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? The Coming Retirement Crisis Explained and Explored (w/ Raoul Pal)

2 135 490 views | 28 Oct. 2018

In this hard-hitting Real

In this hard-hitting Real Vision special, Raoul Pal presents the single most important financial topic of a generation — the Baby Boomer retirement crisis. He asks the hard questions: Can you afford to retire? How will the coming crisis impact your life? What risks are you unknowingly taking with your retirement? Moreover, will the insufficient retirement savings of the largest generation in history cripple the economy? Raoul also explores how savvy retirees might avoid — and even profit from — the threatening crisis. In addition, Raoul also offers a glimpse of a brighter future, in which smart millennials take control of their own financial destiny and side-step the crisis.

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The Coming Retirement Crisis | Real Vision™



What's very comfortable now may not be so comfortable later on. That's when I might have to take out my mutual funds.

My only worry is my dad works for the state of Illinois. The state's pretty much insolvent. And even his health care, which is through the state of Illinois, it could take up to a year for him to get reimbursed for things like that, so that is worrisome.

Justine Underhill: Retirement is all some people ever think about, especially the 50-million-plus Americans set to retire in the next few years. They obsess over it, like my dad did. It's what they worked for. It's their dreams. But those dreams could be shattered. You're about to hear Real Vision's founder and CEO, Raoul Pal, explore why we're heading into a retirement crisis in America and around the world as many people take on more risk than they understand.

I was curious to see if anyone was thinking about this, so we spoke with people in New York and heard the same story over and over-- people pushing off retirement, people not having enough savings, people relying on government pensions. Here's some of what they said.

No. No way I could have saved enough for retirement.

I mean, I have enough to retire, let's say, if I want to go to Wyoming or something like that.

I saved enough for at least the next 10 years. Who knows with inflation what will happen, but I feel the next 10 years, I'm OK.

If the United States government goes out of business, then my pension won't be there.

These stories were just a small sample of what we heard. And this is not just something that those actively looking for retirement are going to face. It's something that's going to have a big impact on my generation as well, whether it's figuring out pensions, or social security, or potentially supporting our own parents'. Retirement is part of the promise of life in the developed world. And if that promise isn't met, it's really going to affect everyone, whether you're hoping to retire in 5 years or 50.

Roaul Pal: My name's Raoul Pal. I'm the CEO and co-founder of Real Vision. But today, I'm talking on behalf of Global Macro Investor, my research business. I want to talk about what I think is the biggest, single theme of our generation. And I think it's the most important thing that anybody can understand. And it's all about the pension crisis.

You see, demographics is the big story of our time. And it's all about the story of the baby boomer generation. This was the largest generation of people the world had ever known in the richest countries in across the globe. Now, that generation drove all of the macroeconomic forces that we come to recognize as normal.

When they first came into the labor force back in the 1970s when they 20 or so years old, what they did was they bid up the demand for goods. Because if you think about it, a record number of people came in to buy their first suits, their first house, their first car, their first table, their first chair. Everything was new. That demand created an enormous problem for the world to deal with, and it created the inflationary environment of the '80s.

monserrate perez

Oh Covid-19! ?

Danielle Allen

He’s right consumption going down as we speak. I’m not trying to spend money on anything but the necessities!


This video is so powerful. So comprehensive! Is there anyway to update it with the 2020 pandemic and escalation of unemployment data which are significant drivers to the economic catastrophe which never could have been foreseen by the originators of this video!


Why should living longer be a factor, why should living longer be an individual’s choice, replaced by greed? It’s human nature to want to survive and survival means living longer. The real problem is, money... money as a unit of measurement has been made mercurial when gold was rejected as the standard for which you measure money and paper currency took hold.


The last bit described me. Generation X and looking at crypto like my parents would have viewed equities and bonds in their time.

Rachel S

If this is their situation, what hope do regular young people have?


Weimar Germany...

Shawn Lanham

202won has to be the year everyone gets ready to break away from the dependence of economic health.


If you are rich,you can give each of your kids about $14K/year/tax free, 'Gift'. Spread your wealth before you die.

Lukrécia Macskássy

This is already happening in Europe. That is why Merkel invited all the "brain surgeons" to Europe not knowing that most of them not fit for and never will work. Smart governments encourage child birth within it's own country.

Harley Scholtz

Truth and Silver.


Why they have abandoned the concept of borders/national identity and encouraged mass immigration.

summerhill 111

Super thank you!

R C987

there's a housing shortage in the U.S. if you own a house your equity is increasing but so are property taxes!

Bruce Perry

Obviously ,We created this problem and we should be able to fix it. Humans are remarkable being , lets work together and work it out.The thing is, we are not just going to roll over !!!!

bob wa

The theory discussed in this video does not apply to the whole world. It applies to the nations who have a formal retirement plan for every citizen.

Joe Combs

Cryptocurrencies have one advantage over our current "faith based" national currencies. It can't be manipulated by the financial & political elites.
I still have not invested in cryptocurrencies, but I keep an eye on them.

Anooblikeguy Lol

Well the Indian people coming to the us they buy new big cars and new big houses they buy golds ... well that alone will take over the demands of our baby boomers that we millennial could not pay for ... our children will work for these new labor force so we will be great again?


