Mars chart

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Astrology | Mars Venus Conjunction Through the Houses| Raising Vibrations

14 934 views | 24 Oct. 2017







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Simon is an Evolutionary Astrologer; using the Evolutionary Astrology method of chart understanding, he explores the deep aspects and dynamics of the soul and how it experiences its lives across time. He looks at all aspect of the chart and through the symbol Pluto asks the question why I am here and what are my lessons?

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Astrology | | Raising Vibrations

Σόνια Κ.

I have Mars in Capricorn 17° ,Ascendant Capricorn 19°, Venus Capricorn 23° ?

Saifit ForLife

You explain this really well; thank you. Mars and Venus are conjunct in the 10th house if my natal chart.

Chelsea Smith

New phase conjunction happened in my 12th house and your description about the unfolding of this symbol is SPOT on. Your clarity and precision is immensely helpful for navigating the meaning of these symbols . Thank you :)

Marjorie Zambrano

26:50 9th house

Monica Campbell

I'm watching this one again like I do with many of your videos :)

Jessie Fox

So yeah, I'm learning how to rule the world. Watch how powerful I'm about to become :D Mars and Venus in 9th and 10th house.


Thank you for being fluent with your research Simon. Happy Halloween! ?

Penelope Ryder

Brilliant video mine happened in my 9th house on my MC. Thanks to Jennifer for looking for me.

Raghda Aly

what if mars in 3rd and venus in 4th, only 2 degrees between them?

Sincere Love- Sagittarius

I have Mars and Venus in Capricorn in the 9th house in my natal chart. How do I figure out where the "new" phase conjunctions are?

Monica Campbell

I would so love a deeper simon vorster analysis of the inner planets as you've done with Saturn uranus neptune and pluto

Violet Lilly

15:00 2nd House


How do I know where mars and Venus is in conjunction too?

Hidden Halo

10th house 28:33

Greg Miner 1111

Mars and Venus in the 12 for Virgo sun, rising and mercury in Vedic... good thing I embrace both . Cuz I’m totally down with my western chart sounds way more when it’s switched to libra sun rising and mercury with Venus and mars in Virgo.

Super manang biday achiever

Mars and venus conjuction on pisces on the second house

Dinakar Reddy

My Venus and Mars conjuct in 12th house in birth chart but in navamsha it is in 3rd house what to look now

Chrisann Zaubi

This happened in my 12th house. In my natal chart Venus is in scorpio and opposes Mars in Taurus......

Fairuz The healer

What about if man's venus conjuncts woman's Mars in Cancer?(I know that must be the opposite, but...)

Coco K.

I have mars/venus conjunct natally straddling my DC with mars in my 7th house and Venus in my 6th

Abby Sprinkle

I watched this thing through and through until it got to my 12th house and I still don't know what the hell is going on lol

Jessie Fox

My natal MC is 23 degrees Virgo. My natal Pluto is 20 degrees Virgo and my natal Uranus is 24 degrees Virgo :D Ha I rule the world.

Marjorie Zambrano

20:28 5 house ???

Sweeta Ali

1st house 13:26

MidnightPoint MichaelPinchera

This is one of your best presentations!

Spoiled Blaque

11th house 31:06

We ShOuLd JuSt StAb CeAsAr

3rd house 16:27???


23:51 7th house conjunction

Monica Campbell

Simon I hope you read my comments I usually try to ask you good questions

Penelope Ryder

I am so blessed that I followed through and did the metamorphosis course with you it has changed my life. Thank you for the incredible knowledge you share.

Donna A Bartell

Searching for info on ven /mars In CAN 12H. I get painfully shy when I like someone, its ridiculous. I talk to people all the time, no prob.

dixy pixy

That freaking intro scared the shit outta me
And soooo loud too

be the change you wanna see in the world

mars1 venus 0 degrre conjuct so tight at aries8 th house..my life was a huge struggle..and I am open to violence..how can I change this??

Lauren Bentley

Can you have this in 2 different houses? I have a mars in Scorpio 27 degrees in my 7th house and venus in aquarius 14 degrees with a square to pluto in my 10th house. Both venus and mars is aspected as a conjunction.

Christy Filled with Light

Amazing! Thank you

Aprilios iouniou

Hey SImon, it's been a long time.....can you give us the link for this article about the meaning of planetary phasal relationships ? what does new phase mean, what does firrst quarter square means etc.....you had made a video about phasal relationships 2 years ago but you stayed at the introduction.....Thanks again.....this would be the best video series but you left it unfinished!!!!thanks again


Hi Simon. What house system do you use?


