Neo sushi

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ALL SALMON Sushi & Sashimi Feast!! Sushi Rolls, Nigiri | Japanese Food Mukbang w/ Asmr Eating Sounds

650 790 views | 8 Feb. 2019

SALMON! ? Eating lots of

SALMON! ? Eating lots of salmon sushi and sashimi!

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Food bought from NTUC Supermarket Singapore.

#mukbang #sushi


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John Jacob Jingle Heimer Schmidt

I like em thick too


She is my spirit person when I eat Salmon to xD?


Que fea

Vicente M. Reyes

Where can we buy sashimi-grade salmon (and tuna) here in the US??

Geane Caetano

Nossa eu comeu tudo.

Towhidul Islam

I don't like disturb.

Lalhlimpuii Chhangte

U never tell the names I’m disappointed ?

seza umairoh Kamal

Dak ado akeoi ajou teh

Ieda Rodrigues



I am the 8000th liker <3

Александра Малоземова

Кааак так можно много есть?? O my gaaaat!!! ????


Friend I Love Sushi ?.. that’s why I Love Watching You when your eating sushi ? co’z I love Sushi ? so much...!!!

Seema Telmore

4:55 the rock

Jada Walthour

"I like it


Jonas __

Play MapleStory ? <3

Letícia Santos

Gente olha esse sushis super caprichados ...aqui no Brasil pagamos um valor absurdo e eh super pequeno....

Lisa Lisa

Peggie I love how you talk you are so cool and down to earth and funny I love watching and listening to you you need a tv eating comedy show cause your funny

Freak Onaleash

Awww you sounded like you where getting sick by the end

The 1 Man Show

Salmon are going to go extinct if you keep devouring trays of salmon at a time... Lol

aninha Braga

.muito fraca pra comr

lud soares


Mohamed Magdi



I love you peggie

Girly Chan

I want to be your friend, Peggie. And, I admire your drawings very much. You are so talented ?

Cristina Elena

Hi,I hope you can try Romanian food,is delicious ❤️


Are you related to Zermatt Neo? Also a youtuber, eats a lot? Just curious. ??

Theresa Griffiths

Peggie neo that food it's making me feel very hungry right now

Лаура Финский влог канал

Очень вкусно???

Nora Pesamino

I must be the only one that drenches my sushi in soya sauce mixed with wasabi lol best way to eat sushi I say!


Can we be friends huhu

Joanie Fehr

"I like it thick." That's what she said ?

Harrielle Bernard

1:40 thats what she said LOL

McAfee 311

Holy cow. Where are you putting all that food. Amazing....

iamAshantie S

You have beautiful hands though. ?.. and you very fast at eating ?

Lilian Marinho

Q delícia ?

Tosh T

Throwback thick salmon shoo shee Sunday was awesome. The wasabi at the end was hilarious. ??

Joice melo

N sabe comer


I will run a marathon to eat like this

Eric Ortiz

Your gonna have.salmon breath for the rest of your life lol XD


Lol okay so...

Me: I can shove 1 salmon in my mouth. Peggieneo: I can shove 4 salmon in my mouth ( shoves 4 salmon in)
Me:? Peggie:?

Joseph Ransom

You might as well eat 6 raw salmons straight from the ocean ???‍♂️

Zenaide Lemes

Que delicinha ???adoro seus vídeos ?

Tashki Grooms

I wanna try this so bad!

Divyanshi Official

Like if you love sushi!


(Huge Gasp) I was sitting here thinking wonder what would happen if Peggie picked up that chunk of left over wasabi and ate it! Then I saw you pick it up and put it to your mouth, I was like oh shit she’s really gonna do it! You tricked me lol. I love your sushi videos so tastey looking always! ?

Freak Onaleash

How do you eat so much

Minebloxgaming 1

Im hungry ?

Julia Dove

Automatic like for the thick comment

Rhodz Cap TV



Your random smiles always make me smile with you! You’re so adorable!! <3

Rovs Jewelry

So Yummy??

