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GeForce RTX 3080 Test in 12 Games l 4K l

372 278 views | 22 Sep. 2020

GeForce RTX 3080 10GB + i9

GeForce RTX 3080 10GB + i9 10900K l 2160p l

Tested games can be bought cheaper on Gamivo.com : https://gvo.deals/TestingGames

Use code : "TestingGames" to get a 3% discount.

Ad - 0:00

Games :

Assassin's Creed Odyssey - 0:12 - https://gvo.deals/TestingGamesAssassin

Project CARS 3 - 1:46 - https://gvo.deals/TestingGamesPC3

Red Dead Redemption 2 - 2:46 - https://gvo.deals/TestingGamesRDR2

Microsoft Flight Simulator - 4:15 - https://gvo.deals/TestingGamesMFS20

Horizon Zero Dawn - 5:55 - https://gvo.deals/TestingGamesH0D

Battlefield V - 7:26 - https://gvo.deals/TestingGamesBF5

Forza Horizon 4 - 8:48 - https://gvo.deals/TestingGamesForza

Metro Exodus - 9:36 - https://gvo.deals/TestingGamesMetro

Crysis Remastered - 10:27

Control - 11:56 - https://gvo.deals/TestingGamesControl

Detroit Become Human - 13:02 - https://gvo.deals/TestingGamesDetroit

The Witcher 3 - 14:13 - https://gvo.deals/TestingGamesWitcher


Windows 10 Pro

Intel i9 10900K 3.7GHz - https://bit.ly/2YcPUkI

MSI MPG Z490 GAMING PLUS - https://bit.ly/3hsf9Hs

CPU Cooler - Zalman CNPS10X Performa - https://bit.ly/3f999kE

GeForce RTX 3080 10GB (MSI GAMING X TRIO) - https://bit.ly/3hUikXp

32Gb RAM DDR4 3600Mhz - https://bit.ly/2YmtsEA

Power Supply CORSAIR RM850i 850W - https://bit.ly/3i2VoGI

My Second Channel - http://www.youtube.com/c/FalconPC228


man that flight sim game looks incredible


Why is crysis 3 very hard to run? It is a very old game

Seth Duvall

I've got the MSI Gaming Trio and EVGA XC3 3080s and I'm trying to decide which to keep. Help!

Jayashree Verma

Nvidia giving it for ₹62000


Watching this in 720p on my phone...Interesting...

pustaka thtkomunitas

what is the name of the monitor

Darsh Jain

The fps broke my heart ?


The card is good!but my computer burned down and there is nothing to buy a new one. who can help? I will be glad for any help on my [email protected]yandex.ru

Kosmon Parran

is this all with out DLSS?


I've just bought the 3080 from Gigabyte, the card is a beast in every game played in 1440p. I was surprised that AC Odyssey got over 60fps in 4K.
From 2070 Super to 3080 = best upgrade I've ever done!


I game at 5120x1440 120 / 250 fps These cards are nowhere near enough yet - And zero supply anyway - I'll wait thanks

moshiko ssaass

ye but if u record this video on the same graphic card u will lose a lot of fps

Prateek Tandon

Was RTX on in all these games?


ehhh control render resolution 1440p.... ya cheatin there boi

Sonic Love

I found it to look choppy dose not look so smooth as I was expecting not that impressed to be honest

Mohammed SH

he is still looking for Gavin ?

мr.ρarzival - ØFFICIAL



Not ready for 4k gaming if your fps dips below 60.

Game LP

My GTX 1050 2GB is crying


I love how Flight Simulator is under 60fps even at 2160p with a 3080 graphics card. It's a demanding game without question. They always were but especially that game.

Guilherme Gonçalves


Get Hobo

Ur pc is fucking amazing MSi seems the best in hardware in 2020!!


my rtx 3080 x trio had 75c by RDR2 how much % fan speed do you have ?



Gary Chen


Ghost Gamer09

*shrek closes book*

Like that's ever gonna happen.


meh, the "can it run crysis" settings are just a meme and shouldn't be activated as those are unnessary little improvements
also do you want me get eye cancer from motion blur ? Who actually activates that
DLSS activated means that it's not running on native 4k, so it's not a 4k benchmark


Still disappointing results in 4K with these cards ?

