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The Everything Crash is Coming - Robert Kiyosaki Quarantine Updates

525 793 views | 5 Dec. 2020

When you look at the news

When you look at the news today, it’s easy to see all of the assets are in a bubble, and it’s only a matter of time until this bubble pops.

While it's tough to predict the future, one thing is for certain: The U.S. dollar will continue to go down in value, and savers will be losers. With people all over the world piling debt upon debt and spending like fools because we’ve been in a bull market, be mindful that what goes up, must come down.

In this Quarantine update, Robert explains this tweet:

“The EVERYTHING CRASH is coming. Since 1987 the world has been in EVERYTHING BUBBLE. Now all crashing. Prices of gold, silver, Bitcoin will crash too. US dollar to rise. Be patient. Massive money printing ahead eventually destroying the dollar. Time to buy more gold silver Bitcoin coming.”


Facebook: @RobertKiyosaki


Twitter: @TheRealKiyosaki


Instagram: @TheRealKiyosaki


Gear Talker

My rich dad quickly became my poor dad after basing the majority of his financial decisions on advice given throughout the early 2000's, seriously though. Not that the book or general advice was bad it was just really only beneficial in the context of a well performing economy where real estate is always going up.

Ben Rawner

If you want to buy bitcoin, you don't have to buy whole coins. Bitcoin is also used for web transactions so you can easily buy a purse with a fraction.

Joseph Van

The greatest economic crash ever is indeed on the horizon. We can blame both Republicans and Democrats in Washington for the horrors that are coming because they colluded in going along with deficit spending that each years is in the trillions of dollars. America is finished. Most people just do not know it yet. But they will when it takes a barrel of money to buy a loaf of bread.

Lobo Lobo

GME ??

Tommy Casidy

10 years and counting, The crash is coming , one of these years he's going to be correct. Guys if you haven't figured out this slimeball by now you never will.

lupusdei 08

Fool, they are holding rates near 0 till 2023. Got a few years. Fake guru. It's like those self help books, garbage

Aldo B

I already crashed my friends car

Steve Schilling

blah blah blah blah blah not going to happen.

Ivy 1011

Tax free but not interest free,

English Cad

If the people are broke so are the government. Whatever assets the people have the government will tax or take. Happened before it will happen again.

Kalix Sky

You should educate yourself on Bitcoin before you talk about it


Seems to me that people like him get rich on people like me .I see no truth in his words .


Listening to this guy is like fingernails down a chalkboard. He 'incorrporates' himself to hide ALL of his income from the IRS, hide his assets, his capitol gains, his profits....he pays NO TAXES. The "dirty secret" to the Rich Man empire. He knows all of the loopholes (like Trump) to grow wealth AND pay no taxes at-all. I'm sure he's wealthy - like a leech.

marvin gard II

Why Trump was forced to join the violent protesters to survive instead of being rushed to safety when the violence started is a mystery to me.



netsuj yenrav

i couldn't afford bitcoin when it was 3500. paying off worthless student loans doing factory work. hopefully link,uni,xtz, can get me to the promise land.

Carpenter Matt

Isn't interest a form of tax? Like inflation?

Jeff Evans

The only thing you need is to claim Jesus as the son of God and your savior and repent as time is up.

Maria Montgomery

Where can you buy silver & gold coins ? I have trust issue


Worse...it is the fart.

Uther Pendragon

No sense worrying about it now...just live your life like he said at the end, best advice he could have given


This guy has not been able to predict anything with any real accuracy in the past, and we are supposed to listen to him now?

V Den

Deliverer of daily doom.

Ryan Emberton

50k coin think about it its almost gone

Paul Sharkey

This guy is such a fraud.

SimonJPA Baillargeon

Yes of course keep saving money at a almost no interest yield account. Way to go. Way to build whealt.

Skinny Dave Gaming

This guy is talking shit, and I know his credentials and who he is. But wtf is he talking, if you can afford a full bit coin buy bit coin, if you can’t buy gold. Does he not know you can buy a fraction of a bit coin. And it’s all relative, if you buy 500 dollars of a bit coin and 500 dollars of gold and they both go up 100% in value you gain the same amount.


In 1933 the US government confiscated all gold currency (later silver as well) to back national debt. They will do it again to save the blood sucking parasites butts. This attack on our freedom is not over yet.


How many more times do you get to say this before we see that you don't know of what you speak?

B Scott

Does the housing market drop before inflation takes off?

Da Bunnisher

If you buy all this gold and silver for the end times, then let's say the end times arrive: 1.) You have to store it somewhere and protect it. You are NOT Fort Knox. 2.) It will get so bad you have to trade these things for water, food and services at a very discounted price. 3.) Gangs + will take it away from you while raping and killing your family. Did you not learn anything from Mel Gibson's, Road Warrior? I call bullshit. Prove me wrong in an End Times scenario.

George Samaras

Hey mr Kiyosaki. How can someone buy more during a crisis if he doesn't have cash on the side ? This implies market timing or cashflow? Gold doesn't have a cashflow, so does most of crypto. There is a hidden market timing component in your argument. We can't buy the oversold gold in liquidity crisis if we haven't sold off some gold implication market timing. With dividend paying gold miners, if we follow the buffett, buy low, HODL stock, don't buy more when it goes up and keep all of cashflow into savings account or bonds, then we have dry powder to buy the oversold Dip. I know Robert has real estate assets with cash flows, but the video is incomplete as presented. Generally its believed that you shouldn't or can't time the market, you might lose on the upside.

Venturi Life

There are no bargains out there, I'm reading the U.S. sharemarket is 70%-75% overvalued in terms of value and returns. 50-60% correction is a real possibility and that's a lot more than normal. There is a time to move to cash, before re-entering the market. I would stay away from BitCoin because of the intrinsic value, that isn't there. It is worth something because of the publicity around it and people seeking it and it's rarity, which is just like Tulip Mania.

Richard Hale

Yes buy gold and expect to it to see you through a depression. Oh wait, did n't FDR confiscate gold in the '30s for his New Deal?


I have 120k i need to find a home for before the dollar fails. Either land, silver or gold

Salem Thorup

Gold, silver and bitcoin are worthless when there's little food. Food storage is the best investment at this point. Food, clean water, clothes, fuel, medicine, skills and good health.

Andreas Varsos

Hey Robert, randomly stumbled across your channel, really informative and concise. Subbed!


By then nobody will care about anything.


Im not going to pretend like I really knew what was coming or what exactly is going on in the world at all times but, since i was a child, i quite seriously have always felt like this was going to happen. Before even being educated, i always wondered how the world could possibly continue in this cycle we have constructed. Its beautiful for now, and i hope the best for us all, but the implications are very scary.

paul gleason

so what is the reset? what will china do?

