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The Winklevoss Test New Way To Earn More Clients For Gemini

396 views | 2 Feb. 2021

Crypto is being feted as

Crypto is being feted as a promising store of value or even an “inflation-proof” asset by some – but it appears some industry players want to go a step beyond even this, with US-headquartered crypto exchange Gemini revealing a new 7.4% annual percentage rate offering on a new crypto account. The exchange, which is run by the Winklevoss twins, said in a blog post that the new product would be named Gemini Earn, and would be made available initially to “select Gemini customers,” with a full rollout “to all Gemini customers in the United States by early February.”The exchange added that no minimum balance limits would be imposed, with no fees for transfer in or out of accounts. And the firm added that it would be making Gemini Earn available for all 26 of the cryptoassets in currently supports, with support also “coming soon” for its USD-pegged stablecoin, the Gemini dollar (GUSD). Per a CNBC report last month, the national average for interest rates in American banks is a paltry 0.05% APR. The move follows the debut of an offering from a rival American crypto player, the lending firm BlockFi, which offers its customers rates of up to 8.6% APY on their crypto deposits. However, unlike the BlockFi offering, Gemini’s Gemini Earn will also operate in New York. In another report, CNBC opined that the Gemini move “signals a larger move into banking from Gemini and other crypto companies, which are looking to develop more ways to lure in the uninitiated.”Meanwhile, Bloomberg reported that Michael Moro, the chief executive officer at Genesis Global Capital, claimed that the demand for borrowing bitcoin (BTC) and other tokens was “surging” as institutional investors “pile into the market.”As reported, Genesis said that its lending business added over USD 7.6bn in new originations in the last quarter of 2020: "This marked our largest quarter to date, up from USD 5.2bn of new originations in Q3, which had been our largest quarter at that time."___Learn more: How Do Coinbase Loans Compare to Other Offers in the Market? DeFi Unlocked: How to Earn Interest Lending Crypto using AaveThe Brave New World of Generating Yield Returns from Crypto LendingA GameStop Movie Is Coming – and the Winklevoss Are Going to Produce it

All data is taken from the source: http://cryptonews.com

Article Link: https://cryptonews.com/news/the-winklevoss-test-new-way-to-earn-more-clients-for-gemini-9101.htm

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Winklevoss gemini

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Winklevii Twins, Cameron Winklevoss & Tyler Winklevoss on Bitcoin's Future & Gemini Exchange

1 822 views | 18 Dec. 2020

Cameron & Tyler

Cameron & Tyler Winklevoss on Bitcoin's Future & Gemini Exchange | Rebellion Research



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David Gold

Very cool interview!


Youtube channels got hacked and this is what is playing

Winklevoss gemini

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Cameron & Tyler Winklevoss Interview - Gemini, Bitcoin, JP Morgan, ETH 2.0, Facebook Libra & More!

8 527 views | 18 May. 2020


https://twitter.com/winklevoss & https://twitter.com/tylerwinklevoss

Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss are the founders of the Gemini Crypto Exchange. Gemini is aiming to become a fully compliant and secure crypto platform and will be expanding into Europe soon.

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Must Watch Videos!

- Interview with CZ Binance CEO - https://youtu.be/mF-iCOlnL_8

- Andreas Antonopoulos Interview - https://youtu.be/8nvXq5m4vM8


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Tony great job as always!
Amazing interview!
When should we expect an interview with Brad Garlinghouse?


Looking good Tony! Keep grinding ?

Tim D

Hey, cant deny their success in being in the right things at the right time, but wow do they comes across as not having much insight or expertise to offer on pretty much anything... Well done for bagging them tho Tony, keep up the good work.


Great interview, Tony.


Why did they hack Sebees account bruh

Eve Leland

Congratulations, I really love watching your channel grow. Awesomeness


awesome video Tony , thank you !

J Hendrickx

Good job Tony?

william whitmore

When is Gemini coming to Canada

Mark L



Great interview as always. A bit disappointed that there were no XRP questions asked!!

Lawrence Abramoff

Proud to be a channel member Tony! Awesome work to be getting so many billionaires on your channel. Getting people of that calibre means you're doing something right


I can't believe you got this! So sick! Congrats as always.

Gustavo Fring

Can you get Charles Hoskinson Tony. Keep up the good work ?

Da Mo

Finally got around to watching this just now. Great interview Tony as usual and 2 great guests. I wish you had pushed a little more though when discussing XRP as to if they would list it should the SEC rule it not a security. Keep the great content coming.

