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Vulcanized vs. Cupsole Skate Shoes with Emerica Designer Paul Kwon - Tactics

54 291 views | 5 Jan. 2017

Ever wonder what the real

Ever wonder what the real difference between a Cupsole skate shoe and a Vulcanized skate shoe is??? We had the chance to sit down with Emerica shoe designer Paul Kwon and get the real info and background into what make a shoe cupsole and what makes a shoe vulcanized. From construction to materials the differences are astounding and hopefully this video will clear things up and answer some of those questions you had about what really makes a shoe cupsole or vulc. So sit back and get learned in this Cupsole vs. Vulcanized comparison video with designer Paul Kwon.

Watch more skate shoe reviews from Tactics Boardshop: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLUt2JtFd-

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cupsole skater

the best vid i have found yet

Vicent Asgard

Great job people. Thanks for the vid

LA silversurfers

What are the best wide shoes for sk8ing?!

Greener Shoes

Thanks Tactics and Emerica for videos like this! I think it's really interesting breaking down different shoes, materials and technologies in the skateboarding world.
Keep going strong!

Gadgets and bikes .G&B

Waste video, lots of confusion created!


i learned nothing from this shoe salesman. Pathetic.

Mecha JOSH

Now I Know All Pro Model is Always a Cupsole bc its more Durable and Have a Very Great Amount of Padding and Cuoshining But I Have a Problem with cupsole shoes Its Really No Room for your Toe And i don't like it But In Emerica Shoes Its Okay They Use Soft Material its so Comportable to Wear It Everyday I Have Reynolds Low Great Shoes fit Really well and Durable.

Nikolaj Andersen

I always twist my ankles easier in a VULC shoe. Cupsole all the way for me.

Alex Perry

Best Cup vs Vulc explanation I've heard. Thanks Tactics.


Paul juan

Adam Palmer

Cupsole all the way, I skated a vulc for two months and broke my heel in six places, don’t get me wrong vulc is great for pressure flips etc, but any big impacts I’ve learnt cup is the way

buck sowell

these soltec vids are great. thanks guys.

christopher lopez

cup sole baby!

Valentin Lopez

it was really necesary to cut those shoes? i need shoes and i can't afford em

Bailey Heredge


El chino

Wow, this dude doesnt really know the real construction differences at all, he just spat whatever he asked the first intern he saw that day.
Im dissapointed by this video, please check who you interview the next time.

Qayyum Arafat

SoleTech never get boring! STI Evolution foam is the game changer!

Ike Buttle

People are actually mad that they cut open a show for this ? there at the factory where's there is loads and, car companies even do this at demos, it's great for explaining

Led Wasp

what a waste of two pair of shoes.


cup soles!

sbek 8

Got them vulcs atm

Elijah Sauruz

Good info, really looking into a Cupsole Emerica shoe I have used vulcanized Vans and DC and they always get a hole on the left outsole where my foot lays on the board, I'm regular.


cupsole gang!!

Chris L

Vulc gang


I Like Vulcanized

England is My country

What about the Kyle walker pros?

Andrew Stephens

In the vulc shoes the uncooked, soft stretchy rubber is applied to the shoes and cooked (=vulcanized) on the shoe in the oven. In cup-sole shoes the rubber sole is cooked separately in a mold and glued on to the upper on the shoe assembly line. I'll grab a YouTube clip that shoes the process......

Viper Six

I've had emerica g-codes they were the most comfortable shoe i've skated. the most durable is the vans old skool pro.

Malachi Radke

It don’t matter to me

Kane's Crimes

Cup for life.

Meir O

Thank you for the the video.
What kind of machine do I use to attach the rubber with the foam?

Shihiem Davis

Vulc Gang


Im old and heavy so I think cup sole is better for me. Any advice is welcome!

Pedro Silva

How to make skate shoes, by some company.