Kathy Martin

OMG... my eyes bugged out when you acted like you were going to eat the remaining wasabi!

Lisa Covers

Perché devo soffrire così, guardando gente che mangia sushi, uff

Rukhsana Begum

I'm suffering from shoo shee eating fever

Judith Sosa

Crazy how expensive this would be in the US for lesser quality. This looks like a dream ?

Bex A

I'm on a cleanse. No food for 10 days. This makes me feel full and satisfied haha...thanks! Also, looks a little painful. You're a trooper. Making it look good the whole time!

Bruna Aguirre MRM

Muito lerda


I love wasabi. It stings my nose but it’s a one shot kinda hot.

Prof. Gabriel

wtf! wow!

Naomin Nami


Joy Munoz

Sarap tlga ng Mga Sushiii At Iba pang klaseng sushii

- zuzuspetals -

I'm hungry just watching this ♡


말이 너무 많이

Diann Mount

I love these videos! ❤️ but do you ever worry about mercury levels?

Edilane Gomes

Amei o vídeo.... ?


Me: Damn there are so many salmon sashimi in that giant plate!
starts to eat an row
Me: seas the paper
Also me: patrick shock face

Panimalos justharibo

Am i the only that gets triggered by here not using a lot of soy sauce.

Julie Pearson

Are you not worried about parasites in raw fish? Curious

Саит скачать 111Qazwsxqazwsx

девушка с какого края ты такая голодная дура

Foxy Donut

Oh. I did not expect english. Alot of youtube videos understand it. But never speak it

Bob Gaming

keshawn mark kt kiuo kudo 6029 x7wja as to 3012 haaaaaaaah? CY what is that of 20112 to as vien

Donato Ciccarelli

Nono asmr dot take the hel you

Nikita Robinson

Peggy what do u use to clean out your system out grom all of the food you eat what is your secret because u stay so slim

Khamphyphan AS

I love you.

Diane Duran

When I eat sushi I put the whole thing in the soy sauce not just a little .

Junior Gaspar

Quê delícia ??????????????????

Aldijana Nuhic

Great Video ??????????

Amar Fauzi


Valeria Amatucci

Ma xche ti ingozzi? Invece di mangiare con calma?

Sayuri PatQua Asmr

great video, congratulations my friend ???

Geden Quinto

Why so amazing? ???



Baby Tati


Barbara Perra


Bunny Sub


Peggie: "I like it thicc"

Good Smoke

Did you even get any sauce ??

Angie Lee

Too bad I only like to eat cooked sushi but I love to watch ppl eat raw sushi. I wish I knew how to eat raw sushi and I work at one too?

Bama Babe Vlogs

I love the Maki’s- I can eat anything maki.... not very fan of something raw... but I like watching people eat food it doesn’t matter if it’s raw or not ?

Danielle Hylton

That is alot of salmon. ? If I ate that much, I think I would get lethal gas. ⛽ ?



Busi Maqungo

You are very weird why would you eat so many sashimis at a time



Manahil Saleem

I wish I could download this...?

Ayana Rhyne


Aulia Rahmadhan

I like it. Omg im very like it

Ashlyn Ong

Is she wearing any clothes ? ?

MaminaAngelochka PapinaPatsanka

У неё такой большой рот ??


Ur the only girl Ik that could actually eat all that lol

Yolo Penguin

In Japan if you burp it means your enjoying the food

Jessica Turney

I love Japanese food I taking Japanese class at ll h s

Neo sushi

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$1000 Sushi Mukbang! | INSANE Sushi Eating Challenge! | Sushi Delivery Feast!

159 098 views | 1 Nov. 2020

For this episode, we

For this episode, we destroyed a $1,111 Sushi Challenge Mukbang courtesy of ShopBack! We bought more than $1,000 worth of vouchers on ShopBack that we used on delivery platforms (GrabFood, Deliveroo and FoodPanda) to order a host of sushi and alcohol. ShopBack is a cashback and reward platform that allows you to get a certain % of cash back with every purchase, with over 1,000 brands available on the platform.

