S&p short range oscillator

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Introduction to the Zerolag Oscillator

2 851 views | 11 Feb. 2018

The NinjaTrader 8 update

The NinjaTrader 8 update for the Zerolag Oscillator offers major improvements on trade setup filtering and signal accuracy:

- New Filters for Momentum, Key- and Secondary Retracement Signals

- Adding the Efficiency Ratio as a trend filter

- Option to customize oversold/overbought levels

- Eliminating retracements caused by gaps

- Discretion on conditions for setup confirmation

For more information check out the premium section of LizardIndicators:


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Eli Arieli

how do you revove color of bar on ichimoku if you want the zerolag to show insted on the same graph?

Edgar Gonzalez

Kris Hi,
Have you converted this indicator into a strategy and if so, statistically speaking how has it performed?

Tom Martin

Do you use your Auction Bars with the Zerolag Oscillator?

Jeff Wright

Suggest you post a link here to facilitate traders direct access to your product(s).

Dark Lord

Do you make automatic trading systems (bots) ?

Leodan Ramirez

Hi Kris, has you converter Laguerre Rsi to Ninja Trader 8?

S&p short range oscillator

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Day and Swing Trading the S&P 500 Using the Micro E mini Stock Index Futures | Carley Garner

3 190 views | 8 Apr. 2020

The E-mini contract isn't

The E-mini contract isn't as mini as it used to be in a coronavirus world. Let's take a look at the possibilities offered by the CME Group's new suite if Micro E-mini stock index futures products. We'll discuss contract specs as well as look at live market action to identify possible trade set-ups, calculate risk and reward, and point out some common trading pitfalls.

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Does anyone wonder if Cramer is still advising the opposite of his position interests? I can’t tell you how many times I have wanted to strangle him for running his soup coolers (and being wrong) and effecting the price as a result.


Hi. Does wash-sale rules apply to emini or micro emini?



Did she just say "VOL IN TILITY"? I am out of here.