1- Choose the materials and design. For materials use durable stuff like canvas and cardboard. Design is easy, just rip some design off another brand and change the colour.
2- Get a factory to make your shoes. Protip: Use asian child labour for better value.
3- Get your slave workers to sow and glue your shoes using some weak toxic glue. Use vulcanized construction for less durabilty, you need your costumers to buy new shoes every 2 weeks.
4- Decide on a price. Material cost and labour is $8. $100 seems like a fair price. Remember, skaters are rich people!
5- Market those shoes. Make it a pro model and use words like "board feel" and "impact protection". Skaters will love it.
6- ???
7- Profit!

bhawani sharma

Shoes with cup soles also go into heat process... explanation is not 100% correct. Process can vary between different manufactures.

Gerardo Alvarado

If u don't know what differentiate means don't watch this video

Elkay EZH20

that still raises a question. what about the rubber in a shoe like the vans kyle walker pro with a cup and vulc sole all in one?


so how does the hyperfeel thing work?


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49 016 views | 20 Jun. 2018

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Wasn't until 6:30 i realized it wasn't a collab

Ohiorichkid Ohiorichkid Beats

Watch "♥️CARDI B doing foot fetish video [rated pg]" on YouTube


I wanna D.I.Y. the Vans Model ‘Era’ to look like that Checkered Off-White Vulc.


I just got them!

Lien Nguyen

Fuck X , Go Hes!


This man is a shoe hoarder ?

Lawrence Ralph

It looks big on you or it just me ?

Trevor C

I need these

Yellow Warbler

Virgil so cringe, vans own "off the wall" and he literally just dropped the wall and resold it himself lmao. Fbc has been using the 4 arrow square as one of their main logos since 2003, he's gotta up his game these shoes are dumb unoriginal



Deni Koka

Ordered the OFF whites

Matthew Pease

Anybody got these in a us 12

Pistol Pete

Well first fact is that Virgil worked with vans for his first entry to shoes, however he ended up working and releasing Nike branded shoe line “The Ten” which made him cut ties with vans because of the contract to Nike! These are his Vans not rips.

Austin Familo

I love most the shoes you get but both of these are garbage. I understand your theme for the vans but cmon man what would you even wear those with.

Kevin V

If I had extra money I would buy them. Right now i wouldn't, they are just glorified vans but I like them still


Yo Hes when I got the human race nmds this morning at the employee store I posted one of my pairs on offerup and like 4 hours later a guy asks if I’d trade for yeezys and so I got my first pair of human races and yeezys in one day ?

dk dk


Wiggles Wiggles

Bro it gives me anxiety
Like what if someone broke in ?

Silo Pujianto

Good men

Dinger SZN

What should I do for size go up or down half a size

Ben Mac

Hes my g non custom black and white old skools, which I sell every shift, do not have eyelets for the laces. Just wanted to let you know.



nick w


Mark Owen

Aside from Chicago 1 and Prestos, nothing by Virgil is good

Blake G

I'd like to buy both actually.

Off-white is a little repetitive with the Nike line right now and this just seems a little more fresh. Just my opinion.

The Homer's are so tight tho - doughnuts, the yellow is perfect and the sole even is brown like the goatee. Well done, dawg!

Gabriel Whitehead

what king of jeans does he have on i like those

bread buffoon


Īšåį Ğ.

so I got the black ones in a size 45 which is 11.5 and I'm usually 11 or 11.5, will they fit?

steven marriaga

is there a resell for this?

Frankie Bouchard


TealTown 408

Absolutely disgusting display of plagiarism. Fuck you virgil you are destroying high fashion

Stan Yiu

Didn't Virgil recently got busted for copying another brand? ANRELAGE?

Asteroid Drumming

How do you get the loose laces like that tutorial?

Baby Carrots

My brother is 8 US...will size EU 40 be ok?...My brother's bday coming soon, I really wanna surprise him ?❤️

run it wrx

Do they come with a pair of green/orange laces ?

