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Yasuke: Story of the African Samurai in Japan

2 065 776 views | 28 Feb. 2019

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In our new animated historical documentary we will tell the story of the first foreign samurai in Japan, the man from Africa, they called Yasuke. He traveled to Japan with the Portuguese missionaries and played an interesting role in the Sengoku Jidai period and in the life of the daimyo Oda Nobunaga.

If you want to learn more about the history of the Samurai, check out our video: http://bit.ly/2GUjMLt

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The video was made by our friend Robbie McSweeney (https://www.artstation.com/robbiemcsweeney?fbclid=IwAR1AULbMMc_fZ9K0u_oKIcr_i6A7Fgifjqi-eD65bKjXINK-Vd36OkA8GXs) , while the script was researched and written by Leo Stone.

This video was narrated by Officially Devin (https://www.youtube.com/user/OfficiallyDevin)

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Lamers, J. P. (2000). Japonius Tyrannus: The Japanese Warlord Oda Nobunaga Reconsidered. Hotei Publishing.

Nyugen-Okwo, L. (2017, March 28). The Incredible Legend of the First Black Samurai. Retrieved from Ozy:


Xavier, F. (n.d.). Letter from Japan, to the Society of Jesus in Europe, 1552 . Retrieved from Fordham University Sourcebook: https://sourcebooks.fordham.edu/mod/1552xavier4.asp

Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound: http://www.epidemicsound.com

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Haden Heath

So why are the Japanese racist as fuck now

Davy Jones-Locker

The only issue with this story is that the Japanese must have seen a black person, or have heard of them, by the 16th century.

Nzosaba Matenge

Making him a slave again was worse than killing

Chan Fred

Afro samurai

John Levin

The pronounciation bothers me so much

Sy S

Idk correct me if I'm wrong , it's it true, u can only be a full/TRUE samurai if you at least have one drop of african american blood, so if that is true why would it be of surprise for him to be the only black man among them???‍♀️ Just want to understand that's it that's all. Periodt

mr. Chase

a movie plss!

Felix Alfaro

So this is samurai jack’s story.

Alex Linos

uhmm actually he is from mozambique not East Africa


Black samurai !! Starring: Kevin Heart


Is this coryxkenshin family


This should be a video game directors wet dream. An interesting historical story that can be legitimately tweaked at parts due to the fact that we don't know everything.

Luis mario Tubig

Wow that king is the most kind-hearted man

Wolf Lord Edvard

Netflix. Cinema producers.Writers. Stop blackwashing history, and start looking for black history. A story like this would be FIRE LIT for an amazing series if done RIGHT.

Master Alchemist 以色列

I guess you could say he was the first "Afro Samurai?" Eh?
I'll leave now.

Th Random Pug

Yasuke: I'm black
Nobunaga: Impossible


Yasuke, the African Samurai played by Tom Hanks coming out 2022


sooo oda clan is supposed to be the most dominant faction but the betrayal fcked it all up


How sad. You tell a beautiful story and to turn it into commerce at the end.

Rasetsu el HORJINAL

Mace Windu vibes

Abdullah Albraiky

Racism usually exist between two races of people in a country if they rarely meet in which the only frame of reference to the other race is through movies and news which means its stereotypes and crimes which creates a wrong image which festers in a person's mind and should be cleared asap or it will be harder to deal with, but in some cases where these two races live together but they still have a bad image of one another in that case the reason is because of history where the parents and culture create the image of the other race for the child which makes them focus on bad things a few people do rather than the emmense good they do

Mr Red

Who came here because of the Yasuke anime?

A Fafeful Siren

I wish people reacted to others the way the people of Kyoto reacted to Yasuke lol
"Nobunaga was astonished" That is such and awesome reaction.
I fucking love this! Nobunaga with Yasuke in his retinue in high regard.


The original Afro Samurai

Ava Soleil

And his name was tom cruise

Renan David Soria Ahumada

5:40 MAN CRASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
see the video of casual mafia Man Crush


They heard he has has a long black nodachi

lil zae

Guess Bruce Lee new truth about black because he the only one who showed black people n his movies fighting.


The original Wu tang member

Varun Dubey

Ghost Of Yasuke maybe would be a good title for new game


This story would be a perfect movie if it was made in the same style as "the last samurai"

the Assassin

By the way anime series about yasuke the black samurai is about to come to Netflix in the spring of 2021


I'm japanese, and my grandfather is from Nagasaki(Kyoushu region) and is catholic for many generations. So I didn't know my ancester is maybe Portuguese :)

Artful Dodger

This is the black kid in the dragon ball z tshirt

ricky sanchez

He was castrated and sent to the front lines. I don't like thinking about a black man in japan. Alot of black people are weebs because of Dragonball z and naruto. Cheap cartoons for poor people. True Japanese people do not respect these shows. Jojo on the hand....