Fart Juice

You're a real rocket scientist. A fuckin genius. You mean all of the tents on the sidewalks, parks and rivers for years wasn't warning enough. Glad you're here to tell us these things. Chewy, take the professor in the back and plug him into the hyperdrive.


So now your not quite so rich. Thanks for letting us know. As he says with a big grin.

Wrong Hole

Great video, I hear you on not trusting the Government.

Mike Stjohn

This clown know nothing.


I heard him once and I know this dude is just plain crazy.

paul gleason

where can you buy gold in person to hold yourself?

Daniel Palmer

The Reinhart and Rogoff paper he mentions was discredited. They made up the dataset.


What I don’t understand is how can people bid 20 -30 thousand over asking price when the bank will appraise these home and they won’t be worth what’s they are being offered. How can people be so desperate to bid so high over the housing market will crash within 6 month I feel.

Julie McNamara

Your glasses look great on you

Kaloyan Nikolov

you can buy 2000 $ worth of Bitcoin too ... just saying

Robby Wilski

I'm going to have an Everything Bagel when that day comes and the bagel industry's stock will go up. Invest in Bagels

Joseph D

and a broken clock is right twice a day.

I dont give out name

Kappa Pi Sigma- From you fellow KP Alumnus!


As someone stated below, you do not have to buy 1 bitcoin. It is divided into small increments and you can get into Bitcoin for as low as $100 to start, some exchanges as low only $10 to start.

Greg Killian

Debt might be tax free but isn’t there usually an interest rate attached to it?

Michael Toms

It's not quite outside the system silver and gold. Governments are known for confiscating your gold and silver.

Bonnie Stalhiem

Where is the best venue for purchasing gold and silver so to make sure you won’t get ripped off?

chuckie r hangerdeck

Always “The sky is falling” give me a timeline or stfu.

Gabriel Kind

Debt is untaxed? Kind of a ridiculous argument. You’ll pay taxes on the income you use to pay the debt overtime, plus interest.


If you had bought bitcoin at $15k when this video was made then you would have made $20k profit this month. Just sayin.

Radical Honesty

2021: time has come
for all awakened lightworkers,
all of the family of light
to gather,
to co-create
an alternate society...
Where no one is vaccinated
or masked.
Where we hug, kiss, dance, sing, celebrate,
live free!
The other society will carry on
with their masks, fears, vaccines and social distancing.
We will not mix with them, so they won't need to worry about us infecting them.
(This is the bifurcation of the humans on the planet. We must decide what side we're on!)


the baby powder boom is almost here

Alan Johnson

if there is a great depression the gov will once again force you to sell your gold for cheap

Kal El

Imagine if the stock market crashed in 2029

Healed 4rm Endometriosis Ask Me How

An internet shutdown is coming very soon & many will take the mark of the beast just to get online. If you can’t go a full day without the internet, start practicing now before it’s done for you. Learn to hear the voice of the Most High NOW!! You’ve been warned

The Cult Machine

I'm in the Kiyosaki CULT!!! I always have been and always will. FUcking love you Robert.


Why would you use a leftist sewer of a platform like Twitter when their are so many free speech platforms?

trbcop Rrrr

Us government isnt the only one to screw up. The AUSTRALIA government has also screwed up, more so than the US.


Anyone would have to be stupid if they don't see exactly what they're doing

The huskarl

I think with all of the money printing coming up, the Dollar is what is going to crash, which means everything else goes up.

Eric Swain

The Everything Crash is Coming ! Ohh Noo ! I am Freaking out ! He gets rich off of everyone's ignorance and fear he spreads and breeds. People and Corporations, as well as Governments, have bin using this tactic for some time, the rare times there right few provable but quick to claim on quasi evidence "See I Was Right" and extremely rare the ones that will say they where wrong and publicly take responsibility for it when they are wrong. He is right about one thing "Keep them poor" as in the masses. Look at it like this If everyone was rich no one would be. Elitists depend on a greater segment of society to be subservient to them or they lose $$$$ and power. Some Elitists will give you partial information or deliberate wrong information as well as unobtainable results But keep em hooked. And yes you need to bye his book or seminar $$$$$ Chu Ching !!!!


Does this guy know you can buy any amount of fractional bitcoin? He keeps saying if you cant afford 1 bitcoin buy silver or gold? wtf?

Mjolnir Dynamics

Well said! We need more people like you spreading this message. TYFYS!

Simple Learning

This guy is bumping his videos to just make more money from your visitor's guys, I bet most of his subscribers are also fake. Even when you search about penguins you see his videos!! Greedy!!!


Doesn’t the interest on borrowed money negate the fact that it’s tax free?

Rick Kenn

What’s the answer? Buy seeds and bullets. Seed to grow your own food and you can live off micro greens which can grow i as fast as a week. Yes food in week and it’s the healthiest stuff you can eat and BULLETS FOR THOSE WHO WANT MY SHIT. Everyone in my neighborhood knows to stay away from RK during regular Times but if you think your gonna take my food I gots lots of lead waiting for them. I’m prepared with 100 pounds of beans legumes seeds and water purification systems. You never know

To Be Human

Repeat the same thing for a decade and eventually you might be right... Or maybe two decades.

Porkchop's Papi

Another fortune teller.

Israel Barba

What happens if they shutdown the power grid? then only gold and silver matter.

Matt Schwab

It’s sad he wrote a book that changed my life, but he peaked then.... he had no idea what he’s talking about today w stocks. Things are going to be massively better than ever before. BETT

Pure Precision

He had to disappear and reappear to get the new wave of young people with the same pitch. Old song.


It seems like all the videos you make never come true. The only thing you got going for yourself is being a successful youtuber. Your a joke!

Jim Fin

I don't think I'll take advice on Bitcoin who doesn't understand you can but any amount of it, lol.

Richard Froste

I like gold

The Institute of Monkey Gun Violence

In a total economic collapse, silver is the best option. Because it has true value in an "apocalypse", whereas something like bitcoin has no REAL value. Silver has antibiotic properties- it is essentially medicine. Plus, making that medicine (colloidal silver) multiplies the value compared to the original form.

Octopus Knight


Kyla Pendley

Best advice ever. I am prepping right now to hold as much cash as I can so that when the market DOES drop, I am in it to win it and I will invest in everything from gold to real estate and possibly entire businesses as well. People leave themselves so vulnerable to market shifts it is silly.

