When will amazon accept bitcoin

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Amazon To Accept Bitcoin As A Payment Form?

18 views | 24 Sep. 2017

When will amazon accept bitcoin

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Amazon willing to accept Crypto in 2021?

2 478 views | 21 Nov. 2020

Amazon willing to accept

Amazon willing to accept #Bitcoin? Will that be the next big thing?

#2minutekibaat #Amazon

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Ramjan Ahmed


Sukdev ips

दोस्तों इंडिया में अब ऐसा एप्लीकेशन (Coinswitch Kuber)लॉन्च हुआ है जिसमें डिजिटल करेंसी (जिसे क्रिप्टोकरंसी भी कहते हैं जैसे बिटकॉइन ) को खरीदा तथा बेचा जा सकता है, यह एक ऑथेंटिक ऐप है इसलिए गूगल प्ले स्टोर के माध्यम से ही डाउनलोड होता है
अभी एक बिटकॉइन का रेट 12 लाख के करीब हो गया जो कुछ साल पहले 33 हजार के करीब था,, इस ऐप के जरिए ₹100 से लेकर अधिकतम आप जितना निवेश कर सकते हो उतने रुपए में खरीद लेने से जब इसका रेट बढ़ जाए तब एक सेकंड में बेच सकते हो.. और तुरंत बैंक अकाउंट में पैसा डाल सकते हो,
पूरी दुनिया में बिटकॉइन धूम मचा रखा है जिसमें एक न एक दिन सब इन्वेस्ट करेंगे , कहीं तब तक देर ना हो जाए,जहां बैंक मे बहुत कम इंटरेस्ट रेट मिलता है, वही इसमें कई गुना इंटरेस्ट रेट मिल सकता है जिसका किसी ने सोचा भी नहीं होगा,

इस ऐप के बारे में ज्यादा जानकारी के लिए गूगल तथा यूट्यूब देख सकते हो
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Great information sir ji .......Thank u so much ??

Awanish Dubey


Neeraj Kamboj

Thanks for update. Good news sir.

Robin Nathan

Thanks sir

Suresh Chaudhary

Sir not only Amazon !
In coming days every one will use only crypto..Even Banking sector will deposit and provide loan against crypto.. like now they deposit our fiat currency and charges maintenance of account fee.
Chalo ishwar hmare so called Netaao ko sadbuddhi de..

Amit Kumar singh

thank Sir info

Munair Alam

Good congratulations all of us

Muneer Makhdoomi

If amazon started accepeting Crypto then how much a BTC worth in 2021?

shabeena tanzeem

Good Job bro

Mohan Joshi

Thanks for info.

Aravali M

Thanks for the update ?

sunil kumar

Great news once again

CrSatya Dev

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If I talk about Bitcoin....
Bitcoin has failed at this, the true value comes from actual use of the ecosystem and
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Bitcoin transactions are slow and expensive, and it can be argued Bitcoin is somewhat
The main reason people participate in the bitcoin ecosystem is as price speculators to
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Manish Kumar

Great news sir thanks

Arif Shaik

Amazing news on Amazon ?you always thrill with latest news sir ?


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Kevin Dellinger

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Harvinder Singh

Hi sir
At what price bchn and bchabc are getting traded


When will amazon accept bitcoin

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Will Amazon accept Bitcoin soon? Dow Jones & BAT Partnership... THIS IS HUGE!

14 740 views | 19 Apr. 2018

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Brave browser! Thanks bro

sclyejt ly


harry l

bitcoin & litecoin

Adrian A


sunny decree

Get the BRAVE browser for free: https://brave.com/sun194




You can already use BTC and Altcoins on amazon vouchers (and others)... https://giftoff.com/affiliate/474097 :) I use it a lot

Harry Gupta



Just downloaded it ;) Looking forward to supporting you further Sunny :)


Excited for BAT!

Unknown Unknown

@Sunny decree any news about BitClub Network??