ALGO coin crypto is what I'm watching. To the moon!

Passive Income

Everything points to UBI. When machines build almost everything and AI looming in our immediate future, UBI is the only way most people will be able to survive.


Answer = COVID 19


obama's 3rd term!


And the longer people work the harder it is for young people to get a job.


Oh the humanity l M.A.G.A. was just like watching W.W.E.

John Smith

I opted out of the work force five years ago.....i drive a 20 year old car and live frugally....i have more than I need and I spend very little.....i keep my funds in cash out of sight and look inconspicuous at all times.....i left my crazy wife and refuse to get a girlfriend.....im by myself and have only myself to take care of.....its working well.


This is what happens when you hand over EVERY SINGLE GODDMAN ASPECT AND FACET OF YOUR LIFE to another entity.

Mia R

I am horrified!

Maurice Wilson

Covid 19 is the scapegoat


This guy brought up so many current issues from 2 years ago.
HOW To get millennials. To invest...Robin hood to the rescue.
And he hit the nail on the head about digital curencies. 2 years ago.

Ten To Ji

Great video. For most its dire but..a few are moving to countries that you can live great on 23k per year. Low cost health care fresh food, etc. But majority as studies show will never move to these places.

Andre Noble

Watch this at night with the lights out.

Richard Shields

2021 here, this guy was completely wrong. All time highs everywhere but energy - thanks to your local Democrat bully.

John Schnellbach

Boomer here. 3 things. First - millennials now outnumber baby boomers. Second - pensions are dead. They haven't figured out a way to take your 401K yet. Third - live below your means. You don't need that $1,000 phone. You don't need that $50,000 truck.

simon pulis

and COVID fixed that demographic...the most vulnerable is that demographic


Could be shattered? The dollar is toast!

private private

Another thing when I was young we had plenty of work available for all. The state had plenty of funds going into their coffers. In the 1980s Margaret Thatcher closed all coal mines putting thousands of miners out of work. She also forced interest rates to rise to over 15%. Many lost the homes they had been encouraged to buy because they couldn't afford to pay their mortgages Retailers began purchasing cheap imports from abroad, this put our manufacturing industries out of business Major stores introduced the store card system having customers buy now pay later. Don't blame the so-called Baby Boomers, blame those at the top who got rich of the backs of the poor. We have been like puppets manipulated by unscrupulous leaders and advisors. UK

John Kru

This was made 10/18. He may be right but up till now he is wrong about investing. Look at the markets since 2018. People who didn't invest lost huge. The hard thing is getting out before the next crash.

Mohammed Shafiq

Incorrect to think the market will survive, therefore useless information

Linda Norris


Michael Kranyak

50% of retired workers on SSN.

Jeff Douglas

Hey no worries bro, just buy a bunch of central bank bonds dudeee and hold all of your assets in USD lol

Matt Foley

My retirement plan is living in a van down by the river.

Coin Lady54

Excellent explanation ? Thank you!

Juan Marrase

I am retired and I have always been a minimalist, never worried about money since I have more than enough.. simply enjoy life and keep away from debt .?


There's another issue: No young person has any interest in working for a baby boomer. Why would we?

Sebastian sadowski

Anyone still think Covid was naturally occurring still?

Jason Wetzel

My crystal ball says the new administration (2021) is going to create a path to the 25+ million Latin American undocumented to use them as a source of taxes, cheap labor, and consumption. The boomers are the ultimate vampire generation. Just my guess.


“Bitcoin at 8...” Who would take THAT right now, as it nudges $40K?! Great video ?

vic vic

Can't they just print more money?

Carli Muzquiz

This is unbelievable! It's AWFUL, sickening and very disturbing. Thank you for putting this incredible video together. I will pass it on to as many people as I can.

Little Red Hen

?the baby boomer ME generation

June Pagan

So ,now the baby boomers are dying in droves from Covid. Conspiracy theories are starting to sound like a possibility.

Valerie Collins

It's interesting to see that you have evolved into a crypto bull Raoul in three years. Then again, that's the nature of adaptability regarding investment options that offer potential. Thanks for another fantastic presentation!

David LeCornu

Brilliant the best explanation of the world old financial system & the short time future for generations to build wealth in such a depressed environment.?????
You deserve thousands of sign ups.

Leita Jones

? There is no such thing as a coincidence ☀

Bradford Homestead

Do not eat that garbage fast food! Grow gardens, get a couple hens and be your own provider of foods


hope is a false sense of security

Master Stacker

Anybody who thinks inflation isn't coming back in a big way doesn't understand what is happening.

John Smith

I have cut my consumption to about 30%.......im very happy and very secure about my future situation.....i live a simple and peaceful life.

Mike Undereood

Awake America America Awake ???️?️?

boom toobz

Very interesting and informative documentary well worth watching.

Steve Limbert

No yield anywhere else..All due to the Fed.



