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Dissidia Final Fantasy: Opera Omnia - Global Weapon Tokens (Power Tokens) Guide

16 333 views | 25 Jan. 2019

Weapon Tokens (Known on

Weapon Tokens (Known on Global as Power Tokens) are coming! Here is a quick guide on what they are and a how to get them. Thank you for watching and be sure to let me know who's weapon you are planning on getting first!

Time Stamps:

What are WT's - 0:48

How many do I need - 2:16

How to get them - 2:33

EX Weapon Limited Shop Preview:


Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/lidz87

Twitter: https://twitter.com/lidz87

Join Our Small Discord Channel: https://discord.gg/prswTZt

Julico Sanjuan

is this permanent !? like d armor token shop?!


Ramza's platinum sword. Need 1 more.

Yato ヤトナイト Galaxy

I think you get 10 free power stone for doing the story chap 12 or 11 in jp


Thats also a good way to get power stones if you play your cards right

Matteo Comin

Sephirot 35 will be mine after only God knows how many gems i wasted for him


Finally, ZACK 35 WILL BE MINE! You evade my 5 pulls for you, only gracing me your 15, BUT NO LONGER!

Kristopher Schubeck

How long does it take on average to unlock a new 35 cp weapon?

Miguel Cuartero

Meh, I'll just waitfor Zack's LC release along with his EX weapons or maybe Sephiroth's LC I heard from someone that he might be released early...

William Campiti

Does the weapon token shop include WoI weapons, like Squall's Fury Blade?


Shame you don't get the character when you use Power Tokens to get their weapon.

Cristian Jaramillo

Celes 35 is my goal


Hi! I was wondering why I only have 11 red tokens. I read somewhere that I should get 15 of them for completing the Interlude, but didn’t get any. Need them for Beatrix 35CP =P any feedback is appreciated ??

Timothy Rose

Only got 10 token looking for where to get more

Dusk Renard

Fix your audio

Tien Simon

Showing ex weapons for characters not available for global yet....

gage goyette



In the future, will there be any other uses that cost more?

Jam Master Nate

always like these types of guide vids you make they are always so informative

Sebastián Canaan

How do you get tokens? Like weapon tokens or burst tokens

Randem NJ

Someone tried to talk me out of not going for Noctis cp35 when the weapon shop arrives...but without it to complete his kit, he's not 100% effective....I already made my decision


Gotta buy beatrix 15 and 35 cp weapons o.o

Typical Q

Wol 35 cp


I'll probably get noctis' 35cp since I got his ex and nothing else.
Do you know if they'll include WOI weapons in the token shop?


hello guys, Fantastic !!! I can now add unlimited resources by using Rendozguides. com

jose pagan

I got 10 weapon tokens for clearing chapter 1 on both normal and hard but they must completely be clear

Ahmed Gamal

Please how can I get noctis to my party I don't see him in the lost chapters

jerome dado


Devil Hunter

Maybe kuja's 35CP or save up in case me no get any Fang's gear or arieth 15 and lion 15

Far A.R.

Sephiroth's 35 CP, you...will...be...MINE!
Advent: One-Winged Angel intensifies

blank anonymous

Man these things are extremely hard to come by it takes months to save up for just 1 35cp weapon.

Josh Johnson

Im not spending a single weapon token until i get stuck in game cuzz right now i can do almlst anything pergectly


Literally as soon as weapon tokens are announced on the Square stream, this video comes out, very well timed sir.

Its Omar 7

Great vid my friend!!! Keep up the good work!!!


well now i only have 16 token but if i can get to 25 what your recommended weapon? before i ask this i already want to get Brotherhood for tidus or rune sword for cloud but what do you think?

Fullmetal Alkami

Selphie 35cp. That is all

Timothy Rose

I need power token and White high crystals for warrior of light hehe

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83 views | 1 Nov. 2017

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