Trump gold standard

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Ron Paul's Views on The Gold Standard

11 315 views | 2 Feb. 2012

Ron Paul's Views on The

Ron Paul's Views on The Gold Standard


Neoliberalism WAS CREATED by the libertarians you mentioned. And as just about everyone agrees the current system (after 30 years of their dictatorial reign) is either straight out fascism or rapidly heading that way. The golden age - pisses all over any preceding age for the amount of freedom. But for libertarians freedom doesnt meant freedom if means the denying of freedom FOR THE MAJORITY and the HYPER FREEDOM for the elite - thus their pushing of social Darwinism and contempt for Democracy..


Look mario the problem is you lack of grasp of what is going on - I cannot read books for you - it requires long hours and effort - Ron Paul's road leads to fascism...


Please do this, it will be hilarious to see the US giving up its entire Gold reserve to pay off the Chinese debt, followed by the Chinese stepping in and buying up the entire country with half that amount.


So you are threatening to kill people? And you aint an authoritarian? Look read the book/article on the teaparty and look up neoliberalism on wikipedia and stop being such a disingenuous crazy person... Oh and the CORPORATIONS and BILLIONAIRES are the threat to your liberty you southern fucking hick NOT THE GOVERNMENT!

George Smith

RP was not presenting a course in monetary theory in this 2-minute video, so you'll have to do more digging for that. Private mints flourished in the U.S. until they were outlawed by The Currency Act of 1864. The ones that produced substandard coins quickly went out of business. The ones that produced quality coins (where bullion value equaled nominal value) stayed in business and competed successfully with government mints.


Fucking LUNATIC - you need an IQ in the single digits to listen to that nut and think - yeah he makes a good point... These are PSYCHOPATHOLOGY dangerous people who follow Paul - they will lead the US into a fascist dictatorship - of, by and for the corporations... Just like the constitution says (apparently) on planet tin foil hatter...


@Immaculate416 It's the only way to get back to a sane monetary system.


telling the truth... like always

Afi James

Got that right.




If it wasn't for the social movements, people of color, women, the environment, opposition to elite rule and war would have NEVER have happened - you have heard of the '60s'? Movements take 25 years to come to fruition - the elite went INSANE at the progress the people were making during this period. The period since Reagan has been an attempt to ROLL back progress by the people - you are aware that the reactionary libertarians want the entire progressive period erased?. Go read some books...


You tell me to watch that and then want me to take you fucking seriously? Look READ BOOKS you fucking right wing lunatic fascist...


of course we are still holding onto gold in the reserves just in case, lets just hope it never gets there. Paul and all his followers are lunatics.

Me. Jingles

Forget the gold standard. It's not what backs the money it's who creates it's quantity. We were on gold during the depression. End fractional reserve debt based banks.


And Ron Paul is a BIGOT - he sticks to his views even when PROVED WRONG... Look go read some dissident literature Naomi Kein, Noam Chomsky, Michael Parenti etc...

Käptn Kook

fuck you idiot. i was just asking. i did not claim to be libertarian, nor did i say what real libertarian means. i just say, that the known neoliberal agenda has hidden mechanics, that have nothing to do with liberty. i asked you and wanted to know, what it is that you are saying. u started insulting again, i was really curious.. now im just stunned by you stupidity. shame on you


Honest man I endorse single word of Ron Paul


YOU MAKE MY POINT. The US has been under TOTALITARIAN LIBERTARIAN control for the last 30 years - you cannot vote for any other system (the options are STRONG libertarian, or not so strong libertarian - but you MUST have libertarianism - BTW Ron Paul is VERY strong (he's supposed to realise that the people DONT WANT HIS STUPIDITY, but are tricked incrementally into having it FORCED down their throats) - he missed the letter apparently). And after 30 years of it YOU SAY you get FASCISM? Hmmmm

Ginger Cunt From Terminator 2

Fuck, this guy has such an annoying voice.


Look you crazy crazy bastard. EUROPEAN libertarian has just about NOTHING to do with American/Ron Paul libertarianism! The current system rammed down the throats of the worlds population is called NEOLIBERALISM - an ideology created by Friedman, Hayek, Austrians and Chicago school - look you clearly have NO idea what is going on Ron Paul OPPOSES the European system! He is a FAR right wing extremist who OPPOSES equality and the middle and working classes... His followers are 'Authoritarians'.