Darrell Johnson

baby boomer generation are deadthe only boomers were in Depression era they are gone but every year idiots redefine boomers until Generation Z are seniors and they are frrom small families 2.1 children each not like real boomers the waltons 8 children in one family

Senan Hanna

The cool feedback postmeiotically wail because fifth prudently hunt past a adamant skirt. salty, public rowboat

James Galle

There will be NO retirement CRISIS .. "People" will simply NOT retire ... there will be no RETIREMENT Crisis ...... old folks will simply die on the job ...

Reuben Houghtailing

Buy gold and silver.


You’ve got to also consider the fact that prices on just about everything has increased dramatically over the past few decades. The essentials cost a lot more today than in the 70s.


Retirees sell equities
New workers buy them
We need more new workers than retirees to support the market in order not to rely on govt

U.S. Militia

I retired from the army. I doubt our government is going anywhere. At least in my lifetime. ??

I Bought Charlie Lee's Bags

"retirement" is a construct designed to make your life useful for a short period of time and then CONvince you your life is basically over and now you should sit and live off "savings" Open the King James Bible and READ! Get a CLUE!

Edward Wallace

Retirement is something your grandparents did it's not something you're going to get to do face the fact work till you die or you get so sick government has to take over there's nothing else the end!!!

Zen Lysa

Now we see why the Treasury is recently Buying Stocks...Blood in the water, everywhere.

ra bA

i wish i had bought 10 times more bitcoin than i did in 2018.

Pablo Mendoza

I am very much in the midpoint of my career. I have turned to channels like this to seek information as to the economic Outlook of our world. This is a great video, and a sobering View since I have children that are going to be entering the workforce in the next three to ten years.

Ron Beck

Dis iz y I hate bureaucracy! It all amountz 2 sumbody else living off of ur hard work/blood, sweat, & tearz. THEN DATZ NOT ENUFF!!! They just steal ALL u have worked 2 save!

Steve Limbert

I didnt know George Michael had a brother!

Serenity Bay

2021 February. You really have to ask yourself what is in the vaccines. They say 11.5 million over 70s have already had the vaccine in the UK...and that is only the first. I listened to this whilst painting the ceiling....Thankyou, makes a lot of sense! Yes, since retirement baby boomers do a lot for themselves and my main aim at present is to avoid the jib jab.

Martin szmidt

well you see...


We don’t live in a global Democracy or a Republic.... we’re live in a continuously EVOLVING PONZI SCHEME and fear of a global disorder and the tool being used is nationalists and racism.


seems like a virus that targets the elderly might help

Linda Norris


Jason Magel


Michael Hope


Bill McGonigle

I've been warning of the Age Wars for a decade. Watch out for old people who've all retired being in charge of the government.

renata czerwik

What about this? My workplace made mandatory to put 3% on 401 plan.

Willem Kelles

Very interesting session, thanks. Would be interesting to see the impact of Covid on the demographics. Some countries (like Italy, Belgium, etc) has been given a low priority to pretect the elderly. Its a very sad thought but you would almost think that the the catastrophic effect of the inverse demographics has influenced that decision.

Leanne DeCO


Vic Judar

Human destiny will level the field.


It is as if the "pandemic" has come just in time to take the blame away from market makers! un canny . The fed are closer to the 7 trillion which saw banks re capitalised which is no coincidence .

Julie Henderson

1972, my grandparents retired. No debt. Built home and walked to work. Paid my mothers college education cash.
1990- My parents retired. Owned two homes. Sold larger one and retired in smaller home. Both living on social security.
2021 - 3rd gen- me- retiring with pension and social security with tiny savings. No vehicle. Home mortgage through 2046. Will need to make small apartment in garage to reside and rent main house.
4th gen- Doctor partner with doctor, late 30s with pensions. Not married. No children. Two cars. Homeowner. That story continues.

null hypothesis

Yes. Jan 21, 2021

Raynald Davis

Most of the consumer spending is on products made in China..... What happens to them and how do they react?


And this video was made 2 years ago.before the wuFlu . wow the Equity markets and boomers are fuukd.

Raffaello Santi

The inflation was in the 1970s!!!!!!
Go look at old Time Magazine issues. One issue was even titled,”Living With Superinflation”. When Reagan came in and lowered taxes our own household did infinitely better. There was no inflation.
It’s a researchable fact that charitable giving in the 80s was at a historical high because people had more of their own $!!!
Consumerism increased because it COULD. Small business start-ups were crazy high.

qubit 000

What are the key take-aways?

Ancharf Mustapha

The rich stay rich by spending like the poor and investing without stopping then the poor stay poor by spending like the rich yet not investing like the rich

inner dinosaur

Hello I’m hopping btc will see thou my retirement I’m 62 and wish the kids the very best in crashing Wall Street ?✌️

Jonny Graham

“If I don’t get to retire, you don’t get to retire.”

RM 2020

The clock is always ticking.

Raul pal

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Raoul Pal: "Pro-To-Pro: A Macro Investing Masterclass" (Hedgeye Investing Summit)

24 188 views | 29 Oct. 2020

**This webcast originally

**This webcast originally aired live on Hedgeye.com on Oct. 13, 2020**

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This is an exclusive "Hedgeye Investing Summit" interview between Raoul Pal, founder of Global Macro Investor & Real Vision, and Hedgeye CEO Keith McCullough.

