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1 436 views | 3 Aug. 2017

Markspace.co - An

Markspace.co - An international chain of coworking spaces in Tel Aviv and Amsterdam. Markspace.co provides a unique and outstanding coworking experience.



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Mark Space - UZAVŘENÍ (Prod. Discent)

3 965 views | 27 Mar. 2020

Děkuji za sdílení! ?

Děkuji za sdílení! ? Šiřme dál tuhle myšlenku ?

✌ „Mír přináší bohatství, bohatství přináší ego, ego přináší válku, válka přináší chudobu, chudoba přináší pokoru, pokora přináší mír.“


Mix/Master + Record: Mark Space

Text: Mark Space

Produkce: Discent


Kamera: Tadeáš Helštýn ( @tedyho_insta )

Postprodukce, Color Grading: Mark Space

PJAY music


Tomáš Jaslovský

Krásná a pravdivá písnička.

Filip Kovář

Hodněě toop ? true ??



Filip B.

Text i videoklip je bomba , krasně pravdive!! Parada Markus ! ?

Pata Urbi

Top kámo!!!❤


Top Kááámo!!!


Benger ?

Mačka Pes

Fuuu Marek ?

Mám husiu kožu ?❤️

x-tinamartina martina

Na to není co říct. Respekt ??


Marku tohle je opravdu skvěle podané a pravdivé. Budu ti fandit ve tvé tvorbě, jen tak dál! ???❤️

Radomir Czyž

Perfektní ??

Natalie Veberova


Verča Škutova

Wow, úžasný ??

Natálie Macharáčková

omg to je úžasný ❤️


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SPACE IS SO COOL!! | Universe Sandbox

7 351 641 views | 22 Nov. 2015

Universe Sandbox opens up

Universe Sandbox opens up an entire UNIVERSE of possibilities!!

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Max Townsend

I honestly might listen to this to sleep

Jay Dickinson

It’s 2021 and I just want to say markiplier you have come so so far listening to your voice makes my day


Cant help but hear him singing

Faz Studio’s

I love listening to markimoo nerd out about space

Superior cristy

at 5:40 he sounds like cody from sml

Charly Omega

Came back to this vid after 5 years. My favourite markiplier vid by far

just_a _random_boi

markiplier:MY sun also markiplier:OUR sun

Мартин Котев

mark i agree with u man space is cooool

Kimika Kashiri

Alternative title: Mark fanboying about space for 22 minutes straight


8:26 i almost cried. but of joy. it was just so meaningful.

jake Maldonado



Oh thats cul


Aliens are in space and on the moon

First time astronauts went on the moon - 1968

Last time astronauts went on the moon - 1968


Gaius Dalton

Mark when you were talking about galaxy’s and then you had two galaxy’s on screen,It would take 1 light year to cross it :D

an idiot


Rylance D. Rabajante


I'm not good at ASCII art. lol.

Aidan Albritton

Also Mark: ponders the magnitude of space for 20 minutes
Me after 2 min: “dis make mah head hoort”

Cameron Morris

This is wholesome

Mythical phoniex

I agree with mark I love space but I love it more then him


Mark: Says he would love to go to space

Me: Remembers SpaceX Mars mission

Also Me: Oh no, oh no no

Amelia Homer

you....you would abandon Chica to go into space? Chica disliked that

Seth Mcdaniels

Me* Hmmmmmmmmmmm Mark* Lol

Krillin The Strongest Human

Hmm I wonder if Mark thinks that this is so cool?

yeetus deletus

I can't stop listening for the "space is cool" lines


i love how he is stimming because of how happy he is

hamooda gaming

It is so cool

Mr Eggs

Space is so spacious

Tim Thomas

"Oh fuck now everythings dead"

-Bill Wurtz


Someone start a petition to get Elon to send Mark to space already

Bloodfox Tribe RC

if space is "so cool" why do you never play any of the good space games out there but just overhyped 'shit? i mean not that you have to but this video is an ongoing overreaction even tho you obvioulsy dont really care... like at all...

Georgia Fernandez

mark happy stimming (at 1:57) because he thinks space is incredible is the purest thing ever


0:00 up to 1:10 makes me so damn happy

Cole JX

Mark: says cool and a counter shows up

Me: oh boy

Gage Mucci

I miss 2016 Mark I wish he could be the same as like he was in this video his reactions just seem so natural and now he just doesn't give off that Markiplier feeling hes still a Markiplier that I love and he is still my favorite but 2021 Mark has nothing on 2016 Mark

Mmm, Me

Seriously though, that space speech hit me like a truck. I hope he goes out that way when it's time.

Redmann Fatts

POV: you are god

Toasty Garbage

He wants to go to space but still doesn't like the ocean

Bisma Adika

Imagine knowing the song first and then this video

Marion Baggins

Why some people are here: Markiplier Fanboying over going to Space...
Why I am here: Plays Space is Cool Found it: 0:18-1:02 & 9:44-9:50

George Kincaid

Drinking game: take a shot every time mark says “cool”


How many times has he ever said space

Nergy Games

Little did Mark know that the first minute of this video would become the basis for a Shymoyoho cover....