Thirdy Seriosa

hes kicks when are you going to sell your sneakers again? looking forward to it


do these crease or does it just not matter i only get jordans and i want something new

Ben Loohole

Vulc black and white check must be one of the laziest design ever, it's been done before. Just stick with a pair of Vans Old Skools. If you buy a pair of Off White Vulc your fool who likes to throw away money.


Sizing on these? True to size? Or run big?

SneakerHeadInTheVille _

Do you collect men’s fashion as well? Or just sneakers...

Rodrigo Cespedes

Interesting... love your vids ?? still waiting on merch ;)

Random question tho, you watching the World Cup? ?

Gc_prince_ahkeem #retro season

So do they run small


Would rather get some custom black leather slip ons from the Vans site.


Not all old skools have the eyelits

B Spen

I would've thought it was somewhat original if I didnt see the story about his LV shoes which is a blatent rip off of the Jordan 3. I know people said yeezys are dead but at least the man is putting out original stuff

Carlos Cervantes

Do NMd vs ultra boost


$250? I paid $180 off End., and purchased 3 pair Lol Sold all 3 for $425 a pop. I actually like them a lot, but the hypebeass were screaming as always.

Captain Obvious

I looked into it. Ultimately, I pass on it. Had other sneakers on my priority list.


I picked up my all black pair at endclothing for $180. This was last month. The checkered pair is definitely dope!!!

Keesha Sim

I actually fw them.

ian Blencowe

I got the better ones the white lows


I’m Belgian (Belgium is indeed in Europe) and I have EUR size 42 too!


You really wasted your money on that trash?

Daniel Gonzalez

Really staring to dislike everything”off white”. Overpriced and ugly as fuck. Idk how Hes thinks they’re fire, they are SHIT!


$250?! For some knock off vans?! Damn ?


love your channel, but these are straight trash

Promise •

I feel like revenge x storm is more of a ripoff of vans

Oswald Russell

RipOff!!!!! Not worth $250 & I'll stick w/ my $32 checkerboard Vans.

Barry Andres

why better the vans


i don’t know which size should i pick, i am 8US/41EU NIKE, should i pick 7,5US/41EU OFF WHITE VULC LOW?

Lawrence Ralph

Im a 8.5 US size should i get 41 ? Or 42?

Vijay Patel


Daddy Huy

Mines are 500


They’re aight but if I bought them I’d have to start working out cause I’m fighting the first person that asks me if they’re vans.

Asteroid Drumming

How do you lace them to look like how they did on your feet?

Miko Javier Oprel

Yo iknow this is a shoe channel but i orderd a bape tee its half blue half purple with a shark face on it, but it doesnt has the zip. So is it fake? I paid 150 dollars


Is that fuckin boost on the bottom ???? dammm offf white losing ideas stop callabing with Jordan’s you ruining aj1s for me stick to clothing stop doing shoes cause your shit is pretty predictable right now


I always thought they were also with Vans

Corey Phillips

Got a pair on stockx for 5$ under retail

Got Any Advil

Bottom lookn like styrofoam


What are your thoughts on revenge x storms

Elijah Green

I fuck with these heavy, easily the best off white shoe not being a collab

Bigdaddygucci ABG

their more like era or authentic more than old skools.


I'm in love with these shoes, wish I could cop them

uriah willis

I love off white shoes and the look but I would feel like I’m wearing rip off vans so I wouldn’t get these personally.???

landen 9k

Dig the intro!

Kristoff Urquhart

Yo how can I cop those vans you have ??

Arif Fahmi

Sorry can you show us where made in that off white shoe?


do you let company come over, and like see your house? with all the shoes everywhere n shit

Michael Chan

I feel like you might as well just customize some Old Skools for the $250

Shea McGladdery

Such an ugly shoe ?


It seems like off white is getting boring already,the whole "NAMES IN QUOTATIONS" Is starting to get played out


If this was an actual vans collab I would be down with them


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Off White Vulc Sneaker Review

91 899 views | 22 May. 2018

Quick review on the vulc

Quick review on the vulc sneaker!


