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Undoubtedly the best cake smash ever

787 views | 9 Sep. 2019

My cutipie is one

My cutipie is one now?

I'll bake everyday if you'll eat like this.

Ankita Kumari


Fun With SR

Awwwww kitta cute hai♥️

Kavyanjali Singh

Cutest thing on internet ????

soumya sandwitch

Sooo cute baby yarrrrr

Archita Banerjee

Awww he's looks so so cute ??

Ankit kashyap

????? chiklu o chiklu

Shreya Rani

Aww... He is too cute ???

Bal Krishnan

Cutest ???

Anirudh Mishra

Woooo... It seems he loves cake so much.
Too cute.


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Cory Sandhagen's Jump Knee KO! Jump Knee VS Flying Knee

20 779 views | 9 Feb. 2021

The main highlight of this

The main highlight of this past weekend is undoubtedly Cory Sandhagen's jump knee KO over a legend in Frankie Edgar. The technique was precisely executed and the timing was perfect. Today I talk a little bit about what I thought lead to this outcome as well as talk about the difference in a flying knee, like Masvidal did against Askren, a jump knee like what we saw this past weekend. Thank you for watching and please if you enjoy the content please consider subscribing.

Tune in THIS SATURDAY night as my bro Sweet T and I go live on the channel for the entire main card of UFC 258!!





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George Coull

The iceman was a beast with the over hand striking

Goat 0

Hes called Sandman for a reason

Eric coburn

great video from montgomery alabama

So It Goes

You need to stop with the yelling, you gonna loss your voice again ?

Toby Vernon

Glad to see Sweet T was wearing body armor for this demonstration.

PPV Dizzle

aYEE, iT wAS a "jUMP kNEE"

Samuel McMahon

The 4 people who disliked this video are EVIL!!

In the J curve

These two guys look like they would be a lot of fun at a backyard bbq

Muise Productions

Commenting to help wonderboy with the algorithm


Stephen " i price out the poor from my gym" wonderboy!

قناة الابداع-1smg34


Héctor Alpuche Ruz

What does a guy of that height fighting in the division?

Michael Stevens

Who are u fighting next Wonderboy?


I gota admit, Wonderboy is wearing his war scar well.


"MGM Grand buffet to the face man"

CDH2020 1

Edgar got super slept lol beast ko


Great lad - best wishes everybody

Yarp Yepiddy

Wonderboy, call out Nate Diaz!

Flug Black Music /BEATS

since Colombia ??

Mike Martin

Great channel. You do well in front of the camera. You should have a career in mmn commentary after you are done fighting Stephen. I like DC but you can speak circles around the cat. isn;t he a teacher? Obviously not an English teacher

John Dohr

damn, I came early and I don't even have to apologize for it

Tyler Miller

What’s up EVERYBOBY!


Is sweet t WBs brother

Cason Vitello

I look forward to sweet t entrances every week


Stephen I bet I could Beat you your wrestling is crap

My 3 Sons



Sandhagen bandwagon

Black Camer

When Allah is with you nobody can beat you. Allahamdulillah Khabib

Mark Ambrosino

Now we gotta see Sandhagen vs Masvidal, battle of the flying knees


Amazing Performance!!!

Sidi-Mohamed Alioua

A big arab fan,
Always a pleasure to watch your analysis.
How did you survived that guillotine choke against TW ?! You should make a video about that !

Darth Caul

I've never seen someone pull an opponent's head down into a jumping knee. That was insane!

Vishal Sunar

Sir I want to be UFC champion so can you please tell me what should I take as beginner
Kick boxing Muay Thai or MMA

Cherrish Lee

Upstate Karate needs virtual classes!!!!

Mis ila

Wonderboy’s commentary is going to be way more entertaining than the main event this weekend

Ruari Maguire

what’s up everybody everybody everybody everybody

Rob Eye

I'd like to see you demo techniques live in Houston Jones, please!

Omari Howard

Stephen “Tree Posture” Thompson

Flies at Dawn

Great breakdown and Peter K below has it right---Sandhagen almost seemed distressed with the win, after the adrenaline wore off. That's the fight game, though. I was sweatin' for Edgar. We root for glory but not, you know, permanent injury.. Thanks to you legends for the play-by play. Hope to see you back in the cage soon, Wonderboy. Always an honor to watch you fight. Peace.

Jethro X

I'd like to see a weekly video showing a knock out move from the weekend MMA, just an idea

Max The Goat

Cory Sandhagen is the goat imo

Enmanuel Tejeda

Damn Masvidal really set the trend didn’t he


This came at the perfect time - I started accidentally thinking about politics and considered looking at Twitter.

Nolan Ambrosino

sandhagen: knocks Edgar out with a flying knee

Masvidal: and I took that personally

J Huntley

Your the man Steve

Unofficial Official

Why did you have to dominate Geoff Neal like that? He has a family you know...

