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Use What Works: Prompting

426 views | 24 Sep. 2020

This VCU-ACE resource

This VCU-ACE resource helps families understand all the different types of prompts and how to choose the right prompt for different activities.


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ABA Autism Training - Chapter 3 - Prompting

392 200 views | 7 Feb. 2012

This video defines and

This video defines and gives some examples of different types of prompts including physical, modelling, gestural, visual, positional, and verbal prompts. The video also includes a discussion of prompt hierarchies as well as prompt fading.

The Autism Intervention Training Video Series was designed for individuals in the beginning stages of learning how to conduct Applied Behavioural Analysis with children with Autism Spectrum Disorders. It is a series of videos demonstrating 5 of the key techniques needed for successful intervention: The Discrete Trial; Reinforcement; Prompting; Generalization; Incidental Teaching

The videos are intended to be a learning tool, used in conjunction with textbook, classroom and/or practice-based learning. Each video is short enough to be shown during class time with time left over for the instructor to cover the topics in more detail during lecture. These videos will be useful to students, paraprofessionals, professionals and parents.


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Martin Scorsese's Comments On Marvel Movies Prompted Tim Blake Nelson To Do His Research

134 329 views | 6 Nov. 2019

After reading Martin

After reading Martin Scorsese's New York Times article on superhero movies, Tim Blake Nelson took matters into his own hands to dissect exactly how they fit into the role of cinema as a whole.

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Son Goku

Hello Mr. Blue


What I would point out on this subject is say what you like about superhero movies they make huge amounts of money that the studios can then use to finance the movies that are more driven by art that don't necessarily have the same box office appeal.

Andrei M

It's funny how nobody has the courage to say that superheroes movies are a money making machine written for viewers of maximum 12 years of age.

D Trayer Jr.

My biggest issue with any and all of these comments are, people act like the Avengers movie was a slam dunk no doubt money maker, that wasn't the case. It was extremely risky. Also, how is all of this not risky itself, they took a risk and created their own entire universe of connected heroes and movies, that's risky as fuck, is it not?

Tyler Whaley

Scorsese movies are the exact same movies. Long, boring and easily predictable.

Richard Tessier

What is "cinema"?
In terms of "cinema", can anyone explain the differences between a Scorsese movie and a Bergman movie?
What are the differences between the run of the mill movie and a great movie? Which parameter should we use? What parameter does Scorsese use? I suppose that not all parameters can be accessed/used/explored by all directors and, of course, it is the same for viewers.
Just wondering...

Wario Wuzo

He’s great in Watchmen.

Moon Knight

If it weren’t for superhero movies I probably wouldn’t be alive right now as i type this. So coming from a mentally ill person, shit yes do I find these films to be cinema.


Scorsese never said "superhero movies can never be cinema", the fact that most nerds can't get that right means basically they are not arguing against his argument, but something different altogether..

Conker King

'Super' is a criminally underrated movie, and is definitely art / cinema / whatever they wanna call it.

halfrocanadian v

Please just watch Leaves of Grass, tim Blake nelson wrote, starred and directed along with Edward Norton, Susan Sarandon and keri Russell. It's amazing.

John M.

Marty's comnent all depends on Scorsese's definition of cinema. That people think he's wrong is ridiculous.

mayol chris

great actor is simply Magic in Buster Scruggs

Steve Owen

Scorsese conveniently ignores his own participation in genre film making his whole career -- the crime/gangster genre. He's right that any genre can become too commercial and function more as a commodity than art, but to focus on superhero films alone just confuses the real issue.


Love him on Watchmen


“They call him zero cos he’s got nothin’ goin’ on in his stupid little head”


I hope groot gets an oscar just to troll

Badda Bing

Personally I believe the MCU came into existence because people needed something different and now they're reaching a point where they're over saturating the industry which will only lead to tastes for smaller niches of films rising in popularity. I believe that this is only a part of the cycle of public tastes. Even now we're starting to see more bold and unique films such as JOKER fighting against the zeitgeist of disney. I think the next decade or couple decades of film might be a little painful in terms of art wise, but I think it's necessary and will only lead to good things, as a result of them, not them themselves.

