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How I Find Stocks to Trade (Day Trader Strategy)

369 054 views | 27 Apr. 2020

One of the most important

One of the most important methods of making money as a day trader is to have a strategy that helps you find stocks to trade. If you are a day trader and find yourself struggling to make consistent money, let me show you a strategy that can quickly tilt the odds of a trade into your favor. I believe in keeping day trading strategies as simple as possible, so when it comes to how I find stocks to trade, as you will see... I keep it simple! What you will learn is something anyone can do with a basic understanding of numbers, so please stop over-complicating your trading methods and consider simplifying things by starting off with what I show you in the video. Let's work smarter, not harder and begin to "rig" trades in our favor.

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Joseph Borns

Good video Clay. Hey I watched one of your videos awhile back on explaining options. All on the chalk board. I can't find it on your channel. Could you please repost so I can watch it again? Thank you. ?

Sam Holland

I appreciate the content but wish you had stated this strategy doesnt target penny stocks from the get go :l


Thanks man

Ararso Mohamed

Sorry Clay just recently got into your content and been binge watching. do you judge your decision based on where the SPY closed the day before or what is it before open?

JPhilip Beats

So in short: this is a calculated risk.

Alonzo Mansel

Good shit




Very consise, clear and to the point.. thank you


this guy loves to hear himself talk!!!!!!!!!!!!! 8 minutes in now and he still has not said shit

Charanjit S

Hi Clay, when looking for risers/fallers, am I right in saying that they'd need to be in the SPY ETF in order for this context strategy to make sense?

ayaz nasiry

what broker is this? im using etoro and i cant seem to find any graph like that. im brand new to trading btw.thanks

Per Vaz

Being off-camera is best, there is more screen exposer. I'm liking your method. What is the SPY equivalent for the LSE in the UK?

oz faudree

How would this relate to option trading?

Roc Super

Off camara is good. Charts are what we are looking at. Great Lesson. Will be signingup in a few days. Just emailed you customer service chat

Trevor Hewick

Enjoyed the information; voice carries you a long way; occasionally show your face.

Stευε Bαnnσn

this guy is just BSing about nothing. i'm sure there's about 5 minutes of relevant info in there somewhere, but i'm not wasting my time

unknown person

how do you think I should spend my 200$ on stocks (I'm a beginner looking for ideas).

Dee M

Always great info!

Chris Martinez

Hey Clay, I’m relatively new to this and have a question after watching this video.. If a stock like Apple is below the SPY, why wouldn’t you buy it while it is low especially since the market is bound to go up and then sell it when it’s high?

The Experiment

Helpful. Thanks much. I keep hearing about Lightspeed. I’m gonna check out any other videos you have regarding its use.


Awww man, wish you had told me about the fruit machines. My knees hurt so much! ???

Ignatius Goiya

Hi. I am new stock markets. How is my account transaction activated?

Tony Nguyen

Can you confident trade a penny stock base on percentage

Sully's Cafe

I'm such a noob sorry this is probably going to be a really dumb question. But when you are talking about 'Going short' does that mean picking up the stock while it is weak to sell when it bounces back up for a short term turnover? 'Going Long' would be to purchase a stock that is performing relatively well vs the market to hold for a longer period of time for more long term gains?

yane machado

NY Searca:spy
Is this the one for overalls market?

carlos Wudup

Question, so if the SPY is down why would you think about going long? Cuz you stated that you would go long but wouldn’t you lose money since the SPY is down? Vise versa if it goes up

Harry T

How much money would you say you make in a month

Austin Geppert

What broker are you using?

Scott McGowan

Can anyone suggest a good company for Investment?? I need to know how and where I can invest better.... Thank you all!!

Daniel Ferrer

I loved this video, thank you so much

Soheb Vahora

Why, or how, do some stocks like Apple and Microsoft follow the trend of its index? Is it because they are part of mutual funds or so large that them going down is whats bringing the index down as a whole?


always great content! more power boss!

