Stock biggest gainers

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r/wallstreetbets $2,000,000+ GAINS (WSB YOLO OPTIONS TRADING)

111 605 views | 5 Jun. 2020


WallStreetBets (r/wallstreetbets) is home to some of the internet's craziest traders. In this Wall Street Bets episode, we look at some of the top gains and losses from the past couple weeks. Be sure to subscribe for more Wall Street Bets memes, yolos, best trades, fails, options trading, news and guhs.

#wallstreetbets #stocks #optionstrading

Logan P

Why would you pick calls on a stock that's clearly tanking. Wtf


More more more videos

Yusuke Urameshi

I had the choice between dollar general and dollar tree. Dollar general has screwed me over even though they did so much better. It doesn't make any sense.

Victor Rusu

RIP the DKNG guy...
Remember boys, buy the dip sell the rip.


Damn can we get F's in the chat for the guy all in on Norwegian

Nolan T



2 weeks later... ( those calls)

0ne Drop

I’ve got TZA calls for October going rn

Daniel Angstrom

I love how you legit say their names in the same tone with the same conviction and positivity every time.
"Congrats on your 20x gains and best of luck with cruiseline holdings, Sir_Jack_A_Lot"


I'm investing some of my income in ETFs, like every week.


You expecting gains from trading fucking Roku? Roku?!

Sarim Ansari


O ptions

Why do people hold after a big ass gain? Its the stupidest thing you can do... then they complain how they lost the gains

Nathaniel Symer

My portfolio is currently all tsla stocks I bought at $500 a pop. I'm holding them for years. Bite me.


Made a fuck ton off mfa and I decided to full send and keep buying shares hopefully this next week is good for them

Andrew Kim

Bruh Roku is at $350 now.... Has tripled since this video lol


The Norwegian Cruise Line was a great play

Morgan Guenot

I'm going to be on this channel in a week mark my words


Is there somewhere to learn about options and trading I wanna know what I’m doing when finally decide to yolo it


You're gonna die if you try to make huge amounts of money in trading, I'm happy making 100- 300$ dayly.

Jacek Blach Siewierski

And remember... buy high sell low

Zane Carmichael

Socialist baby. Ironic


I bet Socialist Baby is now a card carrying socialist.

Adriel Mendoz

Boeing anyone


haha he tells her "congrats on your bj's"

Zach Wohlhaefer

these are great stonks so far no not stonks yet :) ???

Steven Miller

You sound just like that dude with the growing weed channel

Noah Perkins

Voice over is so much better!!!

Travis Rogers

I hope that guy went back into Roku... They are up to $326/share!!!!!

Carlos deleon

Cant wait to see next weeks,today was wild for the market


This is the same guy from /start right?


"I don't like to learn from my mistakes." - Communist flair checks out. 2:32

Lemon Scented

I see WatchMojo is now commentating on stocks

Das Maverick

Comment "F" for the blown accounts.

spence duck

"sir jack a lots" reasoning for why cruiselines are safer than airlines is the exact reason why they are more risky.... smart guy lol

Max Talks - Personal Finance, Growth & Career Tips

Congrats on your BJ's ?



Aj Comeforo

The S&P only moves in two directions, up and to the right

Josiah Powell

roku is over $400 now ?

Terry Myers

Oasis petroleum anyone?

Daniel Axelrod


John McCullugh

this dudes voice. I can't.

jack mehofff

I've been going all in all year and I'm about even waiting for my time.

lean city

Missed you bro glad you uploaded ? these niggas is crazy

Speed Racer

I been doing options day trading started with 200 last week im at 800, swapped over to TOS on Friday would've made 1500 on that Tesla call at 675 if my money had settled ?


Socialist baby loses all his money. How relevant.

Chithi Gunatilake

I like how nice you are even though they yoloed thier savings


Bro love your content. Can you please drop the gay voice. Thanks


✈️$BA was insane. Anyone seen it?

hhh qqq

So professional casino?

tony H

I look at these videos in awe

Im just trying to build enough assets to get to 4k a month in passive income


These people have enough money to start their own business or buy real estate or something tangible but instead they put it into shitty option calls.


Dont you also do voice work for a D&D channel?? Astoshan ring a bell??

Bryson Caldwell

Lmao the irony of "socialist baby" losing all the money


That guy who held penn holy

lean city

Miss you Stonks ...upload soon

WilfordThe 4th

a socialist gets what he deserves.


I've gone from 200 to 1k in the past week off of amd and docu calls am I there yet

Robby Bergers

why sell mongodb? they are the future


I started with 2340

Now i have 28k

Peyton Schroyer

Love the videos keep it up

Wesley Insley

Hi Graham


Go back to the old style vocals and music volume!!!!! Glad the old music is back but it’s so low in the mix. The vocals aren’t horrible but pump the music volume up stonks channel!!


LMFAOOOOO this is a coincidence but i just checked the FB ticker and its at $262.01

The Wealth Generator

These dudes have some serious balls. I can’t even comprehend going all in on one stock, let alone on CALLS!

Rami S

Lol u keep doing you lose all ur gains if u smart when u make good gain stop ✋

Join Snow

Casper is at 9. Hes an idiot

Max Wilson

Does this guy also do D&D vids? All things Dnd? So familiar voice....


