Stock market volume chart

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How To Understand Low vs. High Volume In Stocks

65 312 views | 30 May. 2018

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The One

My favorite toy story character “Woody”


Why does this look like his newer vids? is this a replay?

Albert Rueda

so the volume bars determine how much trades are going on within a specific time frame,but Is it possible to know what percentage of those trades are being bought and sold so that you know what the specific supply and demand is within a time frame?


English speaker can probably understand you after they get used to you. It is just that you are envusiastic about it. The others can slow it down as you say. your speaking style saves time,
Keep on rocking...


Just saying dude sounds like his sinuses are clogged

Chris Lee

with sunglasses, you look like a stock boss

Adnan Alam

great job buddy thanks

IRENE Jimenez la bella vida

Thank you

Aaron 223

I trust you so much I watched the ads till the end

Junior Aguilar

What do you think about IPNX

Ben Doherty

Hey. You say hi volume. What is high.
100k avg/day
1m avg/ day
100avg/ day

You say high market cap. Is that


The RSI was so high...How did he know that was a good time to buy 16:57


Thanks Rick very insightful and inspiring.

Chewie 13

Damn, you have a good work ethic! That’s awesome ?


I literally had this question earlier today. You’re the man!


so volume means that other individuals are buying that stock, the higher the volume bars go up?

David Padilla

Hey Ricky, you're great... Too great actually. My mind is trying and frying while trying to figure out the charts.
Do you have a video that is more like season 1 episode 1? God bless

Blake Freeman

How many MG of Adderall do you take in a day?


could there also be high volume because of the short sellers?​

Hilary Gomez

Hey Ricky, I have been looking for some books to buy to start day/swing trading, and I love your philosophy. Is there any that you would recommend that share a similar trading strategy? Thanks Ricky

Salvador Luciano


HWH living

now for day trading, I understand that higher volume is more ideal to work with. but if I want to invest for a 1-3 month period what would be a good trading volume I should be looking for, if I am looking to hold? HWH

Adam Nickels

Fell into a Pump and Dump before I found your videos. Going to keep studying hard and my first honest $300 going to Learn Plan Profit. Thanks!

Jonathan Curley

Please please you are great just slow down dude


1:57 "There's a little thing that you can touch down there." LOL

Benjamin Keys

Hope you feel better dude

Dejan Skrinjar

You are amazing! :-) Just go on . Nice greeting from Slovenia.

Isaac Lobo

Ricky 100% ate a butt the day before. The facts are all there

Thrilla In Manila

He’s cute.... ?


Make a separate channel for car related content!

Song of love metal official

Can we make money on low volume stock less tham 1 mi or do we need to buy only high volume stocks?

joe ramey

Where can I watch him trade live?

Rory M

Definitely some solid advice here. Thank you.


question i have had for a while, why the 4hr chart?


Ricky, don't feel you need to apologize for talking fast. Thats in they eye of the beholder so to speak. Personally, I speed up your videos and others to 1.5 speed, sometimes 2x. I think most videos are too slow, and speeding them up helps me with my time management. Others, think you talk to fast. So... you can't win. Just be you - you are great at it! :-) Thanks for the great video - awesome as always! Hope to meet you in person some day so I can personally thank you for all you've taught me about trading.


Your examples are the hardest to understand on YouTube

Johnny G

Bro, you need to start trading stocks like HMNY. When you read the candlesticks with the volume you can be on that run. I don't understand why you would talk someone out of such a profitable trade.



Hustlas Story

What simulator do you recommend

Patrick Roberts

Thanks again, Ricky.

Byron Yip

hi can i ask for the volume bar does it mean one transaction? how would i know if its more sellers or buyers?

My Journey

How often do you withdraw your profit Ricky? As you aim to make a 10 to 12 % growth/week on a 30k$ account, do you wire out monthly?

Walter el Aventurero



Your the best Ricky keep doing what you'r doing <3


But what is volume

Song of love metal official

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Micheal De Santa

How do I set my watchlist with stocks I want on there so I can switch faster

Dre Moss

Your content is always helpful Ricky thanks

Melbourne Shorts

You look like a cop from an 1980's movie.


Who is that masked man? Hi Ho... SLV away!!! Way to go Ricky.

Stock market volume chart

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Volume: How To Use When Trading??

66 594 views | 16 Feb. 2019

Charlie goes over how to

Charlie goes over how to use volume when trading stocks. He also covers why you shouldn't automatically discount low volume. He ends the video with some tips on using volume in order to predict price action.

?Day Trading 101 https://youtu.be/YcIBa_XQapo

?2 Steps Of A Reversal https://youtu.be/YzXtptLglAg

⚖RSI Indicator: Crash Course https://youtu.be/C6z4Ntf4Yos

?Converse With Charlie & Other ZipTraders https://www.facebook.com/groups/ziptrader

?New to the stock market and #trading? We break everything down in a short, sweet, and simplified way. If you have any questions, go ahead and comment below and we'll answer them!

?ZipTrader also places an emphasis on day-trading Penny Stocks, Marijuana Stocks, Biotech Stocks, and Pharmaceutical Stocks. Let us know if you have a specific stock that you would like us to analyze!


DISCLAIMER: All of ZipTrader and everything on this channel is based on our opinions alone and are for entertainment purposes only. The US government nor any government agency endorses our opinions and we are not registered financial advisors. Thus you should do your own research and perhaps hire a state or government registered financial advisor before ever buying a financial security because every action within the stock market opens the investor up to risk. Since you could potentially lose money by investing in any security it might be wise to avoid investing entirely. We can not be held liable for any poor financial decisions and we constantly advise you to do your own research. I am only sharing my biased opinion based off of speculation and personal experience. An individual trader's results may not be typical and may vary from person to person. It is important to keep in mind that there are risks associated with investing in the stock market and that one can lose all of their investment. Thus, trades should not be based on the opinions of others but by your own research and due diligence.


