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VALORANT | Rank System Explained

155 375 views | 2 May. 2020

Super excited to be

Super excited to be finally able to play VALORANT ranked. Wanted to make a video explaining what will help Riot determine your rank on the ladder. Good luck on your grind and if you liked this video; check out my other VALORANT content.

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My dumbass had this fake memory remember Simon Dean was Jon Moxley.

Rick Roll

I need to play 5 more unrated match but after I played, it still says play 5 more unrated match help me

Flocka Waka

If anyone hasn't seen Simon Dean vs Eugene on the Eddie Guerrero tribute RAW than I highly recommend it lmao

King Luke

I won 4/5 of my placement games and I placed iron 2. What ???

S.A. Rise

Michael Cole vs Jerry Lawler Feud


Won 4-1 placements was top frag 4 games and in those I had over 20 kills and got 1 .30 bomb got placed bronze 3


Main event mafia tna?

Mavi Avila

I won 3 matches 30 kills and 10 deaths exactly with the same scored and got iron 3. I was carrying my team and was even match MVP.


One of the oddest videos I've ever uploaded. I did plan on doing this for a while so there's that. I think he should've been brought up as Nova but since WWE was into some odd gimmicks in the 2000s, that wasn't gonna happen. What did you think of Simon Dean/Nova?

Chongo Ok

I cant believe that the unrated games mattered I didn't really try that hard maybe that's why I got deep iron it is so stupid they didn't say that right away not to mention that getting your kill stealed is something that hurts your rank come on alsao how are people rankning up or down right away i mean i won 4 striaght top fragged 2 of those still got nothing probably because my rank was just so horrible to start out with it even said greatly improved

Stephen A. Smith

Do a vid on judgment day 07 pls

cookie apocalypse

can u explain how i deranked with 1 arrow down and won 3 matches with 2 of them being 1 arrow and 1, 3 arrows and still didnt rank up.

patrick turlington

Who else wantts to see John cena bray wyatt feud 2014

Adrián Ťapák

It's so cute when lol players trashtalks you because you are playing csgo.


Simon dean was my favorite jobber

BloodyRanger Gaming

5 lose and I'm plat 1 hahaahah

Damian Dallas Texas

Hi wrestlingspremier di want to be in my video

Team Replay

I played like 7 or 8 matches and I still don’t have a rank

The man wit three Hs

U should do a video on nxt 2017-2018 imo this when it peaked

Shakespeare Graham

I have watched many videos like this but i still don't know how it really works i cant understand why my rank is still iron 1 even though i have like 20 wins higher please help me


He had a segment with Stone Cold. That segment was the funniest shit ever.


I won 2 and lost 3 and got placed into plat 1, but my team base score was high on 90% of my games.

I'm Joker28

5:58-6:01 Making it look like Simon Dean was afraid to fight Matt Hardy but it was actually The Boogeyman?

mark ramos

3w-2L=plat 1, we got destroyed from last match 13-1 but still mage to land my rank at platinum


I always thought he didn't look that imposing or jacked for a fitness guru.

Micheal Hyperion

Lost 4 games in the placements but still got 20+ kills in each game with bad teammates. I won the last game and I got iron 1??

pimp 101



So a recent update made me and my friends unranked, we got into a game with diamonds, did terrible, we all got Bronze 2 and Silver 3

No Heart Q

can we get an in depth cody rhodes intercontinental title run ? i think his run was top tier



Paul G

It was actually a decent gimmick. He was good at being a dickhead.


someone explain i was in bronze 2 then i lost 1 time i went to iron 3

Will Cee

He would be perfect in the way stable on nxt with gargano


Hey is the matchmaking good? Like do they only put silvers against silvers? Coz I used to get fed up of playing against gold nova 4s, when I was silver in CS.


Good on him being a undergod badass in ECW and skillfully playing a health nut on WWE. Props Nova.

Jason Sariwating

i played 20 more games in unrated, but my competitive still not open


He really needed a muscle to make him more serious

Honda Salesman

Anyone else place iron in the beta but place gold now?

Cruddy Stash

He’s a comedy jobber but atleast he had a character

Eclipse Typhoon

U expalained nothing btw

Ray CoxHD

Can you do a video on the NXT Season 2 Winner Kaval? I honestly don’t remember what happened to him after his Survivor Series match against Dolph Ziggler.

prod. Westi

go to the clip text channel and showw me your clips! https://discord.gg/BcAgcf

SuperMario49 Gaming

Simon Dean actually got a video, I’m done lmfao ???