25:13 8th house

Raising Vibrations

3 Month Forecast


Mars conjuncts Venus in Pisces in my natal 10th house.

love and light

?? 6th H♍ 22:05

Irina Stanciulescu

Hey Simon, thank for your share, really nice. The Mars & Venus conjunction is happening in my 9th house (where I have my natal Saturn, Jupiter, Mars and Lilith) and the great thing is that I am really learning Evolutionary Astrology right now to understand my life better. I have been playing around EA for some years now, but what I wanted to say is that ever since I found your You Tube channel a month ago I feel I truly understood so many things I could not process before and for that i thank you. Hope to take a class with you soon.

Jacqueline du Plessis


Kshitiz Gautam

I’ve Mars & Venus in my 1st house

Lolo Mizzay

This is for transit. Not natal.

Girl Boss Guru

Sun libra rising Sagittarius moon Virgo Venus Scorpio mars Leo ??‍♀️??‍♀️
My Numerology is 16/7 ??‍♀️

Mars chart

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True Black Moon Lilith-Mars Natal Aspects

5 338 views | 18 Dec. 2018

Evolutionary Astrologer,

Evolutionary Astrologer, Energy Worker, and Channel Tom Jacobs (tdjacobs.com and healingsuicide.com) describes true black moon Lilith-Mars aspects in the natal chart.

Using True Black Moon Lilith in Astrology Charts Webinar beginning July 25, 2020:


Loving Lilith: An End to Shame Healing Course


Read all about your own Lilith placement with Tom's original Black Moon Lilith Natal Report: http://www.tdjacobs.com/products/natal-reports/

The Lilith Healing Intensive, April 4-7, 2019 in Portland, OR:


The Lilith Pages: http://www.tdjacobs.com/articles/the-lilith-pages/

Lilith: Healing the Wild book: https://www.amazon.com/Lilith-Healing-Wild-Tom-Jacobs/dp/1456433016/

The Lilith 7-hour MP3 set, building on the themes in the Lilith: Healing the Wild book: http://www.tdjacobs.com/services/learn-astrology/#astrologycourses

00:00 Intro

04:08 On natal aspects with Lilith

05:23 On natal Mars

07:54 Natal true BML conjunct Mars

15:21 Natal true BML sextile Mars

18:07 Natal true BML square Mars

20:59 Natal true BML trine Mars

25:32 Natal true BML opposite Mars

Nicola Davies

Thanks for this. How about Lillith Mars in synastry? I cant find much on this aspect.
Hope you can give some insight.
Also Lillith on angles in synastry?
Thank you in advance.

Ann Tyler

BML conjunct sun square mars opposite pluto trine Neptune.

western raven

haha hey :) loved this


Would you find the semi-sextile notable (orb <1')? Would it be a more unconscious energy than the sextile?

Bo Bo

Thank you!!!! I was looking forward to this video for what felt like forever(due to my own anxiousness). I have the Mars OBM Lilith conjunction. It’s tucked deep in my 12th house though. (My Mars is in the widest allowable conjunction with my ASC). What you have said about the defensiveness and irritation around certain people and the instant attraction/repulsion dynamic I often feel is certainly true for me. I also happen to be a splenic projector so I really MUST listen to my bodies instant impulses.

I never noticed the food thing but I do have a LOT of digestive issues so perhaps I should pay closer attention to that. Very interesting.

Yes yes yes, I definitely tend to attract very traditionally attractive men (and some women) to me whom you would never think would be attracted to messy old me. They are usually either very mystified by me and strongly sexually curious about me or they are rabidly sexually attracted to me where they are out of mind and just trying to get at me any way possible to the point it’s often scary. I have always thought (since discovering Lilith)this was my Lilith Mars conjunction in action. Your video just confirms that for me. I actually have a hard time attracting people who love me for my mind. For them- the people I attract mostly are about sex and me being the idealized woman who can sexually fulfill them the way others cannot. I’ll add they often already have a partner when they try to come to me. Pisses me off!

Jewel lovescats

Hello Handsome:) <3 I would like to know what these 3 lilith aspects mean? Mars Conjunction Black Moon Lilith (orb 9°1') Black Moon Lilith Conjunction Midheaven (orb 7°49') Mercury Sextile Black Moon Lilith (orb 1°43') . I know the tighter the orbs are the stronger the affect are these aspects still relevant to me? I know for certain aspects conjunctions can go uptoo 10.