Aurey D

I'm seeing less than 60fps on some games I know it's a good gpu but I'm gonna wait for the 40 series until I upgrade If I'm going to spend big I want garenteed 60fps in 4k on everything, games are moving much faster than gpus


2020 3080 support [email protected]
2021 4070 support [email protected]
2022 5060 support [email protected]

Dmitri Kulkevičius

I'm finally getting this card.


Is it just me, or does the character movement in Crysis Remastered look like it was intended for a racing game?

Robin J

muffin song

j pop

I mean...the dude in the Battlefield V image looks a hell of a lot like Jack Black from Mars Attacks! Right?


I'm not paying a car $1000 to get dips below 50 or even 60, big yikes

Mark Duhaime

ali a


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aEF93sXIgqQ RTX 3080 TEST


Its not ampere its amwhere.


It's amazing, but can it run Doom 1993 on 144p?


bf5 v travado 60 fps

Howl the Sacrilegious

Very cool, but has anyone seen an Englishman called Gavin?


Can anyone pls tell me what L.1%, L. 0.1% and D3D11 means?

nibians xD

Cpu be like: mmmmh....
And the gpu be like: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA HEEELP!!!!


That's why not to go 4k or ultrawide monitor


rtx 3080 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GLLycVrqg-c&t=52s


Introducing the RTX 5080 starting at 399

Sub Zero

This graphic card or the ps5's? Which one is better?

gabriele francescato

this is a 1440p benchmark not 4k


I dont understand why people think this is good? Ok, its most likely better than what you have atm, but 4K has been around for ages. And we still dont have a GPU that can handle it. Not even the newest most expensive 3080 card. No one play a FPS game at 60 FPS today, i'd say minimum is 144 FPS and this card cant even do half of that. When i bought the RTX 2080 i was so disappointed. Spent almost $ 1k on it, and i still play in 1080p just so i can get the FPS i want. I have around 35 - 40 FPS in RDR in 4K with the RTX 2080. For that kind of money i could have bought a cheap car. We have 8K, and even 16K today, and the newest card can barely reach 60 FPS in 4K. Sorry but the technology is waaay behind when it comes to GPUs.

Just Jynxiie

Hate watching youtube at 30 fps


1440p is enough for me.
I think the 3070 would fit me




Cant wait to get My Acer Nitro 5 with RTX 3080 on it


How can ps5 run 4k 120fps?


Wow glad this Setup got very pleasant 4k Experience. Since i don't have the budjet for now,i went for WQHD monitor(i got better price for [email protected]). I have exactly same setup as yours(MB : Asus,GPU :Zotac Trinity). Happy gaming.


6:31 ?

Gianni SLUICE Vargas-Navalta

its funny, people will spend half a grand or so on these GPUs to run games in 4K but barely running 60fps+. im no console fanboy, i respect all plats, but damn consoles are able to run true 4K 60fps with little to no issues for 30% of the price

Numei Destoyer744

Is 3080 oc?


3:19 Looks like BlackPanthaa's voice in the game.


Why not include total war?


i wish i have like that Computer but i cant because im poor


currently on a 3440 x 1440 monitor, is it worth to jump to 4k?


Witcher 3 - 85 fps for 1500$ xDDDDDDDDDD nice choise


tf's wrong with Crysis?!

pustaka thtkomunitas

what is the name of the monitor

hussein nazim

Wtf crysis 45fps???


Top 10 GPUs that overkill 4K (kinda):

Bob the builder

I wish he would stand still, so that there is no motion blur

Samuel Montoya Fernandez

Bad ending: It cant run crysis

Sonny Darvishzadeh

these are not 60fps ?‍♂️ probably video rendering ruined it?


so stupid, no difference without 4k and fullhd, but price...... omg

Charbel Chahine

I thought intel 4.0 motherboards dont exist. So how are you playing 3080 with a 3.0 motherboard if 3080 supports 4.0? Isnt that a waste of money?

NJ Grant

Dude running vulkan


i expected higher FPS after the doom eternal demo... crap.

mallesh kumar

I don't even get 10 fps in low graphics in just cause in 800x600...lol


How 6800XT uses 10.8 vram on Horizon Zero Dawn , and the RTX 3080 uses 9 ?