Basically, we need the oversaturated, to appreciate the niche



Rob Motto

Scorsese was criticizing Marvel specifically and he’s right. They’re not well made, they’re not even movies.

Ayinde Butler

I think the idea of saying "my movie is cinema but your movie isn't" is incredibly pretentious! Something doesn't have to always be avant garde to be cinema. And you don't always have to like or agree with the movie for it to be cinema.

101 Wanderer

Holy shit.
This is the first time that I've heard Tim Blake speak without a southern accent.

Andrew P

Someone just give Scorcese the money to make The Punisher already.

Derk Wayne

He attacks super hero movies but not cheezy romcoms, stupid comedies that are hits and all of these action franchises that pump shitty movie after shitty movie. Why just attack the super hero movies??? Because they're popular and do well at the box office. That's how pop culture has always worked. There will always be people that enjoy artistic cinematography. But by my recollection. A lot of those films have never been extremely popular outside of the artistic community. I am sure he would.enjoy a good novel over a comic anyway. And that right there is the core of the difference.

Boots Busang

When Scorcese said Superhero films are over saturating the market, I take it he hasn't counted the number of films released in the past 11 years. Marvel has 23 properties over a decade, in 2018 over 850 films were released alone.

He also oversimplified the caped genre as the new machine gun toting Schwarzenegger flick. Sorry, old man but it isn't compilation of stunt men diving away from explosions and macho one liners. The post modern superhero film juxtaposes philosophical questions with the real time consequences of those ideas. The problem with the grandiose spectacle of marvel films is it draws away from the nuances of each character and theme. Collective Security v. Autonomy, what a heart made by science is capable of, what a pure moral character could do with the body of a super soldier, torturing patriots being framed for something he never did, what a king's authority carries in international crimes, are humans too dangerous to let live/expand, does the past define us because we have red in our ledger, some times the monster is your savior, even gods are fallible, small time crooks can save a universe, self-actualization, nostalgia and the dangers of it, sins of the father, etc.

There is so much more to the MCU and Scorcese turns the blinders on because it isn't long talk pieces with 5 ginneys in suits talking about the blacks and Cubans taking turf on the south side or whatever or crooked cops running around for 3 hours yelling about finding snitches. Times change and the day of the dago has passed, let it go and enjoy what character studies like Joker can present. After all it's still a comic book movie regardless if it pantomimes your own films.

Frakkin' Dirt Eater

I reject Scorsesse's opinions on this matter. There is room for both "cinematic" and popular movies.
It's like saying paintings are not art but sculptures are. The opinion is way off the mark on many levels. Grow up Martin and stop acting like someone took your ball.


Marvelmovies are for kids n teenagers exept the R rated ones.


Tim Blake Nelson, not just a brilliant actor, but a voice of reason. Great, albeit short, bit of interview.

Brad Knapp

Martin is falling into this mentality that just because something is massively successful and widespread that it's not "authentic". He's right in a way, Marvel movies are like amusement park rides, but Martin Scorcese also makes almost exclusively movies about pisses-off Italian duded either in the Mafia or mafia-adjacent pistol-whipping people or stealing or killing people.


Some idiots think they know more about cinema than Martin Scorsese. ? And how many superhero movie has the standard as logan or dark knight and recent joker.

one badmoto

As if Scorsese is making little indie films

En théo

Scorceses has been very repetitive in his work, so he should not brag about originality that much. I understand he hates superheroes, they're the opposite of his movies glorifying gangsters as badasses... while they're just cowards and parasites of society.

Christian Pauchet

Joker proved Scorsese right and wrong at the same time... you can make thought provoking, risqué, without numbing and/or dumbing brains Comic book based movies and make a lot of money in the process.

Greg Khar Nu Metalhead

Its never about the superhero things... Its bcs mcu is full of crappy jokes every 5 min and after civil war everything seems kjnda bland (which is sad bcs i was a fan) i dont think martin would say the same about Logan, joker or the dark Knight trilogy

Liana Verwood

Scorsese is a idiot if he doesn't believe that their hasn't been other genre's before superhero movies.

Their has always been times that have their time for a new genre and now superhero movies are the new sci fi or westerns and he just needs to accept that his time his genre is over and let others deal with the genre that is it's time now.