Let me know what you think below!

Social Media

Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/roszko_72/

Snapchat : https://www.snapchat.com/add/roszko47

Snupps: https://www.snupps.com/Roszko_72

Website : Coming Soon!!


Height: 6’5

Weight: 200lbs

Waist: 32/34

Shirt Size: L/XL

Shoe Size: 12

Zayeem Rahman

I have the one’s in red and when you swap out the red laces for the white you get straight? really nice and comfortable on the inside however I would go half or maybe even a full size down because they are a bit of a wider shoe but overall great addition to your wardrobe

Stephon Dodd

I like them but I would remove the zip tie lol

grünbraunauge & prodbyjs


john sheldon


Firdaus Zulkiflee

I just received mine. But it comes with red and white tag. Should i get rid of the white tage? or just let both tag on it

Phi Fau

These are the nicest shoes I have ever seen

lnnrt 01

How think is the sole? Is it more like an Air Force or like a converse chuck


im buying these mfers thursday


i don’t know which size should i pick, i am 8US/41EU NIKE, should i pick 7,5US/41EU OFF WHITE VULC LOW?

Zesty Lobster Tail

the design really isn't crazy, it's very minimal for off white and that's why I'm trynna cop them

Alex Jardine

I have the white pair, got them at Bergdorf Goodman (also sold out in 24 hours). They look real clean. Did your pair really stink of plastic when you unboxed them? I will have to air them out before I wear them lol

sebastien lescot

Hi, the song ?

ikey douek

Hi I’m a size 9 in vans so should I get an 8.5 or 9.5

Moh Fathur Rohman



Are they comfortable?

Gimcy Elman

Im 8.5-9 with wide feet.. should I get 41 or 42?


But there arent

vladan stevic

Guys im 8.5 US in Nike, should i get these 41?

Dmarea Sueing

COP! I bought some yesterday on goat

Jasmine Leany

if you get just your normal size and don’t go down on size will they be a lot bigger or just a little..?

Luke Protulipac

U have auts?

Roxanne Gale

These are dropping today in a store in my city but I still don’t know if I should get them or not???

jarno hoogerhuis

how to see its fake by the vulc ?

MattYTheGamer Official

Hello I wanted to ask you if the pie tag I have to remove?

Emmanuel Phillips

I’m a uk size 8 true to size. Just wondering what size should I get? Have liked and subbed.

Demitri Bell

I’m a 10.5 in vans, what size should I get ?

Filip Olofsson

Would you cut off that orange/red plastic thing? or keep it on

ZAYY _03

Thanks for the review

philip jay-r

good review man...
thanx for the sizing info and on feet.

thats what we usually need.

any IG or FB so we can follow?


Crazy sneakers - beautiful look but not comfortable at all -
Size italien ( + 1 )

Renz Teng

is the shoe true to size? im a size US 10 should i go down half a size?

Mik.OG1 !


Johnny Zavala

So for a 8.5 get a 40 or 41?
Since you send they run a bit big

Finneus McCann



So if im 41 in nike i should get like 40?


What is the name of the site?


Hi,i wear my sneakers in US size 10,so which off white size should i buy?size 43 or 44?

sophia koren

I have a the white pair. How do you clean it?

fred dibernardo

I have a feeling by the time I buy these the resell price will go up a lot

Tadhg Weight


Yuvaraj Kothari

i got them but i kinda wish they came with black rep laces too

Jack Garratt

Can you get a bottom cover or how easy they to clean?

Sterling too raw

Hey man great vid. Do yours have a “made in” label on the back side of the tongue slightly below the sizing? I just got a pair from GOAT and I’m trying to legit check. Thanks in advance!


these shoes are fucking sexy i want them

Kyle Lokker


Arvin Qowie iswara



damn you’ve really grown in front of the camera

Nicolas Émond

I normally wear 10, 9.5 and i'm looking for this pair and I would want To keep them more than 1 year cause my feet are still growing.. what should I do? Should I buy a pair of 9?

carl atienza

which colorway do you prefer white or black ?


earned my sub


Are they comfortable?