Tishy Elixir

ive gotten like 3 30 bombs in a row in iron 2 and im still iron, placement is gay

David Holmes

I remember his match with The Boogeyman


so its broken but shroud gets valorant rank yet i won all my games and came first


This guy is the GOAT love this guy


im iron 2 and too poor to get valorant points


Tbh this guy could draw heat when needed


i can finally say that i am silver 1 and be proud of it?!


I used to think the Simon system promos were real because it didn’t have the company logo

Wave Yeti

We both have the same name lmfao


I just remember the match vs batista when Batista pinned him with his foot on him and posing like it was an ad ??????????????????????????????????????????

Aman Raj

I have played atleast 30 unranked matched but i can't see any ranked mode unlock

Eric Guzman



someone help got placed iron 1
won 4 games in a row (all top frag)
still no div up
been going like 20-10 then 35-14
wtf why cant i rank up


Billy & Chuck & Rico"s Run

Mikrew Aerow90

im doing games in valorant and in 3 games ive promoted twice XD

Mr Johnson The Terrible

Simon Dean was any interesting but odd wrestler, And also can you do these wrestlers with their runs in WWE:
Chuck Palumbo
Mike Knox
Shannon Moore
Charlie Hass


i hope i get good rank ive played like15unrated and won maybe 13 ive been match or team mvp in like 12matches and got 33 or more kills in at least 10matches


How about Alex Wright video

Silver Giovanni

Won most of my placement and Went MVP like half of the time, If Im not MVP im 2nd or 3rd.

Landed on fucking Iron 1

Its fine tho, People on that division are pretty easy to rape so I went Iron 1 to Silver 1 in like a week getting MVP's most of the time


He was fucking NOVA!? FR!?!?


i played 3 games in ranked valorant and i lost once and won twice ( in all 3 games i had over 20 kills and i was always on first or second place in the team

I'm Joker28

Simon Dean aka your Mom's tennis coach


what ive noticed is how much you win by gives you the best ranking. If its close usually you get one to two up arrows and if you win 10-0 or 10-5 youll get three up arrows. Even if u only average 10 kills

UnPlugged Gaming

I remember him doing squats while trying to intimidate someone


just started Playing but already matched with Gold-Diamond Ranks

Dyl man the krazy guy

Do the hardys return to the wwe

Siegfrid San Luis

Lol i got 3 wins and 2 loses i placed plat im mg in cs it means u guys just suck dont cri in the comments

Guis Larcia

4:22 there it is!


not a 10min vid, thank you

Blue Thunder

"Discovered them on wish" ???Perfect

Mythic Boomers YT

U just say fast..
It's been 2 months I promoted to iron 2 only :(

Vinnie Ger

There’s a universe where the Simon System took off instead of DDP Yoga.


Bruh wtf i was silver 3 and went to gold 2 after 2 Matchss

B renegadde

To me he could have been a star,he took a character a made it appealing he could have had his own stable with it,dam Vince

Emilis Mitkus


Craig Careen

His segment with steve austin was good


Silver 3 in Placements "Pretty Low" yeah sure ...

Andrew Cozzini

My personal favorite segment with this guy was the one with Batista. It really showcased Batista's growing charisma and repore with the fans.

Im Your Senpai

I feel like I'm stupid for asking this but umm how many wins do you need to get to iron 2 or bronze 1




got placed bronze 2 but play ranked with gold 3's and plat 1's :)

Drew Kayfabe

Omg. This is such MF mark stuff.......Nova, Dean, Bucci, was strictly brought in as a heat guy. That's it....no one saw him or expected him to brake tv rating records or main event PPVs. He was simply there to help younger talent. To get them over. That's it...this channel is cringy and this dude has no idea wtf he is talking about or
doing bruh..smfh I can hear dis dude reading wikipedia' the longer he go!?

someone 01

The games fuckin broken I got a lot of up arrows in every competitive game and I still haven’t gone up to Iron 2

Mr. Wavvy

U did this You might as well do Brodus Clay & The Funkadactyles and there 2012-2013 run also ?


Really Good Video! Helped me a lot because i was lost af

Malachi Robinson

First ???

