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What is Candlestick Pattern? Nifty Chart Pattern Chai Pe Stock Market! Day 15 with CA Rachana Ranade

433 277 views | 18 Apr. 2020

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Join Chai Pe #StockMarket session and learn what is Candlestick #Charts and #Candlestick pattern and review of current Nifty Chart Pattern with CA #RachanaRanade.

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Angels Paper Arts

Mam I have started gaining knowledge about Stock market... After good knowledge I'll start investing in stock market.. I m ?Reeya


line cchart

Rajan Ingle

You r so cute sister..may god bless you.


Rachana - Your content used to be very crist and to the point, however over a period of time I think you have lost that touch and its more like chat show reading names praises etc. I think you need to focus back on what was good in your earlier videos.


hi there xx

Varsha Rawal


Souvik Ghosh


c. k

She has hair loss..

Syed Talha

Didi how you changed your skin tone?

Ginu Tito

Dear ma'am
Which membership should I opt to understand more about share market to start investing

Mishty Styles

Never thought that a CA could be so Cool .???? You're awesome sister✨✨??

kangen water

thanks for good information its very helpful

Nadir Islam

Ma'am please tell me about American election effect on nifty

Surya Valluri

Good explanation medam ?


Nice way of explanation even though I am experience trader but still love your way thanks

Phaniraj Setty

Nice explanation

Shamim Bharmal

cute smile

Santo Shyangbo

Outstanding methods of Teaching ...?


Aap ko toh America mey teacher hona chahiye tha......

Basavaraj Gowda

Mam, aap tho mahaan hein..

Rabin Saha

Mam , for your initiative . nicely explained . I am sure that I will never forget . keep on teaching . May God bless U .
please confirm what duration should candle be followed for intraday .

Varsha Rawal


Shrikant Randhave

Thanks a lot Rachana Ma'am...
I learnt share market from you only.!!
Im regularly watching your videoes.

Yvonne Ihekwaba

3 is hanging man.

Gaurav Prajapati

Mam hindi me video banaiy

anjali bitten

How can I join techincal analysis?

Gorge Rose

Bitcoin is a good business someone can think of doing..

trade Telugu

your the great mam

Siva Kumar

Excellent stuff . Simply super Madam . Appreciated .

MLM Gurmeet

Your way of teaching is excellent.

Himanshu Virmani

You are adorable in your field.
So transparent

YOZ lifestyle

Mam u are just great,i think the best teacher in my entire life


मराठी छान बोलता

Amol Chaudhari

Mam, can you make a videos in marathi or hindi language?
Please make a videos for begineeers!


You were a faculty!!! Your student were lucky...

Sageer Ahamad

12:30 how buyer will win?


beautiful smile

rohit kamble

Madam Marathi mansa sathi kahi tumcha seminar asel ka please please sanga


Excellent Material and explanation . Thank you Madam


Very interesting madam...after school days now I am experiencing as a student now good to listen your explanations

Omkar Solam

Thanks mam.
It's really in easily understood words.

pramod panaskar

Nice explenation..mam...thank u

pradeep Chavan

Why are you speaking in English, pl speak in Hindi or marathi

Mansi Bhatt

Mam u are an amazing teacher. Your explanation is awesome. You explained so very good that all doubts are clear . May God bless you ? ? ❤

Ginu Tito

Dear ma'am
Please let me know is there any offer there presently in zerodah or upstox

Archana Jain

Ma'am u r the best teacher god bless you ?❤️

Kami Kaze

I don't understand why there are approx 3Lakh views for every video she makes, The real content is only 15mins and she makes a video out of it for 52mins, 100 okays in every sentence, repeat the same thing again and again like a pre KG teacher.
She knows her stuff i agree but I need 5 mugs of coffee to stay awake from this boring lecture BOOOOOOOO

Sachin Kumar Sahu

35:41 samajh mein nahin aaya Lekin Sun ke acha laga

Souvik Ghosh

trend will be downward. generally it occurs.


hi mam pl show actual trade platform

Kamal Ram

For Nairobiii.....

