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Jane Redd from Redd Core talks about Reddcoin Online

1 033 views | 4 Dec. 2017

Core member Jane Redd

Core member Jane Redd talks Redd online 2.0 and the future benefits of the release of our system.

Video subtitles

Hi, I am Jane Redd. One of the core developers from Reddcoin.Online

The Idea behind the Reddcoin.Online Community is to become a global Come together platform for all Reddcoin owners. Have you been investing in the Reddcoin for the past 3 years? Then you have experienced the fact that the coin is growing but not as fast as all of us would want. The Reddcoin.Online community contains a group of skilled developers that are dedicated to the Reddcoin.

So one of the questions that have come across quite often the past few days is How can I earn money with Reddcoin after Reddcoin Online 2.1 will be released?

It can be done trough the following ways:________________________________________

• Sell products through the digital marketplace


• Provide services through the digital marketplace


• Sell tutorials through an exclusive subscription portal


• Provide free resources, tutorials, and knowledge including a tipping system.


• Provide advertisement or receive advertisement pay per click and pay per view base.


• Buy and Sell Reddcoins


• Develop games which are exclusively available on Reddcoin online to get commission fees, tips, in-game purchases, etc.


• Develop apps which are exclusively available on Reddcoin online to get commission fees, tips, in-app purchases.

Thank for watching Cheers!

Do you want to support Redd Online towards the future? we have established a crowdfunding for the development and advertisement costs.

We have great pledges! Crowdfund goes trough Legit source: Indiegogo!


ATI nsider

With all due respect, Jane you very nice looking HOT.
Can we get a ReddID, Redd Wallet and Reddcoin platform UPDATE?

Thank You,

Joe smith

You are one of the core developers and you have 300 views lol ....your coin is a shit coin .....start getting on with YouTube or facebook twitter and make it instant a one click button approach ...not wallet to wallet a simple button that you click right below the video or the thumbs up or down button or what ever ....you guys have had YEARS to get your shit in order and all you can put out is some shit 2 minute video on YouTube. . What a fuckin joke.

Paul Alexander

I want to invest in this project.

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Latest TenX Update! Exciting News! - Daily Deals: #43

953 views | 11 Sep. 2017

TenX brings up with

TenX brings up with frequent dev updates that informs the community with their work and fixes that they accomplish throughout the month. They also released the core values that they work with and I expect for great things to happen soon!

TenX dev update article: https://blog.tenx.tech/dev-update-sept-8-2017-7a131128baeb

*I am not a financial/crypto expert so please do your own research before making your decisions. I am not responsible for any actions that you take.*

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Intro Music: Credit to Jinsang


great vid thumbs up

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OneCoin Investigation, Segwit Final Countdown & Apple Approves Steem and Lisk (The Cryptoverse #111)

1 346 views | 29 Sep. 2016

On today's episode of The

On today's episode of The Cryptoverse

1. London Police Investigate OneCoin

2. Segwit to be Released After Long Testing

3. Apple approves steem, lisk, digicash on App Store

4. Bitcoin Tips Are Being Integrated In New Streaming Platform

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that was the best video from you all time. I would prefer a bit longer videos as well. 20-25 minutes would be nice but maybe to long 4 the most people. I would ask your followers how long the video sold go. But there are so many important things in the space even 25 minutes are pretty short. I like when you bring more topics in one video!!! And you also can make it shortly by go on the important stuff from each article. Short and quickly from news to news and fit as many news in the preferred time choosen by your follower that is the way I think so most people would like.


i immediately set up a jaxx wallet

Kristin Swartz

what is Ponzi Scheme. You stupid ass didn't know what is it mean. One Coin members already made 450 millionaires in 18 months. Stayed on side and stayed poor or joined onecoin now.

Alexandre Chaparro

Yeah, do the jaxx review!

Andres Mego

OneCoin is a Ponzi Scheme.

Alexandre Chaparro

Nice video, you asked about the importance of Segwit. The lightening network can only be deployed after Segwit is live, i think.

Osvaldo Aguilar

OneCoin is a big scam.


Thanks mr cony , I would love to see the jaxx review plz.