Trade coin club scam

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32 244 views | 6 Feb. 2017

Trade Coin Club it's a

Trade Coin Club it's a Ponzi Scheme that is on our list of HYIPs and Ponzis (http://www.forexpro.pt/lista-de-hyips-e-esquemas-ponzi).

We did receive some messages from haters and people with knowledge in investments that provided useful informations.

The company that only existed on paper AEGIS CORPORATE SERVICES LIMITED created in 2005 and the registery papers were bought in 2017 through the website http://www.offshorebelize.com/shelf-companies/ for 6.000 USD. That website creates shelf companies and sell them later, most of them are bought by scammers.

The office of TCC in Belize, it's a rented office for 5,330 USD per month. It was leased on this page http://www.belizerealestate.bz/listing-FullyFurnished+HighEnd+Office+Space+for+Rent+along+Coney+Drive++Gordon+House-845.html .

Stay away from the scam Trade Coin Club and their bullshit!

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Maximus Power

company sold now...

choonyap teo

thank you so much for giving so much information on all this scam bag!


Thank you so much for your research and diligence. You have saved me $$$!!

Wojtek Kowalski

thanks save me money


fucking all tcc members i just 1 kick


Thanks friends



Top Service

Great work well done, they should be forced to give all the money they have scammed to starving children. and then put in a stock and cream pies thrown at them...

Kenny Adex

Good Job guys well done!! I Think a lot people definitely need to see this...recommended to everyone

noy vlog

have you done review on MONSPACE ?

Minna Maria

Please read this article and don't become OneCoin victims:
The Rise of Cryptocurrency Ponzi Schemes
Scammers are making big money off people who want in on the latest digital gold rush but don’t understand how the technology works.https://www.theatlantic.com/technology/archive/2017/05/cryptocurrency-ponzi-schemes/528624/


Thanks for exposing these kinds of evil scams

tim vaughn

this so true sorry i ever joined this 25% fee every trade cycle they are getting rich not u


thanks this video


trade coin club scam!

Trade coin club scam

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Trade Coin Club Review Video- Scam? What is TradeCoinClub and Why You Don't Want to Miss This

8 538 views | 1 Feb. 2017

In this video for the

In this video for the trade coin club review scam, I am going to give you a little over view of what tradecoinclub is and how you are going to want to be apart of this revolutionized platform in 2017 and beyond. Cryptocurrency is where you should be putting your money to grow it in an exponential manner. Sign up for trade coin club below.

Click below to sign up for trade coin club


Also pick up my new ebook and learn more about this currency


Let's win together,














































camino al exito

To register now click https://office.tradecoinclub.com/register/iusideas

Thomas Sterling

Hi Ontarian it appears you have changed your focus to a number of other things. I am looking at Easy 1 Up do you think it has run it cycle and it's too late to do it. Since I don't see you talking about it anymore.

Steve Perkins

joined Trade Coin Club should get some tax money back this weekend and will invest a little in this to get started will be keeping up with you to find out how to fund etc. Thanks Steve

John Braman

do you have a video on how to compound the earnings?

Marcelo Loureiro

ladrões tenham cuidado de pilantras, o dono Douver Braga é jurado de morte por enganar muita gente

arman patel

Stop making fool people first of all give prize to the winner of mercides car winner in dubai t coin event

jerry walker

hello antarian, how do i connect with you.? been trying to send you message directly

Mouli Dharan

how to use it??? please tell me

John Braman

do you have a pls funnel for this?


Trade Coin Club VS Bitconnect: Which one is better?

Magda Ghia

hello all of you

Trade coin club scam

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Trade Coin Club - How to withdraw shitcoin and exchange it into Bitcoin - T-Coin Scam Part 2.

1 693 views | 6 Mar. 2018

Trade Coin Club

Trade Coin Club International is introducing how you have to exchange your BTC into shitcoin, in order to get your own BTC back. The bad news is that you can ONLY do this at a minimum of 50+% loss at the TradeByTrade exchange hoax site.

This video is made to inform Trade Coin Club members ONLY!

NO other use or reproduction is allowed, and the video content and it's parts, incl. pictures and sound are subject to copyright protection!

A videó a Trade Coin Club tagokat elősegíteni jött létre, kizárólag tagok részére használható szabadon - minden más esetben a szerzői jog és a személyi jog védelme van érvényben.


How do I close TCC account

J Takarabe

So why TCN rates are different o exchange compared the trade coin club website? is TCC another Hype tactics to fool people?

Sean Gerant

i need help with my account !!

Gary Stratton

I put in BitCoin into Trade Coin Club in June of 2017. Now they will not give us our BitCoin back. They only give us the option to convert Valuable BitCoin to worthless TCOIN. On 2018-05-06 BitCoin is at $9345 and TCOIN is at $0.00028 on an exchange. On the Trade Coin Club platform they charge $5.39 for one TCOIN. They are stealing the members BitCoins. The Trade Coin Club site is now a scam site. Do not do business with them, they will rip you off.


Why my tcc wallet fund shows empty ?

Yvan Tarong

how should i pay the Pending Trade Fee value of Trade coin club? i kept on being redirected to the main dashboard. is there something wrong with TCC? in about to pay my second cycle fee. please advice. regards.

Bedřich Cermak

Hello, I had done everything to waiting about 24-36hours as you said but I haven't cereived BTC to Tradebytrade.com yet. Can you help me?

Stuart Grunert

nice video, TCC is shit and they should be prosecuted.

Haris Khan

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2. Click on menu and get started
3. Click on new customer
4. Buy package for £245 ($325 US Dollars)
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6. Thank you for joining and now welcome on board.

Jan Egloff

Cheers mate ;)

Gela Tongson

Trade Coin Club officers should be sued for embezzlement of BTC of its investors by taking all those BTC for themselved and converting it to a scam shitcoin. TCN!!!


cheers, thanks for everything

Elena Asenjo

Hi, do you closed your tcc account? I want to closed my account and withdraw all my money

Junia Findlay

bless your heart sir! Your perspective and positive approach to sharing this reality is much appreciated. I look forward to updating you after I follow your instructions.

Cyrus Fx

Wow, TCN down to $0.23 a coin! What is the exchange rate on the TCC website? Still $5 a coin?

TCC International

Fellow TCC victims! Check out the best Bitcoin trading software on the market today! It was just released 1 week ago in Macau! You keep ALL your coins! Independent traders say that this is the best thing since online trading with forex! https://distributor.cryptoworldevolution.trade/?dupliweb=ea3f6144cba781928ce33bebade97f28 For personal help, friend Mr. Ferenc Fézler (Fez) on Facebook and send him a private message on Fb. messenger!

(PS: He's been helping 100s of people out of the tcc hell, and he is publicly warning everyone to keep away from the next scam, produced by none other than one of the main villains behind tcc and tradebytrade, the now thrown out - which is probably just a hype - joff the jerk parasite paradise. He is out there to hurt new people with a scam, more or less copying the tcc ripoff! )