Usd to cop history

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I'm listed in a School Shooting Police Report

2 347 333 views | 3 Jan. 2019

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Full Police Report:


Emily Davison

they sould be watching jtekz final words

Entitled Industries

he was absolutely trying to see if it was at all possible to get the fbi to come after him lol. just searching whatever he can think of to indicate he wants to shoot some kids but...but nope. fbi taking the day off. to be clear though i don't believe in this enormous breach of people's privacy though. people's internet searches are nobody else's business.


"pirn" lmao

Knock Hello

-_-, the govt failed them.

im a disappointment weee

me who loves "pumped up kicks" and rusty cage


I was in the STEM School Highlands Ranch, CO shooting, yet I'm actually quite glad you made this video CUZ FU*K ALL THOSE GODD*MN D*CK SUCKING C*M SLOBERING B*CH AS SCHOOL SHOOTERS.

SawedOffShot 56

I gotta replay wolfenstien

Saram Waqas

Rusty: I’m not gonna say “school shooter” to prevent YouTube’s detection algorithm
Also Rusty: Puts “school shooting” in the title


Is ur channel terminated?


5:35 Excuse me what did you say?


He looked up pumped up kicks?

Ryan Holliday

Tbh I thought he would look up family friendly noose song

Tesco Games

Shmool shooter im dead


this is ominous and creepy

Christian Whitaker

no wonder.


FBI be like: mAyBe hE's wRiTtInG A BoOk aBoUt sChOoL Sh*oTiNgS



Tyson Dickson


Big Bxxf

"my videos are connected to a school shooting" THAT EASILY COULD HAVE BEEN PREVENTED


I'm gonna be honest I would probably be higher on the priority list for the fbi simple because I looked up how to make a fision bomb when I was bored


Wow his search history is less bad than mine


No one:

Every american everywhere: 2:49

ballzy turtle

so much porn the anime not a part of that tho anime is good for people


What's weird is... for all the talk about YouTube possibly deleting this channel... I just found this video in my recommendations by YouTube and I have no idea why... Maybe because Nikolas Cruz was suffering from mental health problems and I follow other YouTubers with mental health problems but not freaking school shooters. I don't care how bad your life is, that's not an excuse to ruin other people's lives. I bet his life wasn't even that bad because no one who actually suffered would wish that on other person... unless maybe it was in self defense but that clearly wasn't the case here. And I agree they're focusing on all the wrong stuff. Maybe if they had focused on the important things they could of prevented the school shooting before it happened. Honestly I don't think the FBI was even tracking this guy... or anyone for that matter. They just looked through his search history after the fact. FBI tracking would be against the U.S. constitution. Not sure why that myth about the FBI breaking down people's doors because they searched something they weren't suppose to exists cause if that was a thing and this is his search history, the school shooting never would of happened because he was a suspect for MONTHS and they didn't do crap.

Honestly I think they focus on the wrong things on purpose to draw focus on stupid stuff like video games and porn instead of the failure to stop the shooting before it happened. Even without going through his internet search history the guy had a real life history of anger issues pretty much his entire childhood and no one ever thought to maybe get that kid some therapy. I read that he refused therapy offered by the school but when someone is a danger to themselves and/or others as he was... they don't really have a choice... How was he able to opt out of therapy if everyone knew he had a history of anger issues and violent outbursts? I'm not making excuses for him by the way, I'm just saying, if you have the power to prevent a tragedy and do nothing about it, you're basically an accomplice at that point. It would be different if he were just some quiet kid no one expected but apparently multiple people were aware of his plans and did nothing to prevent them from happening.

Tomas Lukošiūnas

i died when he said is killing people easy and that noise

edit: its kinda stupid abut that dumb fuck pornography? cmon y cant u just stay in bed


Damn the fbi is watching me now and I haven't searched these stuff

Jacob judding

2:57 haha love in info wars sticker on the back man i got one aswell

Ethan James

Hey rusty I dont know if you know this but pumped up kicks is all about a school shmooter read the lyrics

we liT

Valentines really?


