Pump and dump urban dictionary

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What is A Blatant Pump and Dump?

8 258 views | 14 Jun. 2019

To the uneducated trader,

To the uneducated trader, pump and dumps can be a nightmare! A stock can be hyped to entice traders to buy because insiders want the price to go up. They do this purposely JUST so they can sell. Welcome to your classic pump and dump. Here’s what you should know...

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Welcome to Tweets with Tim. We'll review some tweets where I get a lot of questions.

Recently, people got upset when I called a certain stock a blatant pump. But how are its longs?


So, why was it considered a pump? Because there were mass emails hyping this stock.

It doesn’t matter how good or bad the company or product is. When emails are sent out en masse to advertise that a company has something ‘great,’ it’s essentially just to advertise the stock. Somebody’s paying for those emails to go out.

And what happens after a stock is pumped? It gets dumped.

Whoever’s paying to promote the stock isn’t investing in the product. They're not investing in the company either. They just care about the stock price going up.

Why? Because when the stock goes up they can sell. That's how pumps work.

You need to study the past. Learn to respect history. Avoid losing like most traders do because you fail to prepare.

Too many traders get suckered into these pumps. They fall for them and then go down with the ship when they drop in a matter of days. And for newbies, it can be very confusing.

How did I know that this stock was gonna drop so big?

Experience. I've been trading for over 20 years and teaching for over a decade. I've seen thousands of pumps. That’s why I teach everything openly. I want to offer you the help I didn’t have when I got started.

Utilize it!

How much do you love Tweets with Tim? How has this topic helped you and what other areas would you like me to cover? Leave me a comment below so I know!

#TimothySykes #Pennystocks #Investing


Hey, it’s Tim Sykes, millionaire mentor and trader. Thank you for watching my videos. I hope that they help you. I want to share everything that I've learned over the years. You can check out more videos right over there, and also click ‘subscribe’ so that you can watch all of these videos, get that knowledge and become my next millionaire student.*

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Falcon Fuel

Maybe having a Fremont-built S or X will actually be a future selling point for collectors in the future...


Really enjoying your 30 day boot camp video and all of your other products. I just wish I’d heard about you earlier. Thanks!

Trey'Quan Faulkner

The Tesla Model Y has an emergency release handle it is in the bottom cubby of the door under the mat then under the little cap that you can remove then it is that white rope cord

Leta Patrick

Yea, you're RIGHT! and the bootcamp---Awesome!

Pink Elephants

FYI - NZ prevention measures are still amongst the strictest in the world. ALL visitors, foreign and domestic, *MUST*, remain in designated COVID-19 hotels for 14 days and test -ve before they're allowed to go about their business.

Alex Winkler

Nothing like riding a pump, just got to take your profits quickly. Stocks or crypto it trades all very similar

Mark Plott

Daerik - S/X production hiatus does not matter, what matters Model 3/Y Deliveries.

Simple Finance

Just wondering Tim, What do you think about Quant Trading? I learned this from Matt Owens, your former student!

Pink Elephants

I was watching something today that mentioned the likelihood of traditional power plants standing a good chance of becoming obsolete as distributed power generation, particularly at a domestic level, become fairly standard; looking at your level of solar production you've been feeding back to the grid, this really reinforces that postulation.

John Andrade

Also watched "How to know when a stock is a pump and dump". I like your teaching style raw, uncut and direct.....Gotta say Im always open to learning new things and learning what is truly behind a pump and dump is a eye opener for me. Right on-Thx....Study, Practice, Execute is words I take to heart.



Sinister Santa

How can you tell when promo emails are being sent?

Kk Al

Musk is moving to Texas to escape paying capital gains taxes. He doesn't have enough $$ ?total douchebag move.

chris botsis

Hey tim where is my video on supernova i paid for I"ve been following you for a long time please dont tell me your a scam i want my video i paid for


Will Tesla ever support Apple Car Play or Android Auto


I love the new set. Slight echo.


Hi everyone

Patrick Aryee

Thanks for your videos.
Can you please shed light on how to set up a screener.

Zoltán Kárpát

1:30:00 You can temporarily replace Cybertruck door window/glass with plexiglass, as it's just a straight piece of "Tesla armor glass".

Game tusty:sid J


Christina V

So crushing on these two (I also love my 3 & X) ! ??

Vasco Rodrigues

hi Tim,

how can we sort the pump and dump that we can or not operate ?

What is the best way to identify or the best Criteria to identify Bad Pump from a good one ?

The Gamer Roblox

I like the model x and my dad got fired

Karanveer Singh

Can I hold a stock for 10 days for swing trading for short. Please answer me anyone


Someone needs to tell Erik the battery is a 4680 and not a 4860?