Metro Exodus looks and runs better then crysis 1 remaster wtf

Lil Water

I laugh when consoles think they will be getting 4k 120 FPS

Systems Realty Team

Damn my rtx 2070 only got around 15fps at the same settings in crysis remastered, while the 3080 is getting 3 times that!

Vivek Phadte

Something wrong with Crysis Remastered there. What happened to the walking mechanics? The player just seems to be floating there whilst walking.

david grunhertz

Hello Test with DLSS ?


So it can run crysis but not 60 fps. Also like battlefied 5 is running on full rt gets 60 fps man wtf

pustaka thtkomunitas

what is the name of the monitor

Testing Games

Games :
Assassin's Creed Odyssey - 0:12
Project CARS 3 - 1:46
Red Dead Redemption 2 - 2:46
Microsoft Flight Simulator - 4:15
Horizon Zero Dawn - 5:55
Battlefield V - 7:26
Forza Horizon 4 - 8:48
Metro Exodus - 9:36
Crysis Remastered - 10:27
Control - 11:56
Detroit Become Human - 13:02
The Witcher 3 - 14:13

Windows 10 Pro
Intel i9 10900K 3.7GHz - https://bit.ly/2YcPUkI
MSI MPG Z490 GAMING PLUS - https://bit.ly/3hsf9Hs
CPU Cooler - Zalman CNPS10X Performa - https://bit.ly/3f999kE
GeForce RTX 3080 10GB (MSI GAMING X TRIO) - https://bit.ly/3hUikXp
32Gb RAM DDR4 3600Mhz - https://bit.ly/2YmtsEA
Power Supply CORSAIR RM850i 850W - https://bit.ly/3i2VoGI

Epic Gamer

ur fuckin lucky mate, have a nice life


Basically these cards can do 8K 30fps. I'm looking at the RX 6800 XT!

baptou zeubi

lol red dead 2 tested in the country side 68-70fps then you get 45fps for sure in town

Viktor Feher

Money cant buy happiness,nvidia:Hold my beer!


I finally bought a 4k monitor. Now I can see the differences.


When 3 games are sitting around 9GB VRAM or over it makes me skip this card. Hopefully the Ti rumour with more VRAM is true.

Megat Hakim

crysis. shittier graphic but demands soo much.

Sawse Bawse

This card is underwhelming for 4k


all that money and it gives good fps. Not great but good.


Crysis 40 fps for 1500$ ;DDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

Megat Hakim

ac odyssey. shitty graphic but demand soo much. lol

Sayed Muhammad Waqar Shah

Can any one tell me do next gen games will only run on direct x 12.2 feature level or they can run on 12.1 or 12 feature level also as I read that next gen can run on both cards

Tyler Phillips

Everyone keeps wondering why these are out of stock when it's clear to me that every available unit of every model went to a youtuber. The future of consumerism is you can only get the new product if you have enough followers.


Just because you showed The Witcher 3 last (Show-stopper!) you earned a new subscriber.

jcm tsumiko

Give your heart to Jesus.
everything that happens in the world announces the return of Jesus

Microsoft tester

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PC ER: SpinRite & Microsoft Memory Tester video

2 276 views | 16 Feb. 2009

This video accompanies an

This video accompanies an article entitled "PC ER: Blue Flash Followed by Restart in Endless Loop" on VariableGHz.com -- depicting the steps required to scan every bit on a hard disk and check system memory to recover from a serious system failure.

Microsoft tester

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How to TEST your Xbox One Controller

172 659 views | 24 Jan. 2019

Hi, this video shows you

Hi, this video shows you how to test all the buttons, triggers, vibration and the analogue sticks on your Xbox One controller to make sure they are all working as expected. As well as testing all the buttons you can test to see if the triggers are working from 0 to 100% and also both the X and Y axis on the analogue sticks from 0 to 100%. This will help identify stick drift and also lack of full range movement. I didn't show it in the video but you can also test the click in on both sticks.

Many thanks, Vince :-)

Swamp Thing

Really helpful


i fix drift by literally pulling the analog stick up, and the pressing it back down.

Preston Johnson

Thank you so much for this video it was extremely helpful.