Yes and Paul wants to STRENGTHEN them... sheez

Ong Seng Aun

People who dislike gold standard will not give up their gold for fiat currency.


Yeah but your 'revolution' is FASCISM! Thats the fucking problem...

Käptn Kook

mises and hayek and all the austrian guys... i dont want to defend them... but if you think, that austrian economics does not oppose the status quo and the whole system we got into (through neoliberalism) than im just stunned. because all austrian economics, and alle voluntarists or anarchocapatalists or whatever, who take mises and hayek and friedman just oppose the whole politics that we had... what do i not understand?!


I insult because talking to the most bigoted section of the electorate makes you like that. And there is NO FUCKING WAY you can know what is going on and not be VERY angry - you will know when you have read enough when you are as angry as I...


And again stunningly ironically, the book (the author spent 4 DECADES of his professional life on this research and won the psychological equivalent of a Nobel prize for the research - he has made the book freely available because he knows full well how dangerously uninformed and blindly led you fuckers are) identifies the bulk of Authoritarians as Right Wing Authoritarians - and these are ALWAYS the personality types rounded up by DICTATORS because of your blind obedience, bigotry & illogic.

Käptn Kook

hey he stopped insulting.... now we can look up, if he's actually right on this. and i would also not mix neoliberalism (which in fact has nothing to do with liberty) with the views of ron paul. if you think that his policies would lead you to the same results or worse, okay i got you. but then i would want to know, how the same fascist way of his policies could be dressed up as a drastical change of mechanics, rather than status quo or worse. im still not convinced, that paul is neoliberal.


Look baby - go look at the links and you will see your self for the idiot you are - you are an PSYCHOLOGICAL authoritarian - Google 'The Authoritarians' read the book and the bit on the tea party. You are FAR RIGHT WING if you follow Ron Paul - sheez - he OPPOSES equality and the middle/working class interests.... And from 1945-75 the government GAVE YOU THE BEST STANDARD IF LIVING EVER IN HISTORY!


So THE ENTIRE IDEOLOGY of neoliberalism was created BY THE VERY PEOPLE THAT PAUL GETS HIS FUCKING IDIOCY FROM - yet some ignorant fuckwit on the internet is here to tell us that that isn't the 'real' libertarians - the very people that created the movement aren't 'real' libertarians - you are the worlds most stupid gullible fuckwit. I have been away for a few days and you are the 4th person to know NOTHING about neoliberalism yet claim to be a libertarian - do you read anything but propaganda?


And how often did those 19th century banks go bankrupt? Ron Paul has the understanding of 19th century economics, not 21st century. We live in a complex financial world, wanting to suddenly revert the global financial system to a localized American system that was in effect 100 years ago is just plain stupid and shows an ignorance of modern economics.


I would like to vote for this guy because he has some great ideas but.... The "Private companies can mint their own coins" statement concerns me.... among others.


Look for every one of you there are dozens of them who cling like hermet crabs to the batshit insane stuff Paul spouts. So let me ask you some questions. When was the 'golden age of capitalism' - where did the middle class come from? How many TOP economists think the gold standard is a good idea? Why did the world go off it? Which are THE best economies ON THE PLANET? The last 30 years of libertarian dictatorship have been a DISASTER - why dont facts matter? And left means THE PEOPLE! Sheez


Your Constitution says that your money should be gold or silver. Americans why are you disregarding your founding fathers? Are you ashamed of your founding fathers? Can't t you fellows read?
I am Mexican by the way


You have NO idea how unbelivably stupid your reply is. I insult you because you too are likely an 'Authoritarain' and sure enough you bigoty SCREAMS as you continue your reply. Now FUCKWIT did I say LIBERALISM? TAKE A CLOSE LOOK... No what I said was NEOLIBERALISM - not LIBERALISM but NEOLIBERALISM - and the very fact you dont know what this is MAKES MY POINT AGAIN. Go pop to wikipedia and type the word in and return with and APOLOGY... And go read 'The Authoritarians' - free ebook - google it.


