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P's and Q's Poker Etiquette - Cap Your Cards

765 views | 26 Apr. 2019

Do you cap your cards?

Do you cap your cards? Here's the P's and Q's Clip from Episode 1.

What are your top poker etiquette tips?

Ray Wright III

Seats 1and9 it's imperative that you cap your cards while you're looking at your cards someone is looking at you ? when you're good enough you won't always have to look at your cards play your opponent not your cards spend every second watching your opponents on every street get reactions from them even when not in a hand study gamble study gamble

du lizard glasses

I don’t know what caping your cards do I’m a dumb dumb

Jean-Francois Roy

I need to find a lucky card cap token ! Always use my chips.

Will in New Haven

I cap my cards when I get them and without looking at them,. so I give no information by the manner in which I cap them. When it is my turn, I glance at the cards and fold or I recap them and then act. If I am giving away information then, it can't be much or my opponents wouldn't make so many errors.
I have capped my cards for many years because I used to play NL Draw and NL Lowball and it was not unknown for someone to bet and one player call and another player muck on top of the bettor's cards and the cards were considered dead. Partners were a real problem.

Ashok Kamani

I really like these smaller videos that help newer players understand poker concepts. Good luck!

Poker cap

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Poker at the Cap.

12 views | 29 Dec. 2015

Poker cap

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No Cap High Stakes Cash Game - Gardens Poker Night - The Gardens Casino Hawaiian Gardens, CA

3 449 views | 31 May. 2018

Baby Pure

Since was AQoff an all in hand, i gotta get in this game to clean house

Big Chief

Schreiber Schooled the table.