King Space Penguin


Charley David

This was actually very calming to watch. I learned more from this than the science class I've been ignoring for the past couple weeks... eheh


Mark, thank you for being you. Watching your videos when I was younger gave me something no one else could, you were like an older brother to me. I rarely commented, I only watched, but thank you. Thank you for believing in yourself, because it made me do the same.

Kyle Griggs

basically mark was tryna say, just think about your comprehendable view of our galaxy and then take that multiply it by the amount of grains of sand on this planet and then multiply that by the ammounts of wordfs in the english dictionary and do the math and then multiply that by an infinite number and you got the universe, but not stoping their that universe go ahead and multiply it by itself a couple of times
and sorry for the misspells i am on my phone

Haileigh Harris

The fact of how happy he is makes me so happy.

Eme Cartwright

Me when I realise mark likes space as much as me: OoOOooOoOoOh AnOtHeR sPaCe FaN

Haruka _

So, this is where it all started.

Exploding Tree Productions

I checked this video and I was SO surprised that this wasn’t the most viewed video that he has made

Noah Demars

When he uploaded this for sure he didnt know it would turn into a song.

Georgia Fernandez

god I wish I had had this game when I was 8, I was terrified of space so I made myself learn about it and I ended up hyperfixating on it for like two or three years


That's why I love space, it's so interesting

Rylance D. Rabajante

cool: 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

Brady Huhn

You could be a teacher and teach kids about space ?


What if he played 2021 Universe sandbox?

Ethan Buxman

mark's speech is on spotify

Kadun Fabre

After the music video I can’t watch this without my mind making it like he’s singing

Sweetmagnolia s

I don’t know if mark likes space or not



Tim Thomas

That blew his mind
Now the sun
Now the-
Loud crackling and pop and mark screaming in the back


After his speech:
Me: Bet you wouldn't.
Mark: Oh its SO PRETTY. It's SO PRETTY! x1000 And him getting so excited.
My friend watching with me: Yeah he would.

U need Puns

man i been watching lot of space stuff i just finished watching the martian 3 days before finished space brothers anime space is really cool probably play lone echo after lol




How many times did mark say space



Raptor Territory

me: god simulator


Play Dyson Sphere Program. Incredible graphics with factorio and satisfactory gameplay. You literally get an entire cluster of stars.

Anthony Naimo

I also love space


mark might be the purest human on this earth


I just realized that the background music in this game has similar chords as the '"Space is so cool" song


Gravity must be your favorite movie.

Brandon Martin

Fermi paradox

jake Maldonado

Mark:I blew up the sun god: Are you kidding me?


I DIDNT know my favorite YouTuber was from my space sick Side HOORAH

Anorak the All Knowing

oh thats soooo co oo oo oo ol


Why does this give me anxiety..

Elena Vandermeuse

Space terrifies me

Noah Matthew

I can’t believe this came out five years ago, time flys I was probably like 12 or 13 when I saw this that blows my mind

French Unicorn

If i had a penny for every time mark says "its so pretty" or "i love space" id have enough money to buy a computer that can handle the rendering

jerome gerke

Mark: After the sun was formed there was a pre-earth
Me: You mean "Proto Earth"?

Ya Boy

Mark: If there was a program for volunteers to go into space, I would be first in line
Elon Musk: Interesting


After the song this really sounds like he is about to sing lol.

KennyschannelYT !

If I’m ever gonna die i dont want to feel it cause I’m scared of myself going to die, so either i dont wanna die or dont wanna feel it, or i just live a happy life and die of natural causes, and plus if i were never gonna die and god let me pick a person to never die. It would me markiplier

Screamin' Eagles!

Markiplier IS the space core.

Chaos The Skeletal Hothead

We need a person with the happiness of Mark, the kindness of Sean, the energy of Felix and the essence of Ethan to tell us it's gonna be ok and that we're gonna make it through this, that this isn't the worst thing that we can go through


That was pretty cool

Tanish Mehta

Watched after the song

Bluega Billy

How many times does he say cool?

Konoe Miyazu

oh, cmon who does not love space?

(don't worry I love space :) )


Fermi Paradox

Mr. Blitz Gaming

9:28 Mark just said OwO

Christopher David Carr

me: hears the words "companion cube"
also me: war flashbacks

Caleb Blair

if nasa or spacex was taking volunteers to test out equipment for mars i would 100% go there even if I would not be brought back.

Pixlr Designs

New video name: mark being metaphorical for 20 minutes


The Acapella version of Space Is Cool

scp - 6869

Mark: so I accidentally blew up the sun.
sometimes my genius is... it's almost frightening

Mister Foureyes

Wow, me and Markiplier have something in common now.


Also scientist explored planets like earth wich has water and a good athmosphere and also a good magnetic field wich contains microscobic life in its oceans in kepler 785 the earth 2.0 it has life that will possibly evolve were not alone and never were