Yasuke the first weebo

Wakanda Brrr

Odin clan
they must be Ragnars people

Creeping Deathtide

"It's a fact"


"We know nothing"

james fiaco

Out of all the teachings one may learn here during life is that martial arts is by far the most beneficial, for it can be applied to every other aspect naturally and effortlessly. Martial arts is the fastest and most efficient way for one to learn their bodies capabilities and limitations therefore being able to become physically fit, mentally sound and spiritually balanced allowing them to express physical freedom. Which is key for one to start living up to the pleasure, potential and responsibility of femininity and masculinity at this level of body awareness one naturally actually has a self-control, discipline, loyalty, devotion, appreciation, respect, confidence and joyful determination to validate, confirm and signify that the are being true towards love honor and the creation of life. 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I guarantee you never see hear another body man/ woman in power persons of legal religious authority leaders ever freely validate the statements they proclaim with that level of certainty. One reason they don't naturally instinctively have the best interest of the majority of the population's needs at Heart another reason could be they come from a breed of cowards or have a lifestyle that suggests, confirms and validates them as being absent-minded frail body. Is quite possible to be a combination of those two worst-case scenarios. For one is genetic hereditary and the other is a generic learned behavior. Either way it is physically mentally spiritually useless to freely live and die in such a low-quality manner. Especially if that ignorance, stupidity, weakness and desperation stems from being soft, lazy, out of shape, over fed, undernourished, overworked and underpaid with the dirty low-paying job. S.R.F

AmenRaHotepKwamemuhDyk Porchprimatesheetskinn ngr

It is fiction from a Portuguese Jesuit novelist.

william d

I believe Yaske left Japan. If he settled there for sure there will a decendants of Yaske that can be proved by DNA test.

Nina von Rijn

Yasuke was the Last Samurai

delivery thrust



If this became a film because he is from Mozambique the Portuguese nations would reach higher fame so I hope ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ???? ?? ????

Afro Shady

I would ask for an anime for this but we already have one

Samurai Kam

Considering that Afrika was & is a technologically advanced civilization, why would you think he hasn’t seen a metropolis of that caliber ?

Corey brown

For all who don't know they did make a movie about him called the LAST Samurai starring tom Cruise yup Hollywood done it again

Ryan Akwar

Anyone else here from Chadwick Boseman? He was Set to play Yasuke in a epic film project after filming Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom but died leading to the project to be scrapped RIP



Aadeesh Jain

Michael B Jordan in this role would be absolutely sick

Eve Clap

How was he a slave?

Kings and Generals

Check out our other videos, they are good: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BaCaFpAtm48

kinq jD

Why don’t they make a movie like this instead of making some stupid slavery movie that we already seen like 10 times for black history month

Goran Svraka

I wish i could be trained by Samurai like that!

Mr. Marc Duncan

Wow this is so dope!

Tiberius The Weapons Master

We wuz

train tracks

this is b.s., there where blacks in asia already. So, what the hell this guy talking about. And we were never slaves.

The Shöcker Pit

And that’s why Africans love Japanese people and that’s why Japanese people love Africans the end


Yasuke: *exists

Japanese women: ???

Matthew Seltzer

2:14 "Mozambique... here"

El D

In order to be a samarai you had to have african blood. Check the book African Presence in Ancient Asia by Runoko Rashidi

Otaku Lord

The Anime Afro Samurai is based on his story

Max Ponaman

I think the Lesson here is, No matter what time period/ Skin color you have, A good friend is a good friend until the very end.

Schenn Manager

If this were true. Why would the king not go get an army of guys like this man.

Some MixedBro

Coming to this video after the anime about this dude has been confirmed and being made

Alien From Area 51

Simply put, Afro samurai.


I love how Nobunaga Oda literally tried to white-wash Yasuke.


Y’all black folks better not start saying “finally a black movie” he is from Mozambique y’all don’t claim him I claim him because I am of that bloodline African Americans will claim any black person these days if y’all don’t speak Portuguese don’t talk

Ktheter Kuceder

All these comments for Chadwick Boseman. First RIP second yasuke was an east african nilotid dinka or nuer. The description skin like coal and tall fit perfectly with the tribe description. Boseman was a west african sudanid the color brown bronze or chocolate and short. Its like getting a black haired brown eyed brunette mediterranean to play a blonde blue eyed nordic. It does not make a sense and is innaccurate.