Alan Haynes

The interest you pay on the loan will exceed what you save in tax, so this makes no sense

Marie Krueger

Hope so bc normal people can't afford bitcoin now

Jemmy Delva

How do you buy groceries with gold or silver? I also have never seen a bitcoin payment option in any supermarkets. If there is some sort of crash I would be mainly concerned with feeding my kids what can replace cash or digital money in this regard???

Curtis Jordan

People who know nothing about Bitcoin talking about Bitcoin lol


The borrowed money may be tax free, but it's not interest free and then if you make money with it, you pay tax on that.


he's getting thinner hes old. hes sick.

Rojo Zorro

love you bud, just read your book for the 5th time. My son is 5 and im teaching him young, we just did the audio book in my truck during rides instead of the radio. Thank you Rich Dad lol


i thought how can everything crash when there are inverse ETFs? i am now seeing these inverse ETFs not rising when the fund/index/stock they are based on drops! they are stealing from everyone


except the gold and silver can be taken by Goverment by force. It happened in Poland when the Goverment forced people to sell their gold at a price unfavourable to the people...

Son Ne

Interesting that someone shares a personal note to scare us with a coming crash (which as we know reach people can also make significant gains off of) where was the advice when you were riding the becoming rich train ?????

Sweet Tea

Thanks for sharing

Terrence Simpson

Funny the stock markets don't reflect that.

Yes the central bank cartel is pushing for a reset because their false system is falling apart, much like it did in Rome.
IF CCP bought and paid for Joe Biden actually makes it in the oval office it will crash. That's the game plan, but if the military chatter means what it seems then it will not.

TheeRepenter AkaTheeComforter

i hate to say it but hes fucking right at this rate they really will reset everything for real this time i just looked that the time line we are fucked its never been this high

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The Financial Storm is Here - Robert Kiyosaki & Bert Dohmen

235 489 views | 1 Apr. 2020

Some people say these

Some people say these most recent global events are part of a grand conspiracy, and that might well be. Some people say the events represent the struggle between capitalists, communists, and socialists, and that might be, too. But the only way out of this financial storm is to be prepared with financial education. 


There were so many signals pointing to a pending market crash, and guest Bert Dohmen, the author of the Wellington Letter, looks behind the scenes of the global investment markets, analyzes cross-market relationships, global correlations, and especially credit market data which give him superb clues as to what is likely to happen in various markets that are ignored by other analysts.

Listen as Robert, Kim, and Bert discuss why the crash is coming, what to expect, and how to prepare yourself and protect your assets so you can stay on top, even when the economy is on the decline!

#robertkiyosaki #kimkiyosaki #financialeducation


Facebook: @RobertKiyosaki


Twitter: @TheRealKiyosaki


Instagram: @TheRealKiyosaki



12:20 lol


1:47 LOL "Even if this is fake virus" ..


Get Harry Dent Back in here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Erlend Bakke

Is this virus fake? Base your interviews on facts pls....this is a conspiracy theory stuff!

Meg Baucum

What can the average Joe do now? Figure out how to make money and cut expenses. The money is still out there. You have to find out who has it and provide enough value that they will give it to you. If you’re sitting around asking a radio show what to do, maybe you’ll starve. Get your ass out there. No one is coming to save you. A great place to start is a book called Marketing to the Affluent by Dan Kennedy.

Daniel Renteria

Robert is getting annoying with his yelling uggggh disgusting

Willy Dakid


Daniel Iskander

It is very true what Robert says about stock investors- you are usually the first looser. Especially when you had not paid attention to the trend of the business and if you miss the critical opportunity to sell.

You, the Healer

EVERYONE has TIME and some have SKILLS to EXCHANGE - money is just a middle man. Search for "A Resilient Kind" to find out solutions you can apply now.

Con Cong

This is just too annoying to listen to.

Chycammillion rednour

Turned this off when he started comparing it to the flu. Even 1% is not equivalent to .1% by far. Since when is the flu overwhelming hospitals and having us convert convention centers?!?

Living Young - Having Fun

There are many websites that offer to rollover of the 401K into gold. Which one can you trust? What is your go to company that is legit that you can buy gold from


Bert does not want to answer Robert's questions. Waste of time to listen to Bert.

Remi Waltisperger

What if the pandemic was created to slow the Velocity of money. As you know inflation is Money supply * velocity of money. So they could created a lot of money, as long as the people don't use it, there will be no inflation. Moon is the limit. They could reset the system and the price adustement would only happen when the pandemic is over and people start moving again...

Daniel Iskander

The panic is irrational but the consequences of the panic are real!


I hope your guests investment predicting is better that their covid19 predicting way way off the mark 2 weeks on

Marcus White

Apparently, the virus may not be the major threat. It might be just the beginning of our worries as the depression might have a long-lasting effect and the world will definitely not be the same.

Seoul Goode

What a horrible guest.

Jim Cummings

give bus/train drivers N95 masks & gloves and PPE for grocery store staff, protect the food supply, keep critical infrastructure going, offer free mass transit for the duration, free tests in subways, let companies fail, have effective mass unemployment insurance, have massive PPE resources available for next wave that's surely coming soon, if you let the masses descend into criminal anarchy & food riots then they'll be coming for the rich soon after so everyone has a stake in this now, rising tides lift all boats,


Corona is fake...this guest is a moron and a shill...

john estaban


Penrod Auto Repair

Why do rich people refer to the economy as a global economy instead of the US economy. Seems like it should be called a fake economy.

Texas Rattler 76

Cruise industry now runs 5g also

Silver Sheriff

But you can get a flu jab..C19 is only around 3 months so of course the figures are skewed towards the common flu being more deadly..if C19 is around for 10 years with no vaccination, report this then.first time I came away from one of these podcasts sad because the misinformation form you and your guests...


You can tell how annoyed Robert was getting. Bert kept dodging the questions like a politician.

Marian Geddes

This is a silly interview. He didn’t answer any questions and was clearly uninformed about the virus statistics. Bert was awful

Metal Guru

205 deaths. This clown's words have not aged well.

Jim Beaudoin

I wish Robert Kiyosaki Legacy Learning company would refund my course fees for the recent Perth course that they just ignored after C19 broke out.. they didnt even bother to contact us to cancel, reschedule, postponed.. nothing..
DO NOT sign up for any Legacy Learning Rich Dad courses. No integrity and unethical ?


Who the fuck is Bert working for??! ??

Petar Bijelac

Bert , If people can't buy toilet paper, They can use your book !

Tulga WW

Happy Birthday Robert!

Joe Smith

The pandemic is real you are awsome,but the economy will spring back in 3 months.



Michael Dillin

Bert doesn't know it's obvious. ?
There's probably no fewer than ten thousand financial advisors maybe ten times that many and probably hundreds of people that write newsletters claiming Doom 3 times.
One of them is going to be right once and a while. Robert if you knew you should have had him on the week before the crash. Hindsight is 20-20 however it makes for good views.

