Is ripple decentralized

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Ripple CEO: Decentralized payment systems are likely to win | Squawk Box Europe

3 516 views | 31 Jan. 2019

Ripple's Brad Garlinghouse

Ripple's Brad Garlinghouse discusses blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies at a CNBC-hosted panel in Paris.

Reyman 354

i love his confidence and knowledge.

E-bike NYC

lol Brad didn't even want to look at Swift CEO when talking.


???? Game.. Set... Match!!!?


Why is Brad in the middle and not the interviewer?

Jak Seth

a lot of people in these comments going to get crushed

Philip Erdman

I’m going to sit on my XRP for as long as needed.

Time Trader

Gottfried got fried by Brad ???

Ryan Robinson

CNBC what is your thoughts on Ripple XRP and please NO cheesy answer....thx

Politik Tingkat Dewa

hahahahaha.....Swift CEO get destroy by Ripple CEO.. oh no... someone will be fired today.

Mario Delva

Brad is th f man genius XRP!!!

Pat Sarmiento

Brad nailed it! XRP price volatility is really not an issue because of nearly instant transaction whereas fiat can change more in 2 days.

Ryan Robinson

I want to give a shout out to some people in the crypto world.......DIGITAL ASSET INVESTOR,,, JUNGLE INC,,,, LOVE FOR CRYPTO, ,,,AND ALEX COBB,,, and THE WORKING MONEY CHANNEL !!!! CNBC please bring these guys on your show or ask them anything cryptos !!!!!

Orlando 28

bread garlichouse vs dude that Got fried.

Is ripple decentralized

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Satoshi NakaMoto Literally Called Ripple DECENTRALIZED In 2009

15 588 views | 23 Sep. 2018


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Googolplex Written Out Audiobook



Your facts are complete shit. Bitcoin transactions are already fast, 1-10 minutes and fees are .02-.10 cents. the tech can be upgraded. Did you ever see the first iPhone? it was TERRIBLE. Have you seen the iPhone X? it's like the two are 30 years apart. BTW isn't slowing down, in fact it's dominance has been increasing, and it's the only one even being considered for regulatiom, which is what we need for mass adoption. You've got a lot to learn little ripple boi.

rochedy gauthier

Since the day i bought xrp i knew ripple and Satoshi where related !!! Jed McCaleb is also a crack ?? just saying the mystery’s behind bitcoin is the same behind ripple and stellar just my thought ?

Noddy smith

If only vincent wilson could come up with a new quote!

Terry 2

Good find Alex. The nay sayers will just "move" the goal post

1st Xrp/Ripple is centralized
2nd It's a security
3rd Banks won't use it
4th It's not "really" a crypto
5th It's a bankers coin ( kinda contradicts with #3 )

They just keep using these "same" talking points no matter how much you debunk it with "FACTS"

Keep up the good work


Bitcoin - Made in China


Bitcoin is a ticking time bomb, anyone invested will likely lose their money in the future, that's what it seems like. When XRP reaches the top spot then popularity will plummet for Bitcoin. Great find Alex, keep em coming!

sumreal guy

Nice video Appreciate your insight bro


for anyone wondering: https://pastebin.com/Na5FwkQ4

D4rk Psych0p4th

are you blind? ripple decentrelised? you have to be kidding me... CENTRAL SERVER... CENTRAL!! CENTRAL CENTRAL!!! omfg


Here's a comment I copied from Bitcoin Ben's live feed (still going at 5:55 p.m. mountain time). Can you dispute or verify? Thanks: LiteCoin Moses said "​Alex Cobb fabricating to his subscribers telling people that Satoshi Nakamto said "Ripple" was decentralized... Now it's called "Ripple" and not "XRP". XRP was all premined in 2012 not 2009."

Bob H

Chinese control and massive energy consumption enough for me to dislike.

Jesse Pike

lately my bitcoin transactions are instant and cost pennies. last December not the case.

Greg Kladakis

Hey alex, why was yesterday's stream removed? :/

Jesus C

yeah and all this folks of bitcoin damage bitcoin like bitcoin cash


I thought XRP wasn't around until 2012.

Ralph Raymond

Smart work Alex!

MrDeeunknownman B

No one knows the real Nakamoto and if the posts are really him. This proves Alex is BS and how gullible you all are to fall for XRP.

Dont donate your money to this idiot.

ilias aarab

xrp is hight pumped ... i dont know really why you like buying a coin on the peak the suck off

Vijay Varade

What kind of BS you are propogating , XRP did not exist in 2009 . XRP is about 5 year old .


Alex could you link to that content. Thanks!

