What is illegal on the internet

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Regular Things That Are Illegal In North Korea

5 884 856 views | 30 Oct. 2017

What everyday things that

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Sources for this episode:

Otis Murphy

No unauthorized photos of Dennis Rodman ever- or else...!

Pepe The dogz


Little Lotsie Holton

Thw secretes country is china dude

Nine-Tails Kyuubi

I feel so bad for the people in the north korea I feel so angry at that dictator


Poor kid: Help! I am stuck in North Korea.

Kit: NEVER FEAR! I'M THE ROCKETEER. I will take you to the South, where you will be safe there.

afshan perveen

Because north koria have ditatorship

Zuri Akindele

What about a quran

Ryan Laustsen

And kim Jong un needs to learn if someone feels like doing someone they're going to do it. I think if I was over there his family would no longer be existence anymore.


"human must die"

George Darren

Can we Make north korea a part of another country that is normal?!!!

Lindsey P

Yeah, like I’m going to North Korea on my next vacation!

Allan Mbugua

If I found myself in N.Korea I would take marijuana every minuite locked up in my room till my last breath. For what is there to live for?

omega alternative universe

And i thought trump was a bad leader


Any country should help them

Roman Bellic

I was savagely beaten by Korean authorities. Worst day of my life

Siamese Agency

Me : in jail
Prisoner : how did you end up here
Me : i said north korea is boring

Ryan Laustsen

Kim Jong un needs to learn you have the right to Express yourself and sarcasm is normal . And if a leader dies and I don't feel bad well oh well I just don't care.

madiha 789

They're all obscene and cruel ?????????

Kim Council

But NasDaily exposseed u!

Ph1lip Syvänen

Jesus is the way the truth and the life and no one comes to the Father except through him! (John 14:6)

Jefferson JOB


The Infographics Show

Check out our new channel: Fuzzy & Nutz: https://www.youtube.com/fuzzynutz

Cheri Rutherford

North Korea: THE ENTIRETY OF EUROPE COULDN'T STOP ME IF THEY WANTED TO* United Kingdom: yeah but he can"USA: say helloto my army

Almas Aasia

Where are the sources for this episode??? I'm wondering how much of this is true...

the king of utub e

Me as a prisoner
Other prisoner: what did you do to get here
Me: I rolled my eyes

ah meng tan

why talk outside of North Korea......coward

Lavinia McNamara

3:55 if North Korea existed on the Christmas truce(ww1)
North Korea: wanna keep on fighting or we’ll be in a prison camp


He just teaches people to fear everything espically America for some strange reason...

Isabel Zondai

Oookkkkkkk north korea is an insane country and I would never in a million years leave or vacay there ??

John Cooper

freedom is a bless

。Ღ Glowcherry Ღ。

North Korea is the breathing version of 1871

Jake G

That must be hard to have kids.. gotta make sure they shut up about what goes on in house, and somehow gotta help them pretend to mourn

Chan Kenny

Goodthing i went to north and south korea they didt arrest me
And i went to sabah and sarawak




They just called. Do this to. North Korea it is to painful I love you be and I do not want to be in jail so North Korea has to be like the USA Or other places pls 1 like to the video =10 so North Korea is normal pls help this place

Andrew Davis

This is the result of socialism that's what it takes to create the perfect utopia 100% brutal force.

Ri Sol-Ju

무례한 미국 이야기 에 대한 나의 빌어 먹을 남편 법률


3:04 can’t believe it lol

Vørtex Gaming

North Korean rules- "You didn't cry, Say goodbye! **Gunshot**

Ethan toaster

In north Korea saying the word illegal is illegal

swatsksy hatdog

Infographich show what if pope visited in north korea

Burnt Pot

North Korea is probably gonna cause world war 3 against america

Samiur Rahman

Someone: farts
North Korea: Arrest him

Kayla Mill

It just makes me mad when Americans who have never been anywhere else say America’s one of the worst places to live

Food Is Life

Wait so if a 3 year old doesn’t cry at a funeral for one of their leaders what happens ?