Hanel Rongcal

Hi Tony, just to let you know I think another channel is replaying this video without your permission. The channel is Tran MaicoUSA.

Crypto elf

please tell me you brought up tezos

Momo Jarwan

Buddy you have outdone yourself. You've had a string of interviews with notable characters in the space bringing a wealth of knowledge. Keep up the good work.

At first you had my curiousity but now you have my undivided attention :D

Syed Ali

Great interview Tony!

Kevin Rosenthal

? video gonna go watch “social network now” LOL


Great interview but I waited all week for the XRP question. Disappointed about that.

jomu sojan

I love your interviews Tony!

Rob Licker

My feelings with The twins and XRP it’s simply politics. Ripple hired Ben Lawsky to be on their BOD, the Architect of the NY BitLicense, which has hindered crypto adoption to this day.

ricardo jeanphilippe

Great interview Tony.

Paul Bogo

They just got to get over the hate for xrp just lost it

Craig Heaton

Nice one Tony lad ????

Mr Jeff

Great job, Tony! Thanks for asking about XRP!

Anthony Howard

Great Interview Tony!

Eddie Lance

Good job! You should interview Ben Mezrich.

Keith Taubin

Dude... great interview... awesome!!!


When you talk about POS, the first thing comes in mind is just TEZOS.. eventually all POW and pre mined coins will loss value over time.. it’s just the matter of another few more years..
we are moving towards green energy and clean environment so POW has no future for businesses and disrupting global warming.
so teZos and iota moving on that direction to help the society and the whole world..

Jim Fritz

Great interview Tony, very professional. Just curious as to why you didn’t dig one question deeper about XRP’s use case and get them to talk more about XRP and not ZCash...

Fo' Sho' it's PeteR O'

Deep. Fake.


Another OUTSTANDING super interesting interview - how do you get all the top Crypto people to speak to you ??- well done.

Nik E.

Think is not supported in Germany

The Bitcoin Express

Great interview, and kudos for letting them speak instead of cutting them off like many other interviewers haha ?


I didn't like their response to your question of listing XRP & VET but I enjoyed the interview over all.. You are grinding!!! Great work Tony!!!???


Nice interview. The twins are right about staking with ETH and XTZ and receiving 5 - 6% returns is pretty powerful when a traditional bank might give you 1%... Buying BTC, ETH and XTZ seems like a pretty good bet.

Bitcoin Jedi

At what point in the video does he ask about XRP / Ripple?


LOL - yes I DID think Gemini was institutional only. LOL its not - straight out of the horses mouth. Yes please Bros - get UK£ GBP on Gemini

Fo' Sho' it's PeteR O'

This quite literally put me to sleep

Alpha 100

Great interview ! If you need a customer support in Spanish and French it would be a pleasure to help ! Thanks

Michael Mcbride

Great content


Great job ?

Marco Z

Very telling that they noted they were “long Tezos”, along with Bitcoin and Etherium! That was a gem ??


Man is a multi-billionaire and still doesn't use Airpods... Crazy...

Eve Leland

The have a pretty prominent upspeak (I know some call it uptalk) accent, that accent where their sentences end on an upwards inflection. I love the interview but I can't stop noticing that


Son hackers


2 scammers

Garry Barnett

They completely danced around the XRP listing! Honestly.

Attila Ozkan

Dear Winklevoss brothers,
Could you please speed up you gemini transactions ???
it takes so much time..it is almost a waste of time on Gemini web site !!!

Super Roo

Great score Tony! Very insightful, I got a lot from this :)

Steven 007

Props on all the interview's with high profile people in the cryptosphere. This my very 1st comment since YouTube was created in 2005. Thanks you for what you're doing for the crpyto community. Keep it up?, good stuff.

Joe DeWees

This video was awesome! ???

Jon Roller

You da man ty

marvin king

Skybit Token Sale : @t

Mark Rees

Any money in banks is no longer 'your' money. You simply become another creditor that can be stopped from spending what you thought was your money. We are all subject to a possible 'bank in' if a bank collapses under its own mismanagement. The right to opt-out of that system is akin to the right to bear arms. This keeps the government honest and people sovereign if absolutely necessary. Carrying your own money even in cash is a similar right and protection against a system. Yet they work to abandon cash or restrict one's use of it. Carrying your own crypto in a hard wallet is similar - the right to be sovereign and own their own funds is vital. It will be the only way to be sovereign from being an unwilling creditor. Direct deposits - are just a forced way to lend the banking system money. The option to carry and self-host your own wallet must be defended as strongly as the right to bear arms. We need a crypto equivalent to protect that right was the NRA is for gun ownership. We must do this before it's too late. There is power in numbers. The industry quickly needs to establish the NWA - National Wallet Association.

