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matrix le sacan el gusano transmisor de Neo cap 9

80 780 views | 5 Dec. 2019

buena peli

buena peli


Tengo que decir que tuve un sueño muy parecido a esto

Edward Vargas

Less than 1 pregnancy per 100 women who used nexplanon for 1year


Los famosos implantes?

Alex Santos

Gracias por el video. Es un filme maestro

Neo cap

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New Class! Level Cap Increase And New Areas! | NEO Update | MapleStory

49 885 views | 10 Dec. 2020

Today the content

Today the content announcement trailer for the new MapleStory NEO update dropped! We are getting a new class, a new max level and a ton of new areas! These changes will hit GMS and MSEA in the summer of 2021

Join the Coppersan Squad!


Many thanks to our members for making this video possible.

Thanks to Quin, Niels de Coninck, Raar maar waar, Chen125, JayBEEF, William Owenius, LogikMike, Sebastian Hanoy, Jeff Wang, Pinky Traveler, FLX, Jiju, Terry Kim, Ryaiser Aryu, HBHJ, Nicholas Hoffman, Supachai Suthikeeree, Galaxy Art, Jesus Roderiguez, Zaiquiri, Elmar, Matias Simonsson, Byungy, Notjouzu, Martin Panczyk, KP, Varees, Ifreezer, Dries Zumker, Plax, Zenny, Narakumo, WY lee, Micky, Hot Mic, Ziggy Deer, Kevin Hahn, Andres Pinto, Francisco Sousa, Historycanon, BackSpaceOTI and Riley Frank.

We are part of the MapleStory Bean Brigade which means we are incentivised to play MapleStory (we get NX Cash from Nexon) #sponsored

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Just change the legion system so i don't have to make 40 characters ffs maplestory

alex rivera

post Kain is thief , two guns nice.

Lester Koh

I never saw it coming. I see that his mind is too fast for eyes.

Ness -

I finally got my 2nd char to lv 200

Tera Burning Event has Begun


Did anyone see Hayato?

The Krazy Gamer

How have they not made an anime yet, their animation team is amazing

Robert Yeap

Finaly New job in coming time to gride the item F5

Kurt Pogose

Anyone else still waiting for the thief resistance character? Xenon doesn't count!!


Well then apparently Korea has the new neo update Korean MapleStory that is and it has a new class already and the level cap is increased to 300 wow someone's streaming it already and I love the class I'm definitely going to make one.

Master Po

I'll never see the end of this game anymore. Not even 1 character to lv 250, now go to 300. Thanks maple.


Phantom and Adele...sure I'll ship it.


"loyal follower of darmoor" i thought serene wasnt a darmoor supporter he just took control of her, am i missing something ?


Reboot players shook by Nexon removing farm Kanna completely.


They really need to do something about the process from 200 onwards, it's such a turn off when you gotta spend your life away or wallet grinding meso and cubing to make drop gear and then grind your life away trying to get symbol and node drops just to progress your char


for me the hardest part will stil be 180 to 210


But I was just starting to go on another hiatus but maple calls..




MapleStory Thieft Class weapon is a crossbow after 80 long years I've been asking for this finally and also level kept the 300 that means MapleStory mobile might go to 250 or 275 for that level cap and they should be getting a fifth job as well and more classes.

Viktor T.

But how are you feeling about all this new update? But how are you feeling about this new update? XD 10:43

Das Jae

All of those should be new classes in MS the angle warrior and the other with the symbol on his head should be a magician class the elf should be a new boss


They’re running out of ideas

SirMango Twitch

haha leuk om te zien dat er nog een Nederlander Maple speelt, zo juist weer gedownload.

Futaba Paca

Never been so keen for the new job, assassin archer? Bruhhhhh


So ironic that teasers never even look like the real game lol. Imagine seeing that teaser, getting hyped, only to login into the 2d maple world(not that I hate the graphics, its just not even remotely similar).

Orbus G

Now instead of 999,999,999,999 damage, you'll be able to do 999,999,999,999,999 damage.

Truly revolutionary.

Zhian Song

When will this update be in gms?

Mckaiser Dragon

well i wish i was happier about this but i dont really play maple anymore. i love the game but i just dont love playing it anymore. i wish there was something to keep me into this game like how i use to love it.

Misty Diablo

Level 300
I barely got my first 245 kanna and burned out
I can’t imagine

Allan García

Yeah!! Finally 300 lvl xD more grind!! I really miss grinding


Why is it so hard for me to play this game i really love where the story is going I knew that glasses dude was sinister OMG

Nhat Nguyen

I kinda wish they let you play as the villains and level up as them

Rafael Suriel

I see dr evil, I like

Also, we might get even more classes or bosses with those tragic events in the trailer

Pirateking Blackbeard

Quik question coppersan ! Is it worth still playing on the Luna server ? I just made a character on Luna because i wanted to play on a european server but all chanels look so empty !

Alvast bedankt voor het antwoord ?


mannnnn I thought getting to esfera was an accomplishment :(

Travis Holt

Well, I suppose with the failure that is Maplestory 2, they gotta keep squeezing out more content for the original game. I wish they handled MS2 better, it was pretty fun. ;-;


so the new boss is aizen from bleach from what i could gather xD

Marcos Warbis

Maplestory meets Fallout

Shalea Shaw

Haha I remember commenting on an update 2 years ago on Maplestory official Instagtam and just jokingly said "next we will have level cap 300" and Maplestory liked my comment and replied with a smile emoji. Oh boy....?