Chris Ellis

5K XRP will be life changing in a few years

Jesus C

doge coin will over take bitcoin but xrp will be number 0ne

John Croxford

Satoshi now works for Ripple :)

diego river

Man Im getting xrp greed

Clifford Savage

BG said the bank money waiting to go through the XRP is $27 trillion and when i devide it by the circulating supply i get $692 per XRP ,we going to Mars or even Jupiter AND hey Alex Bitcoin is going nowhere mate just like XRP you will still see it strong after that 4 years lol

Jawad Syed

Can XRP go till 1000$ If yes till when can it go

Crypto Cubanito

Sometimes is just better not to post a video and just get some R&R.

daniel weese

XRP is decentralized!

Kaushik Sen

I am a bit confused Alex.. Actually I don't get the decentralize part of xrp.. Of whatever little I know, in bitcoin the mining part is decentralized.. Which part of xrp is decentralized.. How do I become a part of this distributed ledger ecosystem of Xrp and in return get some economic incentive.. If it is not through mining then how do I as a random insignificant person become a part of Xrp.. Please shed some light.

Crypto Investor

Alex, Picture this: Xrp becomes #1 by market cap. The existential crisis which will then be created for Bitcoin will have such a profound effect that the complacent confidence in it, will be instantaneously removed. Confidence, blind though it may be, is all that underpins its price. It cannot be used as a means of payment (today) and the fact that the maximalists have now moved their argument to 'Store of Value' tells me that it will only be time before it is overtaken. Until something better is created, it can ONLY be XRP as the future for a world currency. Ripple have positioned themselves , and XRP, to have the best shot at achieving this. We need to prepare ourselves for some remarkable events (I believe in the next 12-18 months) and continue to believe.

Reggie Menard

Some of these guys don't even know why they dislike XRP. SMH. XRP is a beast!


All hail new world order token ripple! Libertarian = wrong. Just say NO to selfish libertarianism.

DogeToshi BakaMoto


Matt Brooks

Alex what do you do now that you are done with highschool?


I’m an XRP investor. But I hold bitcoin and many other digital assets as well. I believe in the general application of blockchain and the success of the cryptocurrencies that run on these blockchains. But what I‘m hearing in this video however, is fudding of bitcoin, IMO.

A “bug” that would make it possible for someone with enough control over the network to “create more bitcoin out of thin air”??? Listen here junior, Satoshi made it his business to code the BTC blockchain in such a way that makes creating more than 21 million bitcoin impossible. A coder can fork BTC to create more, but that would also create a new blockchain for those new coins to reside on, it could never increase the amount of BTC on it’s native blockchain. Cut the bullshit. This is not news, it’s FUD.

We don’t need to step on BTC in order to promote XRP. They are 2 completely different things and I wish that people would stop comparing the 2. Most of us holding bitcoin aren’t using it as a medium of exchange. We use it as a store of value. It’s creation is due solely to protect funds against traditional market crashes like the one we experienced in 2008. In contrast and simply put, XRP is designed as a medium of exchange. Let’s accept it for what it is and quit taking shots at BTC just to bolster interest in XRP from the retail end.

If people are still lacking in confidence over XRP, with the amount of utility that Ripple is priming it for, then it’s their loss. But to sit here and take jabs at Bitcoin in attempts to sway the opinions of retail investors with biased propaganda is just unnecessary.

Amit Bhardwaj

I sold my XRP on pump now waiting for dump.

Ezra NS

How do you know for sure that Satoshi said those things?


Ripple cannot be the answer. Still down 82% from its high. Drop designed to torture first advocates and allow any old speculator to latch on at a low price. Not cool Rothschilds. Just pull the rug out and don't delay the inevitable. 5 cents within 2 weeks.

Kotaru Otsuka

"I don't see Bitcoin lasting much longer".... lol What?
Last I recall there is a Bitcoin ETF pending approval on the SEC's desk.
I guess it's going to die before it gets approved.

Also I thought it was called "XRP" and not "Ripple".... Oh that's right, Ripple the company wanted to disassociate themselves with "XRP" so they could claim that it was not a security. Not to mention XRP was all premined and created by the founders of Ripple in 2012, so Satoshi was not talking about the cryptocurrency in it's current form.

Ivan beers

Satoshi David Schwartz Nakamoto


BREAKING: satoshi called XRP decentralized!... 10 years ago...

Teddy Bunny

Didn’t ripple come out in 2014? How did he said before. Ripple was founded in 2014. Help explain someone.

william whitmore

I am confused. The creator of bitcoin is unknown. So how can he comment on Ripple XRP.?

Iñaki Roque

Hey are you interested in joining the Crypto World use bitso for trading in MXP https://bitso.com/?ref=sfsm, send me a message i can help you with any doubt!!