Jason Ito

Truth. knowledge. So valuable. I started last month and just been getting lucky. Now I take making strategy very seriously

jayson magee

where can i get the apps you use to see this information. like spy and risers and fallers. new to this


Hi Clay. The title of the video says "day trader" but you use the term LONG for the stock above SPY. what timeframe do you consider "long"?

Peshraw Saleem

Where can I see the SPY bar on Webull?

Amir Rabie

Thank you for putting this information out! I’ve watched a handful of videos and this is one of the most useful.


Do we look at these values pre-market, does this apply pre-market? or do we use this technique once the market is up?

Peter Tobiasen

Why name a video "How I find stocks to trade" when all the stocks had been selected beforehand? This has nothing to do with how to find stocks for daytrading. This is an important subject to explain how to measure if a stock is worth trading or not compared to the overall market. Important yes and good but long video for that purpose, but boy I boy I feel cheated.


You kind of got caught up in your own strategy though no? So are shorting things based on if they are doing worse than the market in that day or close to it....I'd love to have seen you short AAPL based on this theory and seen what happens from there. Could you explain further? Just based on the entire video it would seem you buy or sell a stock not based on any actual information on the company or future (which most stock prices are based on the valuation 3-5 years out) how are you making accurate trades like this. I ask again, because based on your ideas, whenever a tech giant like AAPL is having a worse day then the market, you basically would short. That would be a horrendous idea no?


Will this work for swing trading as well especially if I want to compare the relative strength of a stock and the indices after by the end of the day (market closes) for a swing position on the next day? Thanks.


What broker do you use? Or can you recommend a broker I can join?

Saucyy Austin

Where do you get the risers and fallers chart ?

Sergey Z

I'm always wondering watching trading teachers. Why do you go guys do teaching? Why bother? Why throw away your time on teaching when you can easily earn so much in a blink of an eye trading stocks options futures and so on? Be quiet in your room, do your little magic , get rich. Unless of course you can't. Then it's ok. Now I got it teaching and populism is breadwinner. But then what you teach is either obsolete or ineffective, right?

Rishi Daryanani

Try getting on camera as well.

James Howard

15 years ago Clay you were the 1st one i watch, Thanks for your effort and you have helped me along the way to become a well Rounded trader along with many others. Just wanted to let you know, Thanks

Andy Wills

No offence intended however its best with you off camera so the full screen is available for your presentation. You are one of the best day trader mentors due to the way you explain the market in simple terms. Thanks and please keep your channel going.

Rafael Mendez

I actually do the opposite of what you are doing. If the market is down 2% and a stock for no reason is up 11%, Im anticipating it is going to drop and I short. AND IT WORKS!!

Beth H

Thanks Clay!


What software are you using bro?

Abu Sufian

Hi Clay, why weren't you interested in UCO which was down more than 30%, which is well below SPY which was down around 2%?

Rhys Freeman

Fake comments?

Christina Sauder

Thank you, beginner here and I am a visual learner so very helpful.


Anyone know of any decent videos from traders that don't have some sort of scheme to sell?


Dan is indeed a monster

Irfan Kurban

Very clear explanation, thanks! Greetings from the Netherlands


5 minutes into video and this guy has not said shit!!!!!!!!!


Can someone help me understand this video a little better. With the scan Clay does in this trading platforms showing the percent gappers, is that all pre market information?

avi d

anybody knows groups on telgram that givs GOOD Recommendations (offcurse for learning LOL) on stocks that are going to jump up the next day or in a few days ?

Justin Wong

Good sharing, will this work on forex?


I think I'm understanding this backwards. When a stock is up in percentage as compared to the SPY, why would you buy? I thought the name of the game was to buy low and sell high.

Scott Stewart

Since 2013? Isn't that the best market in history?

Bruce Wayne

You forgot to say always start with paper trades to find a winner. If it's option trading, that is.