Brian Boru

Bert can't answer the question, too busy trying to tell everyone how he predicted this, but guess what, having been asked 3 times, he can't offer advice for the average Joe. He's just full of it. ???


About the coronavirus: They want to get rid of All those who depend on Social Security to control this demographic because the Social Security System is going broke. Do you think the Gov is happy that it has to pay millions of retirees?

Ulisses Lopes

"The virus may not be that deadly..." is that your opinion today?


Padre rico, muchas gracias! saludos desde Uruguay ?


Robert is a greedy con-man. Anyone who educates others by telling them how to screw the system to make money is not okay. He brags about owning thousands of properties as a "landlord" in some of his other videos. He and the like are a huge reason why we have so much homelessness in this country. Crank up real estate prices, buy, sell, profit, then when it crashes you make bank. Wow! You should be so proud, Robert!!!

Evan Lloyd

BERT BERT BERT BERT ?? Robert can be funny af sometimes


Bert DUMBASS!!!!!!!

Ronnie Pratt

This guy is a waste of time. Just another huckster trying to get money from people.

Beto Cervantes

Robert is my hero, I understand what he wanted to say... but about the virus, it`s simple,when death approaches to you, for example watching Kim dying... then your opinion changes.... no more hoax. But yeah, get educated is the message.

sean kendrick


S Wojnowski

100 000 deaths. Yes it is a flu. Remeber that and the person who said it is a flu! Trump tube, close to Fox news.

T. S. Leong

Wow Bert, he's one of those smart guys that will tell you all about why he's a smart guy but won't give you any information. I would think he would have Wellington Report issues online maybe a year later, just to show let you know that he's a smart guy and you're a dumb ass for not subscribing and listening to him and by the way he doesn't answer questions. that's a half hour of my life wasted that I can't get back.

Millennial Investor

Robert I would just like to thank you for all the educational content.. It has truly changed the way I look at the world. THANK YOU KEEP THE CONTENT COMING.. BTW I would love to read a book about real estate written by you; going into depth about using debt to acquire assets. Love you man!

Josh Skalicky


Ken Danzig

Bert is wasting my time.

Balázs Nagy

The spread of a virus without intervention is exponential, just like compound interest. Social distancing is like paying off your loan early to dampen the effect of compounding interest.

Raul Jidy

When looking at mortality rates, we need to look at the Close Cases Statistics. What closes a case is Death or Recovery. COVID-19 is nothing like the flu ?

Melysa Cathcart

A real interesting recording, thank you Mr. Kiyosaki.

Lawrence Lamar

Bert is full of crap, he hasn't answered the question yet

Gilbert M

Bert sucks. He is misleading with false information. Bert you should retire and stay at home yelling at Fox News. Bert Bert Bert!!!!

Selim B

Who benefits? The buyers and lenders of last resort... The Zionist Central bankers are buying the world in short. The middle class are no more. That's a reality now people. Unless the masses wake up from there zombie status where going to a very dark period of time. Gold, silver and crypto a good hedge as there non debt instruments outside of this ponzi scheme.

City Point

Sick man ...typical for asian type. pff morron

Surf Dreamer

stop stopping the guy let him talk and, jeeez and your accent...


The CoronaVirus was used as a economic warfare at a global scale.

Robert Landa

This is worse then the flu. Who are you kidding, Kim

Judith Baxter

Bert did not want to give tips of how to weather this disaster

Sissy M.

Mr. Robert needs to buy some manners with his money.

Daniel Calma

I think Bert just really likes the way his own voice sounds way too much. Robert can't get a word in he's gotta call the dude's name 7 1/2 times to get his attention. Like bro you're really slowing down progress can you please have a proper exchange of dialogue

Danielle DeSantis

Go Go Robert!!?

Vern De Beer

https://youtu.be/YkPL6VmUqQQ Please watch this if you are worried about contracting Covid.

Travis Lok

The guy named Bert, yoh: if u got cover 19 infected, take some rest bro. otherwise focus on the damm question from Robert

Robert Grogg

Terrible. Bert refuses to answer simple questions, evasive. Waste of time and frustrating to listen to.

black shadow

What was the name of the book??? Bert's book?


The old flu argument? Come on guys! That's inane! Stick to economics!


Look at the David Icke interview yesterday. It is the definitive presentation to find out whats going on. What makes the corona virus test positive, will be in the cell excretion for just about any illness a person has that is tested with the test they are using to test people for corona virus today. If you have a cold, or are dying of cancer, or die of diabeties, you will test positive for corona virus. And the fatalities for all these different causes for illness and death are being blamed because of testing positive for corona virus, says authoritative doctors and scientist that are not in on this scam and are not being interviewed on main stream mouthpiece for the corrupt cabal. Research for your life.

Bitcoin Bear

So, covid19 is no worse than the flu ... gone down in my estimation Mr Kiyosaki...

black shadow

In Salina, Kansas, some banks have a $500 cash limit withdrawal daily.

Darth Flatulord

Man this dude is an idiot. It's novel. Also way more contagious. Also 20x more of a survivor than flu. Flu shows it's cards immediately. In 3 days you self quarantine because you have no choice with the flu. This one you can be good for 14 days spewing virus.

It's kill rate is close to 2. Unchecked, multiply by 6/7 billion.

Christian Borisov

Houses to poor people..


So if its fake you should go out and about and interact with covid + and proof that is fake. I can’t believe that I was following you!

Jim Cummings

give bus/train drivers N95 masks & gloves and PPE for grocery store staff, protect the food supply, keep critical infrastructure going, offer free mass transit for the duration, free tests in subways, let companies fail, have effective mass unemployment insurance, have massive PPE resources available for next wave that's surely coming soon, if you let the masses descend into criminal anarchy & food riots then they'll be coming for the rich soon after so everyone has a stake in this now, rising tides lift all boats,

d lawson

Where can one buy silver as I was told it is so out here in Canada? Thanks for you channel and great advise and guests you have on your show!

Fionnola Morris

Life is risky and we are going to have to find our courage, especially now that the world is coming to a close. This discussion is a useful window onto what is happening behind the scenes, but nothing more: we are headed for a colossal collapse - planned of course by the powers that be. Therefore, money in general, working for your or investments won’t save us now, because you won’t be able to buy or sell unless you sell your soul and buy into the world’s system. We are looking at a time just around the corner when even our freedom of movement is going to be curtailed and tracked and money won’t help even in the short term. This life is so short, so don’t sell your soul for your next meal, the battle will be about where you will spend eternity. Human beings die, so death is nothing to fear: our reason to live and our reason to die (if necessary) are all important and the only safe place to place our life is out of our hands and into the hands of the Lord Jesus Christ (Yashuah).

