Matrix network

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Creating an Adjacency Matrix from a network graph

1 330 views | 24 Apr. 2020

Simple, easy to understand

Simple, easy to understand math videos aimed at High School students.


This is Excellent!

Matrix network

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Network Marketing Comp Plans: 3 The Matrix

108 074 views | 22 Jun. 2007

Webinar: Matrix pay plans

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Matrix network

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Networks - Introduction

23 113 views | 15 Nov. 2012

In this video you learn

In this video you learn the fundamental concepts of networks which you will need to do the remaining networks lessons - what is a network, how to find if they are singly traceable, how to convert between networks and matrices, the differences between directed and non directed networks.

This topic is taught in Queensland Maths A, Year 11 or Year 12.


This really helped, thanks!! Being tested on this tomorrow :P


thanks chonny <3

Harpreet kaur

Great explanation, thanks

Edgar H

Thanks Magic Monk, my Maths A exam tomorrow

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Arizona Academy

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Just Veno

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Carlos Soltero Sánchez

Thanks so much! so useful and easy to understand, despite my native lenguage isn't english


This is a well thought out video! Huge help for my math Competition coming up next week ;D

GameSliders A

This video really helped with my homework, thanks.

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