St petersburg bowl score

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2016 St. Petersburg Bowl (Miami OH v Mississippi St.) One Hour

433 views | 30 Jul. 2018

Two programs that

Two programs that qualified for the St. Petersburg Bowl in entirely unique fashions square off knowing that the best part of the bowl season was the extra practice that each received. Miami is the first team to lose its first six games and then win its next six games to qualify for a bowl. Mississippi State needed an Egg Bowl and some flashy APR scholastic scores to gain entrance to St. Pete. Regardless, both fan bases are glad to be here and now, it's time for the quarterbacks, Nick Fitzgerald for the Bulldogs, and Gus Ragland for the Redsk...er... RedHawks, to lead their team to a bowl victory. The game was decided by the smallest of margins so sit back, relax, and enjoy the 9th Annual St. Pete Bowl.

St petersburg bowl score

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Rutgers v. Central Florida - 12/19/09 - St. Petersburg Bowl (2 of 2)

307 views | 1 Dec. 2019

Rutgers defeats Central

Rutgers defeats Central Florida 45-24 in the St. Petersburg Bowl at Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg, FL on December 19, 2009 to finish the season at 9-4. The Scarlet Knights scored touchdowns via passing, rushing, interception return, and kickoff return. (2 of 2)

St petersburg bowl score

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1987 Fiesta Bowl #1 Miami (11-0) vs. #2 Penn State (11-0)

41 023 views | 23 Feb. 2014

Miami vastly out gained

Miami vastly out gained Penn State on the field, 445 yards to 162, with 22 first downs compared to the Nittany Lions' 8. However, the Hurricanes were hampered by 7 turnovers, including 5 interceptions of the Heisman-winning Testaverde.

The majority of the game was a seesaw battle. Miami's only touchdown was the result of a John Shaffer fumble that the Hurricanes recovered at the Penn State 23. Miami then took four plays to score the go-ahead touchdown.

The Nittany Lions responded with their only sustained drive of the night, going 74 yards in 13 plays, culminating in Shaffer's 4-yard scamper into the end zone. The halftime score was a 7-7 tie.

After Miami scored a field goal to retake the lead, Shane Conlan grabbed his second interception of the night, returning it 39 yards to the Miami 5. The first Penn State snap was fumbled, but the Nittany Lions recovered. D.J. Dozier then followed with a 6-yard run for the go-ahead touchdown.

Miami still had over 8 minutes on the clock, but fumbled on their next possession. With Penn State unable to move the ball, Miami began their last drive on their own 23 with 3:07 left in the game. A 4th-down completion to Brian Blades went for 31 yards and moved Miami into Penn State territory.[8] With a minute left, Testaverde hit Michael Irvin at the Penn State 10. The connection put the Hurricanes inside the 5 with 45 seconds left. Even with a national championship at stake, though, Penn State linebacker Pete Giftopoulos said the Penn State defense stayed calm. "We had some great leaders -- (seniors) Shane Conlan, Timmy Johnson, Bob White," he said. "They were key character people. To not see any fear in their eyes helped me as a junior and helped the other players to play the game. ... Nobody was losing it in the huddle, nobody was screaming. Everyone was like, 'Here's the play; let's do it.'"

On second-and-goal, Testaverde dropped back, but Tim Johnson broke free and sacked him. On third down, Testaverde threw incomplete into the flat. On fourth-and-goal, with 18 seconds left, Testaverde threw to the end zone, but was intercepted by Giftopoulos. The interception, Giftopoulos' second of the game (and Testaverde's fifth), ensured Penn State's second national title in five years.

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Jean H Pierre

22 million folks watched the game on NBC. Huge back in the day


Miami was so scared to play Penn St is what I'll always remember about that game


2:10:20 four words


Vinnie Testicleverde never should have won the Heisman!


Good beat evil. Amazing PSU only won by 4 after forcing 7 TOs. That's suicide.

John Manning

Miami gave this game away they had 7 turnovers and only lost by 4 points.

Greg Gioia

Isn't great when the good guys win one for a change?

Manu Ginobilis Bald Spot

Let's be honest. If they played this 10 times, Miami wins 8 or 9 times. But the one that MATTERED, Penn State had the answers and Testaverde was just awful. As bad as he was, they were still on the five yard line with a shot at winning. But still, it was great to see the underdog pull it off as a kid. Seemed to be the theme that year with Indiana winning Bob Knight's last title, the Twins shocking everyone, Sugar Ray Leonard's improbable win over Marvin Hagler and Washington capping the NFL season of '87 with Doug Williams making history.

Guy Herring

Miami thugs losing to Penn St. ?

Bob Gardner

PSU won despite having an absolutely horrible QB. Great defensive schemes by PSU. This game was won by superior coaching.