Amazon has shown great interest in crypto for many years now. Just look at how much they have done to make it difficult to buy amazon gift cards with crypto. (through egifter for instance) Amazon wants a physical presesene in everyone's neighborhood, like Walmart does. Doing so requires them to become super friendly to local governments and that includes taxes and law enforcement because local authorities could make it very expensive if they don't cooperate. I could easily see Amazon choosing to throw crypto users under the bus for the sake of its ambition of becomeing the ubiquitous goto point to buy everything by everyone. Boy!! I want to be wrong on this one, but I expect Amazon to be a troublemaker when it comes to liberty and privacy and act like a nanny for everyone like facebook and google do. I so want to be wrong. I want to be able to smile back at those smiling cardboard boxes.

Corn Pop

Bitcoin will be outlawed.

Ralph Raymond

Unveiling (un-vay-ling) or revealing (ree-vee-ling) bro-thanks for the excellent video. I wish I could speak German too.

Hans Krabben

Dat zou geweldig zijn wanneer je met btc kunt betalen bij Amazon.

Crypto Fish

That would be huge if Amazon started accepting some form of crypto...

Luz Jackson

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Well done Graham

Tha Mor0n

I am still convinced amazon is just developing their own blockchain, They had a recruitment event the other week, cant find the source right now. They wanna take over the world, so developing their own would make sense.

Peter Petrov

Amazon should roll that patent and stick it up their a**! Bitcoin and our data don't belong to one company. If they don't like the way this whole decentralized economy works, maybe they should leave crypto alone and continue working with dollars! They'll be fine! sort of

Julian Mauro

I cant login binance with that browser , it just tells me wow monster eats the image anyone else?

Crypto Diva

Just post on steemit..

Coin Worx

BAT is nice with a good team and great concept! ?

Ed Edz

cant find DOW link for downloading and free subscription as you say in vid?

Cercle De Feu

braveis very good browser, altho some work still needed since some highly secure website cant be reach with it atm


I'm 90% altcoins lol


hey sunny. lueg mal ignition coin ah bitte.

ant bull

They wont be going with bitcoincore it will be with bitcoincash which is bitcoin

void habit

Sunny, what are you smoking? Amazon spaying on Bitcoin users and selling data to law enforcement is a bullish news for you, this must be the bottom!


The best crypto YT channel... Cheers mate ...

Mark O'Neill

hi sunny i like your wideos but you make fuck all from me .i never see your yt ads if you run them as i never see ads on any site thanks to adblock ?

Sakda Seedapol

Nice vids Sunny !!!

Kenny H

Imagine if Amazon accepted BTC, I bet that would force PayPal into merging with Coinbase or coming up with their own way to convert currency into crypto all in one transaction when buying something. Think I can get any royalties on that idea ???

Bernard Macarius

People have no idea how much privacy they are giving up especially with these stupid devices you can talk to like Alexa and others. Maybe I will hear you and your significant others conversations on the net soon! Idiots.

max iifoojar

Awesome I will start .
Keep up


sunny please do a video on Genesis Mining missing daily payouts and missing withdrawals!

Sabo Beatz

Lueg mal ignition coin ah. Mach recht guet geld mit masternode. Wär hammer würdsch das mal i me video erwähne. Het no kein youtuber gmacht ;)

Kyah Sam

my laptop becomes laggy when using Brave browser compare to using my chrome browser

Hector Quiles

I have been using brave browser and duckduckgo search engine for the last three months and it's been great so far.

Mr. takagi

If Amazon accepts Bitcoin as payment it would be great. Amazon started out as a internet company more than 15 years ago, and not everybody believed in it but is now one of the most successful dot com companies. Internet companies accepting bitcoin is good for cryptocurrency.

Rabie Alkamouchi

Amazon whil accept onle fes trance account whit low fees vertcoin groestlcoin viacoin


Everywhere people are talking about Etherlink. Actually what is etherlink and is it good to invest on it

Mark Francisco

What's going on....! I love your videos... Just say, "What's going on!" OK? Keep up the good work..! Need more vids with you on your skateboard!

Pitchars Okinawa


Three Hares Media

It's good stuff. But for users who contribute toward their favourite content creators cannot (yet) get 'paid' in BAT. Well, they can ... but they just can't withdraw it to covert to BTC or Fiat or whatever. This is from BAT Q&A:
(Please note that you cannot transfer BAT out of your Brave wallet. The Brave BAT wallet is unidirectional (as was the Brave Payments Bitcoin proof-of-concept system), and its sole purpose currently is to anonymously and securely contribute to publishers of websites of your choosing.)