David Smith

Thanks Tim I was wonder how you would know when it's a pump and dump. :-)

Chelsie Stinson

With solar referrals dont you get credit for Tesla merchandise? Be a good way to get those clothes.

RedBraised Jun

Hey Tim i really enjoy what you do thanks for teaching and keep going at it !

Abraham Hatch

Maybe the s and x line are being renovated so it can do plaid changes to the line because that's coming next year

Ad Honorem

Cristal clear...

Trey'Quan Faulkner

Tesla needs to make bigger SUVs like a Expedition or a Suburban

sting sting

where did you see the emails being sent for the BRKK promotion?


My guess is Elon is Following suit of Many Successful People, and Exiting CommieFornia, and Taking their Businesses and willing Employees with them.

Christine Gayle

I am a 30 Day Boot Camp student working my way through the program so that I get things right this time when I start trading again. I have been diligently watching your videos and absorbing things like a sponge. So would you say that DECN was a definite example of a blatant "Pump and Dump"? Just trying to clarify things in my own mind and watching out for these so that I know the correct way to play them in the future. Thanks for all you do!


I got a 2021 Long Range and the "Fahrzeugpapiere" say 82kwh

Sam Tringali

Great video Tim. I recently found you. Perhaps in a video advertisement and I’m hooked! I’m signed up to your Sunday stock list and subscribed to your YouTube channel
Anxious and ready to learn.

The Gamer Roblox

From work

Rick Harold



Thanks again for the boot camp, I can't say it enough how much this information helps!

Ian Rosas

Tim thanks for being a PI pump informer!!! Haha

Derek Dirks

I use that "wrong emphasis on the wrong syllable" quote all the time!

Great video!


Good stuff tim good stuff

Peak Oz

Most Biotech Stocks are legal Pumps and dumbs


Is this why I lost money in Wubistics?

Richard Arce Ortiz


Daniel Ellersdorfer

In the 30 Day Bootcamp. Learning, learning, learning!

Ray Flowers

Tim, keep doing what you do dude! I’m sooo new at this but I learn more from you then all these other boneheads out there claiming they will make you rich.

Biz Talk Mike

He is totally correct!!

Robert Osiobe

Tim Sykes one of the realliest poeple in this game. Tells it as it is.


Thanks for this Tim Sykes!!!


3:11 ... This is why we love Tim! hahahaha. Transparent.

Jeanpaul Towers

Yes i like it!

Chris Barber

What's best trading sites/platforms to use.

daniel marks

Thanks so much Tim I am learning a ton. I really want to start trading but I am going to stick to your advice and STUDY more haha. Thanks again ?


100th, suckers


If I could duck tape your hands down.

Nancy Chapman

Thanks Tim for the video, so glad that I chose you as my trainer

alex mazal- nirexpress123

You deserv evry subscriber, evry peny you get paid, evry like on youtube FB profit.ly. keep act as u r !????????

Razor Karanja

I've been waiting for this video.


Thank you Tim for teaching and Keep doing it :)


Where do you find these mass emails?



Jude Sanchez

Thank you for all your teachings. For those that can't see you're trying to help, or don't want to see...it's their LOSS. They should see that you actually care and pour your heart out in hopes that a select few will take the treasure of knowledge that you have to give. Thanks for everything that you do Tim. Your 30 Day Bootcamp is amazing! Thanks!


thanks tim and don't believe in the story key is price action and being p.r.e.p.a.r.e.d

Justin Parish-Jackson

staying away from the pump and dump!

Anton Deta

Pump n dump. This is college term

Tu Ly

You need to shave dude!

Matt A

YESSS! Always love the lessons Tim

Joe Stewart

You're a great teacher. Thanks.

Aaron Mizell

thanks for sharing

sharp knife

yes i like it

Garrett Shook

I love your french lmfao.
Gotta keep it non-fictional.

Do you own anything in BTG? (B2G)

Walter el Aventurero

Nice ??

Eric Poole

Thanks for throwing the life preserver. Nobody wants to go down with a sinking ship.

Da Ra

What kind of email are you talking about?

Jose Lopez



In 13 now and I wanna trade in a few.years

S Rod

I love the sweater. Send me a link to the brand. Love its logo. But I’ll be joining your monthly subscription $175 next week. Getting back into it and doing it full time this time with no crazy wife(now my ex) haha. ???

Timothy Sykes

What are pumps you’ve traded? What other topics do you want me to cover?

Rick Salin

So if we are wise to upcoming pump, can't we ride the pump wave as well or do you see an ethical issue behind that?


thank you for getting rid of that loud ass intro music that scares the shit out of me every time

Pranay Shetty

Start to the point. Pump ND
Dump!! Good video sir.