Varsha Rawal


Albin Philip

I should Have Watch Your Video 2 Minutes Before. I missed One Just Now. And Hanging man worked Perfectly

Shyam Kumar

Good Rachna. Keep it up and keep enlightening people like us who new to share market and needless to mention herein that your way of teaching is very good....

Abhishek Uswadkar

Mam which software to show stock market view?

Kalpana Kunte

Thank you Rachana for the videos ..it helps a lot and i am learing a lot from your videos and i apply same to the stock. let me know how can I attend your sessions?

jagdish bishnoi

Thank you so much,

Anil Advani

What happens when it opens with a gap up then what should we take this as.
Thanks ?

mrunal gurav

You are superb mam I will be more happy if I get your all series

praveen tyagi

Mam Can u plz give ur opinion about RELIANCE NAVAL AND ENGINEERING LTD....Can it be multibagger aa per current government policy by which we can see they are investing more in defense sector

sanjay solat

you are very good in knowledge ...i have one suggestion ...why dont you use hindi language in all your videos...hindi me logo ko jyada samzega...after all ...video banane ka main maksad logo ko samazana hi he...

Jinna S

Ur good teacher to any kind of student

Nisha Koppikar

No info this is f

Golden Arrows

Shut up u stu-pid lady , you can do nothing with this stu-pid candile stick and your bloody technical analysis. Only reason why you are bar-king in youtube because your income comes from this channel only.

Shristy Sarraf

Mam please make videos on technical analysis?

Varsha Rawal


Shiv Chetry

Method of teaching is wonderful.

Mohammed Ashraf


Buy Fear Sell Greed

Toji bhadham gasani aay

Souvik Ghosh

hanging man bearish reversal


Hi Rachana, I think there is something wrong with the red candle you explained. Think again. The wick on top of the red body is actually Low and the bottom is high. Means highest fall of the stock price. Right ? Please think and revert.
Because we are distinguishing between the red and green candles high and low. The highest of green is always the highest price the stock went and the highest of red is always the lowest price of the stock that went down.

Hiriyannaiah S

I have been in the stock market for long .we use search many websites for information .now your classes are very very informative .thank a lot.-Hiriyannaiah.bangaluru.

manohar deshmukh

तुमचं इंग्रजी सोपे असल्याने छान समजते....पण तरी तुम्ही मराठी खूपच छान बोलतात.....Ur great mam

Varsha Rawal

3- bull

Varsha Rawal



Lots of love you ? mam u r my inspiration ❤️

Chinnu mathireddy

Mam your spoken exlent ???


Excellent presentation mam

Shalaka Shelke

Unable to join ur channel ma'am. I have been trying from past few days but payment is unsuccessful ??

nitin joshi

Ma'm you are growing Money at your home...
# Money Plant...

Lakshmikanta Jana

Very encourging

Claw Rambo

Mam ka face 'Rubina Dilaik' se match ho rhi

mohit srivastava

Please make a video on drawing trend line

Souvik Ghosh

line chart

Shaurya pro max

Mam I could get the basic of stock just because of you...
U are a bridge between the ocean of knowledge and beginners like us....

Mayur Salunkhe

Thanks a lot.
Always helpful.
Khup sundar distay..

Varsha Rawal


ReWa Iyer

Very very well explained madam ?? you are a fantastic teacher.

iamit Singh

Nice video bro!!

Badass Amy

Mam aap to utube se hi lakhon earn krr leti h aapko kahi invest krne ki kya jrurat h

Sudhir Esai

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Varsha Rawal


Mahesh Tentiya

u r looking like a baby doll ... so cute....

sukhdev singh

Morning star candle does not form only big red and green without doji

ritesh solanki

nice explaination ma'am.

Nandini Datta

Head & soldier pattern .

Arshpreet Japjot

Nicely described . Good teaching ability ???

Raj Acharya

Mam, Can i use this strategy on commodity trading?

Bharat Kumar

Mam, how many types of Tradings are there?