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Stocks To Trade Today | MGNX, SNAP, EA

3 761 views | 6 Feb. 2019

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Bruce Harper

why whenever I try to get the liveview it says stream is starting soon and nothing happens?

Royce Jakob

LCI Poppin' harddd after-hours

Hayden Dodge

Talk about the SPY good lord bro. No one cares about these stocks

David Waters

You gotta show us the scale in the background. Looks like an interesting piece.


make a monthly market review


Recently started following the stock market. This guy is so awesome. Appreciate it man

Mihail C

Toronto stock exchange fall at open

David K

Another great video! Thank you so much. When you decide to take a position; whether it's MGNX, EA, or whichever, do you find that you're executing those trades on Robinhood more often than not? Or that being said, are you using Speedtrader or directly on TOS ? Thank you again for a great video!!

Mgnx news

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Day Trading News & Breakouts $NVAX $MRNA $AMC $CODX $UNFI Weekly Recap

30 297 views | 17 May. 2020

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?Time stamps:

0:08 $MGNX $AMC $MRNA $APOP Daily breakouts

7:09 $NVAX $DDOG $GRUB Vaccine and earnings plays

11:00 $UNFI $NVAX $MRNA $FWP earnings and breakout plays

15:42 $CODX $APDN $AKER low float penny stock runners

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Lots of volatility this week with the vaccine and test kit plays such as $CODX $NVAX $MRNA $APDN that gave us tons of range both to buy and short.

Strong stock earnings this week from this week were from $UNFI $DDOG were good plays on the long side for daily breakouts.

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DISCLAIMER: I am not a financial adviser nor a CPA. These videos are for educational and entertainment purposes only. Investing of any kind involves risk. While it is possible to minimize risk, your investments are solely your responsibility. It is imperative that you conduct your own research. I am merely sharing my opinion with no guarantee of gains or losses on investments.

AFFILIATE DISCLOSURE: I only recommend products and services I truly believe in and use myself. Some of the links on this webpage are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I may earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase and/or subscribe. Commissions earned will be used towards growing this channel.

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I missed Nvax at 19$ and missed moderna in the 20-30s then again at 50 entry point. Long story short I have moderna at $74 and $81 buy points waiting for the wave.

Michael L

questrade platform is kinda annoying to use, what platform are you running?

Calvin Xu

Where do u track the news of a specific ticker

Dexters finance musings

I just saw the new rooms over at stock twits. They are talking about your lambo.

David Robbins

AMCX (AMC Networks) made more sense for the rumor, but sheep investors ran up AMC Entertainment which made very little sense as an acquisition target. No synergy. Consolidation in many industries is a very real catalyst as we head toward a frightening economic outlook (understatement of the century) for the next 3 - 5 years.

Ragimund VonWallat

?Cheers Shay ,,,joined your mail thingy a few weeks ago, almost watched all your vids. very good stuff , delivered in comprehensible way. you are the only one on youtube that i know of that teach stuff without puffing your own ego on the crowd. good jop humbred traleru, very honorable job your doing i'll keep smashing like and laughing to all those hilarious joke(that last one is a lie)


Curious about your thoughts on this.  Would you do a video trading power hour?  The last hour of trading.

Escaping Loserville

Are you on think or swim

Yuchao Jin

Any thoughts on VTIQ?


Don't ever think you sold too soon on MGNX. I was buying this thing last week in the 14s and sold at 16. Then it hits 27 without me.

Steven Piershalski

we all eat from the same table

J J mar


Gold Money

I love your mindset.
How long have you been trading in the markets?

Doug Chinn

Make a little, lose a little. No regrets. Let it go. Not every trade can be a winner. Just have more and bigger winners than losers.


Does anyone here know of she picks up mentees?

Cammy Tan

Halo, i got moderna at 76, what are your thoughts? should i be cutting my losseS?

Danny Zuehlsdorf

Funny that around 4 months ago $NVAX was trading for roughly $0.50/ps

Doreen Farley

What are the red arrows?