This event should be learned all over the world. Westerners say that they are all equal under God, but Japan's deeds are appropriate.

Sightedspring 33

Afro Samurai: Before the Afro.


Japanese subtitles please!

xi jin shit

Afro samurai!

LaDrago Damultus

Do you guys know that Africa is a continent.

Bob Bobbin

Has this been made by the lefty radicals ?


Lol this can’t be true people have been communicating across the world forever .....

eli West

Oda nobunga*sees yosuke*

Urgyen Shelling

We wuz samuraiz en shieeet

Abdisamad Hussien

The african man from east africa/somali

Katy Mbeke

I read the title and clicked.

Accurate Gamer

So that's why so many black people like anime...

Madhie Sensei

Alternate title: Black man escape slavery and became a wealthy samurai

lil zae

So last samurai movie with tom cruise was it really post to be a black man

unique storm


mukama Ronald

No wonder, it's the Africans that outsmarted the Japanese in jungle warfare in Burma during ww2, after the Brutish failed


Wholesome history!

Mgtocrateez Speaks

Black Weebs have entered the battlefield.

John Kim

reddit brought me here lmao

Joshua Enriquez

Maybe this guy wield the odachi blade

Bird Red

The Black Samurai, starring Tom Cruise



Kevin Walker

Interesting story on this historic figure. It would be a great story to bring onto film, instead of that Tom Cruise, fictitious movie.


Pretty sure he was isekai

Samuel Kohi

4:05 did he say Jedi?


Somebody send this to Cory Kenshin

Daniel Tommy

Black Americans: He’s a Black American
Japanese: Nani?

Roderick Uzumaki

Finna name my kid Yasuke and I’m not lying! ?


If he believed in Bushido then he probably committed harakiri by himself a little later. Two Lord's, a father and son died while he was their personal retainer, not to any fault of his.

Natania Phillips

now a days every race is trying to wipe out any evidence of black people living in their country example china i swear this is crazy .

Aisea Ratokalau

"The Fog" that floats over Japan

Samurai today

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How to Train Like a Samurai

199 668 views | 13 Dec. 2018

For the past 850 years,

For the past 850 years, the Ogasawara family has been teaching the ancient samurai ritual of yabusame—a style of combat involving archery on horseback. Kiyomoto Ogasawara is the 32nd generation of the Ogasawara clan to share his knowledge at the school, which currently has about 700 students. By day, Kiyomoto has a demanding career in medicine, but he still finds time to serve as headmaster of the school. For him, there is great satisfaction in providing a place for Japanese people to learn about their cultural identity.

This Great Big Story was inspired by Genesis: https://www.genesis.com/us/en/genesis.html

SUBSCRIBE: https://goo.gl/vR6Acb

#Samurai #School #Genesis

Got a story idea for us? Shoot us an email at hey [at] GreatBigStory [dot] com

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Visit our world directly: http://www.greatbigstory.com


Tell me the address of the school I want to join!


Are you doctor yet?

Yare yare daze

The way they walk tho....


hire a samurai

Lucas Enander

What an impressive practice of the Samurai, except that they totally took that from the Mongols who used archery on horses to take over almost all of Asia, ironically Japan was one nation the Mongolian Empire never took control of so who knows maybe they did come up with it themselves. Or not?

Kristof Kappa

try to do that why being followd by enemies and bein on the horse backwards

Phantom Hellris



Ryugawaga-teki... wait...

Henric Carlsson

I am tempted to say this tradition is excluding..but I will not.
Amazing respect for these archers, they are truely amazing.

Binh TC Nguyen

will they be enlisted in the military?

Arkadiusz Wajer

History and culture of any country is important. It's important to pass to our children... but somehow Japan is doing it better than anybody. That's why I love Aikido and Kashima shin ryu. That's why I love Japan.

kil dem ol

See that bow turn? 2:30

Gabriel Campos

Cool. :3


Okay but can we talk about how well mannered this guy speaks?
How is there not a manga about this doctor-samurai archer-good looking-well spoken-respectful dude??

Max Covfefe

YT thinks I'm way more sophisticated than I really am... First it sends me to a brief history of cheese, then it kept telling me I needed to know more marine biology, and now it wants me to train like a samurai. I blame Deadpool.