Who ever own this place is dump it is not fair for going to jail for random lawas bro

ramith Mamatha

People across the world at the time of corona : I cant live with such strict rules

North koreans: Hold my jail

Enderman Robot

I want to become a suicide bomber just to end the kim rwgiem

Vince Louie Marquina

1 percent like north korea
99 percent like south korea

zhongli simp

This is literally slavery

Ashley Ocate

trying to relax on the vacation but bought ticket to north korea
Me: i see, I pick the wrong decision

Kali Uh hi

I wont even be surprised if blinking becomes illegal

Nooberhack 1

Comment here if u hate Russia or North korea

Raymond J Blaze

North Korean government and Kim Jung are demons! Let’s pray for North Korea.


I don’t hate North Korea I just hate the leader

TylerPlays123 Game

The thumbnail be like

Parth sarthi

I want to become dictator in North Korea ?

North Korea Gaming

Delete This Video, My Name Is "North Korea"

Connor Pettus

What’s next they’re going to make breathing illegal?


Wow this makes me so sad

Gia Rosee

He sounds like the guy from the Honest channel ?

Adhm Salmn

Wait if you happy in north korea get arrested?

Isabel Zondai

North Korea is a crazy and insane country I feel so bad for its citizens they are just suffering no more freedom ????

Jim Krause

My brother would straight up commit a crime so I would go to jail. lol


Fun Fact: I am the only North Korean person who can go on the internet whenever I want

Hailey Wozny

We learned about it in class. Dont forget the government chooses the citizens jobs for them.


I never saw a country that made happiness illegal


I’d be in jail if I was in north. caria

Mix mixture

So we can't play Michael Jackson song in North Korea??

TylerPlays123 Game

The thumbnail though

Seth Rose

I wanna try there bud.

Austin Failz

Blue is apart of the North Korean flag.

Ričards Zustrups


EJ 13

marijuana is an natural herb from Earth it’s supposed to be legal

Justin Berdell

If you wipe front to back they shoot your kids. No kids, shoot grandma

Payton Ryan

The Infographics Show: "Unless you've been living in a bubble"
NHL from late July to late September: "Hold my Stanley Cup"



Tad Lad

Kim jong un is best

Lindsey P

These poor people are suffering for the littlest things


Everything is wrong in this country


Bro u are exaggerating a bit . Owning a Bible or practicing religion is not a crime there as u all think.I had been there and had bought a few religious books including Bible and one related to Buddhism but nothing happened.


This video: exist
North korea: thats illegal

Kim Jong un 1000 SUBS NOW!

Cannot disrespect the country’s leader

People around the world: Making memes about Kim jong-un

꧁彡Scorpio Weeb UwU彡꧂

The only reason that mf dictator hasn't been assassinated is because of K-pop-



ian ian

What is the backround music?

Gouri Raychoudhury

kim jong resign right now

Lentis Dophlu

Still think America is so evil?

[CIX] Can_ix

"Regular Things That Are Illegal In North Korea"
Me: everything

Ayaan Mohammed

IN 2070
A person: breathing
North Korea: that’s illigal

Messy Sundew

Me in North Korea
Prisoner: so what did you do?
Me: i sang despacito.

Spud Ruffy

I'd cry if I lived in North Korea.

Sophia Kiedrowski

Me jailed in North Korea
Other prisoner: Why are you here?
Me: I sang a BTS song

Brian Bushfamily

I can't be mad at the North Korean government but I can be mad at the North Korean people. Because why aren't they taking over their government. If the government starts killing every one other countries would come in and help the people.

6 Wheelz

I never loved America before now

Gautam Mastwal

Me slepping
North koria. I am about to end this.whole man carrier

Priti Gupta

He is such a cruel person

ninjacker 1

I could do worse.

ArkerION Team


LoganOrx 57

North koreans: breathing
Their gov: now this is avengers lvl threat

What is illegal on the internet

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What Does Your ISP Know About You?

999 019 views | 24 May. 2017

Can your ISP see

Can your ISP see everything you send and receive through their pipes, or is it more complicated than that?

