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Kraken Exchange's CEO Jesse Powell on Bitcoin, Tether

1 889 views | 2 Jul. 2019

Market on

Market on Close:

The latest surge in bitcoin has been accompanied by big volume in tether. Watch as Jesse Powell details why the controversy over the stablecoin is much ado about nothing.

Kraken usdt

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586 views | 20 Oct. 2017


Kraken usdt

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Ep. # 379- Aragon Network (ANT) Crowdsale / Kraken Enables USDT/USD Margin / Gnosis ICO on Kraken

5 309 views | 22 Apr. 2017

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Hi, how do it set up my Zclassic wallet? Currently i hold all my zec on bittrex exchange

blipz chitz90

is there a date set for aragon ico?

Suvi-Tuuli Allan KFP Gum Under the Table

Did you just flip the bird?

Millennial Stoner

Sup omar

Dm Suja

is this a different clif and vesting terms? in venture cap, clif means the frist couple of months are free, then the equity is given out every month....

Jorge Izquierdo

Hi! I'm Jorge from the Aragon team.

Just a little clarification, there is a 15% pool for founders AND early contributors to the project and then a 15% for the Aragon Foundation.


As always, awesome! thankyou so much for all you do. ps, I just bought a million quora for the price of 1 ether, its at all time lows. Its a gamble, but I don't mind holding it for a long time and see what happens. hopefully it doesn't go to zero.

Philip Dodson

How do I set up an ANT wallet? Can I do it on Bittrex? Is there any offline wallet that supports ANT? I really want to invest in this!


Apparently Ledger is launching a password manager for the Nano S and Blue in a few weeks, with the developer version already on github! :o

Mark HW

Thanks for mentioning swarm a while back!

Roberto Azar

How can Aragon have a hidden cap of coins created if it's an open sourced project?

Sheri Ucar

I really want to purchase Aragon off the exchange but I'm not sure where i can get or create an Aragon wallet in my Nano S or Myetherwallet. I'm not at all technical and need step by step instructions. I have heard you can't send Aragon to a normal Ether Wallet... Can you make a vid or direct me to one made already? Can't seem to find one and I have a feeling it is a good one to invest in long term? Xx


Are you going to invest into Aragon?

Elkin Jones

You didn't overly use crypto. It was way better and catchy before

Jonny Boy

Love your videos man, any thoughts on POSWallet Coin?

Do you see any long term value in this? it seems to be the first to market with the mass multi-currency staking wallet.

Shawn Brezny

Intro is spot on!


Hi, why is zclassic going down quickly all a sudden? It was only going up reached 5.3dollars and now it is back to 4.0

Danny Lee

Omar, love your show. You should do a video on what you think are scammy coins.

Mattius Maximus

Thanks Crypt0!! You're the man!!!


Babies need milk.......

Seth Egger

Would anyone be interested in trying to create a DAPP together?

dom sturgess

how do we benefit from aragon tokens? is it a dividend of profits thing? better read the paper i guess. How do they makes profits? it would help if you are clearer on these things in your eps. ;-) people really want a note on how these tokens function beyond blind speculation on an exchange. you might be suprised how little some know of the tokens they are buying. I know guys who bought loads of REP for example and have never even been on the auger site (normal non rich people with limited funds). it crazy and bad. I think you can help these guys buy telling them clearly how a token will or may show profit for the investor. ie; how might the project make the money and how is it passed to the token holder.


Tom Yum

Congrats on 12k subs Omar, you have been grinding hard and deserve it. I remember when you only had 1k subs like a year ago lol

Tom Yum

very handsome guy

Larix Laricina

No Link for Aragon

Mahdi F

thank you

Blair Miller

Have you heard anything about INTCoin?