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2 215 479 views | 27 Feb. 2017

In this video, I show you

In this video, I show you a very simple and easy way to parallel park a car. It is a step-by-step guide to parallel parking. Parallel parking was named the number one cause of driver stress for 18-34 year-olds in a recent study. If you’re someone who stresses out parallel parking, have no fear. Thousands of people have benefited from my method and have considered this the easiest way of parallel parking. I promise: once you’ve tested this method a few times, you’ll have formed good enough parallel parking habits to be able to repeat this over and over and over without anxiety. And yeah...SMASH the like button if you find value in this video :) Cheers!


In this video I have parked in front of the driveway. I did that with permission from the owner of the house and did it only for the purpose of making the video as I was not able to find an ideal place to demonstrate the parking. Please NEVER park in front of a driveway ever!!!

Hope you enjoy the video and SUBSCRIBE to my channel. Cheers! ??????

#parallelparkingtips #parallelparking #easyparallelparking


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• Other Youtube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/c/harmindersingh82

Thank you for watching - I really appreciate it :)


Harminder Singh Suri

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shabnam buxx

Hi I have a question wondering if u can help. I can parallel park however not on a narrow street/ I keep getting my back left corner too close to parked car on left, so then I have to move and park somewhere else/ any tips? One way road parked cars both side UK

Allia Kaye

my teacher taught me a different way (one turn right of the steering wheel + one left turn + full left turn) now i’m confused which one to do for the test

abdella Oumous

IAM a new driver I don't know anything about driving, I like your videos because you explain good


The only problem that I see here is that you need quite a big slot to reverse in to using this method. If you have a slightly smaller/tighter slot, then change the method slightly. Just before starting the reversing action turn the steering wheel fully to the right (and not just one turn as described in this video) and reverse slowly, watching the backend of the car in front and stop when you see the the left rear tail light of the front car at your side view mirror level and then turn your steering wheel fully to the left and continue reversing as described in this video, till you slide in to the spot. Watch the back end of the car in front so that you dont hit it while sliding in to the spot. Stop and straighten the steering wheel.

Lynelle Grace

I like this video, I’m gonna keep watching it coz my test is next week! Hopefully to pass my G test.

Renato Villavicencio

Thanks for your video! PASSED MY G2 ROAD TEST!
Watch "Oakville G2 Road Test. 3-Point Turn To Jesus!" on YouTube

zurah siddik

Thank you! ??

Diana Ohiozebau

Thank you for this video. I had my road test yesterday and passed. ????My parallel parking was excellent on the first attempt.

sandra simpson

Definitely the easiest way to parallel park did it today on my G test and passed ! (niagara , Canada) ?

Jorge Escamilla

The picture on thumbnail says 2-3 meters if that was 2-3 meters I’d be 10 meters tall

Fleet 488

Do you have to back into a parking spot on a test?

louwana lindsey

What I love about this video is that while you are speaking the instructions, the driver is demonstrating in a slow manner. This makes all the difference. Thank you.


Anybody realised the car parked in front of the reference car is facing the wrong direction?

Zen Goodies

Very helpful! Thanks for this clear and informative video.

Miah Jones

I passed my driving test today after watching your video about 10x thank you.

Yvonne Nina

How many times did he turn the wheel

Khanh BB

Thanks for useful tips!

Brighton Chou

two wheels to the right. two to the left. two to the left.

Kiran Bandral

Does the reference point work the same way for suv. Because I am going to use an suv for my test! Please reply!

Claire Love

i passed 2 years ago but i am still watch your videos

larrisgrace •ᴗ•

i have my test in 5 hours and didnt practice parallel parking...but this video made my anxiety go away :)

Sajikala Saji



ohhhhh this is the best!
thankyou smmmm, gluck to meee i'm doing my test tomorrow?

Gurpreet Barring

That is really the easiest parking ever the way you explain

usha shstha

I love it this parking


1.54 great tip
But I would bring my car's front window aligned to the rear side of other car and start from there.
Bring half car aligned.

Nate Sa

Very helpful and clear step by step instruction Thanks a lot!!!

Neil Marsh

Don't you get gigged for blocking a driveway?

Pawan Gurung

Hi thanks very much for the info
Just curious about mirror to mirror while doing parallel parking?
I’m new driver so according to my driving instructor we do mirror to mirror sometimes it’s work sometime not please give me your advice

Dr MitoFit

Subtract 10 points for blocking the driveway!

Nemom2010 Kim

I have small car. I can use Same method

Zoey Malik

will this work for cars of any size?