Jashan Reeves

Very well put


The avengers is not cinema but Logan is totally a different movie


A lot of this is just people whining "Other people don't like the things I like enough. They should make more things I like."

These movies make money because people go to them in droves. That is giving the public what they want. Don't bitch because the public would rather watch their preference than yours.

Javier Zanetti

I don't know why everyone is so up in arms about Scorcese's comments. He didn't mean any disrespect. He even said that they do have a place in the same interview.
I saw that interview after reading the articles and watching the clickbaity videos that mostly shunned him. My two scents are, they just made a big deal out of a small snippet of an interview.


These people are nuts. Good little movies will always be marketable because they're good. And people will always pay for good. So it will always be worth the small gamble for a potentially large pay off.

Andrew Gonzalez

Logan for the win

Jr Woodson

2:24 They want a billion dollars a movie. That's what he's saying.

Benn Eden

Legion, Watchmen, Joker ... are all bursting with creativity. There’s also heaps of daring comics out there beyond dc and marvel that are fertile ground for tv/film adaptations.

Evanz Wesley

Wasn't he supposed to be Leader in the incredible hulk?


Scorsese isn't taking away from the art that can happen on the set of a marvel movie, in my opinion, but it is undeniable that these movies are churned out of a robot's ass to do nothing but make a quick buck. The art is usually hacked at and manipulated and changed to fit a mold and take the least amount of risks (which usually ends up being more of a risk?) What these big companies don't realize (they never do) is they are milking a dying cash cow over breeding a new one. People always say "these are made for kids" but that's not even close to being true and even if it were, kids deserve better.

Clot-in-Eye Joe

This guy was in the 2008 hulk right? The guy scientist that helped make abomination?

Hrishi D

When the movies have actors like Robert downey jr, mark ruffalo, scarlet johannson, tom hiddlestone, don chedle, sam jakson, benedict cumberbatch.. How can those movies not be real cinema.

Salim Osman

Intelligent response ..to Scorsese

sean o calaghan

This is almost like a straight conversion argument from is a graphic novel literature or can it be classic lit the watchman is a good example of a great graphic novel being great literature and also the movie being a great movie

BUILD Series

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Joseph Ambrecht

Green screens are art......................NOT!!!

Leigh Foulkes

Corporations have killed all culture in the US. They are like Artificial intelligence and they only care about making more money and maintaining their power. A majority of their "art works" are really propaganda to maintaining the strangle hold on the population as well as make money.

Connor Swanson

Thanos looking out over the new universe he had created in Infinity War was gorgeous. Anyone who claims it wasn’t cinematic is an idiot


We thought you was a toad.

Jamil P

Well said.

Redfoot Gaming

Art is and always has been subjective.

Mololuwa Odesanya

Very eloquent and insightful answer

D. Aardent

I rarely see Nelson just as himself and having a conversation. I really didnt know what he exactly looks like in normal mode as im so used to see him in some odd exaggerated makeup where he looks way older or odd in some way. And i am not used to hearing him speak without an southern accent also. Lol


It's just angry people not understanding something they don't like here in Philadelphia an artist sculpted a Rocky statue but,the Philadelphia museum of art didn't want it in there so it's outside of the museum but no one outside of philly would know about,the museum if it wasn't for the rocky movie!!! IJS let's all grow up and let everyone appreciate what stimulates them!!!

Grand Green Phoenix

Ross was brought back in a major role and is now setting up Thunderbolts (obviously). Since Nelson seems to actually be waiting to return to the mcu, it would only make sense to bring him in and have The Leader in Thunderbolts. There is so many comments about disappointment he will “never” return. Said who? Feige? Feige specifically stated that they have always been thinking up ways to bring back earlier characters. So, I genuinely think Marvel will do just that, offer him a big role moving forward and Nelson gets a well deserved return. Hopefully vice versa would happen with Tim Roth. They only deserve it. Both Nelson and Roth have never said any negative aspects about working in a marvel role so it can really be assumed they most likely would return in a heartbeat (if the scheduling wouldnt be an issue).