We ordered so much that we genuinely lost track of the food, but it was an overall enjoyable mukbang experience as we ate a variety of fresh sushi and sashimi from restaurants all over Singapore. We even rounded it off with refreshing cider and wine that woke our palates. To top it all off, we got 10% ($100+) of cash back thanks to ShopBack! We valiantly pushed through this mukbang but with such a truly massive amount of food, we were unable to complete the Sushi Challenge. None of the food went to waste, being given to friends, family and foreign workers.

Even more, ShopBack’s 11.11 sale is back! ShopBack's 11.11: The Internet's Biggest Sale - shop from 600 of your favourite merchants at the best prices on the internet and stand a chance to win more than $11,000 worth of giveaways, $25,000 of bonus cashback and exclusive super-cute Cashback Trooper plushies!

For my foodie-fans - there will be a Pizza & BBT party going on at midnight, noon and 10pm with $1 and $2 deals that will surely be snapped up - so get there early, fastest fingers first! There will be a LOT going on so if you are going to do any shopping at all online, this would be the best time - use my link below and get $5 for free!

ShopBack link:


Connect with me!

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/zermattneofls

Instagram - http://instagram.com/zermattneo

Use code ZERMATT for 58% off ALL Myprotein products.

For those that are interested in doing Invisible Braces:


Use code ZERMATT100 for special discount!

Hair Sponsor - Toliv Salon

5 Purvis Street, #01-03, Singapore



Wah love these bleach intros lmao, my fav anime. Anyways you try the hokkien mee at sembawang hills food centre. In my opinion, best Hokkien mee in singapore.

Wunlee Smith

It was really nice of you to give some of the food to the workers nearby <3.

Riley Personna

The sushi restaurant: ?????

Elisa Villanueva

❤️???? sushi is life!

imperfect sync

Got your very own sushi buffet man and that app is sick ?

themostamazing chick

why does he keep repeating himself. 800 bucks worth of sushi... I spent 1000... I ordered from genki... tip all the drivers... at least 20 bucks... sake on the way... BTW its "sooshi" not "siushee"


And here I am, starving for sushi, because I don't have any money...


where do you live?

D'dreay Storm

Good job guys..those tips means a lot for them me also i tips yesterday i order arnolds..

Qasım İmambeyli

Fuck.I feel so bad & hungry:(((☄️?

Sara Aljunied

11:12 best sushi I have ever eaten!!!

Jun Xiang Teo

sushi express 74 plates of sushi

Ellen Shaw


sherman greathouse



880th like and 151st comment


Just give me one plate, there is not a lot of sushi places in my country, and as a teenager I don't have money to buy it, I love sushi and I wish I could have a good sushi experience ?

rizq —-

are u carb loading?? crazy

Cruz Ibanez

I wonder if he got chopsticks with all that and how many he got??


Loved that BLEACH opening.
Glad to see someone appreciating bleach

Grill Wasabi Sushi Channel

Gotta love sushi!!

Monster Q

No one:

Food For Thought

Massive table feast of sushi....and a tiny little bit of soy and wasabi lol

Bullion Tan

Looks good
Good job god zermatt

Lolita Fancy

Sushi ????

cinna pika

my best favorite food???

Joy Eats

O... M... G... I want. ???

Flawed Electricity

I can feel his toilet and liver crying...

Vincent Chua

3:45 You were saying? Uh huh? LOL

Grill Wasabi Sushi Channel

Did someone said sushi???


Rough challenge !

Nikki Rosé

I can't really understand your English

Jae Chia

Dude, one whole tray of sushi and 2 boxes of sushi wasted in the mukbang video leh, dont order a lot if u cannot eat a lot lol

Mark Iversen

Well done boss.

Desybintoro2 sagasera

Love how tin he was eventhough he always eats in large large numbers of food...

Brendan Tay

You are living the dream. ( 7:45 )


Damn bro, that's a lot of money spent..............................well spent money on very tasty sushi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rman Nayr

I LOVE SUSHI!!!!!!!!

