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Long tearm affects of diabetes on mother and progeny | Dr. Latha Venkatram

442 views | 20 Jun. 2017

Mother is prone to

Mother is prone to diabetes


Especially the babies born big (on the higher range of weight) are prone to diabetes in childhood and adolescence. Risk is higher up to 8 to 10 times in babies born to diabetic pregnant. The higher the sugar level in pregnancy more earlier chances of diabetes occurring in the progeny.

Risk Higher (8-10 times)

The other risks are:

Metabolic Syndrome i.e. Diabetes with issues in blood pressure, Cholesterol, fats.

Prone to Cardio Vascular Disorders.

Mental health; IQ, Behavioural problems, emotional disturbances, cognitive dysfunction.

Autism Spectrum Disorders are more common.

KCN M.Karthika Kar

Tq mam its very useful for me...... Ur english talk is very easy to understand......... Once mor thank you very much mam????


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Hea NA

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