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Richard Ells & Jane King Innovators Interview - Part 1 | Electroneum

2 085 views | 26 Aug. 2020

If you missed it, here's

If you missed it, here's the interview between journalist Jane King and Richard Ells, that was aired on Fox Business, KRON4 News and Bloomberg.

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Pol Pol

Electroneum ??????

Gary Stephen Jones

Absolute brilliant project. It really is a crypto for the people. It’s aiming long term so obviously people complain it hasn’t mooned yet but it’s here for the long run and I’m excited for the project

Rohit Kaushal

very good sir
ETN Team done good job

Vid Bumz

Clauns are better actors


How can showing this interview on Fox Business and Bloomberg raise the price of Electroneum, when no one in the U.S. can buy it?  
There are no U.S. exchanges that sell ETN, and we cannot use foreign exchanges.


Deberian de subir videos traducidos en español :p

John Doe

Good interview. Keep up the good work team!

Ajay Kumar

Etn= 1$ ? possibility??


Nice upload!!

Oscar Perez

Price is worse than the shit I took today


ETN is dead , impossible to send what I mined for 2 years
what else, nothing to buy with anytask for the little ETN I have
it's just a shitcoin for me now, nothing to do , impossible to trade
for 2 years i speak to some friend about it , but now i don't recommend this bullshit


Richard ells the filthy Scammer

CryptoCurrency Channel

Plz list etn on Binance please


We want them to increase the prices of etn


I hate to say it...but Ells is flogging a dead horse!

nadeem younas

CZ. don’t are abut etn he want his listing money and that’s it.


One day, this guy will be "C.E.O. of the year"

Wayne Johnson

Removed ETN rewards not sure why this was done less adoption now I think but got good base so maybe be okay.


This is a little too much! I told my friends and family to watch this on Fox Business, but it was bumped because of the political convention. Then, I notified them all to watch on Bloomberg tonight. Even though it said Electroneum would be on, on the "info" screen, it wasn't on the program about blockchain. I guess I'll just send them this video and forget about ETN being on television. I guess we don't have to worry about having a U.S. Exchange if nobody knows about ETN anyway.

Dan Cook

Do a deal with sweatcoin so you can convert some steps into crypto and generate millions of users sweatcoin+etn ?

Uddie Unly

When etn value is $1000 ?for 1 etn?it coming soon go to moon or coming deep in the sea??

Ozzy Geo

All my efforts blown away by your system

Paul Bell

Very insightful updates?? Well i will also say this here... Even as the cryptocurrency market including bitcoin seems to be a bit unbalanced at the moment, i still find this period so useful as it is a very good time to buy and find a working strategy/daily signals to accumulate and grow which will be well backed up with guidance provided by a pro trader. what we need now is a strategy and accurate signal to build a very strong portfolio with the little you hodl now. Quite a number of crypto traders including newbies may be scared about trading due to this pullback in the market which i see as lack of experience and research about what strategy and signals to trade with. Due to my detailed research, i was able to know about Mr Richard Owen’s strategy (price action) and daily signals which is so accurate and profitable to me ever since the last bear market, during my first month i was able to increase and grow my 1.2btc to a total of 5.9btc with his signals. However, i still see this period as a very good buy zone as to get it cheap and trade with such a profitable signals. you can reach Richard Owen via Whatsapp: (+15625689926) and Telgram @OwenRichard for inquiries into profitable trading systems..

Balla Gajollo

Awesome if you get a Shure or a Blue Yeti microphone Richard :)


Nice revolutionised coin

p b

Go on Rich .......



Dj Marky Rush

Man nothing raises the price of etn such a shame under ico price for so long now

Andrzej T.

Great! Slowly but we will get there ?

get set

Electroneum is a project to watch out for

Phoenix Rising

BTC could never be used for everyday transactions because of the fees. They are very high.

MyEmpire 4Eva

Electroneum ????????????


I know this project will still change the world and take off like never before!.


Etn is a tortoise or a snail?
Etn can reach moon or raise underground?
Etn on binance or lunch it's own exchange?
Etn can unbanked or nothing?

Ozzy Geo

Your KYC verification department disable to help...

vlad ivan

Etn own exchange and rewords in other crypto for holding


like that

Richard ells

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Blockchain Interviews - Richard Ells, CEO & Founder of Electroneum

4 836 views | 9 Jul. 2020

Ashton Addison interviews

Ashton Addison interviews Richard Ells on the growth of the Electroneum mobile payment ecosystem and cryptocurrency. Ashton last spoke with Richard in late 2019 on how Electroneum has grown into 140 countries and was expanding into Africa, Brazil, and Turkey. They recently released the AnyTask freelancer platform powered by the ETN Electroneum cryptocurrency, and have had strong traction throughout the first months after release. Electroneum has a large cryptocurrency community that are passionate about the growth of their platform.