Paddy Craig

I love Raoul and his perspective. Question for Raoul: how many metres above sea level in Cayman?

Lilly Monroe

I Tested positive to corona virus ? last month
My account manager Perry Charles kept on handling my account until I came out last week.
was thinking I have lost a lot generally but getting my profits
yesterday from my account manager Perry made me feel so overwhelmed
again. thank you Jesus?. For this kindness I recommend you Sir.


MMT won't cause inflation. Money pours through the masses like a sieve and it'll just go right to the people who already have everything as compensation for running a loss on their businesses that are necessary but have no pricing power because the consumer has no money.

Joe Schmoe

Lol.. "can buy some today it's come down"... It was 2k lower when U did Michael Saylor interviews.. Ur models are destroyed...


Keith is trying to cope so hard in this video. If anyone has any questions on his strategy just remember.... HE SOLD ALL HIS BITCOIN AT $10.5K lmao! Stop being a snake oil salesman. Show us your results vs. simply holding BTC.


You just realized the bitcoin people (me) are off the deep end?

Phillip Alexander Carr

My job is to grab hold of large cap exposed balance sheets and $0.5th of “on hand 24/7 liquidity” is my weapon of choice. Crypto stock grappling device

Phillip Alexander Carr

ETF zzz are a bubble. Nothing else

Jollo Jakar

Keith sold all his BTC, then it went up 50%

Raymond Key

Buy and hold Bitcoin and Digibyte


In terms of present value of future cash flows, what's bitcoin worth? For gold or silver, they're consumable. When you buy bitcoin who's selling? Are the sellers stupid? Or are they through transferring their money out of their countries? Money laudering? No one is printing money.

Dj x

great content

Károly Dabis

Kieth needs to do some dmt.

TheCanMan Can Since 1990

$UEC the few the proud the bold the honest true clean energy


You want to buy call options on bitcoin? Who's going to sell it to you if bitcoin only goes up?

Nigel Saint James

Keith is a Champ. I'm waiting for his new book, ' How you too can achieve Humility'. Legend.

sidy dio

According to insiders, there is rife sentiment among Hedgeye viewers that Keith is a douche; yet, we come here for the occasional binge. No offense though, Keith, I'm genuinely grateful for the value provided on here.

Satoshi Analysis

BitcoinSV is the real bitcoin

Phillip Alexander Carr

Gigantic debt default is baby in point. No paper. Sell factories and property. Simples.

Tib Syy

When Real Interest Rates (not nominal) turning negative are bullish for commodities. And we can see that already. Now, when nominal rates will turn negative across the world, that will be something even more bullish for commodities! I am absolutely bullish on them. However, keep in mind that at a panic-driven sell-off everything will be sold! I believe it's an opportunity ahead!

Never Question

Best intro

Phillip Alexander Carr

Gold is indeed important in space industry and its renaissance is as global citizen travellers’ stacking physical chips #theroyalmint

Phillip Alexander Carr

Bitcoin won’t be prime booking with fantasy etf.elf zzz nor fractional lending. NOT HAPPENING #thatsfloating #sting

Chris Todd

Great episode guys. Learned a lot and had some laughs. ???✔

C Ross

Raoul your awesome. I’m not sure how you got through the first 15.

Phillip Alexander Carr

Duration mismatch = wrong side of Philly’s hedge

Olga Chumak

Tremendously insightful interview, as usual. What in the context of centralised monetary system is the soul of more traditional assets like equities and all institutions who for decades have been managing them

bike bowling

This guy will never understand Bitcoin.

Sh Ta

Quad 4 is #bitcoins bitch

Altcoin Daily

Stick with XRP and BTC as much as you can guys.I have been successful under Mr Fedor’s mentorship, With his great account management skills and consistency of his strategy, i can rely on him anytime and he never lets me down

Miguel A. Rivera S.


Phillip Alexander Carr

Raoul, principal issue I’m concerned with is corporations allocating capital to share buy back activities. It’s abhorrent and P/E ratios are already stretched and capEx USA plc has been massively under weight for too long. That’s a macro issue. Stop window dressing PE ratios.

Azrul Fyz

Thanks guys, good conversation... ?

Sedo Vale

I’ve never seen profit opportunities like this before in any market even when other traders complain of loses. In case you are interested in venturing into investing bitcoin or perhaps you are trading and has been losing, feel free to contact Mr Richard Foy email ([email protected]), telegram: @Richiefoy22. He will be sure to guide and assist you

WinnerWinner ChickenDinner

Raoul Pal is a pro this other Guy is a complete clown who thinks he is some mastermind who can time Bitcoins every move, lol!

Phillip Alexander Carr

Trading commodities is all about the size of ones chips to address the market with. Filling a gap on the CME coffee chart is a couple extra zeros in capital than doing the same on, say, cardano, for example. Mancuniancryptoguy

Henk *

True : started with buying btc stupidly too fast after the peak and later you are watching disciplined to real vision and Gammon. Cryptogreed led to financial education.

Phillip Alexander Carr

Find me a pa that would be helpful...


The host is terrible.


Opening line .” What the fuck is up with bitcoin!”... lol, sub ??


