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Is Celsius Wallet Like Bitconnect? Celsius Network Review & Crypto Passive Income 2020

7 598 views | 14 Jun. 2020

In this video, I talk

In this video, I talk about exactly how Celsius Wallet can afford to pay upwards of 10% per year when you hold your crypto in their wallet. This isn't like Bitconnect at all. How they're creating their income is exactly like the big banks do. The difference is Celsius pays 80% of its earnings to the COMMUNITY vs to the stockholders/dividends/stock buy-backs.

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Graham Law

I downloaded the Celsius wallet and was earning cel token every monday with zero investment in at first. i just dont why more people are not talking about Celsius more often? it is literally my favourite crypto project besides, ADA, Nexo,Vet and a few others

John Gundaker

Very very understandable, Thanks for taking It easy on us newby's!


Don't sleep on Cel token. It's a great company with utility. Just look up on Cel token market cap and for example market cap of a meme coin doge.
Do the math ??

Oule Raoul

I tried using your referal code but got a message that I couldn't use it because I already exist even though I just installed it. Hoping it works after kyc

Judith J Gebora

Do the Celsius has a desktop application? Help me please.

Alwin Richaards

Thanks bro, 10$ heading your way!

Infinite Universe

This video title is very messy, please correct the click bait

Alejandro Hernandez


Petra Jordan

I still don’t understand how they can issue crypto based loans if the price of crypto is so volatile?


bad title

Charles White

I got biconnected

John Rose

I hold my bitcoins on axisoption,com. They give the best security and also give 4% interests on bitcoins you hold on their platform.

Martin Naylor

Great content and very useful. I signed up using your link and I'm very happy. Keep up the good work!

Charles Tines

If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck it is probably the next Bitconnect. I called Bitconnect out as a Ponzi for about a year before it collapsed. This one will likely last longer, but I think there is about a 95% chance it collapses and that they operate like any other Ponzi.

Linde P

Explain how can crypto.com earn interest?


Love Celsius!?

Nicolae Ochisor

I love Celsius. This company has a great future!

Wesim Maruwge

17'000'000/1'200'000'000 gives us an intrest of 1,42% only. Thoughts?

Narcos Zay

amazing video

Chris Wood

Best thing I ever did was to jump in to Celsius 10 months ago.


Great video!


Bitcoin price on Celsius is £1000 pound over the market price?

Dominic P

Aaron Bennett who owns the private wallet keys?

Eve Munoz

Thanks for the info! Am completely new to this and have so much to learn! Appreciate you doing this!

Alben Weeks

I love Celsius. Have only been using for a few weeks. Love holding Celsius token (other than that I’m practically a bitcoin maximalist). Company makes sense and I see them as quite credible and thoughtful.

Gilbert Ethel

Thank you for you video. Bitcoin mining and gamebling site: https://btcmaker.io/?ref=Cliffordhunt

Double U

Super Aaron

Stock Fadi

I can't buy cel tokens

Gineen Whiunui


Scott Hammond

this smells very much like the bitconnect scam.. how is it any different?

Zaffer Rashid

In my view Celsius is not good relative to Crypto.com. Firstly the Celsius networks was down for 24 hours on Friday 13th November 2020. Is the network reliable? Secondly, I bought 1 coin but was given 0.93333 and bought 4 but given 3.7764. Which is ridiculous way of charging fees. I'd rather pay fees on top of price than to be allocated short measured. Further you can stake CRO and get different Debit cards that pay cashback on spends with free Netflix and Spotify. Use link below earn $25 https://crypto.com/app/my2q49uc6g

Chris A.

Thank you for mentioning about the simple (Crypto) vs compounding interest (Celsius) that to many of us is another winning feature of Celsius. Also the withdrawal fees of Crypto is "standard" like any other exchanges, unlike Celsius that does not charge you for withdrawals.

Nick Ragan

I don't see stable coin on their app.
Can't deposit TUSD... Why?