Thomas kc2

People are getting rich as we speak. Go xrp

Morten Helle

Those who are confused about the dates: Ryan Fugger concieved Ripple pay in 2004, before Bitcoin. Satoshi was aware of Fuggers ideas of a decentralized consensus network when he/she concieved Bitcoin. Satoshi came up with the idea of Proof of work (mining). Mining caught on in the Cypherpunk community because it was fun and sort of "dark". The idea Fugger concieved in 2004 was implemented into the Opencoin project (Jed Mccaleb and Chris Larsen approached Fugger in 2011/2012) and what later became the RTXP in 2012.


XRP Will explode in October!

Free World

Live long and prosper XRP community

Kc Perkins

I agree, I really want to invest in bitcoin but it just doesn’t seem logical to me.


I am all in XRP

Just a Dad

Xrp will be life changing even if u have 1k . So dont worry about 20k. Get what u can and sit tight!!!


Well done sir

Bogdan Comanescu

Very nice job Alex. People like you help people like me stay frosty in this bear market!

Markus Pajuss

Hey @Alex Cobb have you seen sinpsons episode aboit crytocurrency? Lots of hints, they wrote in episode, “we know who is satoshi is but we dont tell you..”

Ripple me this 2021

Alex !


Kevin Svenson Crypto

He is not saying its decentralized. He never said those words .... What he said was "its not concentrated into a central server". Meaning that Ripple is using Blockchain technology. If Satoshi wanted to call Ripple decentralized, he would have used that word. But he didn't use that word.

Bill Payne

wouldn't the old open coin be closer to XLM now


Great Video Alex, Am a little confused as I thought Ripple was founded in 2012.


Satoshi David Chaum said it !


What if xrp was one elaborate pump and dump and we saw highs of 10% of 589 and it dipped and stayed level at 25$. I'm starting to lose a little hope on the EOY price

Ty Realist

You are highlighting stuff that no one can see... much less read.


I was missed your video today man!!!

Jock Rocks



This is gold!


? boom this is the Alex cobb I love “ you don’t get electricity ⚡️ from a candle ?

Eric Cannon

Satoshi (ghost)=NSA; Ripple/XRP will be the new one world currency!


in fact you look contrived not tiered like you are knowing this is not his, strange, don't believe a word, you are just shilling XRP. got that pastebin stuff, propaganda shills all them to look authentic. how do you know you are reading a real copy and paste message or a made up on totally bullshit one. that looks fake as anything!

John Fleming

Hi Alec, I always said BC is the best pump & dump coin. It's slow and expensive and run by 3 - 4 people in China. What can BC do that XRP cant. If I was buying a car I wouldnt be looking at a model T, I'd be looking at a corvette. I personally can see BC sky rocketing because of the name but in a few years people will realize it's not worth anything because its too outdated


Wasn’t xrp started in 2011?

Hugo Jarava

Crypto currency was created by the new world orders NSA so when they pull the plug on the dollar, xrp replaces it to solve the liquidity crisis we will be facing and they can implement their cashless society agenda

Mr. TheJES3

Free Jungle Inc.!

Crazy Investoor

Bitcoin will not last too much.
Bitcoin is too much energy inefficient
Even after lightening network, it will cost too much energy to maintain the bitcoin network

Ian Simbajon

Is ripple xrp exist in 2009?

Scott Williams




Alex Cobb

I do sound kind of tired in the video because I slept in until about 11 am and it was awesome so I wasn't 100% awake when I made this video ?

J Rock

I agree about btc not lasting, I don't see why people are so obsessed with first Gen tech. It's never going to get mass adopted by general people and companies. It has no governance, no simplicity, no safety features, no arbitration....
I really hope xrp gets to #1
My #2** www.allthingseos.com


I think what most people are missing in the discentralized argument is ripple and ripple fans argue with the traditional thought of decentralization (with nodes). However, the definition of decentralization has be muddied up by common people in in the crypto space in that they consider decentralization the fact that there isn't an individual or organization that owns a large amount of coins. So when folks argue the decentralization topic they are talking past each other because they have different definitions.

vick Prakash

Take a nap kiddo ?


lol. i don't believe a word, i don't believe this is written by him or from him.

W Shaban

Did you watch Love for Crypto documentary? Very mind opening!


anyone can make up a message, the problem is they are not taking screen shots of their message but claiming they are copy and pasting into things, it's doubtful that's real, in fact i don't think that message is real.


Nice Job Alex,
what happen to Jungle Inc.?


$589 is conservative.

Devon Jackson

I am confused, given Ripple was founded in 2012? This email is 2009....why would he call the coin XRP Ripple?