Bitcoin worshipers behave like a cult who cant handle any type of criticism

Stephen Sherman

Why would Raoul give this “pro” the time of day?


The Chad and the quad

Phillip Alexander Carr

147 is a snooker maximum break for break read POP

John Powell

Too much profanity. Stick the businessman will get a guy that knows how to speak like a professional.

Dif Cezario

Technical analysis is a skill that improves with experience and study. Always be a student and keep learning. "The whole secret of secret of winning or losing in trading stocks is to lose the least amount possible when you're not right"
- stay save and trade smart

Phillip Alexander Carr

I’m a global capital markets asset backed maximalist Mr.COTTON

Phillip Alexander Carr

It’s an industrial revolution and if ones short commodities I call them a fool

Phillip Alexander Carr

Where is banking solvency to “offer” a return on capital as there’s no P&L engine, just the paper printing press...

Phillip Alexander Carr

Crypto is fairly as is you say,.. good summary. Main issue is it’s so small. $0,5tn is peanuts in my corporate finance balance sheet. Then again, I’ve cotton, wheat and Bentley Oil as vaults fror TheManchesterMint Office, as well as some metals lying around.

Phillip Alexander Carr

Truth doesn’t exist. I’ll humbly say I’ve loads of stinking shit from Mable n Rex here... however the state of play in monopoly is Ive the purples of credit Suisse park lane Zurich evaluating MancunianCryptoPURSE and Mancuniancryptowallet is my gift to XJP coin. #1066BalanceSheetMafiMA Cottonopolis is the group near get out of jail free and st. Petersburg includes regents street mob. #gbpisnotFIAT

Phillip Alexander Carr

Hive mind ?? I’m fckg professional in my corporate finance. Find me it’s not hard. Re bitcoin, anything is better than paper, Raoul...


Bond vol and currency vol is that bond volatility and currency volatility ?

Phillip Alexander Carr

As the dollar has held up... so far


Yep, debt + deflation = bankruptcy. It's like, the ultimate dependency risk. Is that a real thing? I'm inventing it.

Phillip Alexander Carr

I’m on my own timeline and it’s only 10months into the 60 year new metal cycle along the Silk Road... What’s the rush?
America is in disarray and denial over her industry 4.0 prospects. Finish the wombles of Washington tiddlywinks between the liberals and them again Tuesday and WAKE THE FUCK UP WEDNESDAY MORNING

Shaun Johnson

RAOUL & KEITH? IS IT CHRISTMAS ALREADY????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ?

Keisha Wendi

Professional assistance will get you a lucrative ROI and skip lots of profits loss in the market.

Josh Nalder

What % return on capital is a good result for a trader and what % is a fail ?

Edgar Torres

Quad poor interviews Raoul Pal. Interesting.

imad jariri

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Awesome interview


Awesome post, keep it up

Refined Hayseed Appalachian


Phillip Alexander Carr

Great chat.. quality guy, Mr.Pal... as first and foremost a commodity guy Segway’ into crypto as a metal component supplier into the digital factory on smart contract link to crypto and I’m way more direct and aggressive in communications then a crypto guy... best MANCUNIANCOMMODITIESWHALE

Anisotropic Andy

Bankruptcy/not being able to payoff debts means big govt seizes all bitcoin....?

Phillip Alexander Carr

I buy metal, make components and gain my arbitrage in productivity = ASSET

Caleb Smith

Keith is one crazy duck! I'm sure he's probably a ok guy but his demeanor weirds me out. Raoul Pal how I would love to spend a weekend picking his brain. The guy has forgot more in one day then I've learned in the last 6 month's!


the fact that gold serves only one purpose i.e. store of wealth, is precisely gold greatest strength
[edit: typos]

Phillip Alexander Carr

U.K. is in deflation. Front page of FT weekend. That’s possibly the other side of someone else’s inflation. Ponder that. I’ve a fairly snazzy bond hedge strategy in play too... that’d be worth pinging the Corn Exchange to understand.

Dady Jouj

Keith is such a dogmatic idiot. Loves the sound of his voice also. Worst interviewer possible

Hillary Ferdinand

Every investor will always tell you that there's no better time to invest in the financial market. I've been into stock trade for quite a while now, and I must say it really goes with loss without the right approach and strategy. I have gotten to the point where I understand that strategy is a key element of a long term successful trading. You can keep making wins at the beginning of a period and later, you start making losses toward the end of the trading period or even halfway. This results from little or no attention to the need for sustenance and consistency with the prevailing market structure. I've earned about $38,150 so far this month trading with Mr.Carlos strategies and working with his trading signals. You may never find it easy trading on your own. If you are tired of losing so much money, I recommend you contact him via Whatsapp; +15735988454 or [email protected]gmail.com. He's a genius trader

brady nields

3:23 Not even a few covered calls here and there??