TunnelBear message: TunnelBear is the easy-to-use VPN app for mobile and desktop. Visit http://tunnelbear.com/linus to try it free and save 10% when you sign up for unlimited TunnelBear data.

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Follow: http://twitter.com/linustech

Join the community: http://linustechtips.com

Ogany Supreme

NordVPN should've been sponsored for this video instead.

Kim Kardashian Un

1:58 "My heart is like a moldy beef wellington without you ...." ...WHAT? ?


ISP blocking my discord and my friends thinking I abandoned them is messed up



Ethical boii

Plot twist : this video is an ad of tunnel bear

The Banana

Mullvad is better.

Abhijit Paul

I have a question. Cant we just set google or any dns server instead of isp dns in our router? (inspired from the router related video of Techquikie)

Steve Brosnon

Tunnel bear, total rubbish as not secure


Alrighty boys, we're pretty much in deep shit at this point ?

Steven Torrey

Oh good, no one know I wear pink underwear! That will be a secret.


It's simply ISP is spying on us!

Ames Gamache

my ISP cannot see what I am doing... all they see is encrypted material... they cannot see me... LOL

Ethical boii

Lol at the end I was like like I watched a 7min tunnel bear ad like why should you you buy tunnel bear lol

Imperium Commenting Network

That i bought a bunch of Cat 6 and 7 networking cables and that I'm replacing most of our cables to eliminate bottlenecks in preparation for setting a home server up

dravid ramdass



Can the dudes that work at isp see my incognito browsing history??????

Video Game Beater

"we've all done something online that we'd rather not share with the rest of the world" hentai intensifies


if i download vpn crack version from torrent , is it safe ?


Seeing as this 'informative' video is a veiled attempt at a VPN ad, I would recommend NordVPN. It works great for me.


1:01 Ice Poseidon?

shark Tenko

We should be paid for the use of our metadata

Companies make money off us like we're workers so why shouldn't we force them to pay us like workers

rat429 79

Ehem tunnel bear logs data and sells it soooooooo.


I don't wanna know...


ISP won’t tell my parents what I look at on my apps will it? If so then oops


Dang I thought isorrowproductions was a good person!

anonymous person

Vpn n shit

Shitposter 6 9

God they’ve shut my WiFi off 7 times for pirating games lmao

Sturmf Panzer

who else search the numbers at 1:04?


Someone answer me please. I have a school account and I went home, forgot to log out of it after using the school library and searched up “fucked up snek”. Then I realized my mistake and deleted it from my school account, because I was on my phone. I did search that on incognito tho. But idk if my school can check my incognito if I searched it up in my own home. But it is connected to my school account BUT it was used on incognito someone answer me.

Real Plama

Thanks... now I'm going to use a VPN WTF

Adi Man

I Love Your Voice ?.

(thats it.)

Aniruddha Chatterjee

Using a VPN is basically putting the same trust in them as in ISPs. Except for accessing restricted sites etc.


I’m late like so late but can they see what apps you download ?

I have commited series of the war crimes

Let's pray for ISPs, they go through really fucked up shit.

timmy 900


Winston hillkirk

People hacking into device cameras to spy on you, "Bwah ha ha, we can try to sell them nose hair trimmers now! Wouldn't it be just terrible if this embarrassing picture of nose hair got posted online? Give us money or else!"


buy your own satellite!

yolo da bolo


Kookee Houseof

So basically ISP knows that I logged in Facebook, but not the URL of certain individual (or a girl I fancie), they won't have that?
Is that correct ?
What about google browsing history ?


When my uncle got left behind by his wife, who cheated on him, he started to send threat messages on facebook and e-mails. Like life threatening ones.
Eventually nothing serious happened, but when this was brought to the police and court by the cheating wife who got scared obviously, EVERY message and e-mail my uncle has EVER sent was printed out on paper in front of the judge.

They know shit.

Zakie Chan


Mohammed Ayub

1:40 That information just relived me ?

pappa 009

Ha ha ha ... This was a good video man

Carson James IV



I just got a message: site can't be reached page took to long to respond on certain websites even restarting router didnt work, ipconfig/all said media disconnected seemed my isp blocked media access to some sites, we called they cleared cache and i resetted the router and it worked again wondering what happened and why


Who all are getting remembering the INCOGNITO after seeing the title leave a like


isn't it about time porn turned into art. break out the video camera cause these guys such, ugh.