Dibyadeep Bose

these are some great trades, do you generallly trade stocks ranging from 1-2$ all the way up to 60-70$, mid and small caps, all of them? Some skill you havem thanks for sharing.

Also, for the indicators, in these sort of trades, you only use VWAP and daily levels? , do you generally use any other Moving averages


hey, I also use f.lux!

Humbled Trader

Get my FREE Trading Journal + Weekly Stock Picks: https://bit.ly/2WIm5rJ

Douglas Marsh

The one thing no one talks about, especially in connection with day trading. RECORDS, RECORDS, RECORDS. (Spreadsheet knowledge)


The stocks you did your homework on did great runs and you took the meat off the bone. Great Work Humbled Trader. Markets still great and lots of volitility on many stocks making green short of long. I am stuck in a long as it sored and i had not put a stop loss so i let it ride.. it has been 3 days now and the stock GNUS is finally starting to fall but it has to get back down to .91 before i break even. Smashed the like button and enjoy the fresh runs of all the stocks along with a fresh hot coffee early in your trading morning. Cheers

Ronald Gallardo

I love you babe!!!


MGNX I do scale out profits on those.. so if it pops I still capture some additional profits I would have missed

Timothy Morgan

It would be great to trade with you one day!

Car Los

I would pre market gap you so hard

Tom Yau

How do you get entries so low on CODX for example? Do you leave an order as close as possible to the previous down wick? Or do you stalk, ready to hit limit/market on the ask?


Hey, I am a new Canadian Trader and I am about to start paper money trading, But to practice myself with small account because Ill have an real small cash account, What is the best Canadian ETF and Stock with the highest volume to trade?

marcelo marcebest

hola que buenos videos ! te sigo desde hace poco ....estoy casado ...vivo en Argentina pero no solamente sabes de mercado si no que ademas eres muy bonita!! great video!! greetings from Mar del Plata Argentina

kaine ermy

can you do something about prop firms please !!! who give you money to trade with , they are so many but they lie take the money and not fund you, which ones are the real??

Bob J.

Love your enthusiasm!

Barry Ng

Hi! may I know what your favourite timeframe to trade is and what you would recommend to beginners? I have read that High-frequency trading algorithms dominate the lower timeframes and that it would be safe to stick to 4hr or higher timeframes in order to avoid all the market maker BS. May I know what you think?

Smoking Offers

Nice recap! Have you ever checked out options on some of these names? Epic gains with a small account size, I put some live tape on my YouTube from this week if you want to see! Keep it up though you are crushing it ?

Bronson Lee

i hit a like button always learn from ur intelligent analysis stay safe is Canada reopening like USA? Mahalo

Maple Leafs

There is only one Stock that made me huge money in one day, it was AYTU the day it jumped from 40 centst to 2.80, I ended up selling all at 2.50, I wasn't even looking at such a big move. I just happen to login and it was up 500%. I just hit the sell God speed !!!

Sreten Stanišić

How to set Das trader to look like this?

Lola San

Great video! Do you use hard stop loss or decide when exit the position during the trade depending on circumstances?


Hi Humbled Trader, I started to watch your videos, you explain very well, excellent content with real examples, I am learning too much. I am trying to develop scalping skills; right now I am trying a different combination of: MovAverage, EMA, RSI, Stochastic, Parabollic SAR, so, For scalping what indicators are the best ? thank you in advance for all your feedback.

ML Dickson

I don’t get it. You crap on other traders but you never show your profit/loss! Not only that, but you don’t even record your trading session which, would make it faster to edit than doing a whole “hindsight”....20/20 video on your channel.
Does that help anyone? Maybe some. I guess the only thing that you are “SELLING” is the LIKE button and clicks to your social media.
“There is no free lunch people”

Satan Exposed

humbled trader how many good ideas can you make in one day?

