Neutrino 2016

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The Hunt for the First Neutrinos in the Universe | Cosmic Neutrino Background

102 352 views | 27 Jul. 2018

The Cosmic Microwave

The Cosmic Microwave Background shows us the oldest light in the universe, but to really understand the early universe we need something even older: The Cosmic Neutrino Background.

Host: Reid Reimers

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Ghost - 47

What kind of atoms formed in the early universe?

Lightsaber Addict

We have a cool Neutrino Lab here in Sudbury, Ontario. SNOlab. It's an awesome place.


scientists @neutrions "please interact"

Ervi Ari

2:16 mark: “Neutrinos high-tailed it outta there.”

When you watch a slow motion movie of let’s say a cheetah as it sprints after its prey watch its tail: While in straight-line pursuit its tail is as low as possible, streamlined with its back. This is to lower the center of gravity for fast and stable running. The cheetah will use its tail as a counter balance or even as a canard, swinging it in the opposite direction of its turns to help efficiently turn.

It only “high-tails” it when coming to a sudden stop or acute angled turn. The center of gravity is increased and the ability to make unstable movements is increased.

Neutrinos “low-tailed it outta there.”

mike Cochran

OK this question is nothing to do with this video but I need answers. I'm doing some research and I became intrested in Einstein's theory of E=Mc2.
I became Intrested in that I know we have taken mass and converted it to energy but have we ever taken energy and converted it back to mass. I have read about experiments where they have attempted to take 2 photons and smash them together to create a mass particle. So here's where I have a problem, Photons according to Einstein are mastless so how do you take 0 + 0 and get a number? How does taking 2 massless particles Create something with mass? Riddle me that 1 Batman.

David Madore

There is also a cosmic gravitational wave background, which is even more elusive than the cosmic neutrino background but even more tantalizing because it would tell us even more about the very early universe.


I love science.

Mani GH

so... are we still mapping and studying the original CMB? Can we map it in 3D? it should be some sort of sphere. The center of the sphere should be somewhere towards that cold spot... if neutrinos don´t evolve then we should be looking for density differences over time... that is going to take a while to measure, still fascinating mind you...

Josh Richards

If the Sun is older than 400000 years why can we only see 400000 yrs in the baby pic

Jesse C

See it turns out graphene really was the thing of the future, it's helping is detect neutrinos.

Michael S

So if a two atom thick postage stamp will collect 10 cosmic neutrinos a year, and trillions are flying through me every second, why don't I detect cosmic neutrinos?


That is a good looking man right there, Mmmhmm. ;)

John Blyth - Composer, writer

The very idea that someone thought of doing this is very exciting. Yay, weak force!


Where are we in relation to the big bang? 3 dimensionally speaking. Do we even have an estimated 'point of origin' for it?


6:32 what are you talking about, I can explain anything. Everything obeys the laws of phizicks, and physics too.

S. Y.

I saw the bloody moon... it was ominous and scary but also grand and hypnotic.


Just after chicken dinner.....

C. Porto

This is the kind of episode that makes you wonder, "So what the hell happened to make everything blow up and show up? Why am I here? How can I make conscious thoughts from my electric pulses to write this comment on something built by machines built by others like me to the point where they interact in an almost magical way so as to make this opinion happen for the rest of the world? And languages? And art? And..."

Even when we do find the answer, the one we're all itching for... It can't be answered.
There will always be a "why," and it's the ultimate paradox.

Aiden Pratt

This channel is awesome


Question: How deep can neutrinos penetrate into neutron stars? The mean free path of a neutrino in matter is about 22 lightyears in lead ( http://hyperphysics.phy-astr.gsu.edu/hbase/Particles/neutrino.html ). The density of nuclear matter is greater than the density of ordinary matter by about a factor of 10^15. So a guess would be that neutrinos would penetrate into a neutron star by roughly (22 light-year)*10^-15=200 m. Maybe double that because the outer layers of the neutron star are just iron atoms, so not as dense. Does that look accurate? See also: https://www.physicsforums.com/threads/neutrinos-penetration-of-neutron-stars-or-white-drawfs.386542/

Phenomenal Jeff

The clouds blocked the eclipse here ànyone samething happened to u . Hit that like button


C nooby? Yup, sounds about right...