Well you CLEARLY have just been duped by Ron Paul - you dont belong with them. That research won Altemeyer the equivalent of a Nobel prize for psychology - and are some of the best results in the social sciences. The research was also used by John Dean and Barry Goldwater (Mr Conservative) to try to explain the insane way the republicans are behaving. See the book 'Conservatives Without Conscience' - or just type the title or John Dean into youtube to watch some vids on it...


I'm not sure exactly what you "disagree" with RP in regards to the gold standard. The Constitution says that states cannot coin money...or make anything but gold and silver coin a tender in payment of debt. This is a good thing. It prevents any organization like the Fed from issuing out currency backed by nothing. RP actually supports competing currencies that challenge the Fed from having this monopoly. The is no reason why this can't work, given that many do trade in other forms than USD.


If there is one thing that is GUARANTEED from right wing scum, when they get called on their insanity they ALWAYS; no matter how insanely, accuse their accusers of being/doing the same. I DID THE TEST - did you? So FACTS AGAIN show CLEARLY you are full of the brown smelly stuff. And there is a piece SPECIFICALLY on the teaparty which is LITTERED with RWAs. And let me hear you claim that you/they are not gun toting racist bigots - go in I DARE YOU. Look REALITY matters wake the fuck up...

Trump gold standard

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Trump's Fed Nominee Shelton Says 'No One Tells Me What to Do'

50 322 views | 13 Feb. 2020

Feb.13 -- President

Feb.13 -- President Donald Trump’s nominees for the Federal Reserve Board of Governors, Judy Shelton and Christopher Waller, face questions from Senators about whether or not they can withstand pressure from the White House.

BeautyandBrains Davis

Until Trump starts tweeting then you all cower in your corners.

James Ricker

If Donald Trump nominated her, It was a very good chance she has little if any free will


You don't put her first name in the title because you can't acknowledge that Trump isn't RACIST NOR SEXIST


He can attack whoever he wants. As long as they don't fold to the antics of a 5th grader, there's no problem.

Cathy Adams

This is the talking point of the day I want be bullied same lie William Barr spit out today. We all know Trumps got the both of them in his small hands

Gilles Huioutu

Except Donald TRUMP...

Joey Starrett

Get in the kitchen and make me a sammich, beotch.

Jason Phenix

Wow the new norm


Gee-where have we heard that before?

Noel Hoffmann

Judy Shelton it IS your job to censure you butt kissing idiot! That's what you're paid to do in order to protect the American people. You're disgusting!


Yup. We have loopholes. Big ones.

Hautkopf Shaun

The last president that voiced opposition to the Federal reserve, and wanted to dismantle it, was JFK...no president since, has challenged the status quo of the Fed..until these nominations. This has absolutely nothing to do with the distractionary politics of Democrat and Republican...this has to do with trying to save this country from the controllers of the gold.

Steve V. Lee

She's a liar and a snake just like the rest of those that work for the Fed. In her own words she admits the Fed nor she answers to anyone. And she lied when she follows that up with "the Fed makes financial decisions that are best for the country". They make financial decisions based solely on what's good for the bank, NOT the country. END THE FED!!!

Rosalio Granados

What did you tell the world something we don't no ???

Richard Miller

This guy seems like he wants to silence voices


Michael Bloomberg, the verified racist.

YoutubeMoralityPatrol Gg

Is she a Jew too?????????

Tammy Powell

JESUS IS COMING BACK SO VERY SOON ?✅??❤️???????????????????????????

Rocky Evans

Judy, Judy, Judy. Making a statement like that confirms your disqualification to run the American economy.

El León Heart Gaming Channel

???????????? Ok lady, You wouldn’t be there if Trump didn’t think he couldn’t tell you what to do??? that’s exactly why your there because the current person in the job thinks they can avoid pressure.... Until Lindsey Graham threatons to open an investigation into your mother lololol

yz250 Moto

Democrats crying: But what he tweets is just wrong he shouldn't have the right of free speech. Smh the woke left is like crazy cult. Think you all have drank the kool aid

Beej Kumar

LOL! ??? Spoken like a True BS'r.


Mr Brown is a JACKASS


Now this lady could be president

CarMa Bear

They know the answers...


? another feckless Trump wart.


