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Waco ISD Surplus Auction Sell to buy Silver and Gold!

178 views | 29 Dec. 2018

Local auction of Waco

Local auction of Waco Texas Independent School District Surplus items to resell on eBay for Silver and Gold !!


That is a lot of good stuff I like the scales

Sheri Honeybee

Nice Haul! Happy New Year Todd!


Certainly a bit of an unusual lot there. The first thing i would do with those Vacuum cleaners is check the continuity on the flex. It's very common for any portable appliance to have a fractured cable.


Those vacuum cleaners suck! :p


I see you still Hustlin Pops! Great to hear ya Buddy!

Tomoko's Enterprize

What a great batch of goodies bud. I am sure you will do well flipping them.


Nice Orec stack. Best of luck with the sales and Happy New Year!!!


You will be busy cleaning and listing all those items lol. Love the scales.

1212 Resale

Nice haul. Like those scales. Vacuums should be fun. I usually end up parting things like that out or selling local if I can. Thanks for sharing.

David M The Car Boot Picker

Thanks for sharing Todd , nice haul you got there mate, keep up the good work man??


Great buy buddy, should do great! Thanks for showing friend!

The Upside Down Picker

Great job Todd! BTW I watched this whole video!!!!

LL Stache - Larry

What is your plan with the vacuum cleaner's?


Great video


Nice pickins Silverhair. Happy New Year.


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What if I Have to Sell to Buy

3 views | 18 Sep. 2017

This video is about What

This video is about What if I Have to Sell to Buy


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Mambahead Scavenging Through Shit To Sell To BUY NEXT DOSE OF SMACK (FACE REVEAL)

27 views | 4 Apr. 2020

Mambahead has been videoed

Mambahead has been videoed taking scrap metal to buy more gear later (KA2SMACKHEAD)