Hope my iso dont know i search mia khalifa and hentai

Madhav Badhwar

Thanks I really needed to know about bigger Luke

Caleb Maldonado

Bigger luke


I don't mind if my ISP can look at all the porn I watch. They will know where all the high quality content is at thanks to me.
I'm happy to potentially help some stranger out. :)


man we could never have privacy in this world people with power can do whatever they want with us smh


Do your ISPs tell you what you search when you go to them for anything?

Carson James IV



anyone can tell me that if i download premium or crack (paid) version vpn from torrent is it safe ?

Bradley Bacon

did anybody go to the link in the video?

Bavin Zhang

I watch a 99999999999 minute ad

Mrs Rain

Psst..hey..hey you!...go delete everything on your phone..remove data....

Hadrian Decurtins



Here's Their Direct Number 1-833-492-4130


I remember when google kept on begging me to buy a Razer for pubes


man this video was hilarious. keep it up I love this channel

Shali Kui

Google uses cookies to track you down so your never really safe


OMG Who the hell cares? This is just a giant ad for VPN's.

Aayush Lamichhane

1:02 hey how do you guys know my ip

Hamza Chaudhry

So for example, my ISP can see that I went on YouTube but they don't know which videos I watched? Or also they see I've been on Reddit but they don't know which subreddits I've browsed?


ty for this!! i needed this and other channels explain this in a painful way yours didnt. youre awesome..

One Seater

Regulatory ?? Moniter this ISP


Guess ima turn on mobile data and mobile hotspot forever

Winston hillkirk

Munching on popcorn going through a stream of internet packets is one thing networking students actually do. I was using a different snack food but the principle is the same.


ISP please don't report me to the government.

Omar Berrow

The people who disliked are who work for an isp


Thanks man


What will my ISP know about me if I install my own dns server?

Sarah lofi

So does that mean my ISP can see why I’m watching this video?



You wouldn’t download a fucking car would you



John Simun

https://youtu.be/lMChO0qNbkY google has already solved this.

Shem Shem

6:43: "grizzly, pay yearly."
also 6:43: "$4.17/month"


Honeslty there's so much people in the world I don't think they'll get through everyone's history, they might keep it only for reasons but won't have the time to go through it. If it's not my parents or people I know then I think im safe.


When you send horse porn to a group chat

Kelechi Ekeanyanwu

he got buff...


Just download a new ISP if you're worried. Duh!

Juuzou Zeno

VPN:"Nsa keep out plz"


So my ISP Can see what i do when my parents are out of the house

Ahhh Crap....


I sure hope my ISP loves trap hentai as much as I do

Bobby Moore

Haha I’m watching this with a VPN

Ruthvik S S

Yes They Are Helping (Law) & Police !✌️?

Cat Soup

Ohno they know that I look at furry porn...

Ethical boii

Plot twist : this video is an ad of tunnel bear

Mario from Mario Teaches Typing 2

Whenever I do something scummy on the internet I just think- “There’s greaseball assholes doing worse than me out there.”

Sai Raja G

what about redirects from link shortners???

Ethical boii

Plot twist : this video is an ad of tunnel bear


F. ast
A. s
P. ossible


I don't trust my isp that's why I have a vpn


So they can see that I’m on ****hub. But! They don’t know what I’m doing on said site.


So, I see lots of VPN services, TunnelBear, NordVPN, and ExpressVPN. Which one's the best?

Manic Eraser

Question if you use tor will they see that?

Chad Thundercock

Who's here after Democrats won Congress and the Presidency?

What is illegal on the internet

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5 Things illegal on the Internet!

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Thank u ji Take care?????

jai hindu

Don undar world ho


Me to aajtak WiFi open rakhta tha????and name that free WiFi?ab to password lagana padega

Abhishek Sharma

Bhai AK mast pose do

Vishnu Sarva

thank you sir ji


Thnx sir

Parth patel

poker our Baki game Maharashtra me kyun nhi khel sakte main Maharashtra me rahta hoon

Vishal Gaud

bhai honor 10 lite good or bad please tell me


Superb video Hai cool mind

Samrat Art

Vai aj to haters ke liye kuch achha likha hua hai board me.....???

