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A quick-look around (X3AP Mod)

4 539 views | 15 Feb. 2014

This is a quick look

This is a quick look around the new universe; showing sectors, ships etc. in the mod. This is an unedited footage, straight from the game. Whilst the mod adds a lot of new places to explore, I can only show you a handful of things.

Please note this is still being worked on, so there maybe a strange map :)

If you like, then please like the video - many thanks


No U

Thos Sectors are beautiful Roguey :D. 

Wakko Sick

add me on steam Roguey. WaKKO151

Nyse xrm

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Dynamics 365 FormXmlManager (Arabic)

194 views | 10 Jul. 2018


Nyse xrm

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VAI's S2K Sales Force CRM Success Story

362 views | 25 May. 2012

Joseph Scioscia, VAI's

Joseph Scioscia, VAI's Vice President of Sales, talks about how VAI's S2K Sales Force helped RefrigiWare, Inc. increase sales and improve customer service. S2K Sales Force is much more then contact management; it is completely integrated with S2K Enterprise, giving your sales team real time access to customer and product information anytime anywhere they need it.

Learn more about S2K Sales Force