Tatjana Gobold

In a physics textbook I read that we would never be able to detect the CNB. But, thinking critically, we will hopefully develop another method that works :D would be really exciting! Can't imagine what that would teach us about the cosmos and particle physics!

No Body

Why is a neutrino not a neutrino ? Why the difference in collision ?



The Exoplanets Channel

Anybody going to see the Moon eclipse?


Is tritium that rare that they're working on the scale of grams instead of tons?

Cracked Emerald

So, tritium is so unstable that it can be forced to decay faster via absorbing a neutrino...

Has anyone actually observed tritium? Like, does it exist long enough for anything to confirm it's existence?

lord beerus

I dont know but sometimes universe feel like a simulator ,just a feeling not real thing.

saiyan prince

See noobie?

New Message

I refuse to pick sides on this issue.

The Yangem

Neutrinos after one second be like YEET


How long will the CMB "last", can it pass us by or will it always be there?

Michael Pytel

Ciao neutrino.

Salvatore Micheal

been waiting for this video since .. like .. before the Big Bang ;)


You forgot to mention the antarctic muon and neutrino detector array

Avirat Thakor

There is such quality in the content by SciShow (Normal, Space, and Psychology). I am so glad they have stayed true to teaching only science unlike other channels that have an agenda to push their opinion. Thank you once again for making such great content!


Everyone knows the big bang happened after the homecoming dance in 1990...


Featured on Astral Education https://www.facebook.com/astralslate/


What about some metamaterial? would a neutrino skip through a bose-einstein condensate?

Rares Lisovschi

I'm not much of a science guy, but I sometimes wonder what would happen if we found out that everything we know about space is wrong.


i knew it, we are surrounded by newbies


Neutrinos are badass particles.

wesam hashish

A neutrino is superfluid helium in particle form. Superfluid helium is the wave or cosmic background/dark matter/antimatter. Basically, superfluid helium is compressed in the heart of a star/planet/living being in the form of a Bose-Einstein Condensate/Higgs Boson/God Particle/Neutrino. When the neutrino is decompressed (fast Fourier transform)/fermion/fast radio bursts it projects our Holographic Universe. Therefore, the neutrino is its own antiparticle- meaning that Antineutrinos represent the unfolding of the neutrino. In other words the neutrino/antineutrino is the particle-wave duality & holographic fragment principle. This means that within every point in space the whole can be contained. "Antimatter has been contained for the 1st time"! Thank you & Good Luck!

Doctor Sleep

keep up the quality videos

emf 303

My undergrad years were focused on applied science with minor studies in varied physics and chemistry fields. After graduation I was at a crossroads as to what my postgraduate career would focus on. It was mostly between cosmology or electrical/civil engerinerrig. I chose to use my applied science foundation to pursue a masters in engineering. But I still take the occasional quantum theory class or cosmology course to satiate my curiosity. I'm still deeply fascinated with all aspects of cosmology even though my current training and knowledge is rudimentary at best. I steered towards a major in electrical engineering with a minor in civil engineering because I felt it had apparent real world application and would make the most significant impact in my ability to affect positive change. Particularly implimating smart modern electrical grids for underdeveloped third world countries, probably in emerging markets like South America and Africa. But my love of therorical physics has never wayned and I find the field so immensely fascinating that I read as much possible new findings in the field whenever possible and also pick the brains of my professors and or fellow students to answer any questions I have, I'm probably driving them crazy

Metal Gear

That moment when you come to realize that none of this is actually reality. Rather instead just ideas built upon ideas based upon ideas. None of which have been actually factually proven as being reality. What's the point of "science" is if it is 110% absolute F.A.C.T.S

I dont know.

Tami Lindsley

1:12 ? quarks n’ stuff ?


the cosmic background picture you show, just proves the genius of jackson pollack.