Jonko XL

Someone explain how BAT tokens are paid for, the content creator gets them, but whats the catch? will they sell our personal data using the browser?

Bitcoin 2019

we love you sunny

boban carevic

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Fernando Gutierrez

I don't see why volatility would be an issue accepting bitcoin. Bitcoin would be an additional payment method along side traditional methods, but pricing would still be in fiat. For merchants pricing in dollars and accepting bitcoins means doing away with credit card commissions and they could pass on that benefit to the customer of course

Pablo Barruylle

Brave is great! been using it for months and im using it all the time,....... and am not going back to chrome!

Luca Tutino

I think you got it wrong. It is NOT true that I do not pay and the you2ber gets BATs. You get BATs only if I ACTIVATE PAYMENT in the settings. And when do so, BRAVE ASKS TO FUND MY WALLET, which means to PAY.

Peter Walker

Amazon went through what crypto is going through right now during the dot com bubble. It makes sense that they see the potential for the next online revolution.


U can see that u have not been awake that long hahaha


I'm basically a firfox user. (go figure :-) ) but I checked out brave and it didn't seem to work well with putting tabs on the left. I'm kind of a tab-addict and usually have hundreds of them open which requres me to have them on the side to make it managable. Last time I checked, Brave wasn't doing that very well. I plan to update and recheck on a regular basis because, otherwise its a pretty good browser.

Martin Siegmund

Sunny do you notice the Nano Airdrop?? its called Banano and end on 22. April.

GabakUSA Free computer training

BCH is the real bitcoin

President Camacho

@Sunny Decree There is big big discount on HASHFLARE 0.60$ per 10 gh/s and 25% rabatt with the code thats crazy i double my hashrate today but with a lot risk i think now pls check it Sunny :-)

Nikola Karakas

Why would they accept crypto, with so small supply? BitCoin is less and less atractive to new investers. For now bitcoin is slow, and who the fuck wants to pay for some cheap shit in BitCoin decimals? Coins with bigger circulating supply have more chances to get adopted by world wide companies.


As much as I hate the global slavery corporation Amazon, another avenue to launder my crypto and avoid paying any tax would be good. Brave is a pretty good browser yeah.

Aaron Ainslie

I would definitely accept Bitcoin payments for royalties on my Amazon Kindle account for my horse-racing and Bitcoin books.

Crypto in the Box

I've been using the brave browser for over a couple of months now. It's still a bit glitchy, but works just fine. There are updates being released periodically, so I guess improvements are on the way. The best thing is that I don't have to see youtube ads anymore!!!

Hardcore Panda

Amazon going to start a lending platform.

Pieter van Biljon

I dont trust it at all

Ethan hunt

i think amazon already accepting bitcoin as a payment through the backdoor purse.io

Cryptow Dennis

Hey Duke Nukem :) Amazon will just instantly transform the BTC transactions into USD or EUR, so I don't see why they should wait any longer.

Mr Charles

Amazon will accept a smaller crypto

Mike P

Yay, all of our information will be sold off to the feds...you are right, this is huge news, might not be good news, but huge nonetheless

Breaking Toast

ripple is the one to buy

ZhongXing Jin

Basic Attention Token is the best and yet the most undervalued utility token in the market.

Jd Brooks

best vids man

harish ghorui

thank you for clearing up the amazon news

Doug Brow

Sunny is making some gains


Shill level: OVER 9000!

Josiah Fam

It's huge news indeed


I'm using brave right now and I love it. thank you sunny for sharing some truly decentralized platforms, I'm sure everyone would love to see more lol

Levi Smirnoff

Sry but I see the chances to both as very slim. Most people I know do not change stock software for custom software with no essential benefit to them personally. Google Chrome is preinstalled that is why it is used so often. I know many people, a lot of them still use internet explorer. There are in fact already too much browsers. I also want to recommend SpeedCash (SCS), privacy coin, just 430000 supply.


Doesnt this go against GDPR?


Just buy Amazon giftcards with BTC if you want a pseudo Anonbuy.

black light

Viewing on brave browser :-) +1 :-)