Nitesh Kumar

Bahi nude mtlb

Ganesh Hajare

WhatsApp group mein ladki ki photo bheji aur like Kiya Toh Kya Hoga like karne wale ka

Chandra shekhar Patel

good ..

Rajan Sharma

Thank sir

Gaming Bro

Nice video

Rishi yadav comedy

Nice video

Wasim Bagwan

thanks bro

Bhrigu Kumar Das

Tumarhe hr 1 video 2 br dekhta hoon lekin aaj tk tune mere cmnt pr ek like v mrna jruri nhi samja... Hats off


Ok.thank u

XII-B ROLL NO 32 Karan Kumar Nayak

Thank you bro for your information.

karan kuthe

konse state mein rehte ho

nandlal gor

Agar chat me abusing ho to Instagram pr?

Rahul Rojra


Vishal Gaud

bhai dadhi kayou save kar diya

bro world

Mr aisa lagta hi satyug ki bat kar rahey ho aap jitni cheejey boli vo sabhi baatey internet par khuley aam hoti hi

Shubham Sharma

Nhi she h bhay kbhi bhi kuch bhi ho skta h

Anil Chauhan

Good job bro,,

Status Status

. Mast

Shah Vishal 's

Dhadi karva li aap bade aache lag te ho

Zain Eqbal Lifestyle Official

Very nice


Vai tumahra har apisod hum dekhta hu


Bahut aacha laga brother

Dinesh Vishwakarma

Thanks brother

Bhai kulwinder singh

Good information

Gurudev with comedy



ANONYMOUS legal or illegal ???

Mantosh Vlog

जैसे की हम अपने मोबाइल पर WhatsApp पर texnow एप्लीकेशन का उपयोग करते है,क्या हम इस तरह का प्रयोग करके अपने किसी और फ्रेंड के मोबाइल में इस तरह ID बनाकर पैसे ले ,तो क्या हम कर सकते हैं ऐसा काम या नहीं प्लीज रिप्लाई करो

Pradeep Kumar

Nikal londa ?????????

S.R small creator

Line choroo yaar sb baat hi write he


⣿⣿⡄⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠈⠉⠛⢷⣭⠉⠁⠀⠀⣿⣿
⣇⣀. JAI HIND ⠘⣿⣿⣿ ⣶⣿
⣿⣄⠀⣰⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⢀⣠⣿⣿⣿⣾⣿⣿⣿
⣿⣿⣿⣿⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⢀⣠⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿
⣿⣿⣿⣿⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⣤⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿
⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⢿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿
भाईओ मेरा भारतीय गाडीयों पर एक युटयुब चैनल है
मै ईस चैनल के लिए बहुत ज्यादा महेनत करता हूँ और ईतनी महेनत करने पर फिर भी मेरे चैनल को कोई सब्सक्राइब नही करता ?? तो प्लीज मेरे चैनल को सब्सक्राइब कर दो जीससे मेरा भी भला
हो जाएगा और आपको भी मेरी दुआएँ मील जाएंगी ?? यह मेरे चैनल की लिंक है ?????
पलीज मेरे चैनल को सब्सक्राइब कर दो ????????
जय हिंद!!!
वंदे मातरम!!!
भारत माता की जय!!!

Ketan Solanki

Nice info bro

Sudarshan Bhalerao

bhai bhai

Ajit Vishwakarma

Sirjee aapke video se badii toh aapke video se pahele chane waali advt hoti hai
2 advt back to back wahhh

Mousumi Singh

Video bahut dhamaka h

bUNNY 66

How about posting offensive post form free public WiFi...