Jesse Perez`

Watch your videos for any fast movers with tell signs for my strategy. I trade 90% pre and/or after. Set up everything night before and wake up at 3am to see where my stocks are going. Last week traded mostly GNUS, IBIO & OSA. OSA last 3 weeks. Just check during the day at work to see if anything vulnerable.

Joel M.

Keep an eye on CODX in the PM. CEO has been dropping PR around 0630.


Khalid Al Taie
I was wondering, are penny stocks always like that on fire, giving big gaps and always using trade ideas for scanners? Or it only became a trend of trading penny stocks in the past few months, maybe due to COVID19?
Just wondering if it’s always been a thing or it will die just like altcoins cryptocurrency

Q uantum

Humbled Trader you are good at scanning stocks. I wonder where financial journalists dig up there info'? After all they have to get the scoop in order to publish worth while news.

Ian Pieragostini

This was very helpful. Thanks.


a nice game, what type of game is it ?

Real Jim Smith

Love your videos Shay, I've learned so much from you! But wondering why you are playing such a choppy NVAX, APDN, CODX? What's the reason you focused on these, was there Gap Up? News? . .... DDOG and GRUB were clean charts and less stressful. I know CNBC talking about NVAX but charts crazy. Again, Love your videos, my #1 Go To!!! (played NNDM today entered little late at $1.38 but was patient put STOPs little lower to let it ride. went to $4 late afternoon. Now I guess I can't trade After Hours right? up to over $6. Still learning.


Now talk about GNUS!

T. Snow

Did you paper trade when you first started out?

Ah Jun

sad. I wanted to see you more then the charts



David Lee

Kombei (cheers in Korean) Shay! lemon soju shot emoji

Cheesey McCheese

Better watch SRNE for the apparent covid cure news announced on friday

Patrick Harper

I would like to pick your brain on a stock I’m thinking about invest in. I will pay you for your opinion ?

Brian m

Is this Questrade you use?


I hope you didn't missed NNDM!


i got very annoyed at the guy to kept talking nonsense about the stocks just right before you do. why would you have him introducing you? he sucks!

John Lindsay

Wow SRNE is aready over 9.

M. Alamer

New here. Love you video


Hi HT, which platform do you use for the latest news on those tickers you trade on and how do you get live alerts for them ?

Wagner Wong

I came here to listen to you talk. Can you do AMSR? Jk

Protip: clicking buy button actually starts Bannnking.


Just an observation, it seems you are more of short trader than long but for beginner short is too risky and too financial demanding... I wish you are more of long than short. By the way, I don't see where the indicators play so much role during your makeup of trade... Thanks for the videos

Harpreet Singh

Learning so much from these videos, great videos.

Robert Rogers

I can tell you are a Pro because you always take something out of your trades. That only comes with experience.

Robert Diaz

I like this video. It’s nice to see how your days of Trading
were throughout the week, thank you for sharing it was very informative! ??


I destroyed the like button!
Now I need a new screen. ?

Celix 123

I put Moderna in at 75 and novavax for 50 yesterday! Scared it’s too high tho now! What would you do?


Hey HT I appreciate you. You're a great mentor for new traders. Cheers.

nico m

Hello! Nice video. When can you make a video on Tesla shares. I would like to see if you are able to make any prediction! From my point of view its impossible to predict that is going high or low. Thank you!

Carl C

Have you looked at VTIG? What do you think about it?

Dibyadeep Bose

great recap, what is the broker you are using?

Cacha Cacho

Hi. What do you think about disney stock?

Heriberto Alvarez

Just curious, why don't you ever share how much you made for the day? I see a lot of other people share like I made $1000 or $2000 whatever, why don't you? (Don't mean to offend you in any way love your videos)


Do you think that the cash app is a good way to buy stocks? What's the positives what's the downfall with the cash app? Thnks


What broker are you using?

Prosperous Life

Thanks for the detailed video! Helps new/advanced traders alike! ???

XO Lin

Can you please show us how you determine your support and resistance levels.