FBI when they get a report of a school shooting: silence

FBI when a black man is accused of something they didn't do: FBI OPEN UP!!!!!

deadly decay

I might go from this to porn just cause you asked


5:38 pekka shooting (finland) let's goo we did it finns

Tasty Dog

That peice of YaaaaAaAahhHh

I have become JJBA trash

EVEN THO WHAT HAPPENED is horrible and all, but man is his history popping off,almost as same as mine but without the school shooting

McCain Griffith

Love the info wars sticker on the laptop

Shad0w Carnage

Anyone else notice he did not bleep out school shooting at 5:36 uh oh FBI be coming to his door and he is getting banned or terminated now on Youtube Oh shit Rusty nooooooooo ????????

Zachery Jones

It’s hard to take this serious when he’s saying shmool shmooting

A broke Boi



3:45 pornography?

that doesn’t seem abnormal does that sound abnormal


Austin Flint

2:41 on the left, thats a pellet gun. Dont believe me? Its a Crosman Nitro Piston air rifle, (im not sure which model, i own a 700 series) and i thought i was a cringey loser at that age


well... in D&D i'm a Bard and when i'm about to battle i sometimes sing the Knife game song xD

Lady Warcheef

I clicked on the video because I was like "huh I wonder what the connection is" and then almost spit out my water when I realised you're the knife song dude.

Heather Wheeler

Oh. And this also shows that we NEED to pay more attention to these things, many times these sort of people gave very clear clues that they were going to do something like this and were given clues that they were psychologically troubled, and we time and time again, ignored until it was too late.


2:52 did he just say the n-word

Galaxy CSGO

FBI kicking down my door for a few drug orders yet they don't do shit for an obvious upcoming school shooter :thinking:

Mr. X

Ok. Some people will hate me for saying this, but here goes. Any crime requires a perpetrator and a victim. And i find it hard to believe anyone would just go commit a crime, unless they're sociopatic. In cases of school shootings: i just wish that someone would've looked at the kid and thought: "hey, he isn't doing well" because no one just decides to shoot up a school. Kids have issues. I know cuz i had em. People need to stop being childish towards children and take a look at them from an adult view. People suffer, regardless of their age. And the cause can lie in a lot of things. Hate the crime, not the victims or perpetrators. No person kills without a motive, unless that person was born enjoying killing or has grown up in a way that caused him to enjoy killing. Idiots always exist, yes. But this kid thought it over. He had issues and no one helped him. The result: a tragedy. A tragedy which i don't blame the kid for.

The sans behind the slaughter

Rus†y Cage


Why is everything you do so cringey

A Fork

I have a knife of your logo in a game called flippy knife

green butter

Stable video?

Blackbird 666

youtube if ur reading this u need to do some really deep thinking u have really pissed off some people and u need to say sorry ok

thank you

sad frog

How did his search history not get the police involved. I understand that theres plausible deniability for a few of these things, but no sane person looks up "is killing people easy".


Ligit my internet history


1 year ago ???

Σπῦρος Φράτηρ

isn't this the damn son where did you find this guy?


that dosent make you responsible tho

Rusty Cage

Check out my upcoming comic book “Requiem of the Crazies #3” https://igg.me/at/Requiem3

Heather Wheeler

Last thing , it has been proven time and time again, that porn, and violent video games do not cause Smool Smootings.. as Mr cage calls it.

Riley Crosskey

Oh my lord, these FBI agents must be dumb to not pick up the signs.


There's an impostor among us.

Sad Dog

“Mmmmmm I bet it was hentai”

your Canadian buddy

well that sucks

Lady Warcheef

Okay but why does his search history sound like the writers of Glee wrote what they thought a school shooter would google ?

hi um

Damit it now I have to clear pumped up kicks but played over a school PA

John Roland Binamira

He sould have watch how to tie a knot song.

Devin McLeod

No one going to notice the Info Wars sticker?
I like it.


Once again it proves FBI does not prevent shootings. The dude was volatile and extremely dangerous


4:11 I love that reaction!

Controversial Chihuahua

I love listening to him insult this asshole to shreds XD


Rusty:*makes this 2 years ago* comments 6 days ago

Kedy Awesome

I understand his anger.

Ğřvįmvįmvįh6h6h6 M3ŤR0P0ŁĮŞ

You cant roll the 'ER' dude. Bleep or not..that's prob why your on the 5/0 list

Janice Slagle


Bitch Titters

School shootings are just.... Terrifying

Fallen Fellows

The people who did this report have serious problems too. "Oh no he looked up 'bad' stuff! So anti-Christian must be satan!"


i love how he blurred "shit"
but just left "nazi" in there

PokeManiac Qolem

"School shooters are bad."


