com/app/1468260/Leaf_Blower_Revolution__Idle_Game/

PC Specs - Intel - Core i9-9980XE 3 GHz 18-Core Processor

2xNVIDIA - GeForce RTX 2080 Ti 11 GB Founders Edition Video Card (2-Way SLI)


Samsung - 970 Pro 1 TB M.2-2280 Solid State Drive

Corsair - Vengeance LPX 32 GB (2 x 16 GB) DDR4-4000 Memory


Things you can put on your tinder profile and say in an idle game ft. DangerouslyFunny


Use the exotic leaves to get to the next zone, the celestial leave zone. Use 1 million BLC to buy the new zone


The reason its running so smoothly is likely because the leaves are running through a particle system which are very efficient


DF: I wonder why the number skipped B
Me: Uh cause B is a billion which is already a number




13:51 cos B is already in use for biliions.

Jacob None ya

Hey dangerously funny can you tell us what keys you used to generate the yellow coins and the red coins in leaf blower revolution?


For the curious, the technical names of the large numbers go as follow:
Millions [10⁶]
Billions [10⁹]
Trillions [10¹²]
Quadrillions [10¹⁵] (Represented by "A" in the game)
Quintillions [10¹⁸] (Represented by "C" in the game, as "B" is Billions)
Sextillions [10²¹] (Represented by "D" in the game)
Septillions [10²⁴] (Represented by "E" in the game)
Octillions [10²⁷]
Nonillion [10³⁰]
Decillion [10³³]

My guess is due to the double "Q" and "S" abbreviations, the dev used alternate letters as substitutes. Since Sextillions is "D" I can only assume reaching Decillion isn't possible, OR it's represented by "H" if following down the alphabet.

Fun fact: The names don't stop at Decillion, and one even goes to be so large, a new word was created to use as the exponent for the number, despite there being ones even larger. The word being "Googol" which is 10¹⁰⁰. This means that there is a number called "Googolplex" that is represented mathematically as "10ᵍᵒᵒᵍᵒˡ"


How did you farm BLC coins so fast?!?!


you can hack the game

Bradley Ramirez

“The more you blow the bigger it gets”


What buttons is he pressing to increase his Prestige Coins and Crunch Coins?

Rory Pollock

It skips b because it’s used for billion and it will skip T as well

emoja knight

give us your cheats

Michael Cardinal

bit of a shame he doesnt do it legit

give me the Cheese

More leafs

irraa mew

You cant stop till you maxed out everything.

penpot potpen

how dose he add coins?


I would really love to see DF play Barony, the game is pretty damn deep and there's many ways to play but the issue is that it's a bit hard to get into


I want to see DF break cookie clicker. I bet he can't unless he gets the stock market or something early on.

Juan Valentin Klanjscek


robert kolic

A is quadrillion

Frisk Ferret

Please get to celestial leaves :3


He sounds like caboose from red vs blue but smarter

Adan Gaming

the grinding god of idle and other games df: Casually cheats
me: i thought u grind.

shnitsel the rat XD

M o r e l e a v s

Salahuddin Mansour

Wtf. I hat button are you pressing to get that much BLC with out crunching?

Sky Ghost

9:9 looks like I'm gonna be sitting here blowing for quite a while
~DF 2020

Martin Kadlec

is it possible to generate BLC Conins as seen on 14:16? Or is it the result of cooperation with dev. mentioned in description?

Yuval Biron

E = octillion. nice.
correction: it's like tredcillion or smth


how can you spawn the coins

Veronica Stevens

I find this so cathartic! I wish I could get it on my Samsung phone.

It would just need a voice over option by DF with all of the innuendos. Otherwise it would blow.


Tip: Only prestige when you start to feel bored, like you wouldn't even bother playing bored. That was you'll get soo much more rewards and you dont feel as bad when you prestige. I've been doing this and it's so much better.


play phantasy star online

KanoaISGermanz Gaming

More, make mor

black shadow

DF: Even like this it's hard to get one billion coins.

Me who gets hundreds of millions of coins per minute legit: lel

Linc NW

please do another vid of this theres a new leaf with the brown leaves and the area cost 1m blc coins

Daniel Pohle

8:41 cheating confirmed ?

Drewfan135 Test

What powers and show me pls :(

Adan Gaming

the fruits give leaves that vary compared to your leaves. so 100 trillion would give around 80 trilllion and on and on.


mega prostitution


Idea : buy every tree upgrade/ any upgrade to increase leaves per level so you can maybe slow down the game


If any devs want their game stresstested and get exposure at the same time, give it to DF.
Or just to get it stresstested XD DF is great at that especially


0.25x 2:32

James Telford

DF: plays game
Game :Helppppp

Marvin o.