Daniel Renteria

Arrest the politicians who are destroying the world in the name of a virus. ARREST THEM NOW!

Corrado MusicStands

Robert - Be advised the FDIC has on thier books only 2 % of the total deposits they are supposed to cover...


Outside of money trucks distributing money to the banks, how wacky is it that banks needs bailouts and loans?

We live in topsy turvy land.

Teachers are taught to destroy education. Doctors learn to destroy health. Governments destroy freedom. Police destroy justice.

Jason Yung

coronavirus kills less than the common cold? WTF are you smoking

luis rivera

Why do you doubt coronavirus so much wtf

Lovely Ibanez

Thanks for this informative video. There is room for improvement with the subtitles. They are not accurate.


Well most of the stocks in the Berkshire Hathaway portfolio that they sold are airline companies. All the airline companies are grounded at the moment.

Sad Banana


Samantha Naidoo

32:44 buy gold & silver
Government print more money
More people will be dependent on the Government

Christian Borisov

My son maxim

black shadow

Does Bert think metals will help?

John Kennedy

quack, quack, this guy is a waste of time !! Robert even had to tell him to stop touting his newsletter ..

Jim Cummings

if 25 old people in a "long term care facility" get wiped out in 2 weeks than it gets people jumping pretty fast, and it's hard to convince the local town that it's not an apocalypse, the quarantine itself is going to create civil unrest & open defiance, especially as summer rolls around and people are losing their minds, there are clearly no simple answers here, there is no clear and obvious right & wrong if so many complex variables are in effect, fear is not rational so how can the responses be?

0 O

How many time does Bert say "ok" after a sentence?

Tuan Le

The most horrible interview ever. Not wanting to answer any question and referring it back to his book and just alot of screaming. Clowns.

Scott o

what are you going to do Robert when 5000 of your renters can't pay your rent?


VERY SAD! Bert contributed nothing except bragging how great he is. A guest should contribute something to a show. There is 36 minutes and 20 seconds I will never get back in my life!

Dan North Tampa

Lol. Just a flu ? Go visit a hospital in NY city.

Dimitri Zen

what a load of crap

Aleksandar D

Bert definitely does not care about people education. He just didn't want to give his knowledge.
Shame on Bert!

Ale abogado

The madrid comment is not correct. Police in madrid can’t shoot nobody . Police can fine only. And if you fight them they can detain you. Just that. If a police shoot you is going to go to jail .

Podia Pod

These 3 are trying their hardest to scare the ‘uneducated’ to buy their educational products, when people are their most vulnerable. Their statistics on the death rates are all misleading, since the ccp hasn’t been honest with the world about their figures. Very sad

burusake nesta

This is a great education I have ever received freely in my entire life.
Robert..,God bless you.!!!

Rich dad events

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Why Deflation is Key to an Abundant Future - Robert Kiyosaki, Kim Kiyosaki, Jeff Booth

127 649 views | 14 Oct. 2020

Today, the world is

Today, the world is facing many of the same problems that were being faced before the Great Depression set in. The world’s governments are facing massive and unsustainable debt and today’s guest says you “can’t solve a debt problem with more debt.” The problem we’re facing today is that technology is advancing far faster than the governments can keep up with—it’s a true battle between the Industrial Age and the Information age. 

Jeff Booth is the author of “The Price of Tomorrow: Why Deflation is the Key to an Abundant Future” and he believes that technology-driven deflation is a significant challenge for the global economy, and central banks attempting to create artificial inflation through monetary policy are doomed, ultimately, to failure. 

Hosts Robert and Kim Kiyosaki and guest Jeff Booth discuss why the world will need to move to a deflationary economy and why you should care. 

Website: https://thepriceoftomorrow.com/

#robertkiyosaki #financialeducation #kimkiyosaki


Facebook: @RobertKiyosaki


Twitter: @TheRealKiyosaki


Instagram: @TheRealKiyosaki



They keep saying the world is changing so fast not true. It takes time for people to adopt new things, it takes time for companies like Amazon to wipe out retail, it took time for mobile phones to wipe out Kodak, it took time for Netflix to take Blockbusters market. Now here’s the reason why, why does it take time... because people are attached to the things the like especially those over 40yrs old. People over 40yrs control the vast majority of the wealth in the world, most of this wealth is in locked in their homes known as equity. These people will not sell the house they have lived in for many years, nor will they move into flats. Now let’s look at the young generation those under 40yrs and broke can’t get jobs, can’t afford a house. In ten years time these people will become the majority in every country, they will be not only envious but pissed off with their landlords and all the 50+ yr olds living in houses with little or no mortgage. Now imagine you want to be the next party to win elections and you want to win bad it’s so simple ... you put a massive tax on residential property income why? Because it will force many Landlords to sell but before you do that you make it also easier for them to sell. It’s called a right to buy so any tenant for say 3years has a right to buy the property. Government funds their mortgage, landlord loses a lot of money, all those below 50yrs vote for them. This is I think how the housing bubble will pop around the entire world...,2nd, 3rd, 4th homes. Because one person=one vote. This government policy has already started in UK. 2nd home more tax, more stamp duty, licence fees etc. etc. It will only get worse for Landlords ...all thanks to democracy.

Dexter Love

Dear Mr Robert? thank you so much for all these massive informations. You are my MANTOR and Rich Dad in internet world ?. ❤️?❤️ GOD BLESS YOU ALWAYS.

Cameron Stawicki

This was an amazing episode!


It's not even an economy; it's a concept and it feels as if money's not even real.. So the mindset has to change and if those guys have been in far too long the mindset won't change.. Especially today The Media runs the lies that change the stock market and it's ALL FALSE..


goes to show how badly we're being screwed that our purchasing power is still reducing in the face of deflation caused by exponential technological innovations.

Gagan ghotra

The house here in Calgary are around 4 to 5 hundred thousand so you are saying it will be 80 thousand...... so if I have 4 hundred thousand cash I should wait...or should I buy gold or silver or Bitcoin


Great information Mr. Rich Dad

I am Slogbro

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muhammad-Amiin Dhimbiil

Here in Africa We have been with the rise of technology almost those twenty years Jeff Booth, yet we are just Consumers who never participate any part of that business. Whether its the Main Production, the bigger distirbution and the overall develpment.

Ron Orr

Artificial intelligence takes over artificial inflation

Craig Shannon

All of this sounds like an argument to accept socialism. That doesn't sound intelligent to me.