Seven VII

I win like 5times in a row 1 mvp matches and i cant rank up

Sparky Snooksbury

5:58 Hey that one security guy was Domino from Deuce & Domino

Jordan Lu

They never show how much u go down by, it always shows one arrow down but with the arrows up it's 1= slightly 2= normal 3=greatly


Now I gotta check backlash 2018

MhTIVerse Tv

I’ve gotten mvp 10 times and won but still a iron


I remember everyone hating simon dean. His heel segments were great and yeah the batista one was the most memorable one but yeah I totally believe he kept losing. They had him wrestle like a heel manager where they could never win which sucks because you could have done more with him by having him win. Cheat with like blinding their eyes with the protein powder or drink, play up the fitness thing by having him keep going out of the ring the face chases him he outruns then and then goes in the ring and does push ups or jumping jacks, have him challenge people if they can continue standing after a certain amount of time and he cheats so they're on the ground, etc. I'm not saying to give him a title but some wins so it's not "oh he's just going to lose". He was a great heel, punchable smuggness, had the dumb segway which was a great addition to stand out, and easily could have had more to do with. And at the very least could have done something with him as a manger. Again he had protein powder, throw that in someone's eyes to cheat.


i'm bronze 1 aka i'm shit

Seth Freakin Rollins

I had forgotten all about this man, before seeing the title of this video.


How do u check ur rank

joseph taylor

Simon Dean run in wwe was okay I just wish he won like the United States title or the intercontinental title

FluX zyco

I’ve played 7 games after I got iron 3 and I haven’t raked up yet and haven’t lost a fame

Julio Rosales

Hey wrestlingpremier I know you don’t really do tna videos but it would be really great if you did a acesneights video I feel like it would be really awesome

Roman Matusek

Day 56 i am still hardstuck diamond 3 playing only sage and phoenix i need help i repeat i need help!



Mythic Boomers YT

Mr still in iron 1 :(

Ken_ RisingJaguar96

I laughed really hard when He ate all of those Cheeseburgers at No Mercy 2005

Valor ratings

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Inoy Halim

Kayaknya nih orang harus kasih smoke aja biar gk has mulu

Valor ratings

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Valor Fitness CB 12 Lat Pull Down Review

11 306 views | 30 Dec. 2019

Quick review of the valor

Quick review of the valor fitness lat pull down machine


Great product, I've had had mine for about two years and I'm satisfied with this product....the only thing I had to replace was the upper cable...which was under warranty for 2yrs. In my opinion This is a solid product that gets the job. done...Thanks for the review.

Gabriel Chiararia

Good review man, I'm buying one on Amazon. It has a solid star rating there. I don't have time to go to the gym with 2 young kids, so doing some exercise at home would really help me out.

tim fogt

nice thank you

danny anderson

can you actually make gains on a machine like this? does the weight feel weird in anyway?


I ended up going with the XMark Lat pulldown instead. I was originally looking at the Valor pulldown but it just looked to cheap. I’m glad I went with XMark because that thing is really thick and as solid as a tank.

James Nagle

Great job brother, thank you

Franky Avocados

where did you get yours? its removed from amazon and the walmart one is out of stock

Braedon Simpson

I cannot find this machine for sale anywhere, anybody know why? Where can I find one?


Nice review! Thank you

Vincent Ruel

When im pulling the middle and the lowey handles, the machine is moving! I dont understand why its doing that... like instead of the weights going up the machine is moving. Please help!

Vincent Ruel

Where do you buy the extra metal pulleys?

Boss Queen

do you have to put equal weight on each side for the pulley to pull smoothly ?
unless mines was set up wrong i noticed when i dont put weight on equal weight on each side it kinda drags and dont run smoothly


Hey, I just bought one of these machines and I'm having that same problem far as the bottom small ball is jumping of track. Did you ever switch the cables around?

Joe Gould

Do you have any recommendations for machines similar to this that are similar price and better built? And what attachments does it come with so I know what ones to get for it? Thanks

Adam Gibson

U gotta speak up when your doing videos!

Felipe Barran

How is it for tricep extensions???

Adrian Ceja

Show yourself using it next time

Paragon Knight

How much weight have you personally used on this machine? I can't find anyone actually using this seriously. Just people putting 10Ibs on each side and pulling it. Also I noticed you don't store weights on the lower plate holders, would adding weights help with the over all stability?