Ninad Bhatt

Aljo is very smart but yan might still win ?

Great greenie

Cory Sandhagen looks like a more skinny version of Sensei Seth.

Quinn K

As soon as it happened I started waiting for the wonderboy breakdown

Peter K

Call me a pussy, but that KO was scary. Even Sandhagen didn’t look happy, Bruce Buffer had to tell him hey you’re just doing your job.

Sidharth Jayakumar

Sweet T for 'Body positiviT' ....

David G.

If that’s a jumping knee which is pretty fucking cool ? what the heck do we call what Masvidal did to Ben Askren? Running knee ?

Joe Lewis

is the commentary free??? for saturday ?

Yari Robles

So, when are we going to have the privilege of watching Sweet T in a UFC match????? LET'S GOOOOO....

August Ulrich

Love you guys!!! I did not know that difference between the flying knee and jumping knee! Thx!

Mzu5000 Mzu

Wouldn't work against the average over 40 dude ...you can't avoid this challenge

Mukhtar Reish


michael hemingway

Still think Aljo would beat Sandhagen again that sequence wasn’t luck it was technique and timing


damn bro...

Tunaka Chophy

mr hansom thanku vv much

Stephan Watson

5:23 Yes this is a jump knee not a flying knee and in your other video it's a Sidekick to the knee not an Oblique kick to the knee....

Cherrish Lee

What’s up everybody? These are so good LOVE YOU WONDERBOY!!! My favourite fighter ever!!

Elizabeth Gualtier

Love from Toms River, NJ! Frankie Edgar and Todd Frazier GOATS!

Ryder Bandara

Sweeeeeeeeeeet Teeeeeeeeeee

matti love

This is my flying monkey claw comment of flying monkey claw comments.

McBorz Thunderlights

Dan Hooker really should have thrown that same knee.

Sardar Maronsi

man I love Sweet T, you 2 Stephen .. great stuff

George Wright

Dariush gets a big win and calls out his buddy for a UFC shot . You just gonna let him run at the NMF belt like that

Im SepT

Mastered UI Sweet T???

antonio banderas

Wonderboy proves you can be a nice guy and still beat people up for a living! lol


Throwing props to big bro sweet T as always

Daniel Moreno

Nate Diaz said he’s the only real martial artist left in UFC and also said there is nobody worth fighting at welterweight....Blasphemy! #Wonderboywouldsmackhim

Kluk z kvjetinace

Dude Should be renamed to Sweets T. ?

Sean Najor

only 3 guarantees in life...death, taxes, and me liking wonderboy's videos before actually watching it

Prajwal Chamute

Firstly when i watched this channel
Wonderboy being so nice to everybody
I thought he is probably having William syndrome
But later I told myself
People with William syndrome don't hurt people

End of the Story

Wonderboy is a better martial artist with great behaviour !!

Goat 0

Love you Stephen I probably wouldn't of ever gotten into martial arts if it wasnt for you

josiah longe

Hold up guys can someone tell me how in the hell Cory lost to Aljo? Honestly we need to ask ourselves that. Like really, HOW IN THE HELL....


This technique Tuesday is long last forever

Uriel Montijo

I some times forget he’s a ufc fighter


Dubya-B wearing his best camo here. Nice.

All I see is a floating head, arms and lower legs.

Ivan Buncic

'Staking is claimed' . Sweet T with some crypto vocab.. Woohoo

Shivam Attri

You're awesome!

Sean Graves

Yoo You gonna get the leon fight now chimaev is out. Winner gets the next shot

Zach Ballzach

Great video guys!

Ian Ross Buena

Btwist tutorial pls

andrew herman

Impressive ko but dude was half his size .

Adelina Rodriguez

Wonderboy with the short shorts ?

Ivar Urd

comment for the algorithm :)

Ravi 1907

Wonderboy pls breakdown Ernesto Hoosts perfect Leg kick

Matthew Neufer

Wonder boy can beat Osman and a week later Gilbert Burns!

Eva I Robles

hey wonderboy, I wanna get into mma and kick boxing, but I dont have any gloves, you should send me a pair of those white ones you have in your gym!

Sensei Seth

Oh no, not the mouth tingles

Sam Morris

Love watching your fights and your vids on here , thank you brother ❤️

Think for yourself.

I practice both

Xavier's Finance

Hey it was my birthday yesterday!!! I'm 14 now!

George Polski

Sweet T pulled some Sasuke shit and swapped places lmao

creep life

You have gray hair, you are now wonderman

Josh Dutczak

Happy Technique Tuesday Everybody!...everybody...everybody!! ??✌️

Brandon Asuncion

Your looking more jacked lately bro!

Lucas Lago

Yes Frankie went for the takedown...