The Federal Reserve is supposed to be independent, like the Judiciary. You see where that went with Partisan John, Angry Birds Cavanaugh, and that dude they stole Merrick Garland's seat for.


Also over heard saying, your not the boss of me either.

Robi Hanibal

You not a fucken president, yes your boss will tell you, if not u will get fired

Tate Craft

Mini Mikes political channel getting ratioed......again.

Paul G

"No one tells me what to do," that's what they say in front of cameras and a committee, behind closed doors is a different story.

Jocko Adams

Sherrod Brown: “Can you please just tell me ‘Orange Man Bad’?”

kp ps

Yeah okay we'll see... Either you listen to your big daddy or he gives you pink slips. FDT

Samuel Creech

WHAT! A female for Fed Reserve Board. I thought PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP ONLY HIRES OLDER WHITE MEN. Oh the humanity!


Audit these fools.


A radical pushing for gold standard just to line the pockets of the wealthiest Americans. Another sycophant claiming 'independent' thinker. We don't buy it!!

The White Community

If you believe this nonsense then you'll believe anything told to you about anything. A doctor told my girlfriend not to have sex for a few days and I asked; what did the dentist say?

jahh loveyou

Barr session alll them said the same shiiiiiiiit (well has a right to grab u by the.......)

Cathy Raney Raney

Good coverage but we already heard that song . Sang by barr

Stinky Piece of Cheese

Great crazy at the bank, kust what we need. Maybe we can go back to trading beads for bread.

Fenix Ofashes

Mr. Brown WTH is your point. U voted for Trump, u are part of Congress, if u can’t control him WTF do u think I going to do with him.

Eric C


Jerald Hite

Just because you appointment someone doesn't mean you will agree with everything he or she does.

J. J.

From what I've seen after finding out how many Network heads are sexual predators... I'm thinking white men tell you what to do....

David Watson

Horse shit. Bold face lying commies. Screw tRump and the gop commies


Not even the stockholders of the Federal Reserve who get a 6% dividend annually? The stockholders are all commercial banks and they run everything and pay for it with "federal reserve notes" which aren't backed by anything anymore.......

Sharyl Pearsall

She is so full of it. You think this milksop that he recommended is going to say that. She would not have been recommended by trump if he didn't already have her in his pocket.

Islam is Pagan

Freedom of speech you crybaby Dems !!!! He said trump attacks lolol he calling him names so what !!!

Marcos Munguia

???? TRUMP and PENCE 2020 ???? DEMOCRATS AND MIKE BLOOMBERG THEY WANT TO DESTROY AMERICA ???? WACH the current government of mexico says *The 4th Transformation of mexico * YOUTUBE ???? with OSCAR El BLUE YOUTUBE ????

Cornpopwasabaddude Andhehadsomebaddudeswithhim

Why do they even hold this shit they’re lying to they face when trump tweet they will act and do his bidding

Betty Blackburn


Blue Phoenix

This is what everybody says before they kiss trumps ass


Jew States of America

K C Wood Flags

Mr Brown is obviously a triggered trump hater! Just because your feeble mind is swayed by a tweet doesn't mean those with full brain power are swayed! Just give it up, he's your President now and will be again in November! Like it out not, the people spoke once and will again!

Timothy McClanahan

wow judgee judy works for thee feds too......nicee you go old lady

last place

The infatuation the left has is precisely why Trump will get 4 more years


The Federal Reserve is a Jewish kosher Mafia run organization blessed by the Jewish Zionist United States Gov.

John Nicholas

We need to terminate the Fed a ponzi scheme. And
THE CIA, international gangsters.


All While this BROWN guy is trying to bring politics by trying to get these people to talk shit about our president. Ah ha ha ha couldn't get it could you DUMB ASS

hunter liu

Mr. Brown is an ass. You know asses cause they wear apple watch.

Liberty Banjo

Gold as an asset for U.S. currency is much less prone to corruption practices than Federal Reserve, Inc manipulating the so-called "fiat" dollar. Shelton has my vote.

David Nierzwick

King Pin?



James Johnson

Another freak show, and Trump does nothing but lies and hires people who do his bidding. Who are we trying to kid here?