Bry French

Buy NAT, guaranteed will be $7 soon


hello nice trade. what is your small share size if you dont me asking?


I hope it’s not too late for me to learn how to trade. Thanks for sharing.

engineer khaled

what is your broker whick can make you shorting everything easily

Garfield all Day

I’ve been in codx for awhile now.

JoseLuis Ramirez

Do you do more short sells?

oao mái

7:58 lol stop shorting the bottom and youll do far better. also you need to get your emotions in check I can see from your recaps your very emotional in your trades. stop trying to anticipate the breakdown i see you doing that a lot

Obi Juan

Wooo hooo I made $300... oh nooo my commissions and fees are $200.... :- (

Nate Nguyen

What do you think about IBIO potential this Monday ?


Hi @Humbled Trader... love your vids.. with the recap, can
you give the dates for each symbol you traded? I would like to
follow along in my simulated account.. Like button already smashed ✋

Brian Garrett

17:28 "What do you expect from a terd like this?" lolol

Mr. Monitor

Great info and the corny jokes are welcome duing this crisis??. Your light hearted positive attitude is a nice break from what's going on in the world and my portfolio ?

cat man

How much commission do you pay for each buy and sell approx. ?

George Perez

Great picks love watching your videos for analysis breakdowns but I'm more of a longterm investor personally, actually would be curious to know your thoughts on Alibaba they report on Friday.. I've been very bullish on BABA for quite some time now.. I think their massive investment of 28 billion into cloud computing is going to be a massive growth driver for them in the coming years ???


Thank you for sharing your trading so others can learn. On DDOG, volatility was low in premarket, setting up a squeeze trade. 9:30 price rockets upward. You perhaps could have gotten in on the second candle after breakout with stop below for an earlier entry. Just my two cents - I’m learning myself.

L Smith

Thank you for sharing. Question - did you have any trouble shorting AMC? I kept trying to short amc because I felt strongly the the Amazon story was fake. But my order kept getting rejected every time..I use TDA. Do I need to look into other brokers like interactive? This happens to be a lot with TDA. Everytime I try to short cheap stocks my order gets rejected. I can short bigger name stocks like zoom. I was able to short macys as well which is cheap. But not able to short amc despite numerous attempts. I tried market short, limit short etc. No luck. Missed all the action.


PFE and CODX will see nice gains this week.

Kazakman 777

Cheers ❤️

Meng Vang

what broker/platform are you using?

Frank Gatsby Beats

So, how much money did you invest and win/lose per trade?

leadingedgelithium Edge

Good video, but I am more about long term investment.
But you are smart and thank you for your time helping people and your hard work.


This is awesome!!

Mgnx news

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MGNX Technical Analysis "Consolidation Time?"

278 views | 7 May. 2020

Stock Market Technical

Stock Market Technical Analysis #MGNX #trading #stocks #VoorheesTrading #pennystocks

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Voorhees Trading is an education program that provides all the basic information needed to help you as trader to become more profitable. Here at Voorhees Trading we go over Basic Trading Techniques and TA "Technical Analysis" of Stocks to help you get an understanding of how the markets work. We provide basic information on Trends, Trendlines, Candles, Patterns, Supports/Resistance, Volume, Indicators and More... We will help you determine the best entry points from these past TA "Technical Analysis" so that you can possibly use them in the future as well. We will even go over our current trades and positions. We will provide you our thoughts and feelings about our trades. We will explain to you why we took those trades.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at "[email protected]"

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The information contained here is for education and entertainment purposes only. Nothing here shall be construed to be financial, legal, or tax advice. The content of the Patreon group consists solely of the opinions of the admin and its members, who are not licensed financial advisors or registered investment advisors. Purchasing stocks poses considerable risk of loss. I don't guarantee any particular outcome. Past performance does not indicate future results. Never invest more than you can afford to lose.

Hola Tio

I missed this? Got in the other stock you called though

J & K Nation

what stock are you looking at for tomorrow

Crypto Boy

Got in from your call! Thanks