Gabrijel Baban

Nice one

Ana Gonzales

Wow? ???

margrethe Skovbølling

Would have loved to sit Down and eat Sushi with you looket very delicious ?


Oh wow I am so so jealous right now ?


Nice, i see it as fill my body with as many parasites as i could

Just Diva

Imagine if they were all booby trap with wasabi.


The Worstshot

Wow you're a super humble giving guy, mad respect!


I feel like I could finish that... in a week lol ps check out my cover of Pretty savage by Blackpink ✨

Shashank K P

Which mobile are u using

Natalie Davies

I wish I could get all these different varieties of sushi here in the UK it looks so delicious ?

Master Vain

damnn zermatt, thank you so much for helping out the foreign workers and the hard working food delivery people through this hard time!

Shu Q1ng

Was it actually 17deliveries? Lmao that's a lot

Valerie Chan

There is nothing wrong with shooting from home as the pandemic is not eradicated. Better to be safe.
Very generous of you to treat the foreign workers & giving a higher than normal tip to the delivery guys. Gold ⭐️

Crystal Sun

His speaking is annoying

Twice Chaeyoung

Okay but this is really expensive tho

Powder game

Sushi is my favorite food!


Just ONE of those platters and I would have been DONE Brother!!!!!!

Wee Liang Kai

Good initiative to buy food for foreign workers. Always have my respect and support!


Imho it would be smart to have some of those plates on trays of ice?
I wish I could understand what you were saying, but love the video ❣️
I obtained a food coma via assimilation... ?????


Damn I wana go eat sushi with you :(


I'm jealous it looks so good!

Rona Bocs



Is it just me or does his accent sound fake ?

Epic piano Boy

Do a vegetarian mukbang videos

Arpana Eatery

so much sushi :)

Brendan Tay

How did you get the stuffed toy.

Joseph Hicks

Sashimi platter looks delicious!

Robert Qwek

Hi jus wondering what phone is zermatt using? Looks yummy

young_soo 24

Guys am like sushi ?

Rman Nayr


Uschi Mb

Sushi Heaven!!! ❤❤❤ I would not mind talking some of it , off your hands lol love sushi ?


Shut up JayKay

Mini Lena

...”just eat it ..just eat it.. you won’t die..hopefully...”???

Boon Teck

Wow u eat so many at one go
I hope i am the grab deliver man tip by u?

mortem god

This is my dream to have except the drinks

Ha Jau

Damn.... I want to help you finishing that hehehe....

Gregg o.

November 2nd, 2020.
5am: You know you want sushi
Me: Fuck, now I have to get sushi.

It'sme,Tina! T.

My whole body going weak over here. My Gawd that's sushi heaven?????????????????


Lmao I love bleach, good intro


Soooo good ❤️

Dakota Gordon

Shiba Dog: "B 4 hoomaan invented chopsticks, they ate food with their hands."
Excalibur: "FOOOOOLLLSS!!!!!! Everyone knows you eat food with your FACE & drink TEA with your "hands."
Cat, reading comment on smartphone on Cat Island: ". . .HOOMAAN!!! Bring me snacks."

Frank Zheng


Moumita Dey


Ellena Relkin

Bad video

Shakinah As Saad

This is heaven T.T


Itchy bum. Lol.


Oh man I wish i was there to share that with you. All of those dishes looked amazing. I love me some Sushi.


Good on you giving some to the migrant workers

Danny Ting

wahhh... drooling sia....

Angel Bivins

At home videos are great. I can definitely relate to being home, I live in Los Angeles, CA. The virus is everywhere here, except in my home. "Knock on wood!" And I can eat sushi everyday.?

International funny man


Jennifer Southern gal

I love you and I love sushi!!!!


I’ve eaten 35 in a serving I forgot where

Grandmaster Shadow

Just a reminder: ShopBack app is for Asian countries only


9:25 triple kill


OMG im dying watching this! Everything looks so delicious ? ?, I want it all!!.