Edwin Casimero

I divested out of BTC for the same reasons.


BTC = Back to cents


A few XRP could be life changing in 20k years


1 XRP will be life changing in a few years.

XRP Republic

Good find Alex!


$10 XRP on Dec. 15, 2018 and since it’s XRP, it will happen fast!

Rajesh Pillai

so the point you are trying to make is XRP has the potential to be standard digital currency in future more than bitcoin does? did i get that right?

M. S. BitEth

Bitcoin being less significant in the next few years? Really? I think it will continue to gain value as it will be sought after by those of vast wealth and power. Perhaps the greater value is holding full bitcoins mined many years ago like many have done to use to buy items of vast value in the future? Like a bitcoin worth a yacht or real estate or work of art? I think that anyone holding even a single bitcoin will see dynastic wealth in the future. And, too, I see holders of XRP and XLM and other alts also gaining great value and changing peoples lives - who bought them early. Bitcoin is already considered a global strategic asset. Perhaps we are so small in size we cannot see nor fathom the huge import btc has as a storage of value of "wealth" in the future? Yes, perhaps btc won't be used by the very, very common person in the future simply due to the immense value btc will hold, and for most of the world's population, they will never have the opportunity to have purchased btc due to the difficulty obtaining it (not unlike mining gold from the earth, which the common person cannot really do nor find the interest to do, nor can the common person mine for btc any more - not like in the very early first few years of btc) ... so at the point btc becomes that valuable the big money will own most btc ... and the few that happened to have strong hands and kept hodling on for dear life, those btc people will be wealthy AF and the people hodling other alts will also see great amounts of increase, too, as our world marches forward in the fintech arena. Furthermore, btc is clearly and plainly being manipulated by those of vast wealth to create opportunities to buy up as many on the market being dumped by weak hands and weak minds as the big money knows that the real value of a btc right now - if we knew what they know - would probably make us shit our pants. Make no mistake, btc is not going to be gone, it will be gone from the pedestrian, common person hands and looked at, in retrospect by the commoner, as being near magic to those early adopters years ago when it was worth nothing (under a grand); those holding btc who hodled all the way through for the past 9 years, and those able to buy a full btc now, will eventually see dynastic wealth as btc and the blockchain are not going away. I have heard that a full single bitcoin bought at one time years ago actually will become worth much more than a btc cut up and fractionally obtained over time. Keep that in mind as well. There are only so many to go around and anyone with one today stands to gain beyond dreams, in the future.

Sorry this comment was so long but I have given much time, energy, and thought to btc since I first bought them for 19 dollars. And yes, I hold a lot of many, many alts. Buy xrp for sure.

Mike Lombardo

I like ripple so I'm not bashing it... But Satoshi wasn't saying that it is decentralized.. When you use the word besides it means that it is. So he is saying there is trust even though it is centralized. a besides example.. "Besides being a man, I have feminine features." It's okay to misunderstand as this document is very interesting find! Nice One! :)

Kpuff 8

We need to verify...get Arthur Britto on the phone

Lama Light

We can only win with XRP ?


The guy in the pic isn't Satoshi. He's just an old American Japanese that has no idea about Bitcoin. Saw a news thing on him.

Vijay Varade

It is sad to see dishonest and biased opinion . We are here to make money and it makes no difference which currency we use to do it. It is extremely important to know the all facts good and bad to make decision . I am holding some XRP and zero bitcoin but I think you are totally wrong to suggests that bitcoin will not be around for long . It will not be easy to dethroned bitcoin from #1 spot and it will be around for long time in one form or another . It is too bad that your emotional attachment is clouding your judgement .


Banks are NOT buying xrp as a store of value. They buy it and then they sell it within 4 seconds. Its a complete wash. Basically, only retail investors are buying XRP as a store of value. Its a liquidity asset. There will be 99 Billion of them, they are not minable. The owners/creators of xrp can dump on you at will. xrp was created out of thin air vs bitcoin or any other POW coin where you need to buy hardware, electricity, an internet connect and put all those to work in order to generate a coin. Bitcoin is valuable because it requires money to generate. xrp could be worth a fraction of a penny and it would still work exactly the same for the banks. Again. Banks are not buying xrp as a store of value and they are not converting customer funds into xrp. Stick with POW payment coins like Bitcoin, Litecoin and Digibyte.

Is ripple decentralized

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Ripple and XRP - Part 6: Is XRP Decentralized? (2018)

36 127 views | 10 Mar. 2018

David Schwartz, Chief

David Schwartz, Chief Cryptographer at Ripple, provides the facts and how XRP Ledger is decentralized.