Merch for true Wallstreet Bets degenerates:

Rick Matsokotere

With a name like Socialist Baby, who else could tell where this was going

Sam M

750k in Norwegian a week ago holy fuck that’s gourmet primo tendies //Edit: thought they were calls, this is gay

Xae Xeer

Draft kings guy better sell lol


I’m confused - how does Buying a $35 DKNG in the money call for 2021 make profits ? The premium is so high to buy the call




Roku guy made hella money now


LMAO LEARJET MEIGS only Flight Simulator 95 players will get this

Druw 205

Wonder if we’ll see the dude who lost 250k on spy puts this week on this channel.

Mike Mcbeth

Could I ride jets

Ryan Chase

$fukinChase please please if you got that type of money to waste send it to that cash app

JPS Trading

I love these videos some of the pay offs and risks are amazing and crazy at the same time

Achyut Bhattarai

Bro these names ?


Do you only post robinhood users? Does no one have an td ameritrade account or Charles swab

Willie McMillan

Socialist Baby definitely got his money back ?

Cool ScreenName

Today was a good day

ThePhoenix 561

I'm just a poor boy who scraped together about 3600 bucks of savings. I put all that into the market, got down to 600 dollars holding on a stock like a idiot but this week I turned it into to 5 grand on REITs, airline, and oil options.

Sean Wang

Hopefully the dkng person cashed out already

Zoomer Trader

Stonks only go up

Petar Dimitrov

These guys are insane... Just can't comprehend risking that much. Nevertheless really entertaining, hah, thanks for the video!

Stock biggest gainers

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Stock Market Today | Live Stocks Scanners : Gapping Stocks & Penny Stocks

14 views | 11 Feb. 2021

In this video you will see

In this video you will see live stocks market scanners for 52 week high, Mid/Large cap companies that have been moving, Mid/Large cap stocks that are gapping in pre market hours, the biggest percentage gainers, stocks that their price target has been raised by analyst, Nasdaq $QQQ and S&P500 $SPY chart and financial news.

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We are not a financial advisor and anything that we show on this YouTube channel should not be seen as financial advice. We are only sharing stocks price movements. You should always understand that with investing there is always risk. You should always do your own research before making any investments.

#StockMarket #OptionTrading #PennyStocks #StockScanner #DayTrading #StocksToWatch

Maksim Vinogradov


Stock biggest gainers

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10 High Performance Stocks for Great Returns

16 722 views | 10 Dec. 2020

We have covered 10

We have covered 10 magnificent small cap stocks that have the potential to deliver excellent returns in the near future.

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10 High Performance Stocks for Great Returns


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Website: https://www.TopGainersSystem.com/

#stockmarket #sharemarket #stockportfolio

--★-- CREDITS --★--

Stock Charts & Financial Data: Screener, Zerodha Kite

Some Images: Respective company websites, Pixabay

Background Music: Operatic 3

--★-- DISCLAIMER --★--

All information provided in this video and all the accompanying material are intended to be used and must be used for informational and educational purposes only. You should do your own analysis before making any investment based on your own personal circumstances. You should take independent financial advice from an authorized investment advisor in connection with, or independently research and verify, any information that you find from me and wish to rely upon, whether for the purpose of making an investment decision or otherwise.

Suhas Dhamorikar

Good analysis

manoj gupta

Thank you sir for sharing such a nice information ??

Shine Joseph

Thank you sir..

sujesh ms

Thanks for the information

Shambu Panneerselvam

Hello brother, Very good presentation very much impressed me.??

Wilfred Wiz

Sir when buying based on Momentum on price based on 1yr performance but you are mentioning their market valuation?

E Sivaraman

Good Presentation with Clarity. Why not prepare one that includes all..large, mid and small. Thanks

nenavata ramachandu

Very good video
May god bless you

Ganesh R

Good analysis All the stocks are good, but recently gone up.

Abdul Khadeer Khaleefa

Greetings, you are doing a great job. Regards.

Sarma Kodali


Anand Kumar

Wants to know your view on Jyoti lab for long term 5 years

Pooja Vedpathak

Your style is very good recommedition short and sweet not big lecture like others thanks

hakkim bba

How u r recommending pahrama companies.. Due to corona. They might get high.. What if coming year become reversal.. Kindly add atleast 5 year details.

Top Gainers System

--★-- Learn to Build a Stock Portfolio That Can Beat the Market Returns --★--
Get the FREE video at https://www.topgainerssystem.com/how-to-build-a-stock-portfolio-in-simple-steps/


Great video

Renganathan Narayanaswamy

Is t not a chrona period fall and recovery??

Passion Vel

Great and useful videos ???

Pure Water

Thank you ??

Bhaskar Rao

tq for useful information

vinayak t gouda

Thanks for the information

francis thomas

Great ideas. Thank you sir.

Suganthan Srinivasan

Why not TCS IT??

meenakshi venkatesan

Thanks for the info. Can you pl also give an analysis of some stocks for people who cannot invest much. Say low income group. But still would like to participate in the stock market. Much obliged

kiran patil

Excellent analysis sir. Appreciation to you

venkatesh karnam

Nice info, sir you also cover stocks which price is below Rs: 50/ becoming multi bagger after some years if possible

Venkat Naidu

All are chemical stocks. Fmcg & other domains are missing. It is not diversified portfolio as it is all chemical stocks

k v p s Achari


naveena h a

Tq bro ❤️

S R Kakhandaki

Very nice explaination and language too

Abdul Shafi Shaik

Very Nice Sir Thank You.

Satish Ranjan

Excellent sir ji,

Shambu Panneerselvam

Very very excellent ? details of Good stock lectures given to YouTube Brother Prathip Kumar. Thank you.