Denisse Anabel

great vid, Currently for bitcoin, Entry level at this point doesn't matter. Whether you buy at 8k or 9k will make very little difference when bitcoin pumps in the coming weeks or so. It's when you SELL that counts. That's why I'm not stressing, ..My only advice for investors and newbies is to take advantage of Morris Pierce trading strategy, he's a pro trader who’s helping investors multiply more bitcoin through his effective trade signals, and with his strategy, I went from just holding to trading daily and making 1.8 Btc every week since I reached out to him. If interested, reach him on Telergram (@Morrispierce) for his expert guidance in trading profitably.

Felix Reyes

Great interview Tony!


Imma watch the social network now. Cya later.


Ask them why no XRP?? Asking for the Army ??

Blue Collar Designer

Great interview but the Winklevii are an absolute snooze fest. Also, i wanted to see if you were gangster enough to ask about XRP. Your 'G' status is verified.


Those twins look so funny

Carter Jones

The rich stay rich by spending like the poor and investing with the aim of making more profits then the poor stay poor by spending like the rich yet not investing like the rich

Viewers Delight XRP !!

Awesome job Tony!!
NEVER is the worst time to buy ???!!

David Hernandez

The Winklevoss Bros's should promote & push the bitcoin currency on a regular basis, on YT show for the electric currency itself & also quite possibly future investors in crypto.

Giselle Behrens

Awesome interview! So much helpful information and insights. Thanks for this!!

Eugene Hausenfus

I think history is going to treat these guys very well.


This was wonderful. Thank you

Gene Rand

Great interview!

The Real BG123 TV - Millionaires of the NWO

We all know why you boys aren't listing XRP yet..


XRP is not a security

Surf Daze

I'm disappointed they gave vague xrp answer, and instead of using xrp to explain there position they used a zcash...!?!... really? So xrp has no use case, no good management? I hope you realize no one fell for your dodge. If you have nothing to hide, and are not under an NDA....just answer the question about xrp. There's nothing more suspicious than dodging a legitimate question about your business model. I hoped you'd give my friends and I a reason to consider your company, but at least I'm professional enough to let you know why we won't use your services. We'll stick with binance.

levi danchou

Yo vine por lo del fedewolf .______.


I’m 26 minutes into this video and you didn’t defend XRP not being a security and you haven’t even brought up the mining feature of bitcoin. You really just let them sell people on their bias ownership of btc. Wait it’s now 29 minutes in and you said China. I wish you asked when will they settler their btc on the XRP ledger? ?

Future Boi

When do you list XRP

Rocky Rosario

I use Gemini, but it doesn't have limit orders just market orders. Not sure why.

Thomas Williams

November 28th, 2012 Bitcoin mining block reward cut from 50 - 25 , July 9th , 2016 25 - 12.5, May 11th, 2020 most recent block reward cut 12.5 - 6.25. For anyone who is interested.

David Hernandez

C.&T. has to the face the bitcoin electric-currency like that you guys could ease the negative & suspicious attitude that from WarrenBuffet,
JPMorgan Pres. Jamie Dimon & also Microsoft's BillGates have expressed. Even your nemesis, Founder, Facebook MarkZuckerberg tried to install a bitcoin on Facebook he couldn't & had to yield because of the negative constellation that the currency has. Just throwing it out
there, twice or few-occasions you should feature a YT show from how the overall value & of course featuring like you have said the different platforms, of Gemini topics like that. Gotta stand-up & represent W.V.Bros!

Crypto Culture

Powerful interview bro!!!!


They think XRP is a security first off it sounds like, and then them saying we look at the team behind it means possibly Ripple has either passed or failed their standards. Very interesting but Coinbase and Binance obviously support XRP but maybe because they are licensed to trade potential securities?

David Hernandez

Att: Winklevoss Bros should be the face & monitors of the electrical-currency, okay stay & safety1st. guys.

Belinda Stiging

Can't u please create another FB

Uve Urban

Man Tony you are the best, thanks for your hard work!!!