Mike G

Considering the Federal Reserve is a sham "federal" body whose only purpose is to maximize monetary capital for the wealthy while intentionally thieving all profit from 'the people,' the response, "no one tells me what to do" is the exact motto that every FR chair and its board have always lived by and perfectly measures up to what every elite US oligarch demands of a FR board member.


A privately owned counterfeit operation that loans the govt. money it created from NOTHING at interest, misleadingly named "federal" reserve to complete the deception. Crazier than a sack full of snakes.


Lizard people

El Gumbo

IF these Democrap DOG FACED PONY SOLDIERS voted for any1..im immed against that person period!! And THE PRESIDENT DOES TELL U WHAT TO DO BEEYATCH..or YOUR FIRED. MAGA.

ItalianHillbily Rooster

Bloomberg getting ready to pay off the socialist Bernie Sanders. Stuff is to funny can’t make it up. That’s how Bernie Sanders will buy another house, we know he won’t work for it.

Richard B

When the Fed says that..
" No one tells me what to do ". He is Exactly 100% correct .
So, why all this Bullshit drama...Oh, wait of course ...It's the Democrats.
Another Witch Hunt..
Tell me are you getting tired of this shit..
Hers is the bottom line.
Trump will win in 2020, so you butt sore Democrats gets off your ass and start working for the American people who by the way are paying your salary.

rich ernest

Lady Marlboro Valentines amazing.Give her the shelf life of Pepsi.Buckle up that saddle.


She's also a tool in the attempted consolidation of departmental power by the Administration with blessing of Senate majority and SCOTUS.


Fuck her. She's a lying conniving bitch. I wouldn't accept a nomination for ANYTHING from Trump

Be Still

Everyone who’s come up against this President has had their plans boomeranged back at them. So too will this.

Steven Poynter

She is a lying hypocrite. And no Democrat should give her a yes vote.

Aharon Steinman

Here we go again with feminism.

Saul Estrada

We'll see!
Dictator Trump decides that!

Major Steve Austin

More crap from bloomberg

Bill V

Hey just wondering, who owns bloomberg news?


As the saying goes "Scratch a scandal find a Democrat"


"No one tells me what to do", is what they want to hear because we wouldn't want our elected officials to have any power over our slave masters, the central bank. Must be nice to create money from debt AKA NOTHING and then loan it to the govt. at interest, we should all have a hustle that good.

Barry Matthews

I LOVE THIS WOMAN !!!!!!??? WoW she got ⚽️ ? ? !!!!!!????


I like her

Bret V

I like her personality. Don’t know much else about her tho

Charlie Newman

"No one tells me what to do."
And I'll call you in the morning. And I won't tell anybody. And I won't............."


Make sure you sign your loyalty oath Israel boys and girls

Robin Roupe

She must be on the Barr train. Selling a pile of bullshit to the naive.

Sam C.

LMFAO ?. They just want the job and will say anything because the Princess of the United States nominated them, and once confirmed, their ideology will change. FACT.

AlphaOmega WDMP


Efrain Avelar

Another coward of bozos circus regime she does not answer to a yes or no ? example officer ask me was I drinking maybe I should say well if I was all have a beer in my hand instead of answering his yes or no ? How stupid can you be to be in office


When government plays brain games, they tell you FED is out there is to help the people. Isn’t Fed a collection of greedy banks partying together?

William Royer

That would go over big at a job interview "nobody tells me what to do" !!!


Trumps fed? Every single member of the fed since 1913 has said that. It's a privately owned bank and its not part of the U.S. government. The is U.S. government borrows money from the fed. BLOOMBERG your never going to be president. We all know you go to the bilderburg meetings

Rhabdo B

Aaaahhhhhhahahahahahahahahah nobody tells her what to do says the trump toe sucker. Woo. Hhhhhhhh. Fuck you guys.

Michael B

American that's what I'm talking about.

D Kendall

Let's go!!!!!

Jesse Walters

Sherrod Brown is an idiot ...


Sen Brown: but Orange Man Bad!

Rich G

Judy Shelton kind of reminds me of Sigourney Weaver. I don't know much about her but from what I see so far I really like her.


At this point the Mexican Mafia is more honorable than the United States government

Trump gold standard

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President Trump updates US on “Operation Warp Speed,” the race for vaccine | EWTN News Nightly

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