Learn more: https://electroneum.com

This interview is also available on Reuters Insider financial network: https://share.insider.thomsonreuters.com/link?entryId=0_eumevm6z

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This is not investment advice, I am not a financial advisor. This information is for educational, informational and entertainment purposes only. We are strictly giving our opinion and discussion of the content in this video. Always do your own Research (DYOR) on projects and understand the risks of any investments made.


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Great interview sir..

Christopher Koumi

Gaming is absolutely massive world wide and adds to Electroneum adoption / ecosystem.
Nice interview. ?????

Tata Angel

Gaming will be massive

Rob Pastore

When's the price going to move up, Thasts the Question???

electroneum Uganda


Redda Hasan

I do believe in 2023 the price of Electroneum will touch at least USD 5. So that let's buy Electroneum now and soon we can become a new millionaire in the World...

Mikko Hytönen

Awesome interview!

Ewealth online

Fake interview


Great upload!!

Richard ells

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Richard Ells - Electroneum $ETN - What is "Unbanked"?

654 views | 1 Nov. 2020

Richard Ells, CEO and

Richard Ells, CEO and Founder of Electroneum, sits down with Roshan Mirajkar at REIMAGINE 2020 about the paradox concept in crypto that bank accounts are tied to crypto exchanges and what "unbanked" actually means.



Richard Ells, CEO and Founder at Electroneum


Roshan Mirajkar, Assistant Director at MouseBelt University


Find more information about host and guest here.

LinkedIn Richard Ells: https://uk.linkedin.com/in/richard-ells-8b0615b

Twitter Electroneum: https://twitter.com/electroneum

Facebook Electroneum: https://www.facebook.com/electroneum

Website Electroneum: https://electroneum.com/


Twitter MouseBelt: https://twitter.com/mouse_belt

Facebook MouseBelt: https://www.facebook.com/mousebeltaccelerator

LinkedIn MouseBelt: https://www.linkedin.com/company/mouse-belt/

Medium Blog: https://medium.com/mousebelt

Website MouseBelt: https://www.mousebelt.com/

Twitter REIMAGINE 2020: https://twitter.com/REIMAGINE_2020

Facebook REIMAGINE 2020: https://www.facebook.com/events/2050384818439068/

Eventbrite REIMAGINE 2020: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/tales-from-the-crypto-free-72-hour-live-global-blockchain-conference-registration-122409342639

Website REIMAGINE 2020: https://www.ri2020.io/


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REIMAGINE 2020 v4.0 - Tales from the Crypt(O) - Investing - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLpt9vS2IprlswUspMW50rDsXH88HM2YHe

REIMAGINE 2020 v4.0 - Tales from the Crypt(O) - Application - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLpt9vS2IprlvLy5R4GIn028K5yXbKZUbM

REIMAGINE 2020 v4.0 - Tales from the Crypt(O) - Blockchain Platform - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLpt9vS2IprltKMeLsw-TCj4GUlrVRUSF1

REIMAGINE 2020 v4.0 - Tales from the Crypt(O) - DeFi - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLpt9vS2Iprlu6d6F2eEvkhBNLpVfIsOGx

REIMAGINE 2020 v4.0 - Tales from the Crypt(O) - Industry


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REIMAGINE 2020 is a virtual blockchain conference series, providing educational content and bringing together cryptocurrency experts. Learn about blockchain fundamentals, get tips for fundraising, catch the latest trends, and build your network, all from the comfort of your home.


Many thanks for interview Richard. Another great informative video from Richard Ells. ETN is on the verge of becoming a global name. Adoption is growing, keep the great work up.


Electoneum was just a overhyped project! It came to it's destiny and that's below ICO price ...... 4 million registered user, just a joke explain me where is the volume. There could be 2 things to explain this....

1- fake users - not real figure.(despite there have been some independent reports claiming te figures are true.)
2- if the figures are true - your 4 million got usually filled by freeloaders and they are a harm than to be proud about (they will never invest in this project that used to be overhyped) Binance will never list Electroneum because they know this - and the same applies for eToro.

Michael Stuart

That was awesome I always love it when Richard talks thanks so much guys I never get sick of hearing about the project lol . Well done

Damian Mooruth

First im seeing you, subbed you keep them coming.. 3 away from 1k now ;)

Christopher Koumi

Electroneum definitely one to watch! ??

Ahmed Ahmed

#Electroneum is really doing great