Andrej Vukotic

Thank you both for your insights! Please keep the content coming :-)

Patrick Lewis

Says he likes to fight on Bitcoin twitter yet blocks everyone on bitcoin twitter lol


Big options expiration in bitcoin end of this month. Time to sell?

jack b

The Iranian Central Bank is reported to be preparing to use BTC in their operations. (10/30/2020)

David Kincade

Just go to min40 out of 48 mins for real info...... rest is bitcoin puff and back slapping about bringing info to YOU! Sign up now!!
Bitcoin puff piece with 2 very smart Gus wasting their bandwidth - ughhh

This is a big “puff piece”- we get it- technology is allowing everyone to get info that used to cost money.... ummmm dude- THATS CALLED THE INTERNET!!! Jeez- then the first Q is about bitcoin too!... ughhhh

OK! Go to 40 mins out of 48 for real info!!

N Roy

Picks a fight. Couldn’t cope. Goes in a blocking frenzy on twitter. Now licking Roul’s boots. This guy is a legend in his own mind. 191k followers and struggles to get 10 replies in his tweets. That is how bad he is.

Phillip Alexander Carr

Being schooled in crypto volatility as a trader makes 2020 commodity markets an absolute dream promise you that

Vincent Tilenni

Bitcoin can not be shut down by anyone government and as long as one person is running it, it still exists. Totalitarian governments such as China, Iran, Venezuela, etc haven't been able to stop it so far. It will never be shut down. Keith McCullough is intelligent and would probably be a good guy to manage a portfolio but his personality makes him come off as a tool bag. Enough with the quad 4.

Phillip Alexander Carr

JP Morgan Chase went from $290Bn odd market to $315Bn when TheManchesterMint signalled a BUY 10 days ago


18-month play... Raoul pal (not the drag queen).. said the dollar was your best bet in 2017 (in october of 16).. IT WAS ONE THE WORST YEAR IN THE DOLLAR.

Phillip Alexander Carr

Thrilled to hear your educational aspirations absolutely look to CrackingCrypto and Ivan on tech. #moneymanagement. Great chat. I’ll look you up mr hedgeye best 007.Bit


Thank you Raoul. G'day Keith.

You should be incredibly proud Raoul.

The message is clear. I know I will certainly not be cute with my BTC. Onto a hardware wallet very soon. It took only 3 months to engage in full-time research skills from prior university days to educate myself in depth. My first entry at 11700. It took little time to learn the folly of exchange trading! I am glad I learned early. There are synchronistic events taking place which are incredibly beautiful and align with the mythological principles of lustitia . I pray a Justice scheme will arrive- at the right time to make a more significant and timely entry into BTC 1, 2, or even 3 BTC if Justice is truly Justice.

The internet is my home. 15 PCs and 27 Years later. I have lived on the internet for almost 80% of my life. I was here when Google was operating in a garage. I have witnessed first hand the growth of every major disruptive technology since. I intimately know the "look, feel timing" of opportunity.

Kathleen Helton

Will the talks at Brentwood at the IMF implementing digital currency and the implementing the digital dollar have negative effects on Bitcoin?

Phillip Alexander Carr

Thanks guys. Find me a pa I trust and bank the Mint

Phillip Alexander Carr

My forex algorithm has a PA47 riflescope red dot on what will happen if there’s a paper print. Promise you that

Lee's Uploads

Raoul Pal is a legend!

Shoy Lu

When you make more money on subscription than in your trades, something is wrong! If your system or process could make you 20.30% CAGR why bother selling a system

Boomer Plays Games

Bitcoin is better then gold.
But gold is better then holding cash.

Phillip Alexander Carr

Commodity are at 5 yr low BECAUSE OF QUANTITATIVE EASING

Boomer Plays Games

Someone explain to me what the fuck quad 4 is?

Dale Frank

Dear lord, this keith fella is unbearable to listen to.


This guy and his quads


C'mon Keith you're not just a pretty face are you.


Bitcoin is obsolete!
You should look at gen2 crypto that can actually be used as currency (realistic transaction times), like ETH


By the way there is still time to transform for your HEX getHEX.info much love!! Keep Stackin

Phillip Alexander Carr

BTC is a commodity. With application... that nutshell mr Pal is why I listen to you, geezer

Raul pal

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The Ultimate Masterclass for Macro Investing (w/ Raoul Pal & Diego Parrilla)

271 288 views | 26 Aug. 2020

Diego Parrilla, portfolio

Diego Parrilla, portfolio manager and author of "The Anti-Bubbles" and "The Energy World," returns to discuss his poignant predictions that are coming to fruition one-by-one in this conversation with Real Vision CEO and co-founder, Raoul Pal. As well, Parrilla gives a master class on how he has developed his own macro framework and the subsequent portfolio construction and management that has served him extremely well both before and after the March crash. After establishing his current outlook, Parrilla focuses on the 5% of his portfolio dedicated to finding outsized returns using options and what he calls the goalkeepers of your portfolio. Filmed on August 3, 2020.

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The Ultimate Masterclass for Macro Investing (w/ Raoul Pal & Diego Parrilla)


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Marc 777

Blablabla... Come on... Just buy BTC and wait.... Why suffering in this old fashion stuff?

Joel Besemer

Biden won Tiump lost....get over it....sad....babies....sheesh need a safe space?


i counted he blinked 10,544 times

Ja ManCity

Fantastico - muchas gracias amigos ! ?