I know I’ve said this twice before but seriously Charlie your reading my mind with things that I am highly questioning....Example SCYX; the random high spike in volume. How do you catch that move before it happens without risking too much of your account?

Your probably going to advise me to use the average up approach ??‍♂️ Great video :)


I like the way you explain the different points of view as you move through your examples

alain gagnon

Hi Charlie, great content thanks. My question for you today is this. If you day-trade, i assume that you need to move quite a big number of shares in order to make it worth while but what i need to understand is if you want to take a position where you need to buy lets say 5000 shares of xyz do you crate a market order so it gets filled quickly but maybe different prices or do you create a limit position and maybe not get filled or do you step slowly in the position and if you do buy all 5000 shares in on shot will it affect the price ? thanks again

Aminadab Bello

"But Charley " you are a beast and please keep up the good work putting out videos even with a cold. I think. Thanks I am new to trading learning a lot.


Thanks Charlie!

Noe Cazares

I am eating Chic fil a while watching this video.

Preserve And Thrive

I love you Charlie

Freezy Freeze

I watch the low volume stocks move better than the ones with the most volume . I feel this shorts attract to high volume shares and as of lately they have been killing the markets . Youtube is creating a short market only notice majority of vids always talk about shorting . They are messing up the ecosystem of the stockmarket. If any one else feels this way please comment .

Ethan Kaphammer

I wish I could subscribe twice Charlie.

Oscar Flores

Charlie can you make a video of you live trading?? I got the knowledge but not comfortable trading yet.


can volume indicator be useful in forex? or only in stocks?

Hendo Goodie

You my friend have earn yourself a like

Jason Wilson

Can you make a video talking about float? I want to hear how you use it and what it means to you. Thanks!

Jeremy Hassan

So I've been binging your channel, soaking up knowledge and I just thoroughly love what you bring. Could you do a CURRENT - FEBRUARY 2021 walkthrough of your Webull setup and your indicator PARAMETERS (in particular). A lot of trader videos talk about their specific customized parameters for their VWAP, MA, RSI etc. indicators, but following wha you do (because I really love your angle) can you discuss YOUR settings?? Please and so many thank yous!!! (On webull preferably lol)


Baba seems to have volume always to trade

spencer collins

Hello, I'm pretty new to trading. I've been doing a lot of research and practice over the last few months, however I haven't really thought too much about volume. I have picked a couple of stocks I think would be good swing trades, however I noticed that both have periods in the day where the volume fluctuates quite heavily. Sometimes between 5k, 10k, 15k, but also drop to 100, 200, 300. Should I be worried about being able to exit (or enter) the position efficiently? Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Hysteresis Nadir

This is quickly becoming one of my favorite channels.

Rachel Genovese

Very clear explanation! Thank you!

Rey Scott

Got my education on this fact last week. Oops.

Freezy Freeze

Also thanks buddy . You deserve good things you help people for free .


Hey ZipTraders! I want to invite you to comment below or join our free Facebook Group -> ZipTrader Circle ?https://www.facebook.com/groups/ziptrader

Bubbly Bull

Had a cold that day, right, Charlie? ? Amazed by your grit!

Austin Pogue

LOVE your channel bud! Thank you for all the valuable content you provide. Two questions:

1. Which indicators are you preference?
2. UGAZ current price point - Will you do a video on this? It is at previous support levels and appears to be ready for take-off. I'd love your input!

Charlotte Bingham

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cody augustin

How to add volume in your column I’m think or swim

Mike Nuzzi

Hey Charlie been following you for a while now, not sure if you’ll even see this comment. But going back to your videos for refreshers or to better explain to people is amazing thank you for putting so much time and effort even when your sick that you put into your channel as it is highly under appreciated..

Josue Manriquez

Love your channel man!!

Andrew Martinez

I was waiting for a video from you on this subject, thanks!

Marc Duchamp

Just pick and high volume stocks to trade that’s it. With proper volume picks I generally don’t even read them much, price action is more important

leone leone

God bless you ....

Brian W

Thanks again for another amazing video.

M Klaf

What a short and clear video on Volume... nicely done.

Waves and Blaze

Great video!

Nick fararis

Another great video Thank you ! Now we know exactly what is volume means and reflects

Noah The Normal

These videos are alright, but you know what would make them way better?

If Charlie undid at least another button on his shirt


Do you trade options too or just Stocks? & What's your opinion on options if not.

john ryan

hookpia went up 3 dollars after hours thursday, did you get in? why did it happen after hours ?

Bobkat Wu

Charlie! You have given me chart googles and now I can see. Thank you!

Nikia Brown

Hi Charlie,

Another great video! What do I set my volume indicator at? I noticed yours was empty, yet you had a volume chart on your trading screen.


Well explained. Thanks

Marco Terzuoli

First I press like and then I watch the video

Song of love metal official

Very good gives me hope as i have heard people say don t buy less than.1 or 2 million volume


I ll smash that like button for this legend,Amen!

Tony Noplana

Thank you.


Great video

Charles Swisher

I always look forward to these videos!!

AirJordan AtThis

Can you make vids of you doing live trades? And walking us through the thought process? That would be great. ?

Rafael Osorio

In my experience.. Can you trade a breakout with normal volume? Yes.

Chris Molloy



Thank you for sharing your knowledge. ☝?
“A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle.” ? ??


Another great valuable video! Clean straight to the point !

Roger Riera

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Wal'Dough Blak

Hands Down The Best Teacher ….Thank You For Your Time, Patience And Every Detail You Put Into These Videos!!!!


Another good video. Thanks so much :)


Before the ravishness