For the TIH fans (myself included)
Blonsky and Sterns best quotes each
“Pissed off and ready for round three”
“I’ve always been more curious than cautious, and that’s served me pretty well.”

herb lord

Well said! i always enjoy this guy's roles!


Aren't gangster movies just superhero movies where the superpowers are guns and sociopathy filmed within the low budget scape of a poorly lit grimy neighborhood? Footloose all over again. ;)

John Degen

Comic book movies are formulaic crap

Lindsey M

I hope Marvel has plans to give him is due as the Leader.

Terrance Bernard

Scorsese is blaming the John when he should be focusing on the pimp. With all the starving artists does he think the well of imagination ran dry? Hollywood has conditioned the market for high concept low risk media. Desperate to keep their stake the landscape changed. Somebody with power has to be brave. We as the John, I would like to say we want better for ourselves but to get away from our problems we paid for trash media more than we care to admit.


I hope he returns as The Leader in She-Hulk.

Vincent Lim

When Scorsese came of age, he was able to define his own dream of cinema with the works that came before him. That meant chasing a form of cinema that he was used to, like The Red Shoes, Casablanca, The Seven Samurai, and other classics. 

Things changed when the Russos came of age and realized a dream. They grew up on blockbuster movies. The Spielbergian fare that defined the age of wonderment and lines around the block.  

It's possible for each to be right about their pursuits, without attacking one another. But I think we need to recognize both were reared on different things and different perspectives on why they wanted to participate in filmmaking at all. 

If you make something true and something you want to see then it doesn't matter if you're making cinema or making movies. 

You're making something that matters. 

That's art. And no one can take that away from you.

Johnathan Clark

Movies today: Do you want to leave your house and spend $30 on tickets and food just to watch a mellow drama crime genre when you can stay home and tap it by your cell phone. If I’m going out of my house it better have an explosion or be something cool.

Eric Nyberg

Nelson's right on, I think. His point about the "artist-by-committee" movement that runs giant blockbuster franchises was well said - where there's too much money at stake (for example, in Marvel or Star Wars) to risk blowing it all on one auteur director's vision, (which was more common back in the '70s).That's exactly why Scorsese doesn't like the committee-based, corporate-tie-in, "let's test audiences to see which version of this film gets the best audience reaction score" world of blockbuster cinema. That said, Disney allowed Rian Johnson to do that very "auteur" thing with The Last Jedi, and it has proven to be more harmful than good for that property, with audiences becoming divided, toy tie-ins failing, and a whole subsequent movie ("Solo") tanking at the box office. It goes to show that for blockbuster franchises, studios shouldn't mess with what their fans love. It's a different animal than, say, auteur filmmaking, unless an auteur is able to establish a reliable box office status (think Christopher Nolan). That said, there are still beautiful shots and emotional moments in some popcorn blockbuster movies (Logan, The Dark Knight, Star Wars, and even some Avengers films). That's why people like going to the movies. Scorsese's point is a good one, but you can have both auteur cinema and popcorn blockbusters. Unfortunately for Scorsese, more people are going to want to see the blockbusters, because they're more accessible and more reliably profitable.

kkk kkk

Scorsese = trash


Well said!


Scorsese is a dinosaur who doesn't realize that the movie theatre industry is dying and that his style of "cinema" is moving to smaller venues like streaming services... where they do better.

matthew ramey

Basically scorsesse just has a different way of saying, Jesus christ, another super hero movie. Looking through the comments how do people not see that there are way way way too many damn super hero movies. And then they all get remade and remade. Its like enough for fuck sakes. An over abundance of super hero movies, that's an understatement right there. Fuck marvel and DC. Not just children go to the movies. Give me Irishman or django unchained anyday. The only good ones are Christopher Nolan's dark knight movies.


That's all there is to it. If Marvel movies are cinema is not the fact of the matter. The fact of the matter is that Scorsese feels threatened by them because he can't create that kind of buzz no more. Times are changing. The one remaining constant is that haters gonna hate.

Dalem Silas

He's a candle maker in the time of the light bulb. Democracy.


He's just embarrassed by losing to someone who went by "Mr. Green" once.

Adam Monks

Meh, art house film is a niche market. Grow up.


Watchman The Movie was a great Movie.