Spilt water on my controller couldn’t run was confused

Found out that my left stick is constantly pressed


Any similar app/Homebrew for Xbox 369 wireless controller?(non in Windows, but directly on the Xbox 360)? (Even On RGH)


yup found my problem


Is anybody’s two squares button not working?

Jayboozie 53

Love you

George armentA

Hey dude add me as a frnd I got to tell u something


Personal things happen with this app ?


My character is starting to move on it's own in games gonna have to get a new one

Sam Savage

You can do this in the settings you don’t need to download an app

Adrian Styba

At the moment my left trigger is controlling my left analog stick help please

Jurassic Team V2Ψ

How do I do it without turning on the controller?


works on pc too! ??

Alex Flint

Can you fix my PS4 please? I will pay for stuff that it needs.


The vibration doesn't work through the app but it works on my phone and pc, any way I can fix this?


mine keeps on pressing the right trigger


I searched how too vibrate a controller fully ?

Father Maxi

And even now this video is still useful


Thanks, Vince.


For whatever reason the app doesn't seem to see the controller when plugged into the PC


anyone else not able to download this app?

Zaid Merc

What a stupid thing to show someone's email address unnecessarily....( Look at top left onthe dashboard)

Eternal Lord

gd one,thx pal

Spy D

got a question here when i tested impulsive trigger on my xbox one s controller both LT and RT are working and feel the same but when i also turn on vibration i got different feel on LT but RT stays the same as before is that normal?


Yo my xbox is making clips, clicking on games and turning off. MY REMOTE ISN'T ON


Straight to the point and doesn’t talk about random things so much better than other videos

James Johnson

It's been a while since I've looked but wasn't there a built-in controller tester in the Windows control panel if using a PC?

zeejay official

I can not instal this app, on my xbox one s. Have U other idea bro?


Can I add you on Xbox?

Agent 1

So there's no way to calibrate imperfectly centered analog sticks?

Ride the Gamer

Turns on notifications ????????


My Rb doesn’t respond sometimes. Anyone have any tips?


I need an android app to test like this

orlando mora

AND how do you fix the dead zone????????


I have 68% controller drift

Jack Christy

Mine doesn't always go back to 0%-0% once ive moved the analogue stick is that normal?

Remmy Lebo

Really Dope. You should be a certified Alpha :)


I bought my Controller 1 week ago and the mic already broke

Captain Crazeh

Even though I use Xbox 360, this it still very useful!

Daniel 12345

Thanks vince with this app i can now confirm my analog stick replacement worked


But how do you fix drift though !???

Alphakid10 !

I use it every night ?


Search on the store Game Controller Tester and you done I saved your life

Ibrahim Elgeaidy

You are a life saver!

YoGirlGamerX Roblox player

Hi, So yesterday I connected my Xbox one X controller to a laptop! It was drifting on the game so I stopped using it! Connected it back to my xbox today and the drift is bad on fortnite and also just using the left thumbstick to select anything on my menu! Tried this app and it shows somethings wrong! Can you add the link to how you fixed the issue please ??? gutted as its fairly new and was brought brand new! Plus ive never dropped it ??‍♀️?

Kohn Futner

So do you fix them or do you have to buy a new one? Because I bought my x1 about a year ago and it came with two controllers and both are doing same thing. The second one I've only used twice so I don't think buying a new remote is going to fix the problem. I hate Xbox one!


when i press my left trigger my right tripper presses what do i do

Matthew Visosky

Thanks for the vid! Watched it a bit ago cause I thought my controller had drift issues (it didn't thankfully) but now I just discovered, my right bumper has worn and has become slow! Yay..... Thankfully I have other controllers I can use so yeah


how to fix Your's +20% on Right Thumbstick, Y axis?

Haribo Barrett

Great little app cheers for the heads up.

I have a faulty controller since an update a while back and this app shows that the shoulder buttons, options and menu along with Y,X,A are permanently pressed and the d-pad is unresponsive .

Triggers, xbox button and both analogue sticks are working fine.

Any ideas? this could make a good fix it video subject. ?

Kohn Futner

My Xbox came with 2 controllers and NBA 2k19. Both controls are acting stupid so I think it's the Xbox.