Miroslav Mišić

Thank You Robert and Kim for inviting Mr. Jeff. I wanna thank You Robert for one sentence. You said: "Old answers don't work anny more". That says to Me allot. We are all even now. My only rational answer to the situation in the world would be: learn to grow food. I will share this one video on My FB profile because it is on right time and in the centre of the problem. One question for You Mr. Robert. Are We all just playing Monopoly? And did You read "Robinson Crusoe"? What happends when We geather all of Robinsons money? Will He ewer let Us do that?

The Lucero Family

Nice video! I’m so glad I started investing at 18 I’m now 20 and making good money off investments and teaching others to do the same! ? never give up!

Star McCoy

Looking at my trading portfolio gives me everlasting joy.

B Crawford

Robert Kiyosaki. TY for your videos and your work. Just one suggestion: you need a little more sound engineering on your videos. The volume goes up and down quite a bit from one speaker to the next. It is, sometimes, quite jarring. I love the content though, so the poor sound control will not stop me from listening.

Lynn Lov

That is why now there are many homeless on the street today and it will get worst and worst. People are having mental break down so they can not perform their best everyday and it cause other thing to trigger down. From more expanses for health care, and more help needed from government sector to the families etc......


Robert makes the best thumbnails :)

Make Money Now

This video is worth watching! More of this, please!

Jane Francis

How profitable is forex trading now, is now the best time to invest or open a position in the market?

Adam Ant

The internet is deflationary because it saves time,energy and labour. As the platforms utilised on it get more effective and efficient our work/time contribution to the production of goods and services is less. "All wealth comes from the worker" Lenin said. That was true then as most energy was labour. Today, l would say all wealth comes from the focused use of a finite energy supply to provide things humans need. The question is larger than hyperinflation or deflation. The elephant in the room is all finite resources are peaking ,thus so are we.


lol Yeah hoard gold and when the shit hits the fan take your gold bar into 7-11 and try to buy a gallon of milk and and a loaf of bread. Crypto will be crushed when a US president will ban it, etc watch

loax becky

Your analysis is very understanding, the key thing about bitcoin is that I don’t see what’s going to stop it from doing what it has been doing for most of its life and that’s appreciating , note that the price of the cryptocurrency has been consolidating for the past three years. Bearish is the right time to JUMP into any asset, If you are investing in any crypto's you have to dedicate your time and follow the uptrend with a modify and accumulative phrase. You can earn through TA just like Larks said earlier, but you need a profession and a mentor for this aspect of earning through technical analysis (TA). I have channel my success to jonas ben he has been a great significant torture in the crypto space, and i was guided through his expert experience on difficulties which i succeeded in achieving my goals. you can subscribe to his signals on whatsapp/telegram (+1(573)2273324) or mail him at [email protected] to subscribe.


If you are brainwashed since grade school that debt is good and then have the tv brainwashing you that you have no value unless you buy this brand of clothes, this fancy jewelry, this type of car, go to college, own a house and the best way to invest your money is a 401k and the system is rigged to steal your 401k every boom bust cycle then what to you expect? Poor people are not to blame because they are only human and susceptible to brainwashing. The richest families in the world that started every 3 letter organization in the UK and the US and then every UK territory and own and run the world banks and profit from conflicts all over the world no matter who is involved are to blame. The sooner you wake up to this fact the better off you will all be.

Benjamin Burch

Wow! Thanks for the nail in the head!

Michele Simko

Ai and computers..........now Utube is changing things.....Verizon changing refuse to service non 5phone. It’s atrick to improve while the board keeps moving

Mr. C

Damn good video

Burnt Toast

MTV = Masonic TV why do you never call these luciferian minions out that are the social engineers of this beast system

jakestonian cpps

A bloody great book! please read it! As essential as rich dad poor dad in financial education for tomorrow ???


90% of the people who watch this will not have a chance...CONGRATZ to the people that DO understand it....You might have to watch it 2-8 times, but eventually it WILL sink in...Enjoy!

evene steven

Best definition of intelligence is from Latin etymology : intus legere - read from inside.

rick lulu

Deflation equals hyperinflation because the cure for low prices is low prices.

Marko Vukosavljevic

This is the best video on this channel I watched this year. Jeff is like Joda when he shares his wisdom about macro economics and the Kiyosaki couple ask like always such good questions and toward the conversation in the right direction so we can learn as much as possible. Even Robert is an amazing teacher it seems to me that he is even a better student. I realized that in most of those videos I am even more impressed about the questions asked, than the answers. It's so important to know what to look for and ask right questions.

Amu Mathye

I hope that I can stay as open minded as Kim and Robert. I'm 19 and I know A LOT is going to change through the years but I hope that when I'm older I am as open to change as you guys still are

sven's channel

Makes much sense. Do we even need the State anymore?

Sad Chap8

The six fairies immunohistochemically wink because separated pathohistologically accept via a numerous oven. phobic, second-hand ocean

johnny sebastian Corona

amazing content wow makes so much sense!!!

Jason Russell

Technology creates better jobs, more skilled but maybe not the higher number of them. We need less people on the planet, that is the solution!

josé antonio de la cueva aguilera

What a nice conversation.

Vince D

So wait... Say we do deflate, and assets drop by 90%.. now people like Robert and other investors will have to get a "regular" job?


Dude so many of these comments are from crypto scammers and bots!

Wendie brandenburg

Where do you suggest to start buying bitcoin?


One of the current limiting factors on tech is the limitation of safe, reliable, affordable energy; especially for portability. Our power transmission grid is ancient and vulnerable, so even if we were able to Generate more power, how to distribute it and make it ubiquitous is one of the key elements that need to be addressed for us to stay in play with/against the rest of the world. We have infrastructure issues that if not addressed within the next 5 years will likely put us behind China, Japan and other nations in influence and technology.

Henry Leo

I have always tried to invest in bitcoin/ trade binary options because I heard people made a lot of money from it , ever since I started making attempts to invest it has never been profitable until I came across Mr peter Roland It has been an amazing journey with him making money from the comfort of my home, invested $1,100 and within a week, got paid $7,500. I promise I was going to tell everyone about him if he is reliable or not so that if he is not I can warn you'all to stay away, but I can willing say he is honest ,trustworthy and reliable

Star McCoy

Looking at my trading portfolio gives me everlasting joy.


You have to be careful stating deflation is good manufacturers cannot make the profit on Goods that they have made that have already cost them so much to produce they will remove these items from the Shelf they will no longer be available and the manufacturer will go bankrupt and its assets will be bought by the Chinese the Chinese are buying everything the Chinese furnace the world in cooperation with the United Nations to put the world global assets at fire-sale prices and the Chinese are purchasing all of this funded by America and consumers all over the world American Congress treasonous sold-out America exchange for their own personal enrichment


Isn't it funny how this guy appeared out of the blue and is now hosted by every single Youtube financial influencer channel... it doesn't matter what he talks about AS LONG AS HE IS PROMOTING HIS BOOK SALES..