4% per week is so much more than 4% per annum, just FYI.

Sylvia Tiisetso Khabele

Hi. With regard to your comments on Celsius Network Limited being registered in the UK, why don't they appear on the FCA Register? Aren't they regulated?

mad slug

Do any one knows why the Bitcoin I sent to my Celsius wallet yesturday is "panding"? I have sent to there Bitcoin before as well and from the same wallet but last time it's didn't happened. I have sent them an email and they sent me an email back that will take then 7 biz days to back to me and idk what's going on. Thank you good people of crypto!

Nick Ragan

Can you make a YouTube clip about the safety aspect of staking on Celsius platform? Bitgo insurance policy etc.. How to ensure that large stakes that could be someone's life saving can be protected.

Does the $100mil policy insure against our loss per stakers account..or is it an unbrella policy to cover the platform loss? Etc. Thx.

Rober Coppejans

Can anyone tell me why one would deposit 2× the value of their loan as collateral. To me its like depositing 1000 USDC to take a 500 USD loan. WHY??

Mario Sergio Uliano

Mand i.meus documentos hoje, como faço para ganhar mais? Só deixar minhas CEL na Walet

Crypto MoFo

I love the idea of this and your videos are amazing. My only issue or worry is that what happens or what if this Celsius network wallet goes away or Exits with all our crypto? ( I know of course there are risks with everything but is it or could it be as safe as keeping my crypto on something like Coinbase or risk it to earn the interest..) I really do want to pull the trigger and send my crypto to Celsius because I want to make BANK with that interest!! LOL

michael lilienfeld

Buy bitcoin

get set

cel to 1000$

How I made

saw this thumb and sold all my cel and withdrew everything in my celsius app...thanks! had a feeling it was like bitconnect.

Heikki H

Used your referral ✌️great video! just to correct one thing: at the end when you talk about compounding interest you say 4% on bitcoin weekly. Even though it is yearly. Hopefully no one actually sings up in hope of 4% a week.

Aaron Arnold

Its a great company. the future of banking. Of what I put into CEL a few months ago, the value of that investment has over doubled with Celsius's growth. Mondays are now great, $300 every Monday for nothing!!!!!:)

All&All inc

Awesome video my guy ????


this seems to make sense, however, I'm just concerned about the security of their website.

Michael Pharez

Agreed, authentic folks over at Celsius. Impressed & invested. Appreciate the video.

Alley Oop

Another great shot Aaron !
I just want to precise one thing, because everywhere we see there is no fee at all, even in their help page :

"We don't charge any fees for our services. No withdrawal fees, no deposit fees, no transaction fees, no early termination fees, no origination fees."

"Sending and receiving CelPays is entirely free, there are no transaction fees or any other fees! "

But :
If you want to buy crypto (for exemple CEL is you want to have the required CEL for the bonus), they charge 3,5% fee with a minimum of 10€/$ which could be huge if you only want to buy small amount. For exemple, you want to buy 50€/$ of CEL you'll be charge 10€/$

Maybe find another way to buy CEL and then deposit in Celsius.

I saw too that they will add the Bank Wire to buy crypto. Would be great if there is no fee, but I have no information about it.


Gonzalo Moraga

I love celsius, you.forgot to.mention that the cel token price is skyrocket growing 70% monthly. You also gain value just by buying the tokens.

Paul Bogo

Celsius is fantastic

Alejandro Hernandez


Sylvia Tiisetso Khabele

How can you trust a company which states in section "14. Consent to Celsius’ Use of Your Digital Assets" in their Terms of Use (https://celsius.network/terms-of-use/), that you relinquish ownership of your digital assets or coins to THEM, and that they can use it to cover THEIR investment losses and losses from unpaid loans in sub-section iii (which appears to be contradictory to their loan collateral requirements), without guarantee of partial or full refund of those digital assets to you?

This is unbelievable on a scale I can't describe... Unless this condition can be explained in a palatable manner.