Why the fuck do criminals do shit on the internet, its just dumb, its like the way your 100% going to get caught

Sage Scratch

As a criminal justice major, I think the data they collected was either to make a strong case against him or to find risk factors to predict future school shootings. Of course they could have already predicted this one without that data. It is sad that your content was connected, but remember. Pewdiepie was also connected to a mass shooting during the pewdiepie vs t-series trend.

Cold Thoughts

2:12 I found this quite offensive. If we put aside the horrible thing he did and look at the words he saying, you can see that he needed help and love. Except for the killing part, I can relate to him. And The way you are just making fun of this is not normal man.


he was playing pumped up kicks during the shooting

stupidity police

I want to beat the shit out of the dumbass named Nicholas and probably the FBI FOR NOT DOING SHIT ABOUT THE OBVIOUS RED FLAGS HE IS GIVING now having said that the FBI would immediately annihilate me tbh


Maybe someone should have stopped this dude lmao

wtx gaming

0:47 the handcuffs look fake

Sarah A

Bruh the FBI agents were stupid. This could have been easily prevented.

stranger pups

I didn't belive rusty at first so I searched the police report and sure enough, rustys knife game songs where there.

Bruh Moment

You have to think about foster the people band your already outraged by this but they must be hating this


Me who watched SABATON knife game song other memes and video games and searches up stuff about knives guns thermite smoke bombs duels (like in texas cops sometimes even get to act as referees sometimes and also listens to old soviet german nazi US british and other world war propaganda songs "Fuck I am probably on that list"

Just a random person on the internet


Ryan Holliday

Based on the content of your channel I won’t be surprised that you would be listed

Xxyz 260

8:43 Parkour!

J2a2zx Noneya

Am I on a list now?

Mr. Exist

Me: reads title "Same here dude"

KC & Friends - Official Channel

You gotta appreciate how he hates Cruz just like everyone else

Ta Orca

That’s a real bruh moment


Fbi: sees cruz's search history
also Fbi: nah he aint gon' do it
cruz: you wot m8?

Just a random person on the internet

Am I being watched by the fbi? Probably, can my fbi agent respond


person: watches anime

the FBI: yep, we’ve got our perpetrator


Imagine finding out that one of your subscribers and avid viewers shot up a whole school.

Alex Taylor

'How do you go from pornography to my videos?'

Me coming into this after pornhub: ?

Usd to cop history

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190 241 views | 25 Mar. 2017

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Where do we buy bear brick ?

Jan Klaasma

The 100% are solid, not hollow


I see them Daft Punk [email protected] ?

Tyler Houston

Loud as fawkkkk brother lmao

Scm Mvp

I think they are verry cheap

Cherng Jun Kai

Can I ask where did you buy from ?

Chris Jenkins

More like “sky’s the limit” for how much $$ you will spend if you get into collecting these stupid things ? ? ?


I thought they were like lego mini figure size

Meafou 05

It's like a Lego bear

Toni Martinez

How much was it?

Aki Oddlove

There's a filipino collector of this bearbricks go search vhong navarro's collection

Gs Up

Kaws are better in my opinion who agrees? if you dont agree lmk why??

pgs oon

yes its empty inside


In my opinion it’s a fucking stupid waste of money

Remy Richardson

And also they did some Transformers stuff.


Instead of spending $80 - $150 for a piece of plastic that's just going to collect dust maybe you should buy an adult size bed or get your own place. This is beanie babies all over again and we all know how that turned out.

Jim Sullivan

Like rich ppl funko dolls?

Eerie Itroll

I always thought it was brick bear

kagaruki nagaru

Wtf its it my eyes not lie to me because i see great mazinger bearbricks 0_0


This is just a kaws knock off right?

Tito Garcia

I don’t get how collecting anything so expensive is worth the money, these are kinda dumb/irrational because of how hollow they are

kevin v

So who’s coppin the ovo bearbricks tmrw?


They look like huge Kubricks, but they're just bears. ?

Reza Razak

The limit is definitely not the sky here.

Tsol 500

What a waste of money

Nhan Nguyen

interested ima fan of bearbrick.

Daddy Drenzil

Why you gotta flex yo supreme dude


Rather buy a cheap hooker






Weird. Sheep. Meh ?