Becca Baillie

Watched and rewatched this video before I test today and I passed! Thank you for such an amazing video so well explained! If you’re struggling parallel parking definitely study this video

Isabella Campello

Woww I just started taking driving lessons and wanted some extra tips and this is legit one of the best videos . You talked slowly , you put small notes , and the video demonstration helped . Great video not too long very short and precise . Thank you so much

Abdul RAUF


Luca Fiore

Rip this mans tires dry steering gonna cost u some money


Need to make a video using parking cones or barrels bc when taking a driving test in the United States in the US, they use ornage cones

sunil limbachiya

Thank u so much. your all videos help me alot....??????

Man Meet

This is the simple way that I learnt parallel parking so easily, thank you sir again????????

Narayan Krishna Singh

How to figure out a 2 to 3 feet distance from a driver who is inside a car?

Aahil Elaha

Are u giving classes too ?

fikiri mutenda

love the video i hope tomorrow will pass my test


This video concentrates on landmarks of just one car - the one in front- so, it is easy to follow.

Gita Paudel

That’s great thank you so much ❤️


THANK YOU! This is how my instructor taught me, but I could not remember the first part. Thank you so much.


This helps a lot!

Ekta Patel

Is the same concept applied for suv ?

Josephine Barker

Luv it thnk u

Nihan Catal

This is definitely best technique and only working technique for me. Thank you very much !!!

Canada Wow

How about small cars.

Krishna Dev Peechara

Thank you Brother. Your videos are really helpful. Just a request which maybe helpful for others. Please make videos for driving routes which are east of GTA.

sultana yasmin

I love your technique.

Rushell Morgan

Thank you the best parallel video have seen

Alexandra Dékány

He's quite far from the curb. You can't park like this here in the city.

Ronald Gadiana tv

Thank you very much the good idea buddy...and please support my channel too.thank you very much.

braniel solano

I got my test today!

Mandeep Kaur


Simranjit Kaur

Thank you so much for this video ❤️?

sonia abrams

Very helpful Thanks for sharing

Samira Rastgo

Thank u so much it was very helpful


This is the only thing I can't seem to get right...

Sarbaaz Chabahar

He failed.... By blocking a driveway??

Manjit Cheema

I had test today in Guelph .passed in 1 attempt .
Advice :- 1.Practice parking without back mirror,they don’t allow to use.
1.Move head everytime you make any turn .really important.
3.Dont rush .
4. Keep distance from the front vehicle , so you dont get trouble for anything.
5.dont do unnecessary emergency stop during test .


Your video is very helpful.... Thanks
By the way if the parked car in front side so which is reference point... please.


Nice lesson -- However, I want to point out that the driver would fail if this was in a test setting. He appears to be blocking someone's driveway.

Mehek Ahmed

this way really works! some videos say to turn all the way right , straighten wheel, and then turn left but that way always leads me crooked and far from the curb!

Brayan Rodriguez

The best parallel parking video

Ms. Bella Jones

Thanks to my instructor and this video i passed on the first try?

Wine & Dine Roadies

Hi ,
Once you park at the correct position , do you have to position the wheels to a uphill/downhill park position or wheels straight ?

Thank you .

Crew’s Customs

Good technique but automatic fail for blocking a driveway

Shahbaz Gill

When u finish parallel parking can you leave your wheel straight or do you have to turn it to one or side for uphill or downhill.

saba shahbaz

Hi can you make a video on corner reverse please

Ef Tnirolf

Thank you I passed my road test today because of this video ?

Tim Jacques

He look like he going to d a drive by shooting.

Vijay Yadav

Thank you for your videos. Will it work for all size car?

Daphkar DuVarney

Me too this is the best one.

Parida Olimpain

So grateful vedios

Nemom2010 Kim

Some people have hatchback car how we do parking

Fred Auguste

Thank you I passed my g2 test because of you!

Kirandeep Kaur

Very good Sir ?☺️

Erica Traille

Your video is so clear and easy to understand

Lynelle Grace

How to align your car if the reference car is bigger?

Hem Kumar

And u are failed becos parking through the drive way..

Munnu raaj

What's Blind Spot?

Lillian Joe

How far am i have to be when i park ny a curb? I need some one to tell me here please! I am going for my road test soon!!!

Deep Sethia

I had my G2 test in Clinton and I was asked to parralel park between two cars on a slope. There wasn't enough space and I failed!

alba maldonado

Amazing video, ???I'll try. Thanks??


Do you have to look at the back of the car to back up during a parallel park?

Akshay Anand

Your tips and tricks are so good man. I am literally waisting my money on my Instructor.

Zainab J

The music are very loud !!!!


