Undervalued stocks meaning

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How to Find Undervalued Stocks to Buy (5 Simple Steps For Beginners)

15 527 views | 9 Mar. 2020

In this video, I show you

In this video, I show you How to Analyze and Find UNDERVALUED Stocks to Buy in 2020! Check out my Instagram (Investing Engineered): https://bit.ly/2RzrJbo

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In this video, we go over the 5 simple steps to be able to understand company valuations, market fluctuations, and how to find cheap stocks according to many different valuation criteria that I discuss. The market will often UNDERVALUE or OVERVALUE companies in the short term, but it doesn't last long and company valuations eventually revert to the mean (i.e. their intrinsic value). There is certainly a difference between market value and intrinsic value, and we want to take advantage of buying companies when their market value is below their intrinsic value! As Warren Buffet would say, "price is what you pay, value is what you get".

Make sure you watch the ENTIRE video to find out about all of the different techniques I use to analyze stocks to find if they are undervalued and how to specifically find undervalued stocks across the entire stock market!

Free Yahoo Finance Stock Screener: https://yhoo.it/2wCoPfs

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Please note that I am not a financial advisor. I create these videos for educational and entertainment purposes only. Before investing, make sure you perform your own research and understand all of the risks involved!

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Investing Engineered

Nick Peitsch, E.I.T.

Ujjwal Tripathi

Thanks for the video. Do you have an opinion on the cannabis stocks? They have been going down, could it be a good buy?

Gregory Patterson- MHETS

You helped out a lot with the stock screener info. Thanks!

Mike’s Piano Jams

why can't you say the word coronavirus lol

Marcus Wong

Thanks for the great video! Would like to have a video on how to calculate the intrinsic value of a company. Btw where are we able to find the industry average for the valuation metrics?


good stuff

Ryan Giffin

Knowing your industries is very important! Crazy how we do not learn about Value investing in school. Maybe a little less George Washington and more Warren Buffet.


This is the type of info we need. The filters are what we want!

Indu Pathak

I am really new
Please make video on how to calculate fair price

Maninder Johal

Very comprehensive. Was looking for something like this. Good job Nick.

Alex Diaz

Super informative video! Thank you ??

David Bowie

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Alan somi

Excellent video!

James Moneyhun

you need to put up actual number examples


Good Info -- I like the Yahoo Finance tip (one of my fav sites) :)

Blake Rohrich

When was apple ever 288.95


To who ever is watching this, if you cannot read the fundamentals, you should not be buying and picking stocks. Just invest in a wide low MER Index Fund.


I hope people bought many stocks when the video uploaded. Everything went up so quick...

D j

Great video!!

Manamaya Sapkota

This is great, Can you also let us know in an easy way how to calculate the intrinsic value? Thank you

Mr. Mobile

Thankyou for this great video. I still have a question. How do I search for stocks. I know how to analyze them. I just don’t know how to find these great companies.

Investing Engineered

Thanks for watching! What undervalued stocks are YOU buying today?

Wolf of Dubai Stocks Investing Channel

It’s quite easy now to find great discounted stocks!

Tesla, Apple, iRobot, Beyond Meat etc.

Jase Jones



Great editing and excellent thumbnail loyal fan here


Very good.... What if under valued stocks gets further and further more undervalued after buying ???.. Also, please explain whether we can add any technical analysis for entry and exit (though it is medium-long term investment).

Unknown User

This is actually a great video. Not sure why I missed it before. I am surprised an informative video like this has only reached 3K views. I am have not seen any investing video channel to provide this level of investing knowledge, specially targeted for beginner investors in a single video.



Ujjwal Tripathi

Glad that I bumped into your channel. So far I felt like the only one in Alberta who was looking at stocks :) ... I would be really happy to watch any video which teaches me the basics of value investing. Looking for more such videos.

北美刘忙 Money Hooligan

But for the apple example. Isn’t return on equity modifiable? It appears to be high because apple has a lot of debt and they choose not to pay them off?

