Most liquid futures

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How Much Should You Risk Per Trade with Futures?

1 988 views | 8 Sep. 2019

A focus on risk

A focus on risk management is what separates professional traders from the retail crowd!

In this video, Mark breaks down the importance of correct position sizing and offers some guidelines for newer traders.

In addition to this, we also show you how to optimize your risk per trade once you have more experience so that you can effectively manage risk while scaling up your positions.


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As a futures trader myself, I watch your videos and they are so helpful,great and professional. Thanks Mark.

Tom Abraham

Technically it is a reward to risk ratio but I understand what you mean.


IB Agreement link?

Luis C

5 Tick stop loss?? That's the spread ... IF NOT ...a bank stepping in ....


Thanks Mark- good information

Harry P

wow 2-4 lot per $10000? So if you have a million account, you would use 200-400 lot? That's a lot of commission! Is this right? At lease trading stocks with a million dollar there's a limit to commissions amount.

Inspired To Trade

TradePro Academy is one of The Best Creators when it comes to forex / futures trading. I've learned ALOT from their weekly and daily updates. I actually created my own channel called Inspired To Trade to point out this very Topic of Risk Management. Come and check it out & I will surely follow back.


Good into. Might want to take your camera off auto-exposure tho.

Jeff Novak

Thanks Mark. You always give good advice. I'll definitely rewatch this video again. Trading metrics are important to understand and to often overlooked by traders.

Eliyah Muhammad

I had to watch 7 times to begin to understand thank you 100%

Most liquid futures

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An Intro To Options On Futures

31 071 views | 14 Jan. 2014

Tom Sosnoff and Tony

Tom Sosnoff and Tony Battista provide an introduction to options of futures. They discuss some of the unique aspects of options on futures and what you should be aware of before beginning to trade them

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Kurt S,

Why can't options on futures be traded in an IRA account?

Tim Haut

Great vid. Thanks


The liquidity on /es is a lot better now 6 years after this video was made lol

Shaun Olafson

I'm not sure I quite understood the part about selling an option for $2 that goes to 0 and only making $1. Are you saying that if I sell a futures option for $2,000, and the time value goes to zero with the option out of the money I only keep $1,000 of that premium?

teycir bensoltane

Fx & grains futures options are very liquid too, also sugar has good fills. Live cattle is defintely liquid enough to get mid price between bid & ask. CL NG GC ES ZN not the only tradable market as mentioned here.

Qaisar Lance fx

Do you give stop loss order.


you guys need to create a podcast :)

canada painter

Please tell me something I am a little confused about.. 0 = where the futures market is. I sell an Calls Option at 4 for $500.Two weeks later the market is at 3 ( the Buy options value is $700)...if the Buyer decide to get out of his Calls position before   market reaches  4... what will I lose? and what will I gain?

Spencer Anderson

Am I correct in thinking that if buying a deep ITM call on SPY with a 90 delta it would be more profitable than buying the same option on Futures?

john j

How about the premium on options on futures? The premium is not received when you sell a call or put.

Most liquid futures

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The Case for ES and Micro ES Futures vs. Options

1 575 views | 30 Oct. 2019

Patrick responds to

Patrick responds to questions about option trading, and why the simplicity and tax benefits of futures may make sense for many options traders. A specific, recent example or premium getting sucked out of a long call position creating a hypothetical loss is described, whereas the "same trade" in the ES futures contract would have yielded a gain.