Benjamin Bialy

if the person receiving the loan has to put up 50%-25% collateral, why would anyone take the loan if they already have the money?

Jeff Oaks

When the bull market really turns on past 20 K, Celsius will ? to incredible new heights. It’s one thing to earn 4% on a $10,000 bitcoin. It’s entirely another thing to earn 4% on $1 million bitcoin. Either way, it’s still pretty amazing

Tiphereth J Straker BHSc

Thank you soooo much for such a detailed video on this app!

Jonah Raj

Hi if you are looking for the referral code to open your Celsius account , Here is mine: 1735233c1b
We both will be rewarded ;)
You must use this code before registration (before KYC).

Crypto Kiwi

Loving Celsius! Collateral backed loans, safer than banks giving out credit like Oprah giving out free cars.

Miu Chan

Aaron please do keep your initial deposit until 9 Sep 2020. this is how my USD$20 worth BTC will unlock using your code :(


this was back when CEL token was worth around 25 cents, now its over 1.22$ I wish i saw these videos, ive been subscribed for a while now! my sub was set on personalized, thats why!1

Fifi Finance

Cheers ?. New to YT and found this super informative. Building dividend income is the goal. Having a checklist method I am finding very helpful. A few of the approaches I ramble on my videos and would be awesome to get your opinion. Have liked to help the algo! Fifi ??

Graham Law

I love Celsius and what they are doing for the community.

Xperia Z

16:40 - You are misinforming. The interest is yearly and not weekly so you will make 4.03% in one year and not in one week.

Aaron Bennett

Join CELSIUS NETWORK using my referral code 174052b5ff when signing up and earn $10 in BTC with your first deposit of $200 or more!

Joe N Crypto

There is a project on EOS that might be taking this to the next level using smart contracts on loans, I think it's a safer way than just sending it directly to Celcius.


I agree with you that Alex Machinsky is a top guy - every ama makes me more bullish on them.

I also spread my own risk by using other interest platforms such as crypto and blockfi.


I checked the interest earning tiers and it said Americans can’t earn their CEL token.

What celsius

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What celsius

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CELSIUS Drink REVIEW | The Fat Burning Monster

24 028 views | 3 Nov. 2017

In the overcrowded world

In the overcrowded world of energy drinks, Celsius is a unique animal.

With a focus on increased metabolic rate and fat burning, all natural ingredients and tons of vitamins this is not your regular energy drink. TJ & Roy try 3 flavors of Celsius in this review to see if the flavor follows the great promise.

Compare prices & see the best deals for celsius here: https://www.fitnessdealnews.com/compare/celsius-heat/

Compare prices & find hot deals for ANYTHING Fitness!


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Bro! Do You Even Save?!

Our team of Fitness deal experts scours the web every day, 365 days a year, to find you the best deals on just about everything Fitness from the Internet’s best stores.

Here’s the other stuff you should know about us:

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* We love to help you shop for your fitness related stuff smarter. We believe that you should never pay full price to stay fit!

* There’s a real fitness expert behind every deal we post that vets the deal and makes sure that every deal we post is the REAL DEAL.

Agripina Cabrera

This shit sativa

Fitness Deal News

Have you guys tried Celsius? What did you think?

Viviana Flores

This is the only energy drink that actually gives me energy. Coffee nor Red Bull’s or monsters give me energy. You can also buy them in packs from amazon!!

Bryan Maldonado

I swear to god I’ve been drinking these they are hella good and I’ve seen weight loss with these especially after a workout ?

Brave Hearts Never Die In Fear

It's really really good I got the packs and they make such a difference. I really enjoy it takes great and it really does give you energy but not too much. It's just a good boost of energy. Worth a try.

Devin Owen

No way this is legit. If it is that's impressive.