Pringle’s H

Pls try to eat at all the hawker food at Malaysian Food Street in RWS , should be great for Guinness book of record

Triple T

omg i think i died and gone to haven, ppl laugh at me when i say i can eat 60-100 in sushi to myself, they think i am nuts, hahaha

Thomas Pascua

80 plates from sushi express in IMM


Probably got banned from entering Sushi Buffets in the future after this video hahaha

Roman Tama

food win this time, and the way u drink that wine tho rofl


Zermatt's meal= my salary for one month ?*cries in japanese



Neo sushi

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INSANE 121 Plates of Sushi Eaten?! | SUSHI EXPRESS EATING RECORD! 爭鮮大胃王挑战新纪录!

1 822 690 views | 7 Mar. 2019

In this video, i took on

In this video, i took on the Sushi Express Eating Challenge! The challenge is to finish as many plates as you possibly can on the conveyor belt in 50mins!

The current record is 116 plates set by my friend in Taiwan, check this video out to see if i can set a new record!

Connect with me!

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/zermattneofls

Instagram - http://instagram.com/zermattneo

Tee Shirts - https://www.bonfire.com/eating-things/

#爭鮮大胃王 #大胃王挑战

Zach Dangiapo


Sane Indra

121 plates costs $212 the numbers just exchanged thier places?




Try to complete to a filipino. Hahahahaha


I was craving sushi and since I’m not getting any I came here with YT’s recommendation

Faiz Azman 2071

Just how many plates is sushi restaurant

Benny Ip

i am done eating sushi for a few years after this

Sen Rkg

Big stomach challenge, bbu-but his stomach isn't big at all ;-; where did all that sushi go ??


matt stonie: hold my plates

riscky perdana

Too much talk


He became fat when it get further

Randangan Gaming

Ini kakaknya RRQ Lemon ya ??

Shakti Singh Karmacharya

For some people its their yearly income, what you ate.

Kobe Piquero

That's easy just don't eat like 2 days and I got that record

Chengyu Gan

What’s the point of this senseless sports?


How can u say 121 plates when theirs 2 on each plate fuck out of here you prob ate like 20 plates lol


The people who work there must hate him lol


Who else thinking about trying this sushi ? challenge if available? ?‍♀️ ?‍♂️ ?‍♀️ ?‍♂️ ?‍♀️ ?‍♂️

Chris Vandernaald

He's cute ?

Tifany Aprilia

Matt stonie will eat 90 plates in 15 minutes... ???

flash m

What is the price

I am Not Here

Zermatt:I'm finished with 121 plates
Guy:(Clapping with tears)

Craftable Cobblestone

It would just be sad if a person threw up at 89 plates...

icold the shot

Matt stonie 300+ plates Matt stonie big stomach ?

navin samy

Tc of ur health bro tis is totally an unhealthy challenge

Ryann Von Doom

such small portions.

brad cha

How are you not fat?


How did they not run out of plates lol

Spencer Chua Wei Ye

Zermatt, it’s not just about Matt Stonie. Have you heard of other amazing eaters like Furious Pete? Who I would say can trump Matt Stonie. Ooh and another one from Japan called Yuka Kinoshita who is an extremely skilled female eating champion from Japan. She has a YouTube channel too and is really beautiful as well.

Matt+Zermatt+Yuka+Pete... you 4 should just see how many restaurants you can destroy by just walking into them and eating.

arnold yu

i think you have a problem,,,,that is not normal!

lebron Lomeda

Me I got a 133 a plates men


You have a lot of money :0


i feel sorry for his insulin receptors... all that rice has got to be a tsunami on his glycemic load. sorry, but these competitive eaters are looking at some permanent impairment which will lead to type 2 diabetes... without any doubt. but i guess the youtube revenue is worth it?

