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Sofi What is it? Sofi What Do They Do? Sofi How it Works - Sofi Does it Work? Review Guide

54 views | 8 Feb. 2021

Sofi Stock Account

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Sofi What is it? Sofi What Do They Do? - Sofi How it Works - Sofi Does it Work? Step by Step Instructions, Guide, Tutorial, Video Help

In this video I walk through the step by step guide, instructions, tutorial going over what Sofi is and what they do as a company with Sofi Money Sofi Invest Sofi Credit Card Sofi Loans. I Hope This Video Helped! Please subscribe for more!

Sofi news

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Fintech disruptor SoFi CEO predicts a 'fair amount of consolidation' to come to financial services i

33 681 views | 23 Nov. 2019

The financial services

The financial services industry really hasn't had the type of innovation that you've seen in e-commerce as you've seen in online travel," SoFi CEO Anthony Noto tells CNBC.



Brick Hunter

Sofi need to work on ways for acct holders to be able to deposit cash into acct.

Pink Panther

SoFi is amazing

Jesse Miles

buy SoFi (IPOE)

PNW Down Under

Anyone notice Noto DOES NOT BLINK?

William Wong

Is SoFi available in Canada?

Khai Zu

I've never seen Jim this happy before. And btw I'm even more bullish now that they know what people need. They look at what people buy and they're constantly changing towards what people want. Incredible

A Noon Knocking

How many drugs are fed to this guy, I realize he is human but he promotes inhumanity.

Cramer, I'm so sorry to say, the world would be better off if you QUIT doing whaterver it is you are doing.

MINDS in Motion

I own brk b, Amazon and apple through sofi stockbits

Cesar Ordaz

Buy SoFi (IPOE)!


I really like SoFi.


I've loaded up on this company. I watched square move from 35 to 220, this my fintech play for the long-term. I like this CEO

Asad Mobin

I eff with Anthony Soto

Scott Miller

Any SoFi users out there? What's your experience been?

hdjadaj fdjhkfshfks

I really really dont get the scale of innovation. Every other bank has an app. Others can also offer franctional shares. Looks like a branding play to me. Can some explain the innovation?


These interview commercials with rehearsed answers are insufferable

Saha Family

The backdrop is quite similar to Cramer's interview of Elizabeth Holmes. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FurGeefL-LI&t=231s
Hope SOFI does not become the next Theranos.

Malone Masina

I wish this CEO could talk like a normal human. Everything he said seemed robotic and rehearsed

Chester Ming

Start bundling my position today

Piano Memo

Arkk invest will invest in SoFi and then everybody does. Buy before they merge the Stock ticker is IPOE. Since Robinhood screwed up big time people switch to SoFi ?

Keerat Parmar

His website isn't working. WTH

Gary Powell

Let him talk and stop interrupting

Sergio Pulido

is sofi available in Canada?

MINDS in Motion

I use SoFi money and investing great interview


did you run this guys hairpiece thru earl sheib b4 bringing him on ?

Wade Malone

WiKi page https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anthony_Noto

 A managing director at Goldman Sachs, the CFO of the National Football League (32 Teams 31 owned by Billionaires, the Green Bay Packers are owned by the community/public). and then the CFO and, COO of Twitter, and finally the head of Twitter Ventures.  

2016 He did quite well as the COO of Twitter making over $23 million in one year. Wow! https://techcrunch.com/2017/04/08/anthony-noto-makes-a-lot-of-money/

Now this is an eye-opener, he made it to the top of highest-paid CFO's: 


#1. Anthony Noto – Twitter – $72,768,098 million

Noto took over the CFO role at Twitter in August 2014. Before that, he worked as the managing director for the popular social network. His massive compensation package, which amounted to a breathtaking $72,768,098, made him the highest-paid chief financial officer in the U.S. While his base salary amounted to a mere $124,038, he was also given $9,545,000 as option awards and $63,075,000 for restricted stock awards. The rest of the money ($25,060) came from “other” compensation.

Sofi news

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Charger Chat - Episode 67 - Dumb Talking Heads

747 views | 9 Feb. 2021

season is officially over

season is officially over as the Chiefs get destroyed by Tom Brady and the Buccaneers. Even bigger news our beloved Herbert has been awarded Offensive Rookie of the Year. We wax poetic on our boy Justin Herbert and check out what all of his teammates are saying about him. In Coach’s Corner Kyle breaks down why the Bucs were so successful against the Chiefs defensively and how that could translate for us. We chat with Steven Haglund of the Guilty as Charged Podcast about more standout players from the Senior Bowl. This is a special episode because the Charger Chat is now season ticket holders. We speak with Max from SoFi who helped us get our tickets. He fills us in on the ins and outs of becoming a season ticket holder. Let’s prove the naysayers wrong and fill up our stadium. For our Fan Focus we caught up with Josh from SoCal who was sent to the Super Bowl to represent the Chargers. We finish up by getting into all of the awesome Ask Twitter questions.

mark magno

All I gotta say is #ThirstyForTheD

Fabián Contreras

Let’s go I got my season tickets yesterday too! Can’t wait.

Jason Burich

First time here all the way down from Panama. Great content guys, bolt up!


I got my season tickets Section 509!!!

Francisco Gonzalez

You guys are awesome hope this pod blows up more, especially in the bolt community

Taylor Peck

Ravens fan here but live in Oregon. I’m a charger fan as well because of my boy Hebert! Keep the podcast going your doing a great job.

simon shum

Always fun listening to Arnold from Hong Kong!

Jorge Rodriguez

Yes!!!!!! The Pod. IS BACK!!!!

easton junkin

Will definitely recommend your channel to other chargers fans. You guys are hilarious!

jonathan garcia

Campbells commercial, LTs mom calls him in to eat with the guys...he also had the rb vision that transitions into Merriman and then Steven Jackson as a stl ram


I was just as happy as you guys the entire game watching the Chiefs get their asses whooped.
Just discovered your channel keep it up ?

Hannah Mangan

This is my first time catching the new video intro!! YOU GUYS ARE ROCKIN IT, THAT'S SO SLICK