Spexzy *_*

Yo can u send me one


If you aint familiar get familiar this toy line is lit. They are kinda like kaws but kaws is cooler no offense


So grown men really paying 800 for a toy???

bitch lasagna

Kid robot is better

Bewolf Zr

That sounds expensively stoooopiiid

donni febianto

the sky is the limit ?? isnt it the most limited articulation toy ?? ?

Antho _SSJ

Are they the same price if you buy them in Japan ?? (the 1000% ones)

Mr. Nick

Man, if people would just save and invest their money


I just started collecting these when i ran across Bait in the city also. They're hella sick statment peices, good looking on the video. Oh ya and Leggooo Warriors!




is this a joke? ridiculous waste of money. Send some money to ya moms instead of this bs


Wtf are these? They’re fucking useless

Matt Hinds

Okay, so giant lego. Lego beanie babies.

The Anon Pix

Sooooo... Lego Minifigures?


my little cousin has like three bear bricks and he plays with them as toys ????


where do you buy for retail??


Ghetto ass legos

Hector_ Puert

Reminds me of Lego figures

Alan Ramirez

What do the %sizes mean


Where can you buy them retail ?

Rodel Borja

That is wney the poh

xd Jamezy

my favourite bear brick is the siracha one and the bape colab


What the bear in your video?

Yamil Esgaib

4 points of articulations “the sky is the limit”
You see how much this costs? And it looks like a crappy chinese toy. Man YOU CAN sell air to people!

Kevin H

What is that rocket and groot and the middle finger?

The Design Mood

Nice. Peeked the Joker Bearbrick. I think that's my favorite of all the Jokers that have been out so far.

Rena's World

After watching the video.... what are bearbricks again??? Lmao wtf has tekashi 69 & social media done to kids.....


You forgot the 70% bearbrick

Timothy Hernandez

It’s a giant LEGO man

Stephen McCreary

Wtf!?! Hell to the NO!!!!!!!

Andrija Cerovic

Whats the size? 100%?

Anak Jawa

Stupid people everywhere

dank magic

They also sell them at kith


Your the OG man revisiting this after 3 years. I blame you for this habit ?

witch 33



I've seen Funko Pops with more craftsmanship.


Burning godzilla??

Joan Clayton

This is one of my fav explanations videos. It was comprehensive, short, understandable and fun.

The Session

Hell yeah homie. Amazing toys bro. I need more

Zeus S


Alan Ramirez

What do the %sizes mean

Mr. Eno villaceran

this is sTupid


Looks like Lego..?

Yamil Esgaib

“Art Piece” those designs were made in paint, in 2min, by the mailman.
I will open a company and start selling random rocks.

Ninja Stadia

where do I buy one? http://www.bearbrick.com/ here?

Wii Remote BROKEN

Wanna get a Mickey Mouse one for the house. (400%) and buy like 5(100%) Bearbrick for my self

Wii Remote BROKEN

If my parents want to spend over $10,000+ on a trip. Than I should buy some Bearbrick


bitches buyin sneakers every month saying they don't get why people spend money on this lmao

Francisco M. Sinaguinan Jr.

But why?


Been looking for the name of these for the longest


It’s like that brick from Phineas and Pherb


This guy explains it as if he's never heard about legos before.

Thomas Vanhaaften

Is there profit and ressel in them



Cristina Waty


willy z

Can u give me them lol

Walter G

Him: sky’s the limit


Hacker Baby


Yellow Rose

I really don't understand why somebody would spend their money on this smh. It doesn't even do anything.


I just don't understand lol


Finally someone who goes into detail about bearbricks

Janet Lucas

Let's just keep making plastic toys. please tell me it's recycled plastic. Sad.

Super TransformersGuy46

It’s burning godzilla

Bernardo Serrano

Has anyone ever heard of beanie babies


You can tell this guy is Filipino, hehe


Very cool. I love you Bears.

Yee Sanchez


Andy Ramirez

How much do u think the ted can go for honestly ?

maxx cub

What about POPOBE? I don't know much, but I own a POPOBE and they are more cheap than [email protected], somewhat I like them more. I think [email protected] are too expensive for a toy that I should collect. But I don't know, who comes first? POPOBE or [email protected]?