Just pass my road test ? this the best parking method most ppl do it different and it can be a bit confusing some instructor teach u different ways and this to me is the easiest. Good luck everyone I failed about a month ago because I was nervous and book a single 30mim lesson and book the road test 25days after that one lesson watch a few videos and I did great even though I was still a bit nervous ??

Nnennia Ewah

You are a great teacher. You deserve an award.

Tasniem Moustapha

When you begin to reverse I usually look at the front morrow not the back

Renato Villavicencio

Thanks for your video! PASSED MY G2 ROAD TEST!
Watch "Oakville G2 Road Test. 3-Point Turn To Jesus!" on YouTube
https://youtu.be/bBUami0pbdA ....


Does this work on tight spots.

Brighton Chou

no good.

Ashleyia Kennard

Very useful tips I use it and I did very well on my first try thank u


This is the best parallel parking video ever! I understand this one way more than the other ones

Karthik Palaniswamy

Parking in front of a drive way or in front of a fire hydrant will be an auto fail in the road test!

dailylifehackswith_ neha


Parallel channel sign

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Parallel Lines Cut by a Transversal & Angle Relationships!

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On this lesson, you will

On this lesson, you will learn everything there is to know about parallel lines cut by transversals and angle relationships including supplementary angles, complementary angles, vertical angles, alternate interior angles, alternate exterior angles, and corresponding angles.

This lesson answers the question: How do I find a missing angle? What are supplementary angles? What are complementary angles? What are vertical angles? How can I find vertical angles? How do I find alternate interior angles? How do I find corresponding angles?

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James Gass

this didnt help

Katie Thompson

this is cringy

Emanuel Davis


Jenna Campbell_25

POV: Your here cause your math teacher made you watch this

Star Wars Emperor

I hate New York!!! It sucks!!!

Mr Jimbo

Feels good to know other people are struggling alongside you.

Jeff The Boss

i got x=144.68 and o=35.32

Eating sunscreen

love your videos, but your voice hurts my ears :(

Daniela CGP

Who else is here because online school is??

Jasmina Walmart

thank u, it is actually helped me to understand it better


pls help im so dumb I have this for geometry assignment and i don't understand it skdkndkdjdjshdhd

Dj Reyes

Almost 2021 gang wya

Najma Nageye


Tenli Sam


Louoie Marno

What a very great explanation! Thank you for this! More power!?

Unofficially Dead

Come in the point bitch

Star Wars Emperor

I hate New York!!! It sucks!!!

Wake Boarding

For anyone that needs help it’s 26.7

Star Wars Emperor

New York is the trash city in the world




A giraffe is now the only thing keeping me from being a complete idiot.

Accidental Genius

You searched this up or got it for homework



not saturn.

When online school makes you watch THIS


At 8:08 how do you get 38?

Kehang Ma

Last question answer :=26.66(two decimal places):)

Harley Johner

Who's here cuz of corona but ends up going to the comment section?


Whos here cause of CORONA


Is X equals 26.6666667



sonia salhan

My teacher gave me this video on Google Classroom and it is not appropriate...... This video makes the concepts CONFUSING???

sonia salhan

It is really such a ? BORING video ?


transversals and angles in general are the death of me


whats the actual answer

Pratibha Pawar

Nice teachings??


The sound affects ;(

Humaira Sohail

I was finding a video like this because tomorrow is my online test and I forgot how to do these angles.

P puri

good video sur

Isaiah Espinoza

EmpLemon with a lower budget.

Mashup Math

Thank you for learning with me! If you found this video helpful, please give it a THUMBS UP & LEAVE A COMMENT and be sure to SUBSCRIBE to my channel (I could really use the support!). Subscribe Here: https://bit.ly/2yRUQS1 -Anthony :)

Shriman gamez

anyone mind sending me some notes about the video?

the lads

thanks miss moriss for this for online school

Gillian Rauch

yo if you're here for school and need the answer in your notes its "144 +2/3 35+1/3 x=26.7

Mateo Martin

I just LOVE homework. don't you guys

Zaynabo Abdillahi

What are the main concepts of this video?

Mike Mason

What is the answer to the 2nd problem...I got 26.67

pacify cry babies

Here because I don't understand edgenuity instructions

Pokemon Go Freak



who gotta watch this for homework for abington

Mary Ann Tejedor


Pooja G Neog

Wow good


Caden Smith

My geometry homework got me watching this! TYSM <3

Baz Mckey

it seems all math videos have annoying sound effects

Thomas Dinoto

arent 4x +38 and 2x-18 a supplementary pair?....and their sum would =180?...if so I get x=26.6666....? am I off base?

