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Silverchart Review October 2010

46 views | 28 Oct. 2010

A quick look at the silver

A quick look at the silver charts. Silver has found a new 'happy' place of between $23 and $24 an ounce spot price, up from its previous static stop of $18 - watch out for the next move as may help tell us where we are head for the Christmas period and into next year.

Happy silver stacking. (This video should not be interpreted as financial advice. It seeks to inform and educate only).

Silver Bull Channel

@DvsDevise - try direct from the Perth Mint The Perth mint kilo bar is a couple of dollars over spot. However in the case of coins or 1 oz products you will probably pay $5 over spot.


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First Gold! And Some 18 Mo. Silver Chart Thoughts...

56 views | 22 Feb. 2015

Finally picked up my first

Finally picked up my first gold! Should I trade them back for 1 oz pieces? Also, what do you guys think of this trend(?) the last 18 months?


Very nice pickups my coin shops are way to high thx for the video

Silver Slacker

Congrats on all the nice pickups, and finally getting some gold,


Nice buys! I also have only made purchases with my LCS. Maybe that'll change, I don't know. Don't quote me on this but I believe the fractional coins fetch a higher premium than the one ounce coins so if you were to trade in your quarter ounce gold coins for a full ounce gold coin, you would probably be losing money. I'm no expert so don't take my advice as law lol. Take care!


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Long term silver chart, silver oil, silver gold ratio.

288 views | 26 Jun. 2017







Silver is low, could easily go lower considering oil's leverage upon it.
Selling forms of silver which have maintained value, and purchasing lower $/per oz
now is an opportunity.
Greater chance for future gain in a stagnant silver retail market.
A weight gain @ minimal cost.

There is nothing stable on any market, enough to be trusted.


Can't hear anything