Where to buy zencash

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ZenCash - How to Buy and Store with CryptoDad

219 views | 13 Jun. 2018

The CryptoDad Covers

The CryptoDad Covers ZenCash – How to Buy and Store. I will demonstrate 3 different wallets.

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Thanks for the video! Check out their Zen faucet too ??


Thank you for this detailed video, keep it coming.

Nasser Hamid

If Zen drops to $10 i will buy a few.

Where to buy zencash

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Zencash (ZEN) Unbiased Review | Is it worth Buying?

3 042 views | 4 May. 2018

Zencash (ZEN) Unbiased

Zencash (ZEN) Unbiased Review | Is it worth Buying?



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Disclaimer: This is not an investment advice. I’m not a financial adviser. Always do your own research and only invest solely based on your own findings and personal judgement.Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.


Ali Hussain

Nice one video.

Crypto sem

Make video on Zebi cryptocurrency. Interesting project

aMY Meh

Koinex kesa exchange hai, inka widral bhut kharab hai, mere pass 16 lk tron hai koinex mein kaya karu ye bataiye aur ek video banaiye exchange to exchange cryptocurrency trasfer ka... Jese ki koinex to zebpay...

Jai Bandari

Good Video ???

chetan khadela

amit bharadwaj kya koi news he..?

Binh Tam

Thanks you for sharing. Good news for #ZenCash coin project. #ZenCash (#ZEN) is currently trading on Coinsoda with 0% transaction fee forever! This is a new exchange. It will launch on 01 Oct 2018. You can visit coinsoda.io and start trading immediately with 0% transaction fee forever.




Thanks ? Sapna mam

Vishal Napit

Mam zebpay ke alava kis plateform se cryptocurrency trade kar sakte hai

Piyush Aggarwal

Zebi update on telegram channel

Pramod Niroula

when giveaway result out?

Piyush Aggarwal

Buy more zebi coin

ritu ravi

Informative video mam

Earn With Sapna

What you think about Zencash Comment Below ??

Nilesh Mehta

mam this is Nilesh here form Mumbai
i have been following your videos and found them very helpful and profitable though i have not yet traded or bought Crypto and so wanted an advice for thee same
to buy and sell which exchange is best and easy for a starter like me which also charges less fees
as what i know is in India first need to transfer Inr to Zebpay and buy BTC and then transfer the same to any exchange where i can trade

chiranjibi rout

Mam I want to trading but no idea plz help me


ETN miner se update balance me q nai Ara he...mam

Piyush Aggarwal

Zebi update on telegram channel

Akshay Kumar

Nice video mam,
but zen cash ka rate bahut high hai... Mera interest cashaa me hai to iske regarding mam aap kya kuh sugeest kr skte ho....

Sai Monalisa

Aap jaise hoo ache hoo!!! I like your originality n simplicity. You are doing good ?.

Hala al Turk

Meddem give away per ap nay video ni banai

Piyush Aggarwal

Zebi update on telegram channel

Kulwant Singh Sandhu

mam please do unbiased review on gandhiji

Mosfiqur Rahman Abir

Can i buy DigiByte and hold for 2 or 3 months in Bittrex???

lekharaj khadoliya


Piyush Aggarwal

Hello mam what about zebi


Is it good time to invest 1 btc into zencash or we should wait for price drop

Because 29 april se bohot badha hai price

Ali Hussain

i am first viewver.

Rafik Dhawa



Abhi ZenCash ko Mat kharido , kyuki kafi up gaya hua h. Wait karo iske down jane ka . Otherwise loss ho sakta h ! $10 to $20 is safe investment in zen cash

My opinion and prediction!

Dr Rahul General surgeon

Advise on ripple please

DrAijaz amir

Sapna g mujhe apse contact K apni email ID send kr dijiye

Online Smart Income

Nice review

Ankit Thakkar

Clock coin


Afzal altaf 87Afzal altaf 87mem telegram par account hi nahin ban raha main ne app install ki hai lekan 24 ghanty say loading hi karrahi hai help me pakistan me1 second ago1 day ago•

Satvik Parashar

mam ripple ko lgbhag kitne pr buy krna hoga or lagbhag kitne pr sell kr du kyo ki mere ko sirf Rs 5000 ka profit chaiye plz buy ka price bata di jiye or lgbhag kb up jayega

Vishwajeet Singh Menwal

#Superrrb Madam

Ali Hussain

Nice video.

J.k Ghosh


Jai Shree Ram

Ist viewer

Vijay Patel

can u post an video regarding how to do intra trading of altcoin
we don't have deepar knowledge of trading thats why some tym we are even in huge loss ..

online business center

Dipme kase coin purches karte he tutorial kariya mem please

Where to buy zencash

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why you must buy ZENCASH

87 views | 22 Dec. 2017

BUY zencash at cryptopia

BUY zencash at cryptopia http://bit.ly/2zkMSOK

Private and Reliable Transactions, Communications, and Publishing

Zen is leveraging the best minds in technology, governance, and community building to create the world’s first private, distributed, and reliable platform for communications, transactions, and publishing.

Private Transactions

ZenCash has the ability to use transparent and shielded transactions for blockchain based commerce.

Transparent from the Bitcoin blockchain heritage.

Shielded transactions using zk-SNARKS from Zcash.

Private Communications

Private communications on the ZenCash blockchain ensures no metadata leakage regarding transaction specifics.

Distributed and Secure Nodes relay communications in a non-trackable way.

Secure and private communications with custom client application fully utilize the secure memo capabilities of shielded transactions.

Secure and Anonymous Publishing

End-user applications provide one-to-many private communications on blockchain.

Secure messaging provides for publishing on the InterPlanetary File System.

Distributed publishing and distributed messaging enables worldwide anonymous communications

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