A Lee

This shit works

Joe McLain

The only energy drink I will drink


Stock Symbol :CELH SHARE PRICE @ $3.50 Avg: Strong Buy 10/15/2018


I Hear pollen burst from youngevity true energy all natural and healthy from doctor wallach


Just had a Kiwi Guava. Brought me to this video. Feel pretty good after drinking it. Another one I like is from a company called Bing. The apple crisp one has 30cals. All natural.

Wes Haddock

Peach-Mango Green Tea is my fave. If you drink two of these in a few hours you will be jacked up. I stopped drinking soda and monsters because of these. If you drink a lot of sodas and stuff I definitely recommend this. This alone will not make you lose weight but it's practically 1/3 of the equation. The other two being moderate exercise like some weight lifting or running a mile 2 times a week and not eating fast food and staying below a 2k calorie count a day. In 5 months of doing this process and cheating quite a lot on the fast food I managed to go from 194lbs to 174lbs.
One last thing! Be sure you are drinking at least 1 litter of water a day. I recommend FIJI water as it's my fave.

Kristy Vera

I made a couple videos where I tried Celsius after running a lot. Nothing makes me sick ever, but that whole night I was pacing back and forth in my bathroom and sitting under the shower just feeling like I was going to throw up/die.


Is it better to use this as a "late night" extender or use this as a day starter ?

Joey Chu

So much better than RB/ MSTR

sarah ek

I’m watching a bunch of these videos to try and find something wrong with these drinks. Honestly they’re almost too good to be true!! I’m just waiting for someone to say they cause cancer or destroy your teeth or something!

- Considering the lack of sugars and sodium, the mediocre flavor is an A+ trade-off (Imagine what a sugar-free juice or other drink tastes like, and that’s what you get here. Not too terrible!)
- The energy that I get from this drink feels so natural. By that, I mean that I feel like I got a few more hours of sleep. Usually with other energy drinks, I could still be tired, but with a racing heart and the jitters. And with other drinks that’s followed by an abrupt crash. That leads me to:
- There is no crash! I repeat: there is NO CRASH!! At least not for me! I get the energy I need from this to do what I need to do, and then I’m able to go about my day like normal feelin’ just fine, if not great!!
- Accelerated metabolism? Boost in fat burning? I’m not sure if those are true, but with all of the vitamins in this drink, it’s worth it just for the placebo alone, at the very least

Overall I have yet to find anything wrong with Celsius. Until that day I will definitely continue drinking it before early-morning workouts!

John Limdimas

So my question is would it be safe or ok if I still drink this even though I already drink my pre workout c4? What do you guys think?

John Papadopoulos

This is the only energy drink that really works for me. I drink one every morning, guilt-free, healthy energy. Coffee and other sugary energy drinks be damned

CTR Adventures

Love those

Bobby Ghost

It's weird it's like the Only energy drink that works for me besides starbucks double shots but those send to the bathroom

nito t

kinda burned my throat when drinking it bro


Roy is totally excited


sometimes 24 Hour Fitness has them 2 for $4.

Lions Light777

An acquired taste for sure.

Daniel Castaneda

? is funny that they stated is natural!! I have been working out for years and iI tried. And it gives energy but is not natural. Is even bad for the enamel of the teeth. You can feel it after you drink it all. I stick to my coffee. That is the closest to natural pre workout

Eloy Montoya

I'm prone to kidney stones... looking for something other than water/ carbonated water.

Prince Erick

These Make Me Sweat Like A Pig .Love These

Leonardo J

Though this gives energy, it also makes you lose muscle mass and sunkens the cheeks, so you look pretty unhealthy. Seriously, I used to drink it every day. It's not ideal.

Jason Giles

cola is the best

Reek Will

Does it break a fast ?

marcus Flair

I swear 2 sips, and I’m sweating my butt off!

Dylan Dynamite

"Cell Zeus"

Gabriel A

“Issss good”

Good Day

Dude. You are making false claims. This DOES have artificial sweeteners in it. Its called SUCRALOSE. Read the label! That is basically Splenda. Sucralose causes tumors and spikes blood sugar levels.