Linebacker U. haha

T._. Stahley


dutchman dave

I remember this game. was 13 yrs old living in Hummelstown,PA. Huge State fan.  Notice how Penn State's always swarming around the ball...gang tackling and being aggressive. That downed punt at 16:00 showed it the best.  no Miami players in sight, with 6 Nittany Lions downing the ball. Teamwork trumps talent.  Look how many future NFL players were on Miami roster.  Impressive.

your mom

Miami is 0-4 all time in the fiesta while having around 50 nfl players in those 4 games. Very interesting



John Manning

That year Miami was awesome but they blew it against Penn State they dominated the game should have worn by three or four touchdowns.


I had the opportunity to see this game at a party that had an early big screen TV in Dallas. I was not a Testaverde fan - his pro carrier showed the same flaws. I came from the big ten area so I was the few that cheered for Penn St. I watched every minute of this game and it was obvious that Jo Pa out coached Jimmy. It was weird seeing Jimmy J, Irvin, and Smith from Miami. It was a great game that came down down to the last play.


Lol, the browns were in the playoffs?

Larry Pellegrino

I must've watched this game over 50 times since January of '87.... and Penn State just KEEPS on winning it, 14-10.

Ches Berger

EXC"U"SES. Karma caught up to these jerks.


Flash and arrogance lost out to simplicity and fundamentals.

dashawn thomas

Vinny threw this game,, he wasn't even trying to hide it in the 2nd half.. If I was Jerome Brown or Stubbs I would've broken his arm after the game.. This would have been his last football game 5 int's is unacceptable and what the hell is Jimmy doing just run the dam ball and play defense.. their QB just plain sucks


It's insane that Miami didn't win this game with that offense

Blair Thomas

Yeah I remember that game


this game was fixed for miami to lose..   stevie wonder can see vinny tesdeverde was paid/threatened or whatever to lose the game. 3 of the interceptions he threw, there was not even a miami receiver in sight. He literally threw the ball right to the Penn State guy. The powers that be (illuminatti, who knows?) didnt want the convicts of miami to win that year..  miami was 5 touchdowns better than Penn State and should even have been close to losing.

Terrell Rich

Looks like,to me Vinny was paid off to throw this game just my opinion

HD 2Face

I feel like if Howard Schellenberger was still coaching Testaverde would've had 5 td's instead of 5 int's and I do the crowd played a huge part as well.

Damien Mensinger

Penn State's defense was damn good this game. Bend but dont break
Although if they played 10 times the nittany lions are lucky if they beat Miami twice. It was just their day
WE ARE!!!!

Sum Ego

Vinnie Testicules was paid off - look it up.

Scott R. Roberts

Joe Pa!

Matt Woods

Here is the most amazing stat and the only one that matters....14-10

Jaden Ayala

Idk who should be more ashamed 1987 Miami hurricanes, 2007 New England Patriots, or the 2016 Golden State Warriors

Painted Byrd

Jerome Brown was a monster.

Mr. Bill Thrower

17:34 Damn was Vinnie’s arm strong, had serious heat coming off the ball.

Timothy Miller

Defense wins championships, not the offense... This was when college football was still good... Now it's complete $hit...


Nice pick by Peter Giftopoulos.


This amazing game is probably my favorite college football game of all time. However, I find it very conflicting. It's that scumbag Sandusky's defense that wins this game for the Nittany Lions: bend-don't-break, 5 INTs from the Heisman trophy winner. I admit it's quite difficult to look back and realize that PSUs greatest football moment in it's history was directly influenced by that scum. The feeling I had when we won, the memories I had of this victory are forever ruined. Forever. Trust me, you wouldn't want what happened to us to happen to your University. And because of that, I have yet another reason to absolutely loathe and hate that so-called man. F*ck you Jerry.

Craig Willis

Penn State was clearly the better team even though Miami had gained much more yardage they lost because of turnovers and their defense was rather suspect

Mohamed I Khalil

These two teams should have played in 1986 Fiesta Bowl. PSU was #1 and Miami was what #2 or #3? I don’t know why these two didn’t play?


This game definitely seems fixed. Some of those interceptions were obvious attempts to throw directly to Penn State defenders, especially the final pick. There was one receiver with 5 defenders bunched in one area and Vinny through directly to #90. You can say Penn St. had the "perfect" defense, but I;m calling bullsh-t.


This is why sports is great!

Rowland Buck

Miami QB threw into triple coverage at least 4 times.

SuperLuigiGamer 85

2:10:41 play of the game



Lain Iwakura

Everyone saying Miami had 7 turnovers, but I'm watching and in the 3rd quarter PSU has 5 themselves. And would have 8 if they didn't fall on 3 fumbles.

And Miami just got into FG range on a BS P.I. penalty. But luckily missed it. So stop with the lame excuses.

Doug Morris

This was a great game for Vinnie Interceptaverdie.

Doug Morris

I remember Vinny Interceptaverdie

Mark F

it's a shame about shakers cancer