Admiral Ackbar's School of Traps

Best episode yet


Neutrinos are undetected or hardly detected. Right?
Dark matter/energy is a (force) we cant quantify thus, we cant detect it.
Because if the Neutrinos "hightailed it outta there, freely flying in space." Then its would make sense that due to fluid dynamics (since the universe is like a soup) that gravity wouldn't be enough of a force to fully counter its tidepool effect, 1. gravity being a weak force. 2. that neutrinos had a head start, possibly "The Start" itself.
If theres so many neutrinos here in my house and everybody elses. Are neutrinos the actual "soup/current/flow"

But, Does gravity have an effect on neutrinos?

Selfloathing is a sIgn of sanity.

6:12 "Antisocial particles?" Like destructive and disruptive particles? I guess antimatter particles would be antisocial towards matter.
Unless you meant asocial?

Dominique Harris

This is pretty cool


The first ever v-santhropes :)

Cody Ramseur

Is there any relationship that these neutrinos would have had with the Baryon Acoustic Oscillations?

Share Blessings

Can someone explain... they told us that the bigbang happened 13.7 billion years ago... however, stars like the size of our sun can live up to 10 billion years, and the smaller it is the longer it lives... yet, lots of stars smaller than the sun that already reached the red giant stage or even the blackhole is approximately 20 billion years old... so if the big bang is the beggining... why are these stars older?

Cluckery Duckery

I want to be the guy whose job it is to come up with the acronyms that also somewhat accurately describe the equipment/ experiment

Ronit Sarkar

I thought this before. And here it is. Getting a feel of a genius. God bless me.

Mal-2 KSC

0.1MeV? Isn't that less confusing if stated as 100keV?

Ernesto Preciado

Okay Alexa... This is epic


Can someone please calculate the average amount of neutrinos passing through a person in their life?


"Anti-social particles"... I'm gonna nickname some of my co-workers that!

Sire Annon

This was interesting

Nikhil Bhargav

Lot of info. This vid should have a million views.


no such thing as interesx or thrillx or not

David Wilson

"Not all neutrinos were made in the big bang"

I mean, I get what you're saying, but...

Ted Cameron

How do we know that the cosmic neutrinos haven't already passed where we are in relation to the center of the universe? Thereby making it not possible for them to be detected at all. Unless they reached the outer edge of the universe and are on their way back towards the center.


"Tritene" on Graphene, understood.


Cosmic neutrinos are just a poultry-geist caused by alien chickens.


See newbie?




Sure catching neutrinos is hard, but have you even tried catching a wet bar of soap?

Ryan Christian

I LOVE SCI SHOW SPACE! It would be my lifes DREAM to work with you guys....


Can we talk about the BS efforts some people, scientists and politicians, go to to make acronyms?

Abram SF

What about the oldest gravitational waves in the universe? The cosmic Gravitational background!

Jeffrey Bernath

The entire planet's behind you? Are you filming this lying on your back?


I have a question about the CMB and saying that it's the beginning of our universe. To put a date on it is inherently inaccurate, it's theoretical from our perspective. We are not in the center of the universe in a whole, so we can't be seeing the youngest or most distant object because of that. In order to date things accurately we would need to have a point of origin to begin from in the first place. How can we put a date on these far away objects without knowing the exact location of the middle of the universe? Our bubble is only what we can see in all directions around us. We are in essence, a bubble within a...????

Alex Rossouw

Let there be light

Manuel Karać

6:13 I can already relate to these particles.

Fino Nevado

science: neutrinos pls respond
neutrinos: ✓✓

Dan Nguyen

What is the definition of "unimpeded"? Since today a photon can still run into dust, stars, planets, gasses, etc. Where is the line drawn?


So... How is catching 10 neutrinos a year going to help give up a map if the CNB? Or even a million for that matter. Don't get me wrong, it's interesting science, but we're a long long ways off from getting anything useful out of this.

Engin Atik

If photons and neutrinos separated from the primordial soup and went their way 13.5 billions ago how come we still see the CMB? Since galaxies are the left overs of the primordial soup they should be devoid of photons and neutrinos created at Big Bang if there was such a separation.

