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Guess That YouTuber!

220 849 views | 9 Feb. 2021

Can we guess YouTubers

Can we guess YouTubers from very basic clues and throw some serious shade in the process? Of course we can! Check us out every Monday, Wednesday, Friday at https://twitch.tv/smoshgames

This video was shot with a very limited crew. All cast & crew followed all CDC and California COVID-19 precautions and filming guidelines.

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Ian Hecox: https://www.instagram.com/ianhecox/

Courtney Miller: https://www.instagram.com/co_mill/

Damien Haas: https://www.instagram.com/damienhaas/

Tommy Bowe: https://www.instagram.com/tomeybones/

Ify Nwadiwe: https://www.instagram.com/ifynwadiwe/

Kimmy Jimenez: https://www.instagram.com/kimmydoesstuff/


Vice President, Unscripted: Matt Raub

Executive Producer/Director: Sarah Whittle

Assistant Director: Nancy Azcona

Production Manager: Garrett Palm

Producer/Cam Op: Spencer Agnew

Editor: Spencer Agnew

Producer: Courtney Miller

Production Coordinator: Nancy Azcona

Art Director: Cassie Vance

Art Coordinator: Yasmeen Mughal

Art Assistant: Alex Aguilar

DP: Brennan IketaniSound Mixer: Greg Jones

Assistant Editor/DIT: Matt Duran

PA: Jacqi Jones

GFX: Brittany Metz

Content Manager: Kiana Parker

Stage Manager: David Hill

Executive Assistant: Sammie Miller


Watch Ian finally opens up: https://youtu.be/wl6zjoDJStA

Watch Escape Room: The Board Game (Board AF): https://youtu.be/mas-P7xONc8

Watch Who Knows More About The Office: A Stan or The Internet?: https://youtu.be/jqGVwb82j0Y

Watch Darts Showdown in a Silent Library! https://youtu.be/G7yuMFOR2h4

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Crashing Kites

If Courtney and I were on the same team playing this game.... We’d be unstoppable. She good.

Mont the Don

kimmy is actually bare peng you know ... she's mad cute


17:58 i died ?


The way Ian portrayed „Toy Channel“ had me rolllinnngg ??????

CocoCatFTW 1

Courtney and Ian killing it


kimmy is the cutest xD


Omg, i love kimmy so much!

I used to think Courtney was hot, but the way Kimmy is.. shes just amazing!


Why do subtitles call Kimmy Pumpkin...?

Metro Viral

Courtney is so amuse with Kimmy. i love it!

Rebecca Dedman

Totally get Tommy's pain - my wire is currently breaking off too


He likes mini ladds!!!! Mini Ladd?

Rainbow Demon

Who is pumpkin and why are the subtitles freaking out about them

Terah Williams

Kimmie took them all out of the bin at 19:20 with such confidence, even though she had gotten a total of 2 in the previous round ?

Phoenix Rising

Iffy ain't iffy at all, he's for sure. I realized how lame that was after I typed it...


Ian and Courtney were the perfect team for this!

Инат Шакидаев


Fab Peechurs

The apology video one got me HAHAHAHAHA

Hannah Smith

Damien's face at 22:58

Jakey Berman

Damien when he doesn't know something: ReLaTabLe CoNtEnT

Garce F

I feel like you can really tell that Courtney and Ian have been working together the longest out of everyone in the video

Harley Britton

Kimmy did so good. She's so great.


Props to Kimmy for doing her best. Felt the stress.

Hannah Schobert

Damien hates losing so bad. Poor chap. ?

Jakey Berman

why did the captions keep calling kimmy pumpkin?

Dani Bosner

I'm getting a kick out of the closed captions, kimmy was " the girl in gray" then it changed to calling her "pumpkin" for some reason ?

Sean Buenaventura

I have subtitles on and when ever (I think) Courtney laughs it says "Pumpkin Laughs" am I missing something here

Chloe Gregersen

Oof the algorithm tanked this

Riley Sutherland

Wow the Kimien content is STRONG today

Metro Viral

i love this vid

Rei Rei Rei

no one:




k, who did the closed captioning on this video, and why did they consistently spell Courtney's name with a K?! Is that a thing now, or...?

Clara Webster

Did Matt raub edit this? The wrongs sound like wrestling rounds...

Ivorella Rackley


Reign Naw

Why is Kimmy called Pumpkin in the CC? ?

Dustee Jankey

You're doing great sweety. ?☺

Evan Hardy

probably one of the smoothest executet videos on smosh games i've seen imo


Iffy the first youtuber I ever seen who has the balls to say he don’t like pewdiepie and I love him for it

Tori Krauland

Kimmy is the light of this video


Man I couldn’t team with Kimmy bc i would laugh way to much to guess anything.


Kimmy is the female version of Damien, Damien is the male version of Kimmy. Amirite?


Kimmy is so relatable in this like so much stress it’s so real

yammm yammm

damien daddy

Hannah Smith

"Sisters, what's up sisters, hello sisters, SISssstErss, h-hi guyys" lmao

Aaron Ong

I wonder who does Smosh's subtitles, because I'm seeing some inconsistency:

This video: Kourtney
Another video: Blonde
Another video: Courtney

Ilyssa Hagood

I love how they just associated Mr. Beast with no top lip?


Kimmy is adorable and I love her!


right after Tommy got his wire out I got an ad from smile direct ?


Why no more game bang?

Andrei Martinez

Protect kimmy she's so precious


Imagine if Damien said “the best people: rapers” and shayne just said “smosh”

A Little Lost

WHY is Kimmy called “Pumpkin” in the subtitles hahaah

Lexi N

HEY, I love This Is How WeBingham and their a family channel!