Vegeta TheMando

howd you get 38? from the X=6?


you sound like walmart foekoe


Never do this you suck


POV u got this for math

Wiloray Raym

You're the best


Did anyway realize the video said "JK" Jk: JUts kidding | XD

Emanuel Davis

porn hub

Shaun Pastor

144.67 degrees and 35.33 degrees (answers are rounded off) for the question in 8:55

Cyvex YT

How is this helpful this is stupid


Anybody else here for geometry

mhm lol

lmao bro this made the assignment i got wayyyyy easier. easy grade thanks to you.

Henry Coc

Anyone watching this from online class?


you know bts?


anybody watching this and still not getting it

Mr. Lee Lee

Corona am I right

ghadeer swid

Thank you for sharing this ❤

Cry Dragon

My 8th grade math brought me here. Little do all my classmates know I’m a cosplayer and I’m gay.

satkunarajah ramaiah

So helpful thank you


3:42 what was that?

ZitchTomato Official

online schooling and I left my protractor at school

Balbhim Dombale

Pls send for 7 standard

Down Sight

Everyone in the comments are so last year

PoseidonEATS beans

3:41 what in the world


man i need to watch this for a note book assignment and in the first 3 minutes i already finished WOW

jenny xia

Who is watching this because their math tutor made them...?

William Mikel

bro he said 180 minus 122 and i said 78

Sufyan Habib

If it was not for school I would never watch this video


kill me

Mandalorian king

This doesn't help. Include the classifications.

Dot Shadow


HoeThats Chrissy

U lost me at the first part-


Ye I get this for hw


anyone knows a geometric angle ??

Star Wars Emperor

I hate New York!!! It sucks!!!

Nathan DeLoach

If anyone is looking for the answer to the problem at the end of the video it’s x = -28

xll Hallow llx

Only teachers like this, I feel sorry for you?


The answer to x is 26. 66666....... and the answer for the bigger angle is 144.66666....... and the answer for the smaller angle is 35.333333..........

Isaac Mckean

corona got me watching videos like this

Mara Narvaez

X= -28, both equations are -74, 74+74=180, and 180-74= 106

Isra Abbas


Harshita Gupta

Seems like a lot of people got this video as a homework.

Julie Reinke

I really loved the beginning of the video and the concepts you taught. I'm wondering why you only glossed over the vocabulary: corresponding angles and did not address Alternate interior or exterior angles, both important concepts. I would have used your video for a lesson if it had all the vocab. Thanks!

Asmitha Mahendran

Are corresponding angled always congruent?


fuck you

Anthony Zakis

x=26.6666666667 the obtuse angles =144.6666666667 and the acute angle =35.333333333

Flash. Hops

i just dont get it,it just doesnt make sense

Parallel channel sign

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【remix・eureka_10th】 LAMA Parallel Sign (you say goodbye I say hello) The Percussionz remix

19 931 views | 21 Aug. 2013

LAMA ラマ ♪ Parallel

LAMA ラマ ♪ Parallel Sign ♪ The Percussionz remix

アニメ エウレカセブンAO


Reproducing all or any part of the contents is prohibited.


【YouTube channel】 https://www.youtube.com/user/thepercussionz?feature=watch



★★★Omantic Records is "The internet techno music label"

【Omantic Records】http://omantic.me/


Your stuff is so good, I keep coming back to listen to your E7 remixes. You should try and market yourself more, like post this on sites or send links to people. The market for this is mostly anime fans in English countries, but I am sure there is a bigger market in Nippon, HK, Germany etc... Besides people already fans of Japanese-pop culture stuff. I think you need to improve the tags you use as well. Do you also post on Nico Douga and other sites? I see you have only a few views here and should have way more.

the percussionz

thank you for listening(^-^)


Ao x Fleur forever.

the percussionz

Seven Swell-based on "Niji"- オリジナル・リミックスは
Seven Swell-based on "Niji"- オリジナル・リミックス (She's a Rainbow mix)
DTM DAW オリジナル・リミックス
LAMA ♪Parallel Sign♪ The Percussionz remix bpm133
その他の曲はこちらから https://www.youtube.com/user/thepercussionz?feature=watch

the percussionz

Seven Swell-based on "Niji"- オリジナル・リミックスは
Seven Swell-based on "Niji"- オリジナル・リミックス (She's a Rainbow mix)

Red Buster

Interesting :D

Mark Quincy

In which episode this shots came from?

Yeri Cayo

alguien tiene la letra

the percussionz

Thank you for listening I'm very glad Please enjoy yourself(^-^)


Very cool, subscribed.