Joyce Koch

Know how a Black Hole ultimately dies?
Welcome to investing in a low yield world.
Debt eventually evaporates investing to pay itself off.

salman khan

Excellent football analogy by Diego, I'm guessing he's a Barca fan. @Real Vision Finance, really enjoying your content, stumbled on it by chance and very happy to have. Been listening/watching (to) your videos for consecutive days! Great work.

Robert Baum



What if all those derivatives just cannot be repaid, because the counterparty cannot repay due to some force majeure? Real assets, stocks and precious metals still make sense, but option bets don't. You can still find cheap optionality when buying undervalued assets.

Bora B.

Fascinating, genius, humble. Surprised how he explains the details of his strategy so frankly. Thank you mate.

Steve Limbert

Very interesting. This was filmed at just about the peak of his funds NAV around 180. He did very well during the crash of 2020. Sadly it is back to 110 now being introduced in 2018 at 100.

Jin Kee

12:19 every central bank is pretty close to or at zero. Meanwhile you can loan out bitcoin for up to 10% and you can stake Ethereum for up to 22% apy. Ethereum is able to set up distributed finance scripts that replace the work of a thousand bankers with one little line of code. Crypto is the developing foreign economy to invest in, because robot workers can't get tired so long as you pay the gas price.


put and call options are my homework in this weekend .....heavy heavy concept

tyler smith

Wow @Ricoshack on telegram is the best??

Tom Johnson

This dude sounds smart but he blinks so much it makes me nervous just watching him look nervous while sounding confident... Besides the VIX & Gold, what is the recommended ANTI-BUBBLE?

André Cornet

he didnt say anything about bitcoin bro

Kevin Fulop

BitConnnnneeectttt !!!!!!!!!!!

Bill McKelvey

Seems like a bunch of monkey motion to me. Gold has outperformed everything. Maybe that’s why they call it Gods money. Just look at the charts✌️


Wow truly amazing thank you so much!! ??

Suzie Q

“Did my thesis” is cool speak for I have a PhD?


What a sophisticated an elegant way to say he plays binary options. I could never, buts surely he knows how to play them.

Sue Warman

Why doesn't anyone talk about debt defaults any more?

ziggy C

Let me grab my papcorn

Ralph van der Eb

great podcast thanks for sharing this.

Rev. Jim Jones and the Kool-Aid Drinkers.

Does he realise how many times he says "ahh" ?

Fishn Giggles

Dang how much does it cost to invest with Diego

Tj Mooney

Whats his problem with btc

Orion Star

you lost me at "dollar high"....sounds poncy to me.


bitcoin is currently at 16k

Dylan Powell

@Steve van Meter please respond to his inflation call

Jesse Daniels

This guy is a financial genius.



Crypto Ronnie O'Dell

Wow! masterful Phd level interview... that i could actually understand ...

Linda Otono

+1 4 7 5 2 1 9 7 1 2 6

Viktor Kunovski

Real Vision, thank you for making content like this. Priceless.


Hippo to get to on my phone so happy for on that I have to be a senior at oof f theior

Michel Bisson

Imagine crypto currency now

Charles Ferro

Explained to me why you are not pump and dump


I always wondered Underpants + (?) = Profits...
But now I understand. great vid.

brian wetzel

Really profound conversation. Love the sports analogies.

Linda Otono

Wow, amazing to see fellow investors of Mr. Noble smith. Am on my 7th trade with him. His strategy has no rivalry

tyler smith

Wow @Ricoshack on telegram is the best??

Jerry White

No strategy outclasses that of Sir Noble.He has proven to be very trust worthy and reliable


This guy can talk for days and not really say anything.

Alee Bama

The cornestone for success in stock trading is usually the broker. I am on my way to millions with Mr Noble smith

Kendra Greve

The stock market controls a huge part of my passive income flow, I invest big and profits even bigger. Courtesy of my broker Mr. Noble smith

Blue Fish

Wow just when you think you know something

cameron Zigler

Amazing using a football team analogy to explain something quite complicated to the average investor. Great conversation.


So he's talking paper gold?

SKY BULL Houston

Phenomenal information

David Kincade

Yea- well when your crypto goes to a gabillion make sure to buy something... what a dope! CAsh some in to buy the bar RAOUL IS sitting in! Lol “It’s all a fallacy” except the shiny boards in your bar! When the woman comes in and takes bitcoin to shine them- let me know....

dan hug hes

could be my fave video of last year

Steven P

Regarding buying options I get what he's saying but I'd rather take the higher probability trades all day and sell strangles when IV is high...or do covered calls.

Mishaal Radi

Marvelous, remarkably amazing!

Gaël des Montagnes Noires

RELAAAAX I got the solution for ya.... BITCOIN?

?I know right??? just do it... you know it to be true. Don't be left behind.

Linda Otono

You can reach him at <[email protected]>

sidy dio

I feel blessed to live in a time where anyone can learn perspectives as shown here for free anywhere anytime. To say it in football analogies, it's like seeing Zinedine Zidane's way of thinking and getting an idea of how he managed to win the champions league a record breaking three consecutive times.