Remove Iffy from Smosh for he has sinned

Hannah Sides

Smosh content : Trashing Mr.Beast and watching Kimmy dance

Shannon M.

Dang, Ian. Are family vlogs that bad? I've never watched one...except the fake ones Smosh makes.

Pritam Kayal

Kimmy was tooo kawaii in this one...

Dustee Jankey

Damien's clap at 18:15 is literally everything. Lol ????

Tiana Lugdon

This is like a weird thing to notice but the way Ian is standing at 16:36, makes me think of a first grade school kid on picture day ? idk why, its probly just me lol.

anyway theres a small look into my very add brain, your welcome ? ?

Michael Taylor

Which one of you lucky ladies is turning 20:48?

Ilyssa Hagood

Frontos vs Backulas ??

Rupert Jones

Kimmy, we love you.

Hannah Smith

Honestly Kimmy would be me if I played this game

SmileyBriley11 B

Fishbowl was also a hit in my big religious family, I am not surprised at all that it’s Courtney that knows this game lol


Bruh, if you put captions on, they made kimmy’s name into Pumpkin ??

Ivorella Rackley

Okay like, Tomey did NOT need to come for Mr Beast like that omg ??????????


I spent this entire video watching Ian cautiously make sure the slips of paper on the table were organized as people tossed them

Freya Meersman


Freya Meersman

I can't witht he subtitles: Kimmy has changed in pumpkin apparantly (12:44)

Jotaro Kujo

I disliked purely for them dissing lord Pewds. Maybe if they actually watched his content they’d know he’s a good guy and he’s not just known for his “raging at games”. Fuck you Iffy. I thought you were cool. Yare yaredaze...

MrCrossover Mark

I hate that dude Ify.


whyd tommy have to do mrbeast like that

Abby Baird

The captions on this video are kinda funny because they refer to Kimmy as "Pumpkin" for the whole video lol

Adriana Žilová

Courtney is so gorgeous ❤️

CocoCatFTW 1

I really like this?? This is top tier family gaming content right here

Ivorella Rackley

Man, Courtney's smosh knowledge never ceases to amaze me. Like sure, we all know a little bit about the companies we work for, but Court KNOWS smosh and its so sweet ?

Kimberly Zulock

My favorite part of this video (aside from how funny it was) was watching with close caption on. Poor Kimmy was originally referred to as “woman in gray” and then once Ify called her Pumpkin, for the rest of the video CC called her Pumpkin. Also, they kept spelling Courtney with a K...it was cracking me up

Shannon C

Soon as they roast pewdiepie for shit he has apologised for on their platform... alright imma head out

Tomogoyf goyf

kimmy one word round was like turrets tics so awesome lol

Nope Nope

I like how this video feels like Im walking in on a family/small party playing a game and they are like "come play its super fun and you'll get it" low key super welcoming

Ivorella Rackley

Courtney ANNIHILATING this game after saying it's her favorite kills me lmaoooo


I have a question for Ian - why do you stand like that lol?
Good video you guys, made me giggle.

Mason G

Ian fucking crushed this


Fyi I am here for the new Smosh

Ilyssa Hagood

She just sighed and he got it??


Why is Kimmy named Pumpkin on the subtitles? ?


my weekly comment that I love Kimmy and the energy she brings

Gen Kats

I watch with CC on and it keeps referring to Kimmy as Pumpkin which is fairly funny.

Bryce Lloyd

More long-form videos, please.

ria sangha

Me, a fanfic writer who might start YouTuber fan fictions: ?

Kate Moore

No one:
Damien: "Relatable content!"


You can tell Damien is legitimately upset, dude likes to win so badly ?

Kim .W

wtfs iffys problem with pewdiepie he's great, iffy gotta be some hardcore brainwashed leftist i guess


All I want to say is that this video really shows how much Ian loves and keeps track of Youtube. Dude was knocking the prompts down like he had seen it all an hour before. He's dedicated and I respect that.

Alacan Caion

"i have no top lip" ?????


we love you jimmy kiminez ❤️

Tim Kinsley

Remember when Smosh Games actually played games?


Oh what a coincidence, Ify doesn't like Pewdiepie and I find ify slightly annoying and he is definitely in too many videos lately
I would love to have more of jackie and kimmy


Idk I like new smosh more.

Ivorella Rackley

I wish they would put the missed word in RED if they don't get it and the round ends. I sat here wondering what those missed ones were.....

Kat O

Highly recommend Hot Words. It's a lot like this game, but with more rules and restrictions

Sarah brennan

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019 Sarah Brennan - Part 1: Aware She Was Gay Since Childhood. Grew to Hate it & Planned to Live...

14 views | 18 Jul. 2018

Sarah has such a moving

Sarah has such a moving story! Growing up she knew she was gay. Her parents and church discouraged her feelings, so Sarah grew to hate it in herself. She believed it was a choice and eventually married a man.

Years later her feelings are awakened again. Her father leaves the church and encourages Sarah to accept herself. Sarah begins to fall in love with a woman. Sarah's best friend also offers encouragement. Simultaneously she leaves the church and her straight lifestyle behind. 

Sarah has so many wonderful things to say, but this quote from her interview is really touching and one of my favorites. I had to share it here: 

"In life there isn't always an answer, there isn't always something to explain. Sometimes you just sit there and it's hard, and things are broken and you just have to kind of sit-in-there and wait for time to heal it."


Sarah brennan

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Sarah Brennan tells editors about the REP

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