Vikash bhau

Bhai Tumhare Diye Gaye bajana Se Hum khush huye

Pawan Kumar

Bhai jio security phone me kya work karta hai

sumit Vishwakarma

thanks hitesh bhai

Snehasish Saha


Preetiravi Tiwari


Goswami Creation

sir aap plzzzz kisi bhi video me hindi me funny talk krte hai waise hi aap kisi bhi video me gujrati me funny talk kijiena plzzz

Nikhil kumar


Ankit Sharma

all line mst h....

Cyborg Basumatary

BAre kamine ho yar, jabardasti like karwana bhi to galat hai.

Hridoy Khan

हां यह बात तो सही है लोग कमेंट में गालियां देते हैं गंदी गंदी गालियां लिखते हैं बुरा लगता है।

kishor desai

bhai aapne mujhe bacha liya me mharashtra se hu shukriya

Bharat Jadhav

I am back

Ramesh Kamble

Bhai makhi ke katanese dengue hota hai mujhe laga machar ke katane se hota he. Acha huwa kuch naya sikhane mila.

Deepak vlog

Sir WhatsApp contact karo please

Sadek sayyad

Technjcal dost hum aapka ye dhasu style dekhkar hi video like kardete hai ?

partha jojo

Thanks bro ...
Great work ...

Raish Aryan

Kya haal h

Akash Gawariya

Good bro

Ambirsh Sharma

Sahi baat bhai

Vidhiya Thapa

Bhai aap plz bikes ko lekr jald heee koi video banao Kyo ki muje Kuch smj nhi aa rhaa konsi bike sahi rahegi ????? muje sports bike chaiye

Dinesh sahu

Thank you hitesh ji

Vidhiya Thapa

Plz bhai ap bhot achaa smjate ho isliye aap se bol rhaa hu

Sonia Sharma

Ek or kaam illegal he na sir g ladkiyon Ka dil churane apni pyari pyari baton se

Dhubal Kuanr

Nice video


Mast hai bhai

gourav patel

Thanks for this awareness.....

Abhishek Sharma

Mai to kr chuka

Ritik Gandharv

Ab aap bidya nahi lag raha kyoki saving karva ka
Bhai ji

TrueFacts Official

Bhai copyright strike nahi ati

Arman Shaikh

Bhai aap kaun mobile chalate hai

Ocean Apps

Bhai ek request, dark web pe information video banaye

Бхану Аршавин

Apni suraksha apne hath

Neema Raj

no......way .I can't use offensive language.nd I can't. .....
we all r human. n i can't forgèt my humanity .
thnk u so much 4 remind me once again.

papa ki pari

Sir aap aloo Jaise lag rahe ho

Garvit Sharma

Bahi apka beared look jada acha lagta ha

Jyoti Das

Sir if someone mistake se illigal pictue search Kia to Kya करेगा

Sonia Sharma

Aapki shayeri mujhe achi lagti he my dear

Harsh Gupta

Clash royal khel sakte h

Amrat Thakor

Very nice

suraj Kumar


samir chakraborty

Arey bhai ap jab dance karte ho na woh bhi subglass laga kar dekh ke dil khush ho jata hain ???

The love is life Bablu Kumar

Prince comedy kya me to shirf gali he hai to batao prince comedy galat video dalta hai na

Guri G

Very good video sir carry on ????

raj simba

Hitesh bhai kabhi apni family sa melayo

Parbis Ahmed

haha #ParbisAhmed

Rajan Solanki

Wifi - Hotspot Very Helpful , ?

Name Status

Thank you bro for information

Pawan Sugan

Bhai agar koi insan relway station hotspot ya kisi free hotspot se connect krke aisa gnda kam krr de tb kise pta chlega

Fitness Guru 100%


MJ All

Michael jackson pr video banao

cod ajju

Nice bro osm

akash gujjar sadullapur


Vaghela Umesh


Le Lounga

Gajab Style

Suraj Pandit

bhai ye pass word kaise dalte he mujhe nai ata agar dusare koi hume gali ya dhamki bhara post bhejta he to uski complaint kaha aur kaise kare plz batayi

Aηûgråɧ Massy

Wi-Fi मैं पासवर्ड लगाने की जानकारी देने के लिए आपका दिल्ली ❤️से धन्यवाद ❤️❤️❤️❤️?????????????