Maplestory more like edgestory

Legendary Silver

Jesus christ, enough with the level cap raises already, it's hard enough for me to lvl up at 209 as it is lol


Big news

Max M.

So this is KMS? Not Global? Or should I expect to see this next year too?

NeneMe Magz

I swear this class is just 1 color off of the my personal favorite Korea webcomics "Solo Leveling" or "Only I Level up*. NEO looks just like Sung Jin Woo, haircut and the assassin aesthetic.


character's appearance kinda reminds me of joker from persona 5


I want this class, but I haven’t even max out my pathfinder lol

Diety Breaker

Pleeeeeease tell me this new class will be another duel class type. Another duel class like xenon would be cool :D

Kyle Bai

So for reboot players we all have to main kanna now? Farm mesos all the way to lv300?


Another wrist breaking class like Cadena and Blaster


Im thinking 3 things, A it would be easier get lvl 250? and B, Legion Bonus for characters 275/300?, and, that Angel Armored have a lot of potential to become a new class in the future.

Anthony Lopez

Gives me a Diablo 3 demon hunter vibe

Justin lin

Do you ever sleep?? Awesome constant videos (:


Only Kinesis would pop up at the most opportune time YES

Jocef Jose

I am away for a month now without any time to play and just nearing 230 on my main then this new level cap comes along like a wild pokemon. Smh

Ray Adnyana

He looks like every korean

Jason Kim

The more the level cap increases and new content is released, the more the distant I need to cover and all the more discouraging to even start or continue maplestory

Mason Truong

bruh you cant lose exp anymore, ima level out of arcana meso farming now :(((((((


Eventually, damoor will kneed to the power of nx cash


where's hayato and kanna? like Aizen awaken scene lol

Angel Suarez

I want to start playing again. Do you guys recommend it? I started back when the “PreFree Market” was in Perion ?


Pff, for the casual player (like me) level 300 will feel even more unreachable.

Remy Nijholt

Time to get back again??


Pathfinder > Kain <3


Coppersan u should watch x3TheAran59 videos or livestreams, i think he was playing the new char on the testserver


By year 2077 ima start seeing level 1000 characters


I swear there's gonna be a 6th job as well I knew this was coming!!

Kevin Tran

Edgy Xenon

Andelu Uledna

Can’t wait for after 10 years when I log in to maplestory again and see people with level 1000 and hitting 100 trillion damage ?


Will be more hard, but fun to play it and maybe more powerful pc specs needed.


lvl 300 cap monkaS

less exp to get to lvl 250 however hell yeah

Loh Chee Yong

In NEO Update, there is a new Nova race Archer job called Kain. LV100+ has Star Force, LV200+ has Arcane Force, and now LV260+ has Authentic Force! Level cap is now LV300! Maplestory is just simply stuck in the loop of releasing new storyline, new daily quests, new maps, new type of Force, new boss, new caps (Level, Damage, Meso), ETC...


Nexon is making it harder to quit! ?


Not that i play this game anymore, but the Dr. Evil 100 billion dollar segment was too funny... so the new mesos cap is going to be 100billion... what is the cap now?

Toby Teng

Neo update is exciting! Looking forward to your Kain training video.


the real question in everyone's mind

is this class stronger than PATHFINDER?

Cheong Jie Keane

The black mage did so many things just to be the strongest while suddenly someone just appeared and, woalah, I'm stronger........


They're just trolling max level people by rising the level cap xDD

jose lopez

the new class seems to be using sort of a dagger for a secondary like the DB , kinda interesting. but those new bosses THO

Itachi Brass

New class look so boring. Rip


I'm more interested in the lore, did Seren get corrupted or is the fight more of a "I need to know whether you have what it takes to fight Gerard Damoor, since he farmed us like an ArKanna"


boring game

Dietrich Ahlers

Don't lv 275 players say they never want to grind again? Who in their right mind wants to grind past 275??? I'm lv 221 and I thought my grind was slow


Wow... level cap 300... I'm not surprised and even more depressed. I just got 230 with my main and I was happy but geez...

Just Yuri

Fricken Level 300 LOL nice nexon


kayn is kinda hot not gonna lie


Doesn't look like maplestory to me anymore.

Hao Jun

Imo, 300 level cap with a 260 restricted new maple is not good.
Despite the 20% decrease in exp required for 210-250, it still doesn't change the fact that the grind from 250-260 is excruciatingly long.
To put things into perspective, it takes 4hrs to get 5% after 250 in msea with no totem and kanna.

Great ideas but 80% of the player base won't get to enjoy it.


whos this kaneki lookin ass


the fact auto generated subs just says "foreign" is so funny to me


Holly shit kaiser vs havoc




For people wondering, it takes a bit over 56 characters from 250 to 275 to bring 1 character from 275 to 300

soon chin kai

Not sure how to keep up cannot even get 100m with all my charc combined ???

Kawasaki Sam

Fuck man I thought I quit for good


I wish they would update their client. Its so clunky and buggy. Very off-putting for new players.

Sir zechs

Why is ur main so low level


If Seren is a follower of Darmoor, does this mean that the whole GLORY storyline was a ruse to get rid of the archenemy(player character)?

Or did Seren chose to side with Darmoor because she was coerced to?


I don’t play Maplestory, but I like your videos anyway :)

Ensar anwar

Cant wait


Reminds me of Vayne from league

hi i'm emily

I've never even gotten a character to 240 and yet I'm excited for the 300 level cap.

Neo cap

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Tajima Neo cap frame driver adjustment

3 283 views | 13 Jun. 2017