Philip Simms

Thanks Clay ✌️?✌️


Ok, so I'm new and trying to understand this. As you said at 11:30, if the price is in line with the market, in the middle, you don't really know enough to make a decision. But if it's down, oversold, then you should short it. But if I have a bounding band, like Bollinger or w/e, and something is on the low end, that means it's oversold and is a potential buying signal. So if the price has fallen over the course of the day, is it a cheap stock that'll more often than not go up, or a falling stock that'll more often than not keep falling?

Lynda Johnson

Do you hopp on $GME and $AMC stocks

Scott Stewart

What did the market do on these days?

Nikki Nemerouf

Clay, I just started watching your videos the other day and find your approach to trading fascinating. Do you have a program for beginners (Trading for Dummies - like I feel that I am)? I have always been a buy and hold kind of guy. I am not interested in day trading however there might be something in between worth exploring.

navneet mann

For day trading perspective it might be a good strategy. But if I plan to hold stocks for a few months, isn't it good to buy stocks when they are performing worse than the market?

Vim9654 Mitt

Hello are you lost? What are you trying to say?

Free Soul

do you know we i can find a realtime SPY percentage on internet?I'm not US citizen


where can i find this set up but with forex instead ? or can the preference be changed into forex ?

Chris Johnson

Very helpful, great explanation.

Matthew Fassil

When the stock is weak I see in your recent videos you make money off that just guessing it goes down to the number you put and you click buy. And you make crazy numbers. Is that how you make money when the stock is weak. Put a number down hope it’s correct and click buy when it reaches that number?

Muhammad Masoom Official

good information.


Dude get to it already.....yeesh!

Nathan Payne

Great video. Just starting out and have wondered how guys pick what to watch every day

Jignesh Thummar

too much talk no exact directions

Arif Sediq

again a meaningless Video. you have no Idea what are you talking about

terrance mcClendon

Coach me

Taha Shafiqi

This guy is a legend, very humble and straight forward

Gregory Jeffery

I have bought most of your stock picks but I'm still unable to make profit. However, a few investors I read about were to make profit of up to $62,000 in 3 months.

swyl yqz

The profuse pipe nutritionally miss because invention frustratingly curve lest a scary lizard. fallacious, shiny certification

Jaime Barajas

Heyy yo what’s good, your video was super amazing and informative and I’m viewing you for the first time and do my opinion is that’s with you not being on camera it makes it so easy to just focus on your strategies or topics you are trying to Teach us

J Money

Thank you!


great video clay. and to all the downers bitters here in the comments....get a life, cant you just appreciate when someone doing something for free, no one asked you all to pay for this video ???! you don't like it....move on , no need , don't need your comments!!!!

Joel Taggart

Can you ramble on about NOTHING any longer???

Jerry Wilson

There was a lot of blah blah in the beginning, but... it does get better once he finally gets to his desktop. So I don't think all the negative remarks are warranted; this was a decent video. Thanks for the video @clay!

My personal pref: I'd rather you got to the meat and potatoes a little quicker next time, but I still thank you for the info & advice and I gave it a thumbs up! :)

Ossy Adams

You're a great teacher. I prefer you Off screen because it allows me focus better on the demonstration or point being discussed. Thank you for helping me make a little more sense of day trading. Now i feel more confident to try my hand at it.

Carl Burton

NO NO better to follow an ETF that's within the sub market and stock class large mid small to gain some guidance!

frankie thomas

20 mins to explain comparing stocks the the general index....

Alex Sorrell

This may be a dumb question but why is it buy or go long when the stock is above the SPY? Where does the "buy low sell high" come into this? Just wondering how to tell the difference between those

Nasser Khazem

Thanks buddy good information .

Kawsar Kamal

Hi @clay great video as usual. I think you're saying not to buy when it's below SPY. However, isn't buying lower than market average and then going long a valid strategy too?