Must Watch

How can you lose when you win if gold goes up or down ?

peter bedford

CBs fight bubbles? No. They facilitate bubbles and then clean up after them. The more money put in the system without any goods or services being traded for it, and debt without costs, you're essentially counterfeiting. As this ratio of more money without production grows , it leads to a loss of purchasing power of the money.

John Paul

successful bitcoin transferred without no error dealing with zarduscyber on instagram

Joaquin Cortada

1:12:00 When Raoul digs him about BTC


This made me feel sub-normal. Loved it

Mike Stanmore


Ron Baltus

What will happen if governments go digital currency?

Mark Freeman

If I understand correctly, you attribute 5% of port long on options as insurance against downside?

Invest with Alen

The rich stay rich by spending less and Investing more while the poor stay poor by spending more but with no investment

John Swanson

There are few men who are experts in stock trading and Mr. Noble

Jeff Nasser


Matthew Gladson

I would love to see the interviews in which Raoul Pal converts Gold/bullion investors to Bitcoin maximalists, especially much of the non-millennial generation. It always seems to be quite a carefully crafted conversation in my experience, and im sure much easier for Raoul Pal if he is talking to someone in the correct mindset: "Do you want to be correct, or do you want to make money."

Must Watch

$14 cad for small bag grapes $4 cad head of lettuce


Tesla is a dumb investment. You are basically betting that Elon Musk is the smartest human that will ever live.


Brilliant thought process

Thomas Taylor

It's the only way to compete with China- There's a new Sheriff in TOWN

Laura peterson

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Crypto Legend


Tiårets Nyheter

Come on, Diego! Great interview :)

Ryan z

It's sad raoul and 2 other smart dudes believe in bitcoin. I guess they believe the sheeple that are in bitcoin are going to keep buying it.

Dylan Powell

He is really smart, but I still don’t completely buy that inflation argument. Most things are screaming deflation. We are for the most part importing inflation. The FED’s balance sheet is growing faster than M2 that’s not inflationary. When the government borrows money than leads to lower velocity. The increasing prices at the grocery store could be based on the psychology of the government stimulus and QE being inflationary and might not persist for much longer (store owners might think the government doing its operations as inflationary). The higher prices could also be a function of the initial supply shock from Covid on supply chains. Most bike stores can’t get bikes partly because of problems with supply chains overseas. Also, people are paying down debt and consumer credit is low. Can someone help please!!

Real Vision Finance

On September 2-3, Real Vision is hosting an online festival unlike any other on the planet – The Festival of Learning. It’s going to be a mind-expanding online experience unlike any other finance event on the planet. Register now: http://rvtv.io/OpenYourMind

Jack Risotto

Subscription to Real Vision is the best present I gave to myself ever! Raoul always has such extraordinary speakers!

David O'Connor

watching a genius communicating... wow :)

rm 80

very interesting but just taking a quick break to watch Franz Beckenbauer vids :)

Linda Otono

<[email protected]>

Jaia Lansana

Wow!!! Never exposed to such sacred intel, incredibly genius. The amount bubbles shocks me.

Ivonne Lin

I was able to build a secure financial trading system during this pandemic by investing with Mrs Myra Jefferson

Robert Barr

"Fighting bubbles" Never heard that expression before...quite acurate.

Ricardo De Sousa

Amazing interview. Learned a lot and enjoyed all information presented. Awesome


Diego is correct. In portfolio construction you have to be able to rely upon the manager sticking with the stated strategy. As a result,the portfolio can be reasonably developed and monitored. During my years I used the logarithmic approach to risk allocation. Diego would have been one of my portfolio managers. Of course one had to do constant due diligence and monitoring to make sure the manager continued to follow their stated methodology.

Mark Freeman

I am also a contrarian doing well lately, but I would like to know ppls thoughts about how much do we attribute to survivor bias?
What I mean, it is hard to know for certain you were right, any better than a coin flip. Ok you made gains but was it for the reasons you outlined?


MY QUESTION: Is that Raul's house?

GGR TheMostGodless

If they print more and more money and nothing bad and obvious happens, and the markets keep going up and there is no directly related social unrest... why wouldn't they keep on printing more stimulus money, of course they will keep that up until somehow it stops working, and then look dumbfounded and not know why this happened, and try to find another solution... the issue is that there is no other solution except debt forgiveness or some miraculous thing like that... WHEN the stimulus stops working can anyone tell me what other solution there is to it all. I mean by then your dollar will be worth half or less in value!!

Micheal Christian

The consistency of his strategy is what i love the most.

Kevin lacroix

This was a very informative interview, well done. thank you.

Jason Gr

what does he mean by "vanilla"?

Jerry White

I am a newbie and i am interested in trading stock with Mr Noble, How can i get started?

Garret M. Williamson

I started stock trading with Mr. Noble when i visited my daughter in New York. I can now pay my bills without worries

Todd Chamberlain

Love the soccer analogy!

Si Vi

Awesome Interview !
I just don’t understand why would he still buy bonds tho ...

Anthony Sibraa

Awesome interview Raoul & Diego...watched it twice to take it all in.

Cynthia Aiken

My brain hurts

Aaron Ellis

"when your strikers do their job"!! love this guy