Samantha Jones

video content has gotten better lately with this turn of events. thank you for all the wise advice


Wouldn't a solution be if we found more gold? Say like 200 trillion dollars worth? Then we get to a new and better gold standard?

Chris Male

Jeff Booth is great on bitcoin and finance ....he's completely wrong on climate change which is a hoax and nothing more than an excuse to tax and control. Complete BS


Thank you Robert and Kim for bringing the smartest people on your show. Jeff Booth got to be one of the smartest and most humble people. Because of you I got out of the rat race years ago. God bless you for all your wisdom and willingness to share all this invaluable information. Gold, Silver, Real Estate and now Cryptos.

Leonell Munoz

How could I get in contact with Robert??


So "technology is making everything cheaper"? What about essentials, not tech tools and toys, but like food, energy, housing (construction materials), and transportation?...no sign of that. Everything on a smart phone can be free yet my family could still starve or freeze to death for the need of real necessities. How is it deflation if only toys and techy tools get more affordable? And how is the future of real people so bright when there jobs are going away and the value of their trivial assets will plummeting?

Susanne Petra

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Lynn Lov

Yes, the government should have everybody taking your class instate of have them go to school to learn about the economy.

Eddy Claros

Your channel has become my daily school lesson. Thank you. Just subscribed

Steven Martin

Only one hundred thousand views. God help America. YouTube is censoring this I bet. Blocking people from learning information that could save their life. Take down youtube


Gold, Silver, Bitcoin & Theta, all the way!

I Love Fixin Cars

So mr. Rob when the dollar falls will gold still be good in the digital age

Joel N

Let the guest talk!!!

David Bradley

Robert, this is the second time you mentioned Sept 2019 and the failure of Shadow Banking. Please give us more information about what you are talking about.
Thank you for doing this Radio show.

miguel f

definition of intelligence is how much you want to learn everydays not how much you already know in certain topic.intelligence is different than intelectual. mediocre is a person who have knowledge in certain topic but he trap there and don't want to learn anything else.

Bárbara Herda

Natural Law by Lysander Spooner - only 18 pages, originally published 1882. The science of justice = the science of mine and thine = the science of all human rights, ie a person’s rights of person and property and to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.
1. Our legal duties - live honestly, hurt no one, give everyone their due. Do not steal, murder, arson, or any crime against the person or property of another.
2. Our moral duties (of which each person must be their own judge) - feed the hungry, cloth the naked, shelter the homeless, care for the sick, enlighten the ignorant, etc. Any plan/system/association to compel one to perform moral duties can be rightful and desirable only in so far as they are purely voluntary.
Legislation, therefore, is the assumption by one person or a group of people, of absolute, irresponsible dominion over all others to whom they subject their power, ie legislation keeps one class of people in subordination and servitude to another.


I'm not a big fan of Bitcoin mostly due to it's 56% hackability. The Chinese are mining bitcoin like crazy. I prefer other Cryto's like XRP, Ethereum, Chanlink and a few others. I do believe Bitcoin will go way up but it will not go up as much as these others will percentage wise. Bitcoin is very slow, it's a dinosaur in the Cryto space. As a store of value Bitcoin is a safe place only if it's put on a ledger wallet to protect it from hackers.


Meanwhile the earth is flat and you waste your lives staring at your bank accounts and your fake money.

Spar PH

Ey ey ey. Dnt say dnt go to school. Haha. We are gonna be running out of experts that B and I hire to run THE business. You know what im saying

Bella scott

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Craig Scott

the ages are defined by the weaponisation of technology. Information was weaponised long before a stone was used to kill Goliath.

We entered the atomic age in 1945, if there are no further advancements in technology needed...As in the age of discover venturing further than sight of the shore, hopefully we may enter the space age without weponising any further technology and we venture further than the light of our Star.

larry smith

Best video I have seen in a long time. Unbelievable information

Al Larsson

The Corona Virus is the pin that popped the debt bubble. Too many leveraged Longs have caused Bitcoin & Gold to dump to great prices for us. Accumulate these cheap prices, you will thank yourself in 12 months for doing this. Its these times.. that true wealth is made. 90% of people are selling out, so you take the other side.I still plan on buying a little bit more Btc in the next couple days. I have exactly 14 BTC left on my Nano. I am indeed grateful for the services of Mr Douglas Murray whose trade patterns have been the secret behind my huge cash out on bitcoin trading. I have strong faiith in hiis strategies and he can also help you make huge gains from trading. Y'all can reach out to him through His * Mail *([email protected] com)" or Whatsapp +1 (832) 413-2374..

Eddy M

The good thing about deflation is that things get the real value, and the working people
can afford it. Inflation profits the bank and rich, the working people gets the shaft.

Rhoda Linda

I am in China, Mr Pater Roland is not a problem at all, he has handled my account for 1 month now and everything you have read about him is true, weekly payout, straight talker, he is not perfect, loses now and then but his wins are way more, testimony about MR PETER trading strategy is true, I made £52,540 out of £7,750 using his trading strategy

King Game

The phase shift. It'll hit you like ice!


this guy would be right if the world population was dropping, if industrial metats just magically show up for these machines to produce and China decided too go back too rickshaws . too stop this inflation you just need too convince 1.3 billion chinese and 1.35 East Indians that they don't want too live like modern man

TT Fan

43:48 : When USA became Comm , Repo market etc

Gabriel Cassetta

Robert. Upload your videos to LBRY and you’ll get free crypto.

Alana Langdon

Indulging in cryptocurrency has proven to be profitable,Even with the instability of bitcoin price I’m still able to manage my portfolio from 0.86btc to 2.73btc just within few weeks of trading with wilton,i no longer work 9-5 and that is financial freedom

Martin Schulze

his arguments against govs forbidding bitcoin is rather weak; governments CAN shut down bitcoin. Even technically. Even if they cant break the encryption but plain >50% attacks. Governments can afford this easily. Bitcoin only survives if there are enough countries who dont; And I dont see that. The marketplaces where you can buy bitcoin are already regulated. They can also just make it unattractive by restrictive laws. USA + China + Europe has no interest in having a strong bitcoin at all. My plan is: I invest in bitcoin now but just keep it max 3 years. I expect in the western world digital central banks coins to be ready somewhere around this time earliest and convert it to something else if possible. If I am wrong with my hypotheses, I dont loose because I own the bitcoins. I will loose if the real scenario is even worse than I expected. As a pessimist this is hardly becomming reality :D


AMEN brothers

Motoki Hitouji

This video encourages people who is holder of gold, silver and crypto, like me. Of course, I will share this video on Linked In for people who want to do risk hedge.