I decided to rewatch your videos because I was NOT making progress after 20+ hours and I finally understood why.

Animations :D

Df blows

Random Dude

So Your Saying Your Fans Want To Blow You..? :DDDDDDDDD

Bri Chavez

How is he generating the coins and blc coins?

Daring Potato

you can hear him slowly die inside through out the video just from his voice


I am sad bc I have a Mac so I can’t play this game?

Da Spazz

No I think your still at sextillion instead of septillion. Numbers get ridiculous at this point.

Pookie Poo

Went from calling them morons to helpers


coin cheats killed it :(

johnny young

wait you just warped blc coins into existance NANI??!!!?

Moosic Wizard

It goes million billion trillion quadrillion quintillion sextillion septillion octillion nonillion

A Fan

Anybody know what the Seeds reward exactly? Is it incremental based on how long you spent in the run, or how many leaves you have? Just wondering if I should turn on or off autobuy.

Janet Smith

Is it bad I nee that number

Luc iest

moooooaaaarrrrr leaves

goldenblack 2006



Update with new leaves: welp....


i cant comprehend the impact of previous effort contributed previously to get us to this point

Tommy Mells

How do I get the DF version of this game?

James Herald

Make a new episode



Emil Neustein

Check the developers discord to find out about effecient seed farming.

Abigail Rose Cottman

"I accidentally bought a rumba"


How do you constantly get blc coins?


How do you just farm BLC coins like that

Andy Pringle

Although I've already seen this I just got the notification that it's up... Wtf YouTube?


I'm not sure how it would do for a video, bc the game is entitling text, but my favorite idle game ever is one I think you might enjoy-- Kittens Game.

You can kill your kittens. It's not advised, but it also doesn't really hurt you in the long run.

You also get to sacrifice unicorns. 2500 at a time. This IS advised, it's the only way to get the eldritch god content.

mechanic rabbit

Welcome to DF's youtube channel where wasting time is the specialty

R Babik

These games are so stupid... to think peopke actually spend money in these games.

Exotic Milk

We had Exotic Butters.
We had Exotic Milk.


dumb ass

the more you blow, the more money you get


More leaves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!pls

Chesthair Ascot

Wait.. what caused all of the BLC to start appearing at 8:44?

Edward Winiana



How does the Farming Shop actually work?

an intergalactic supervoid


Johiah plays games

It'd be cool to see him do the reactor idle game

Respawn Gaming

He sounds the calmest person ever and somehow he can make leaf blowing entertaining.


Wait.... Charborg?

Maxim Nikolaev

Okay let me get this straight (considering I have played this game...)

He cheated right? There is no leeway about it right?

Griffin Stocking

Me when watching this series: MORE!! MOOORREEE!!!!!!!

Quinn Myers

What did you use to gain all of those BLC coins?

samet Orhan

we need more max all

Krystian Juszczyk

And how did you actually added more BLC to your game? Cheat engine or something else?


These titles are blowing out of hand

Vasilie Sorin Nicolae



this made me play this lol

zakaria / زكرياء



I love that you are clinically insane. Also I cant decide if this was an amazingly stupid video or an stupidly amazing video and I love it!


Nice blower style gpu

Yeet 0907


Finn Russell

He ended with 5 undecillion or 5000000000000000000000000000000000000 at the end. that is 36 zeros!

Lord Haberdasher

So, if you just made a game where numbers grew and you bought "upgrades" DF will play it?


He farmed 1 septillion leaves...

I thought you said you would blow

the amount

of leaves

where numbers


exist anymore...

James Wilson

We need more leaf blower revolution

Sacarou Karoshnin

That’s the only thing I can think of C being
It’s a Centillion

Td currency converter

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Great video Teacher Sam! I love that animation at the beginning, the illustration really looks like you!


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Great info to see on both companies, have you thought about any of the other companies?

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Hi. How many hours on average a week/ month were you working on gogokid? I’m honestly just looking to make between $500-1000 extra

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Thank you!!! Your video was super helpful especially how you strategized working for both companies. Have you noticed any booking trends in April?

Kristen's Classroom

Sam - this was a great an informative video! My first month with VIPKID, I made a whole $27 dollars! Very good job! :)

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Ajay Rajput

Bro NGL...bht hi zada achha video banaya he and easily samaj me bhi aagya he... Thankyou so much....
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