Sifat Shams

Scorsese should really watch Unbreakable.

Beastmen Delegate

Do you know what percentage of movies in the cinema were Superheroes movies? Less than one percent. There are more kinds of every genre movie being made today than at any other time in history, period. More dramas, more horror more comedies, more of everything. So when I hear people pine for the good old days of “real” cinema, my response is, “your living it baby, these are the days.” You have more dramas and independent films now than you have ever had before. So why so serious? Let the capes have their time in the sun, you have plenty of whatever you want to watch. And as far as “art by committee” is concerned, tell the folks who worked on the Statue of Liberty that they weren’t artists.

Hunter Becknell

Looking Glass is the best thing about the Watchmen show.

Tee L

I’ve been watching these and the main point is it’s all about money.

Clot-in-Eye Joe

Scorsese is just pissed that no one paying to see movies outside blockbusters anymore and as of today, comic movies are the biggest of the blockbusters.

Keith D

Prima Facie.... dude broken out the latin. Daaaamn.

The Humble Pundit

This is the same argument made about comic books way back when. That they weren't literature. If you enjoy them, who cares what a stuffy celebrity thinks?

Jonathan Whitney

Scorcese is a great filmmaker, but isn't the final word on anything. The problem isn't the superhero genre, it's how corporations like Disney exploit the genre's popularity for huge profits. They appeal to a huge audience and sell a ton of merchandise. It is a corporate washout of art. They have to appeal to everybody and offend nobody and they have to crank them out one after another to increase the shareholder's bottom line. Sooner or later they will kill the genre entirely. It's like strip mining.

Stephen King

I agree with Scorsese.
Not everything is great art.
Just like Joker, Logan was intended to show the MCU how these movies should be. There's emotion in those movies, character development, that Marvel HAD back with the Spiderman trilogy.




I am sure that the fans of Marvel movies are human and respectful of humanity and intelligence. But it is also clear that a lot of people are trying hard to prove the opposite.

Enigmaw Studios

They're movies. They require artistic direction, creation, execution. There unfortunately preventing indie movies from getting made, but they are DEFINITELY cinema.

Spielberg and Cameron went through the same criticism back in the day


Probably not fair or useful. Well said, and agreed.

Repins Watson

Isn't he in the MCU with the Hulk movie he was in? Or was that the other hulk movie.

Max 10

When I first saw him in holes I was like look it’s the buster Scruggs guy.

Rob The Dude

Whether you like the Marvel movies or any superhero flick, any person has to admit, the movies and storylines they're doing havent been done before. So many stories yet to be told.


I'm a fan of Scorsese. But he said that Marvel film aren't 'Cinema' while Irishman wasn't released in any cinema (home streaming), but Marvel films did so.... ?

Josh Morris

I do not like the Watchmen sequel, but Nelson is brilliant as Looking Glass. By far my favorite part of the series. This guy is so talented

Augustine Kofie

trenchant has been added to my vocabulary


gatekeeping and trying to put up barriers as to what constitutes are never works out well for the gatekeepers in the end. look at every new wave in paintings and sculptures. each time something new came along the naysayers came out in force. 20 years later it becomes an accepted art movement. I mean we went from masterworks by Bernini to Dadaism. if that doesn't say anything about the forward momentum of the ever evolving art landscape I don't know what does.

what a lot of people have trouble reconciling is the framework of the Marvel films. one of the biggest complaints I hear is the frequency of the releases. I just scratch my head and look at the frequency of weekly episodes of a tv show.
all Marvel are doing is mashing the Blockbuster of the cinema with the episodic framework of television and the shared universe of the comics.

in my opinion. the best art is that which resonates with people and provokes discussion. Maybe the Marvels films aren't top tier quality, but Infinity War sure as hell resonated with people and provoked a lot of discussion.

Daniel Bloomquist

Is Martin Scorsese a nearly mythical moviemaker? YOU THINK NOT?!
Is it therefore lazy and arrogant for him to paint superhero films with such a broad stroke? Abso...LUTELY.

Daniel EBR Parish

That's the great thing about art. It doesn't m6ch matter what the critics think. What matters is whether or not the work can generate enough cash for the artists involved to continue the production of more work.