Jason Barker

Wrong pronunciation. The end sounds like "may" instead of "me"


I think Great Big Story REALLY love Japan, doesn't you?

Saurabh singh

I don't know why but whenever I see Japanese doing there traditional job brings peace in my mind... They do there job so smoothly and in a peaceful way.


Lol imagine that you were in 1600 Japan and you were taught horse back archery, in which they literally teach you how to YEET on motherfuckers left and right

Sarvesh Gurung


Nishar Diwan

That is Japanese Batman


A doctor and a samurai at night??? Master please let me become ur subordinate

Cesar Berlanga

I wish we had kyudo schools in the US, especially in my city. I love Japanese archery ???

Mug of Smug

How To Be A Shitty Fighter 101:


I really hope that the imprints of the samurai generation remains for as long as I am alive.



Kathlyn P.

Doctor by day, samurai by night is a manga waiting to happen. (Or the Japanese version of Daredevil).

Froggy_chairrr -



Japanese language is just so beautiful!


My training before raiding Area 51:




a 7 year old mongolian child can do this


Samurai doctor, brains AND brawns, now that's an elite knight! <3

the Wanderer

How to turn this? to this?

Alawi Alawi

What is ogasawara?

Vincent Lee

Mongolian horse archery ftw

Yubi K.



Who remembers Samurai Jack?



Evil Emu

Mari Mari

dark knight batman

Better hire yorozuya from gintama hehehe...

Bhirawa Maylana

Heee I thought Samurai is just warrior with Katana and Naginata, never know Samurai also need know how to use bow, heck I think Archer and Samurai is different in Japan, btw if there Samurai School in Japan there must be Shinobi/Ninja School too right ?


Dont tell the weaboos


teleports behind u nothing personell, kid.


There's this thing about Japan and its people that makes them different from other country. It's like they live in different dimension (in a great way) and it's so amazing every time I watch or read about them. I'm talking about their culture and traditions.


You can train like a samurai or


Permaculture Homestead

Cultural Identity is important, dont tell that to an #NPC !


Doctor by day, samurai by night ? What a badass!!!!!!!

Phil eMotion

Great !

Noah Potter

Thats Japanese Batman right there


It's 21st and it will not work against any country

Sousuke Y

He's so hot. He can shoot inside me anytime

Kurt Cometa

I've never thought a doctor can be a samurai one day

19lxk kxs53

If someone would Do something like this in Germany they would be called Nazis ...


Don't forget to abuse your protege.

Austin Rusk

“In the world” lol

Cesar Berlanga

Please make a video specifically about kyudo, the Japanese martial art of archery. Kyudo means "the way of the bow." Or make one about the art of making Japanese bows (yumi) ???


I wonder how they teach seppuku...

coldud 22

Now do how to train like a ninja pls

Kurt Dehnert

I wish this video was much longer

papa stalin



Suzuki should of never been allowed to name a CAR after them...
NEVER.....after a doctor ok....the Suzuki M.D.

Erin Gillick

Wow that's amazing super cool

Benjamin Tan

I did not expect so many shitpost comments on such a video ?

Mustafa hamed

Great channel

Luigi Viking

haha im no DR but i foud it its CBD YO FOR REAL

Fritz Asuro

I always love schools that teach stuff that has no practical application in these modern days but still learn the culture and discipline about it.

Hyperbolic Time Chamber Strand

I thought the last samurai was tom cruise... jus playin


A doctor and a samurai?! Damn

Hiranya Wijesekara

Can foreigners train in this school?

Bruce Banner

Who ever wrote this title must be really stupid. If you can't tell the difference between how to train? And training to keep the samurai tradition alive - which is what we think you meant. YEAH JACK ASS BIG DIFFERENCE!


Doctor and Samurai? Bruh Japanese Batman

Tokki. EXP

Sensei..!, please teach me to be a samurai

Canadian Explorer

In the future japan might have built a super battleship Yamarai

Mix of yamato and samurai

James Ryan

Shogun. Damn, that was a FINE movie!


Woahh ?

Reza Nurrohman

well samurai school vs ninja school? who will wins

Cheesecake Void

Someone make this an anime. Doctor by day, samurai demon slayer by night

Truman Burgess

Awesome dojo, but the narrator clearly has no idea what Bushido is :/

erwin setyadi

Battle Realms


a doctor by day and a samurai by night. and I cant even get out of my fackin' bed

Vincent Hoang

Hanzo mains should go here


Their form of archery seems so inconsistant though, I mean then again I don't shoot on horseback but they way they anchor and how much they're shaking...

lala lili

(foreign language)

Binh TC Nguyen

this guy does two busy jobs?
must be tiring.