Thanks you Robert Kiyosaki and Kim Kiyosaki for sharing that knowlage with Jeff Booth. I will read Jeff Booth book: The Price of Tomorrow.

sootysoup ftm

Just to make a correction.

Richard nixon did not take us off the gold standard.

Franklin roosevelt did in 1933 during the great depression. So did the rest of the world. Without really legislating it or making it real public knowledge.

The gold standard was one of the main cause, length, and duration of the great depression.


We archive cause of u watch it twice, you learn twice as much ????

Lynn Lov

Mr. Robert, Can you talk to Mr. President and have him have a conversation with the Fed/other government body to give a regulation to Ripple (the cryptocurrency co.)? That company should not be leaving the US. May be you can help them open up their eyes about the technology. Thank you very much.

Dan Brown

The truth is the fed and government have got there piece in our rear ends and they keep putting it in and taking it out, But there not depositing they are making it dry, no wonder why because there ugly F's but not only that they have been doing it for so long I think are holes are closing up.

Mr Charles _

Really glad I began listening to your show
Love the content and way you break it down
Going to get bad out there


When Roberts not on the radio, hes spending hours looking into the mirror practicing his angry dorky stupid faces for his videos. A Marine pulling faces to get attention, unbelievable begging.


The guest is giving the technology way too much credit. I dont agree with him that deflation is due to technological innovation. General fall in prices is happening because of demographics, fall in investement rate for mature or developed economies due to the lack of investment opportunities. Investment is not happening because quite the opposite, the lack of innovation and new industries. Why the biggest companies allocated their capital into the emerging markets like China if they could make money at home? The answer is - they couldnt. Return on capital is lower and theres market saturation. The only strategy to keep profits up is to copy the growth from developed to developing countries. Give me something nowadays that can match urbanization, electrification, motorization, early automation in manufacturing, access to the drinking water through pipes, home heating, telegraph, photography, motion picture and other great things from the second industrial revolution. Yes digitalization had an impact on productivity from 1995 to 2004 period because of internet, e-mail, data transfer speeds and specialized software for work in office and industry. That growth was one time event. Theres slowdown of "Moores Law" and specialized chip architecture does not give much gains like general purpose computing gave us in 90s and early 00s. The smartphone "revolution" could not impact productivity beacuse it does all the things that PCs can already do. Social networks are also counterproductive for many people because of distraction from work and they use too much time. Post-industrial societies also have too much BS jobs that dont contribute anything for surplus value. Some authors like David Graeber are claiming that in developed world there are around 40% of all jobs on the market. Service economy cant raise much of productivity because services cant be boosted with technology gains like manufacturing. For example, theres not much for productivity gains in restaurant or taxi business, haircuts will always be haircuts, watching the movie at cinema will always take the same time and similiar conditions etc. Also salaires are stagnant for decades in developed world. Only thing that is moving the economic growth is debt and cheap labor from developing countries.

I may be right

Once everyone has adopted bitcoin the EMP will hit us and wipe out what's left. But gold and silver will survive. Even coal will be worth trading again.

Edward Larrick

Great content as always! Though the coronavirus caused a historic fall in global markets—crypto markets included— pundits still argue that now is the right time to buy Bitcoin and trade, rather than sell. It's smarter to earn profit and stack up in this bear market by getting your holdings into the active trading market from which I have grown my portfolio from *2.9btc-11btc already, with the help of Mr Douglas Murray’s trading guide and signals, Which have been lucrative trading with. if you are looking for a way to increase your portfolio or investment, Y'all can reach out to him through His * Mail *([email protected] com)" or Whatsapp +1 (832) 413-2374..

George Alf34420

Warning theres a scammer out there by the name of Mr Jeffery Trading. Took me for 7000$. He’s a fraud. Said he made me 26900$. Keeps wanting more funds to release money. Spread this news he’s bad. Got his information from utube followers. Maybe robots


This show has pretty much turned to shit, its just a long form advertisement for bit coin and gold. We get it you're shorting america. Quit shilling for your investments!



Trolukya Saikia

In my case Robert Kiyosaki is my rich dad...??

Loddy Dotty

Thank you for having great content and informative guest.

Tcius Inv

What do you guys think about owning XRP?

Les Pièces du Puzzle

The problem of AI is that it's not intelligent at all. Same as human. We confuse intelligence with intellectual skills. Those robots are programmed based on antique paradigms that are not evolution oriented. And then we are either surprised or predicting devolution or deflation (depending if we are not financially educated or if we are financially smart). If we want to evolve, we have to change our way of thinking. When people promote paradigms that will stand for "centuries of centuries" that means they refuse to question those paradigms. Worth, they will disqualify anyone who attempt to do so. Unfortunately the richests are getting richer because they are smart but not necessarily intelligent.
Seat on a vault (buying silver or gold, for example) while humanity is sawing the branch where it's seated knowing this is the only branch in the outspace within the reach of our present technology is not at all intelligent.
There's two faces on greed: accumulating richness as much as we can expecting the other to fail just to demonstrate (mostly to ourselves) that we are smarter than everyone else or than most of the population is one.
The other face is making better use of the technolgy trying to apply new and more efficient paradigms to it.
There's a part of humanity who thinks of technology as evil, but money and technology are not evil, this is the paradigms supporting them that are not efficient.
Evolution needs a change in our way of thinking, meaning questioning our paradigms and find out which ones are no longer useful. Questioning empathy or save a human at all cost including making Life disappear seems to people sacrilege but if there's no more Life, this is not a human life we'll have to save but all humanity. Even the richests won't be able to survive. And, by the way, surviving is not living. We have the physiological capacity to survive only for a very limited amount of time. We need to learn how to use our minds instead of being used by our brain.

Sandi Kennelly

What’s ahead will be expedited by Biden policies. Taxing the rich by Trillions will hurt the stock market and prevent the rich (who have money) from hiring people. Biden repealing Trumps tax cuts denying people of spending that money on Main Street hurting businesses will not help America. Biden embracing free trade sending our jobs overseas and increasing business taxes sending jobs overseas will help to speed up the financial crisis.

Rui Machado

Probably the best interview ever

Liberty & Macro For All

Stock market crash!!?? check out my podcast, have a new one coming soon about the bubble in gold and the bounce between the deflation and inflationary plays!

Bradley Erasmus

Please allow the experts to speak!!! They are asked questions, but then constantly interrupted!