I think I'll be looking for a ps4 because I have hated this Xbox since day one. It wouldn't update itself even when I set it to. So every time I play I got a big red needs updating logo in the bottom left that you can't turn off. Mandating internet to play a game? That's not cool.

The thing has at times not wanted to load, I barely use the thing. I always wonder is it going to load the next time or is it just going to die already? I've only had it for a year and a half.

Every time I get my settings set and it does decide to update,I have to go back in and reset my settings: They'll over or under compensate but change how the game plays. Suffice to say, I have enjoyed very few percentage of games I have played on the Xbox one and always having a problem with it. I hate that game system TBH.


My controller’s vibration became very amplified for no reason and idk what to do. Please help

lol sowwy

My A button isn't responding I need help and if I tell my parents they will kill me

wuuf duiiddoiodjvopooo



Whybis your fucken video so long its stuoid u swear upload simpler and short videos dumbass


Dont show your xbox screen it shows your email and someone can hack your account. And only 2k gamerscore wtf you noob get more gamerscore.

julian and isabella love

it sounds like he’s saying gay controller system

King LF5

Thanks! But my game controller tester is JoyToKey. I always use that for using my keyboard/mouse.

Splxtz a qt

Mine won’t buzz

Noob The only messiah

What does the button at the top of the xbox one do?

kevin coones

Hi Vince ty a million for your help I have a game controller that's broken I just downloaded your software with instructions and it was easy. To find out.



Remmy Lebo

I Like it!. You should be a certified Alpha :)

Scott Champion

Yes!!! I didn’t know you could do this on Xbox. Cheers Vince!


I put the Xbox controller towards my balls when it vibrates ??

Syed Zaviyar

It was really helpful thanks a lot mate .


My right bumper doesn’t work even tho there’s nothing in it

George armentA

It's richguyneverget

toofpayst ö

Thanks mate, I thought there was a problem with my contorller because it was drifting in Titanfall 2 and was paranoid because I've only had my Xbox a few weeks. It must be a bug with the game.




i turned my xbox one off whilst testing wireless on the normal xbox settings. now my xbox one controller isn't connecting. someone please help me!

wilf D

Just installed Xbox Controller Tester, they have a new version, can only test triggers and buttons, no percentages on this version and NO GOOD TO ME?

Curtis Mercer

Vince, you got a video to fix your problem? Mine is the same

Joel Robert Justiawan

Also works on Windows 10 since Anniversary update

Christian Sanchez

how do I get the analog trigger on the control from 0 to 100 percent? I am testing the controller and it only goes from 0 - 50 %.

Pierre Pellerin

Cool app, thx. But I already knew my left joystick was off. Didn't really need this to tell me cuz my character just keep walking backward when it's not suppose to move. Now, how to fix that... next video then :)


My right stick has drift but only on one game and I’ve tested this but it says it has no drift

Remmy Lebo

Really Dope. You should be a certified Alpha ;)

Yolo *300

We have the same problem dude


thanks so much i was wondering since im on pc and its not too easy to find out if my controller is drifting so this made it so much easier!

kostas K

HELP.my Xbox one controller RT button works to 70% only what can i do.....help please


Can i turn off the triggers vibration?

Edward Robledo

Super helpful thanks man

a1ktae —



That voice sounds like pyrocynical

ysb von

Ok so how do I fix the problem

Mr. Corn-Bread

I need the video that fixes the dead zone

Apri1lii ;3

0:09 email

Ian plays

Ha ha ha

Patrick Stephens

My Problem is that when I tap down or any button once it’s like I’m triple tapping it and I could be wanting to invite a friend to a party but I tap on his name and it skips three times last it I need really bad can u help

Bobby Knight

My right analog stick works in the tester but doesnt work in game or even home screen. I have 4 controllers all the same issue please help


We all used to spam the vibration mode off and on.. yall know why

BaggierBobcat24 • 72 years ago, not



You forgot to test the guide button, which this app has no way to do. I can't find another app that lets me. Steam thinks my guide button is permanantly pressed down and I have no way to test



Ride the Gamer

Thanks bro.


You can still hear the clicking sound

kirby productions // ihaverobux

Mine goes to y: 54-57