Josh Lewis

Does fidelity have a tool like this? I can’t find it if so

Sam Cro

Click Bait Warning. This guys a joke

Joshhua Ray

Honestly, I'd completely reverse this "bull" vs "bear" baseline strategy; I'd short your bulls and long your week stocks, doing the opposite of the general market makes money. Not the only way yet it produces results. ??The market could pull Boeing up... ??‍☠️

Márcio Luís Hübner

Hello! For me to have results per operation between 100 $ to 200 $, how much do I need to take into account? I would like to do up to 3 operations a day. How much do I need for a month?

bob segar

That graphic at 3:17 looks like I’ve seen something like that before on a get rich quick scheme think it was called a pyramid scheme

Getsetmart Mail

I am your fan of teaching. I couldn't find any single person who can teach stocks like you. Big thanks

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Does trading Stocks In Play create automatic edge?

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Saurabh Agarwal

Thanks for this video. I am not clear on one aspect though: Both Mike and Andrew imply that most hedge funds and prop traders typically do not trade in "Stocks in play". So then who causes the "play"? Only retail? Or is there another important category of "players"?

Arjun Kirpal


Stocks in play

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Stocks in Play Trading Momentum All Day

14 197 views | 26 Sep. 2016

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Thanks Kunal! You said to learn swing trading first and get a handle on that before trying to successfully day trade, I would have never looked at it that way... however as soon as you said that the light bulb went on in my head. After about thirty trades my biggest % of losses is trying to day trade, and my biggest % of wins is doing multiple day positions...So at least I know one more thing NOT to do, and that is a step forward for me!

justin foster

Kumar. what's your take on sending stop loss orders. would you recommend it or would you say it's better to have a mental stop loss


Ahaha "its a grandpa stock".

Max daytrader

Funny story about the indian dude 55555

Kevin Cornwell

Mousse that hair before you trade!

K Cutty

What's up, brother ?  Just found you a couple of weeks ago. This vid is BY FAR my fav !  TONS of info. Thanks so much for all the work you put in. Is it still cool to reach out ? Promise, I won't be a PITA !   lol


55:55 --- you don't want to be the last one at a gangbang. lol

Sam D

You were so mellow back in the days 2016 lol

smut med dig emil

Learned so much, Thanks Kunal

Michael Kassel

Great Video. One question: Do you actually short NUGT...I would think you buy DUST. I play these two all the time. They can be gold mines.

John Pesch

do you always trade off the 5 min candles intra-day? you ever trade of the 1min / 2 min?

Dynomyte Productions

Yo Kunal just curious brother, what annual yield do you think is realistic for a good day trader? 50-100-150%? Just curious. Lots of hate for day trading on the internet, not much love or advice from modern day successful pimps like myself.

Joseph Campo


Daniel Cloud

"If it's tight then it's right." Great video. TY

Junes Lorry

LOL!! You're funny. I really admire you. Thank you!

John Mike

kunal you are the best

Mike Dee

very helpful. BTW, I can't talk for 2 hours straight..you have a gift

Max daytrader

Learned A LOT from this, great speech, great lesson.

Dakotah Afonso

What site is this

Mike d

Hi Kunal, love the chit chat btw! What do you recommend as a brokerage account? Im going with TC2000, now just need an acct to put my money in before i get the software going. Thanks!!

Paul Singh

Nice Video Kunal...

Sujanto djong

Kunal, you're the best of the best. You always give free youtube to us to learn, thank youu

Don Pablo

absolutely didn't need to be anywhere close to 2 hours.. cut the useless chit chat and down to the point

Crystal Madrigal

You are hilarious!

Armando Felipe Garcia

"If its tight!!!.. then its right. (;"  hahaha

Mark Pangilinan

Awesome video Kunal! I just want to ask you further about you preferring 5 min candles over 1 min candles. Won't the 5 min candles gives you a higher risk than the 1 min candles? In terms of cents for stop loss.


Been learning and paper trading for about a year. Just recently found your channel. Absolutely love your videos. You’re probably the most informative trader I’ve found on YT. And you make the “boring” content fun and interesting. Keep it up and thanks so much!!!


Kunal wanted to ask when does the next boot camp start? And is the Payment Plan 1 still available? One more question about the Simulator which Platform you are using? Greetings From Czech Bene

Kevin Cornwell

Love Camillies! Great sushi!