Mizou Grigri

a challenge for food ? really ? you eat more than your body need while others are dying of malnutrition
what a shame


obviously, the restaurant sees this is a free marketing as well, so i'm sure they're more than happy to be showcased in this video and give the sushi for free

Kok Jun Hao Dylan

When I eat here with my dad we only eat like 30+ together

Wenshih Lin


Faiz Kaykaus

Even though he is eating alot sushi he still enjoys it i love it

Ningthem Luwang

F stop talking and only eat, thts wat we want

Hayden Landry

Goku has entered the chat



Jasmine Tripp

Love it

En Bean

Can u give me a tips,u eat a lot any kind of food,but your body still maintain

Day Law

50 lbs of fish was consumed but but only 3lbs made it to his weight.

Riley Mck

Me: sees title

Me: watches till end he said he was hungry hungry lol


Matt stonie seeing this video

:"Newbie" ??

Richard De Luna

If im going to compete on that, I'll avoid scallop. It's hard to digest

Dragon Tamerz_Yt

Is it just me or do you look like tomori shinosuke in the show kamen rider drive?

Matthew Gonzalez

where is this place i heard free so im going


Gambate,from malaysia

International funny man



Holy cow! That Sushi looks incredible! Amazing work Zermatt!

icy あいし

Not sure why people have to compare/comment about Matt Stonie here
It’s his channel here, let him have his time to shine!!
WELL DONE on 121 plates ??✨

desley XD

I think i can eat more than that

jessica anne

i’m impressed you had time to give commentaries midway through the contest!!


$212 is a bargain for 121 plates of sushi.

bootleg child flako


Light Gaming

I got 128 plates i didnt eat sushi for 10 days...

Yoo Ostrich

it will be more epic if you cosplayed goku XD

Arafat Hossain Khan

is this on thailand ?? i also went to this restaurant in 23th of august in 2018

Zarish Arif

He is not a nrmol man....how can he eat the meal??its impossible....


This Guy stomach have dozens of him inside also eating the food

Maya S

damn, he's hot.


How tf do you stay lean ? :0

• Floral Waves •

When he talked in the middle of the challenge I stressed


Lol is he allowed to come in for the contest every meal ???

Sky Salva

real life goku

little johny

Amazing amazing !

Charles Tran

I think you eat everyones plates

kailA kaede

Japanese oogui eats more tho..but still bravo to u

Troll Noobs

i feel sorry for this man's toilet

glicelyn dagandara

amaziiiiiiing :)

Kennedy Poi

Who is he or the world record holder before you and was it the same sushi express franchise, for standard measure?

anthony gerrard

Eat for free and get money from youtube

Japanese smiles

Fun video????Thank you!


I’m waiting for Matt stonie, he will eat the entire sushi shop

Just Chill

You are asian but your accent sounds like Nigeria HAHAHA

thegamer bamboozled

The people in grubhub ad be like



OP I Ninja

*You are the only one who reply to viewers*...

PlayMaker v8.0.22 hufano

Matt joined comment section

Ghostly c


j e s s i k a es

Challenge accepted... (rolls up sleeves and whips out chopsticks)


sushi express? nonono, it is a sushi free buffet.

Kevin Dong

Every sushi restaurant gangsta until he walk in the door

Italian Lunch

Insane! ???

shawn swagger

That’s a cheap restaurant 212 for 121 plates that’s crazy. I once got a bill of 400 USD for sushi. But because it was a Buffet the price was around 115 USD


I think he can eat morr than 121 when he doesnt talk about 20-35 sec hahaha

Sam Yu

How do you have the appetite to eat the equivalent of one basketball team and manage to stay fit ?

Mr Happy Boy

I bet he pooped a 12ft dong

Mea Niey

lmao sushi? ill go 500 plates like it was nothing ill never get full eating sushi

Tommy Lee

Beard Meets Food : okay?

Akum Walling

Imagine finishing at 89 plates....


When I eat like this at my local all you can eat sushi buffet, they get very upset. I got cut off at an all you can eat gourmet meat restaurant. I'm no competitive EATER but I can put food away. I'm not a 300 pound guy either. Average

Jun Reforzado

Sr neo, are you a competitive eater?
If yes,what rank are you?

vincent cway

matt stonie eat the whole store

willy anto

Lol small portion its easy


Any Filipino Here???


Ignorant gluttony.