God i love Japan so much

Martin B

Real life Hanzo. Won’t be surprised if he had a secret brother Genji

Whitney Dahlin

How can a samurai school be a samurai school if they don't teach sword fighting!!! That's more important than learning how they walked!!!

Jim Brady

Who else thought about the last samurai


Reminds me of Tsurune anime. :D


Shouldn't they be wearing arm guards? The string hitting the left arm after releasing the arrow must hurt.

Land Datta

i love japan.
the most nationalistic and hardworking ppl.

Jr Gaming

Cory hast to watch this

Magnus The Red




Watch The Last Samurai on Bluray!

_Bob McCoy

lmao just buy a sword & start slashing people

Frankie Vids

Top ten anime how to

Maxmilian Schönbäck

the historic japanese cultural identity huh? whats next forced cultural assimilation lessons and a course on testing chemical weapons on living humans of foreign heritage? they should acknowledge their true history before circle jerking around the flashy nice parts.

Juston Johnson


Backpacking Villager

Don't forget to watch Samurai Vs. Ninjas getting into epic battle in these films, 1978 Shogun Samurai, 1979 Hunter in the Dark, 1981 Samurai Reincarnation, 1989 Shogun's Shadow, After these films, you will either want to be Samurai or Ninja.

Samurai today

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Being a Samurai Today (complete)

1 382 views | 26 May. 2020

A list of ways in which

A list of ways in which you can use samurai ways today, from the book How to be a Modern Samurai

paulzedx636 ninja

This is a must have, in my late teens I'd experienced social pressures. I looked into self-help books didn't work. I read a few books on ninjutsu as I remember from childhood ninjas endure. It helped a great deal to achieve balance in chaos. How to be a modern samurai, sounds like it puts everything in one place. ?

Bobby Walker

I can’t wait to buy that book!!!

Ninja 2mil

Where link of the book but I'm in belgium? but I'm trying to train my balance but I want to be a ninja but that is not easy pls if there's a book about how to be a ninja I'm not kidding I'm very serieus to be a ninja

Ben Quinney

Universal constant

Indmind Gamer

So am i

Twin Ruler

Sounds like a great book. How can I order it?

Randall Petroelje

Dear Anthony; you have rock solid translation and interpretation of said scrolls/ densho.. I studied a book ( written in the late 1700’s). It was a classic text that they gauged “ bushido” samurai formalities. Thanks again for your teaching and your show. Still studying the bansenshukai. Oh dear Lord, that’s a thick one to pick up.??

Steve BB

Def getting this.


I thought you'd say "honor your master and offer your loyalty and sincerity" but ..lol. I"ll definitely go with "Set your goals".

nick sweeney


Indmind Gamer

I was 6 th

Romeu Bravo

Great mindset. Kudos!


Pre-Ordered you book. Can’t wait to read it. I’ve read three of your books so far, and each one was a joyful read. I’m currently reading Fundamental Samurai Teachings, then I’ll be onto Samurai Arms, Armour & the Tactics of Warfare. Again, can not wait for this new book.


Destructive Magic? Sigils? Seems more like an Elder Scrolls Oblivion tips and tricks manual. Lmao!

Eric Mitchell

Please release this on Audible audiobooks! My long daily commute makes finding the time to read printed material difficult.


Im sure thats gonna be my favorite book ?

QUESTION: what do you think about the similarities and differences between gokudo(the extreme path, the way of the yakuza) and bushido? At least in popular belief they are compared to each other alot...

Monkey God

Sounds great. I can't wait to read it.


I promise I'll become THE modern Samurai, thank you for this book Mr.Cummins


McDonald's manager now expects seppuku from me at dawn tomorrow for failing to clean the grill, bringing shame and dishonor upon the restaurant. Fuck my life.

David raffath

another amazing book my friend. I will pick it up and start using it for my study.


lol check on that but in shinobi way thumb up yes i know it samurai stuff but it same way as modern shinobi it can work on both way samurai and shinobi never fight unless you can win never be so stress out

Randall Petroelje

As is always, a recommendation I will take!!?many thanks.

Chris Jones

Thomas Cleary's Code of the Samurai, a modern translation of the Bushido Shoshinshu. I got this book during my basic training 18yrs ago, it sounds very similar. Hope your book sells well.


I'm going to buy that book