Joelito Romin

I use 10.5 U.S, what size should I get in terms of EU?

Mans S

Hey man, r u supposed to take off the zip tie?

Louis Everitt

Does this shoe contain animal animal products? Like leather Etc.


My laces are so long, what'd you do to make them fit nice?


glad i saw this video after ordering....immediately called customer service to swap for a smaller size. received them and there is still some space in the shoes. they fit real big.


Fire but I would take off the red part if I could


Where did you buy it off of im buying mine off of stockx

Free Movies

69 vevs you no hwat that means


I really loved how the striped sole looked at the back, as u were walking away from the camera. I didn't like the look of these until I saw your review! Thanks

Emanuel Ponce



I'm size 8.5 US for Van's what size should I get for these?

Al Mate

those are straight fire! great video and review, keep 'em coming!


i just bought a pair of off white vulc 9.5 us size which is normally my size in yeezys or jordans, And nike but in my opinion it should fit me well


Ey yo I need some help please

I got these too but I have 6-7 Stripes on the sides


If I'm size 10.5 what size should I get?


Im scared, i bought some vulk low 10.5 cuz im that on us and im not sure if i gonna get them fit so someone can help me..?

Tenzin Dhondup

Yo I’m size 10 US for vans old skool should I go for 9.5 or TTS


what it will be my size ?? i am size 9 pls help


I have size 10.5 yeezys, what size should I get these?


I will have them for Christmas ?

jerry espino76

I’m a us9 what is that in uk?

Martin Dahl

Their so sexy

Troy Fox


Rom Cohen

I’m tts 44.5 what size should I get?

Christian Tolentino

i’m size 6 mostly so should i get a size 5 or 5.5?


Dope !!

Randy Marsh

Nice guy, Nice commentary, Nice Video

I subbed and liked

Vadge _

How comfortable are they? Are they as comfortable as the adidas boost??

Boblobkobnojob Akkqkqkaj

On goat there was a very low offer of $150 so I offered $160 so it’s a heck of a deal

Alvaro Arnez

lucky! they're reselling for about £350-£550

Jaycee Lopez

extra laces or no?

Tadhg Weight

do they fit true size??

Joshua Evans

Sick bro! I have to cop these

Thibault De Muyer

I’m gonna buy them

Luis Rivas

? vid bro. I’m a 13 US, do you recommend going for the size 45 IT ( 12US) or 46 IT ( US 13 ) ?
- thanks

Scott Alex

Old Roszko, nervous as a bitch

Thomas K

You are supposed to do whatever you want with the tie but know that the only time Off-White talked about this it was in an Instagram video where they removed it on a sweatshirt, Virgil keeps his on, most people who collect them but don't wear them leave it on, i recommend removing it if you plan on wearing them often.

Nubian Kemet

them shits hard

Shop Useven


Yung Bvlo

Really want to start a channel like this.loving the channel you seem so relaxed which I liked
And the shoes are sick!! Really wanna get these

litl snek

For only 150£ u can’t do anything wrong


Bro u helped lmao I ordered a 10.5 because that’s my size and now I canceled my order and got a 9.5 thank you u saved me lol

ItsFishBish 219

Subscribed need more ppl like yu making vids keep up the good work bro

I boszio l

How are they size wize, True to size ?

Dry Tadpole

Fire bro. Been watchin a bunch of your vids after finding the channel last night. Keep up the good work bro


how would they fit if they someone with a wide foot wore them? are they narrow

Exotic Krave

i looked up a video of these shoes because i have some coming in rn and i cant wait to get them on my feet 11.5 too glad they run a lil big !

dhilan nagaraju

Hello, just came across this video, does it fit true to size or do you recommend a half size up or down?

Riffy Games

Should I get the updated stripe or this one?