Usd to cop history

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American Pickers: The Priciest Pick (Season 17, Episode 1) | History

869 273 views | 16 Sep. 2017

Mike and Frank are

Mike and Frank are cautiously excited to go all-in on an extremely rare collection of engines and bikes, including an Ace, in this clip from "The $90,000 Question". #AmericanPickers

Subscribe for more from American Pickers and other great HISTORY shows: http://histv.co/SubscribeHistoryYT

Watch more American Pickers on YouTube in this playlist:


Find out more about the show and watch full episodes on our site:


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History Newsletter: http://po.st/HistoryNewsletter

Website - http://po.st/HistoryWeb

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American Pickers

Season 17

Episode 01

The $90,000 Question

"American Pickers" takes antiquing to a new level as Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz scour the country for hidden gems in junkyards, basements, garages, and barns.

HISTORY®, now reaching more than 98 million homes, is the leading destination for award-winning original series and specials that connect viewers with history in an informative, immersive, and entertaining manner across all platforms. The network’s all-original programming slate features a roster of hit series, epic miniseries, and scripted event programming. Visit us at HISTORY.com for more info.

Gucci Be Trucking

I'd love to see the pickers projects when items are restored then selling them

Darrell Rousu

Mike is as bad as binden with his hands all over the women and kids

Adrien Perié

Guy brings him a year old half full damp pack of gum that got stepped on:
"I'll give it to you in exchange for a cigarette."
"I CAN'T TAKE IT AT THAT PRICE. I'm thinking about twenty for the pack, you have four sticks of gum in there in moderate condition... It's banana flavour which is rare... I'm thinking two for each stick which means we're at... 28 thousand dollars."

Den Raden


Ma. Consolacion S. Ylanan

Is jay reyes my only friend ??

Mikhail Matthew

85k on all junks.. they are the very opporsite of pawnstars.. lol two extremes..

Pgs Gonzalez

Like the pickers show. But why are they so SHORT? even if they are reruns.

Election Insight


wally walton

that show is a scripted scam just like 90% of all "reality" shows. It is only reality until the TV cameras show up...then it becomes entertainment and ALL the reality ceases to be.

Old Skool Nutter Bielefeld BBC

Be quiet frank!
Go on mike!!!!

vegan penguin

Nice, now let frank drive it on the opposite side of the road

Harry Carrey

this was the episode where mike and frank kept calling a motorcycle an Indian... they said it over three times... Its 2018 guys.. its pronounced Native American motorcycles these days. Totally racists.

Cynthia Goodson

I just got finished watching a episode with Mike and his brother where they found a clock hanging on the wall. First Mike spits on it to clean it then Robbie spits about six, seven times to clean it. Guys, that was just about the grossest thing I ever saw. Daggg, turned my stomach, had to change the channel.

Kris J

Want to see the restoration on those...

Cody Hay

Johnny Cash special

Car Nation Videos

Every YouTube commercial - you put my yo mind to do whateva you wanna do......”SKIP”

eric heine

Iron American Dream on YouTube.
Take a ride across the promised
land. Ride American Iron.

wadas youtube

No podías mover la mano más rápido mike

Danny Yang

I love this show but there is a time I think is part fake.

Phil Leonetti Jr.

I’ll give you 3 grand and a smack in the mouth

less time

American rippers not american pickers

Jacob VanStraten

Send the FBI to bring my relatives and I to safety. I will probably be locked up tomorrow in jail or msdf. Thanks people keep using look alikes.

Mushroom Hatters Adventers

how can you trun down 85k $$$

Littledroid YT

85 grand? then how much to restore these? Obviously he knows more than I ever will, but I'll take the 85 thousand any old day.


Scripted shite


amazing how personable mike is,total opposite of his partner...


frank fritz needs ketchup

John Jenks

$85k for some rusty tat mike is crazy?

Kevin Voeks

Sell me you rusty junk

Larry Becker Jr

Plus he knows guys like Billy Lane,and other's who enjoy,and work with vintage gear...


The sellers got a good price for that...it would have just continued to deteriorate

u tuber

try this without your per episode thousands!!!!

Kooler M

I'd Like a Follow up Update on These Bikes!

Lamontdoe Bates

Oldest good ? find


Show should be called "American Scammers".


Just don`t buy any cars!

dan conlan

frank said WE when its mikes money fake frank

Zuna _

Love mike

Deshuna Robinson

whats that johnny cash bike ?