Chloe O

The quality of that voice Mmmm and the quality of the video ?.

Kele Wiwu

Very good video. It is by far the best video i have watched so far because of the details you provided on how to determine value of stocks. It is very clear you are an engineer :-). Engineers are always detail oriented. Much appreciated. I know such detail may not be everyone's cup of tea but it is good to have the knowledge,whether one uses them is another issues.
Few questions:
1. You said a dividend payout ration of <60% is good. What value should one be looking for from the Free cash flow ratio
2. Which website did you use to demonstrate the dividend payout ratio vs yield in the video?


So do you think it’s smart to invest in the stock market now?


Please consider doing technical analysis video something like, if i pick a stock how do i do both fundamental and technical analysis and decide to buy/sell etc , Thank you for all the hard work you are putting in,

Ian Seabrook

Very informative, thank you! I always hear these terms thrown around. It’s nice to see explanations condensed down into one video.

Pam Libey

Great tips ? Value investing is something I’d like to look into further


how do i change the currency on the stock screener on yahoo? great video

Amine Kettani

Amazing content!



William Mason

Knowing how to go about calculating the intrinsic value of a company would be a great video.

Hunter the Top Hat Guy's Sticktoons

Great call on using a stock screener. I use Finviz a lot when comparing different companies' valuations, but will definitely check out Yahoo's stock screener too.

Zachary Laid

Looks like a lot of undervalued stocks are appearing now!

Retirement Millions

How much discounted percent down, I can to buy safe. I wrote down some important. Goood videos please more new Videos Thanks

Von Gillan

You got that statue at ikea didn’t you? I have one too. His name is Splinter and he’s a complete prick and definitely doesn’t ever stand like yours.

About Anika

This was a very helpful video. Thanks for going over all the criteria’s to use while analyzing a company. Good job! ?


how to calculate intrinsic value of company, please make a video

Jerry Tong

Hey man I really like the quality of the videos. Keep it up and I can see you hitting 10-20k subs in no time!

Bishara Zakak

please post a video on how to calculate intrinsic vale and another video on whats the best way to screen stocks, what are the key things i want to look for while screening. thank you! great videos, keep them going. i recomended them to my friends

Gen Z Investing

New sub
Great video
Currently I’m adding to my apple position
And I am also adding Johnson and Johnson to my portfolio

Shakil Mirza

Hi I would definitely watch a video on your calculation on the market and intrinsic value of a company!


why is he bouncing?....

Justin Taylor - Money Mindset

Everything seems to be more proportionately valued as of late. Always good to get some extra money out of undervalued companies tho. Been thinking about getting more into value investing, just requires extra time for analysis

Esmaeil Farajpour Bonab

288.95 price share for APPL?

Jon Gon

I can always use more knowledge. Id love to hear how to calculate intrinsic value

Undervalued stocks meaning

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Showing Examples of Undervalued Stocks | Michael Fairbourn, CVA | 8-4-20 | Investing in Value

550 views | 5 Aug. 2020

Options involve risks and

Options involve risks and are not suitable for all investors. Before trading, read the Options Disclosure Document.https://bit.ly/2v9tH6D

Within this webcast, we review a number of stocks from a stock screen that looks for combinations of growth and value. We then reviewed if the companies showed a margin of safety.

Undervalued stocks meaning

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how to find undervalued stocks in share market

8 457 views | 15 May. 2018

hello friends , when a new

hello friends , when a new investor step in in stock market than he starts investing in knowing and listened companies but soon or later he realised that a huge profit can be made only if he invest in undervalued stocks,

how to find undervalued stock ,i illustrate the method in video


Please send this Screener Link on [email protected]gmail.com

viral gogri

You are genius, thanks for sharing valuable content.

ASHISH kumar

आवाज कहा है भाई।।

Er Shrawan

Great idea of Share marketing

Kaushal Maniyar

Thank you so much for making this video

samarendra nath mandal

In the site I put all data but it's show wrong data, baraked, etc. So please help us to find out where our mistake...??