Massimo O'Kissed

There's a lunar eclipse happening right now!
If you are in Europe, Africa, or further East, go outside and have a look :)


if neutrinos travel at nearly the speed of light and the big bang was sooo long ago... how can one of those neutrinos get to us now? shouldnt they already passed us billions of years ago?

Mrinal Sood

The narrator is slow and clear

Joy L

Awesome stuff :) The universe is so marvelous!


"ONLY 35 billion Kelvin"....

Chris Boucher

Just freaking fascinating.

Mr. Cub Fan 415


Stuart Edwards

C n00bie hehe


So much beautifull and awesome stuff thank you

Special EDy

So we could not only see farther back, but farther out? Would detecting the Cosmic Neutrino Background effectively increase size the Hubble Sphere, and thus increase the size of the Observable Universe?

Deaken Wylie

"This thing we can't do? Imagine how neat it'd be if we COULD, eh? But we can't. We can't. We really can't. But, man, if we COULD...? That'd be SO COOL, right? But we can't. I WISH we could, that'd be HELL of awesome! But we, y'know... can't. Sucks. A lot." There, video done and dusted in under a minute.


wow, that was a lot of information I didn't know O_O

Nick Walker

ptolemy lol


"neutrinos hightailed it outta there, freely flying through space" was there space back then yet?

Sarah Kuzell

I'm making neutrinos!!! :D

James Roberts

I found a neutrino whilst I was looking for my car keys.


This guy is a great presenter

Neutrino 2016

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Neutrino by iZotope Review & Demo on Pop Session | Westlake Pro

13 302 views | 15 Sep. 2016

Neutrino by iZotope is a

Neutrino by iZotope is a great free plugin that adds a subtle touch to your mixes. With a simple interface and powerful engine behind it, Neutrino is a great way to clean up your tracks.

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In this video, we review the controls and sounds of Neutrino when used on a pop track. The algorithm cleans up the low-mids and tightens up the tracks in a subtle way that makes them smoother and one step closer to a great sounding mix.

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Ryldo di Souza

I congratulate this product is very good

Brendan Black


Neutron is better! (obviously!)

Roy Taylor

I admit, the difference is barely audible, but it is there. Probably if you have some decent plugins, it would serve little purpose but as a freebie, it has some value. Not everyone can afford a decent set-up when they start out.

Dark City Music

Its do nothing


Sounds much better without Neutrino (to my ears). With Neutrino it sounds over-compressed and all the life has been pulled out of the track.


it's a weird eq & compressor or something. it's okay

Dani Torres Official

For me it seems it is eating up the transients, basically compressing it down, and lose dynamics


Why not let us know what song this is? I like it allot!

Sebastian Ammerlynd

This plugin seems veeery subtle! Almost unnoticeable to me and my monitors are not exactly the worst on the planet.

Baytown Studio

Nice Track!


I like it when you bypassed it...had more top-end dynamic Sry:(


this plugin is totally useless. overall i love izotope, but this one: dropped like a lead balloon

Ivan O'Donoghue

It's so subtle, I literally can't hear a difference when he group-enables all instances, and that's with 100% on both controls.


Hey man.. I like the song in the video .. Anywhere i can purchase it?


Whats the name of the song?

Brandon Tijerina

It sounds better without the plugin in this video because if you were paying attention he had everything set to 100% in order to exaggerate and show what it's capable of doing.

Neutrino 2016

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Why I Love Neutrinos - Mike Headley

3 249 views | 18 Feb. 2016

Why I Love Neutrinos is a

Why I Love Neutrinos is a series spotlighting those mysterious, abundant, ghostly particles that are all around us. This installment features Mike Headley, far site facilities project manager for LBNF. For more information on neutrinos, visit the Fermilab website at http://www.fnal.gov.

Milwaukee Atheists

I actually just started a video series on neutrinos. about how weird they are and their implications now that we know about their oscillating masses. going better than I thought. Neutrinos are fucking awesome!

Nite Explorer

explain Neutrinos and stop with the love fest

' fizicks

- this vid was so short it was pointless

Bere Ramos

<3 <3 <3

Mark Lee

Great guy, but that music ?...