Ethereal Synchronicity444

Thank you Tom! Much appreciation.

Patricia van Rein

Spot on Tom. I'm a Mars conjunct Lilith in Virgo 7th House, supremely sensitive body and very loud and demanding instincts. Having boundaries, allowing people to take my autonomy personally if they want to and becoming a 'transition ninja' help me ground, replenish and feel strong enough to do my work in the world.

sharna moss

Trying to figure all this out,. Lillth in capricorn and in the 11th .sextile lillth Mars 33.3 sextile in Jupiter. Idn lol. I'm born 6th August 82 born 17:53.in Newzealand. I would love to talk with you xxx

Lessandra r

Thank you for this ?

Mars chart

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Mars Aspects in the Birth Chart

1 357 views | 2 Nov. 2020

This is a long one ladies

This is a long one ladies and gents! Grab a snack, get your coloring books out or a game of solitaire and buckle up for these Mars aspects! Do you like the format of these videos? Getting a bit of information about every aspect to a planet in one long sitting? Or do you have any other ideas of how else to format the series? Let me know!

? For any questions or for a reading of your chart at a glance, reach out to me on the instantgo app @ninamaria.bc

? To purchase full length readings go to Partytrickastrology.com/shop

✨ Feel free to give me a follow on instagram as well @meninanina

0:00 Intro

1:17 ?Mars aspecting the Sun

7:20 ?Mars aspecting the Moon

13:16 ? Mars aspecting Mercury

16:27 ? Mars aspecting Venus

21:11 ?Jupiter aspecting Mars

26:52 ?Saturn aspecting Mars

36:58 ⚡️Uranus aspecting Mars

44:00 ✨Neptune aspecting Mars

48:13?Pluto aspecting Mars

52:20 Did ya like the video?

Watch my other aspect videos here! https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLecd-RgFB8egq4bQ8vd0gXxKrCIoD8mH5

Infinitum Neo

You did a great job. I learned a lot about my Mars.

Ty Evans

Mars trine moon mars sextile mercury

micheal ross

I have scorpio mars, 10th H(ws), 9th H(placidus)
I have square sun, opposition saturn, square uranus, square ascendant, square north node.
square sun is accurate, opposition saturn is accurate too.


I loooove these aspects videos, I find them so useful!!


Thanks for this video?? I learned something new ?

Stein Aron

Like the video :*
How find yoy ?
Write you my Whatsapp , yes ?

Butitsbetter Ifyoudo

love your channel Your so pretty. and I learned so much. I love this format.

Sybil Sanders

Super informative!

Anne Prosman

Thank you so much for this video! I’d say my mars is pretty weak considering it’s in libra, square my Sun, opposite Saturn & square Neptune so this was very informative hahah. Have a nice day!! ♥️


Really enjoyed this Nina! I have Moon sextile Mars, Venus square Mars and an exact Uranus/Neptune conjunction in a trine to Mars. I would describe myself as passionate. I really value my Mars aspects, especially the sextile to the Moon; I'm a Cancer Moon and I've heard other Cancer Moons lament that they sometimes struggle with holding on to emotions for too long. My Mars sextile makes me address my emotions head on, process them and then keep it all moving! Helps when I need to be assertive too, usually in defence of the people or things that I love :P Also yes I love the format of these videos- clear, well structured and in depth.

Tyler Tinari

I have Mars conjunct Mercury... and both conjunct Saturn. All in Aries. On top of that, a close Pluto/Mars trine. Mars has A LOT of energy in my chart, and the commentary you made on so much of this is spot on! I also had to laugh when you brought up the Saturn/Mars opposition how you did because a couple people in my life have the same placement and a pretty similar chart to yours in general.

Chip ?

Mars is my chart ruler! It squares my ASC, opposite my Neptune & Uranus, squares my Sun, trines Mercury, and trines Pluto.


"I have mars opposite saturn, and it sucks! ??" oh how I relate with this sentiment. My mars is conjunct pluto and opposing saturn so it do be like that. BUT then again they're all intercepted so who knows.
It feels like when I try to initiate something I get pulled back and feel like i have to plan everything and be strategic but then I end up not doing it so I try to act again and it goes in a loop. I can never figure out a perfect balance between planning and actually doing the things I want / need to do. And then pluto is in there which just complicates things and makes me a 0 or 100 kind of person aka house dirty for months and no motivation to do anything about it and then boom out of the blue it shows up and the whole house gets cleaned in a day.