El Chapo Sione

This picks makes on wonder. How much cash do these guys carry??

Random Stuff In Oregon

Awesome! I've been around that area before! Super cool that they were in my home state. I feel like they would absolutely love coming out to my neighborhood too. There's old vehicles and stuff everywhere!


Oh my gosh!!! Mind blowing!

MALO_ 213

Love this show!

B Ray Sanborn

Franks is a crook !

Luthfie nursantoso w

always indian in the barn !!!

Señor Roberto

Im mike wolfe

Austin Michael

I mean if they are able to restore just the Ace one that would easily pay for all the other ones. Even at 40-50k restoration cost you could prob sell it for around 130-150k. Essentially a push on that one bike and you get the rest for nothing.

Chris Garvin

Indian motorcycles look like kife. They should replace the Native with an East Indian as a mascot. With a big turban.

Thomas Gadsby

I havent seen this 1 play it on t.v..saw all the rest 500 times.

Daniel Mesery

Trade it for oilcan

Virangel Cleanup

I'm the pickers too from Indonesia.This show i loves my face on #History


85K for rusty parts....really, I’m not lying. RUSTY PARTS.
Give me 85k and I’m off like a prom dress to get a new HD and take a lap around America. ???

jim wortham

Great by my opinion drop Frank with Danielle run the show

Jccc D

Look at people when you shake there hand

JB Outdoors

I wouldn't worry about the pickers offloading these bikes for a profit. Mike is good friends with the owner of Coker tire who has a massive collection of rare and vintage motorcycles. I would say in the realm of vintage motorcycles Mike knows a guy.

Gabriel Villalba

I love these guys

Christian Rodrigues

I own the Johnny Cash bike now. Bought it for 63k last summer

mick delgreco

Love the pickers..wish I could live this experience!!

emeryl arellano

This guy offer gud money than rick. @pawnstar

John Jenks


Master Chiefy

Pawn star on the road .... same tactics.......

A Nihtgenga

The tires hold air!


I've only ever seen an ACE in a private collection. Rare as hen's teeth.

Harvey Wellington

Why is it called the Johnny Cash Special????

Corvette car gamer 5123468

American pickers? knucklehead motorcycle!


Wow...what a honey hole!

Nicky Scarfo

Love the history of ace motorcycle there were built in my city... Philadelphia


frank ripping people off

Clive Sangster

I think I would show a bit more emotion than the old lady did if some one just dropped me $85,000 for some motor cycle parts.

Bruce white

oh my

George Ryan

Low-ball at $85,000

Paul Walker

Franks made a offer of 55 dollars

We Are Free SD

Guessing as is no resto on anything $20,000 profit.

Jacob VanStraten

Hey Jacob Joseph VanStraten here in Milwaukee Wisconsin at 6112 W. Burnham Ave. Apt#1. I'm being tortured to death, and my family and I are being stoolpigeond and murdered. People keep drugging me and poisoning me and are trying to get me relocated. My intestinal tract and esophagus is destroyed like my brain and frontal lobe. Please help.

thaddeus mcgrath

I wonder if one day I pull out if my Pee Wee Herman style Western Flyer X-53 out of the garage will someone give my allot of money for it. I always wanted Dottie to ride on my handle bars, she can oil my chain any day mate!

digital subliminal messages

S T O P. R A P E I N G. B A B I E S
Checking up/I actually can't see/tell right now//partly why o never mind controled

Specialized 29er

Why not there just sitting there collecting dust.

Mystery Comment

I just cringe when I hear the owner say he would have liked to restore the ACE. Good thing he didn’t touch it. Don’t touch survivors with patina ever.


Mike is the worst deal maker ever. And Daniel is the most annoying person on TV

Rell Edwards

These guys habitually over pay for stuff.. must be nice

Smile you need it

I love the fact you guys don't cheat people.



Boy Andi

Suka sekali dengan the picker, andai saja bisa bertemu dengan mike, sangat bahagia sekali...

Jacob VanStraten

They hacked my web and my phones.


I don't understand how people can just hoard stuff when they're other people who have the means of restoring stuff! Sell! SELL! SELL!

Jarmo Minkkinen

Disguise do I have the money Lucky you.??


How stupid way too expensive they will certainly lose money on that pick.