Busy B



damn... that intro was legit

Pump and dump urban dictionary

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Rebecca - lass uns einander kennenlernen

0:30 seltsam

Pump and dump urban dictionary

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The Most Valid Definition of "Pump & Dump" | ARC's Books Contributed to Men's Disdain for Marriage??

15 969 views | 4 Mar. 2020

Welcome to the official

Welcome to the official YouTube Channel for Author, Public Speaker, and Professional Dating Coach Alan Roger Currie

Patreon Supporters Page: https://www.patreon.com/modeone

PayPal Donations: https://www.paypal.me/ModeOnePublishing

eBooks: http://www.directapproachdating.com/books/

paperbacks: https://www.amazon.com/Alan-Roger-Currie/e/B002BLQ9Q0/

audiobooks: http://bit.ly/AudibleARCsearch

Main website (for men): http://www.directapproachdating.com

Main website (for women & couples): http://www.modeone.net/training/

Coaching: http://www.directapproachdating.com/coaching/

Wikipedia.org page: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alan_Roger_Currie

Alan Roger Currie - Best Dating Coach for Men on YouTube: https://www.pr.com/press-release/750684

Archived BlogTalkRadio audio podcasts: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/upfront-straightforward-with-alan-roger-currie/id268827929?mt=2

#ARC #ModeOne #PumpingAndDumpingWomen


You’ve never once promoted pumping and dumping to my knowledge. What books are these guys reading? Lol

bro ray

ARC how I can I see your debate with ramil amyr

GT Playboy

Happy belated birthday Alan!


Happy birthday ARC ???


ARC , great video , you need to also get "insert dog face here " trademarked

James Gilmore

Good Podcast

Adrienne Muhammad

29:41 Meh LOL

Adrienne Muhammad

8:22 Meh.LOL

Khefer Akhemu El

Am I the only one rapping to the intro beat? Lol.

Lone Star

Happy Birthday ARC. You out here living the dream (In my opinion). I pray that 2020 is a fruitful year for you, and those that follow you.

A. T.

Happy belated birthday ARC! Hope you enjoyed your day.

Getcartervision / Calvin Carter

That's that jawline nigga music at the beginning. ?

Med Mogul

Happy birthday have many more brother

Reggie Lee

11:52 is red pill AF!!! I used the exact line " that's not my problem" and it felt great.


@ARC: Happy belated b-day OG. Blessings to you,& your fiancé! ✊✊✊

Edwin El Enemy De Los Anunaki

No Homo,I love YOU.You're the TRUTH.SUPA'!THANKS!

j madsen

Happy birthday,ARC!!!

Lamar Azmoe

Made me laugh so hard with mode one-hardcore! ???

Antonio Keyes

Happy birthday, big bro! Hope you had lots of fun, man. Congrats on your engagement, btw.

Taoken Hanma

" my one book that focuses heavily on short-term casual sex is my online ebook mode one hardcore"
Me: now I know exactly which book to buy first LOL wasn't sure which one to get, but now you're speaking my language got to be honest

Márk Kaposvári

are you still in touch with David? you two seemed to really click back in London. I'd love to see a joint vlog of the two of you some day. in my eyes you'll always be the twin towers of game: teaching men NOT to play games. but simply embody their truth. and become winners in the game of life. it's good to see you thriving at an age when others start declining. best wishes to you form Hungary!

Freshtonesoul Frank Franklin

5:19 ARC u earned my respect after you squashed your beef with solotv84 last night on his channel that was cool as hell also I saw you on reg the bad guy channel that was good stuff

Tim Satov

I dont understand how these men think that you fucked it up for them. All you did was put them up on the game. Let them know the dangers of reality and how the world and people behave. So that now they can make the proper decisions and look for red flags. Being suspicious and carefull is part of life and the game. If you dont want to account the possibilities and see the signs, then you got no one but yourself to blame when you get burned. A lot of them are just lazy about taking this part of life seriously. Also it shows how they are looking to you to make things right instead of taking things into their own hands like they HAVE to. It's an unfortunate and real part of our reality and existence just everything else.

Cigney g

Sound like Steve the dean william being the house husband


Happy birthday big bro and a happy belated birthday to the future Mrs. Curry,

Renard Waboo

Happy belated birthday!

Jacques Retro

Happy B day


Usually, when you find that special person it’s during the times you weren’t even looking. The mic drop is right on point.


ARC, Happy Belated Birthday


Hey mr currie i wanted to know your point in n the travis smiley verdict ? , which you probably are gonna make in your next video anyway


Happy belated birthday. I didn't even pay attention to the birthday part (I should have). I think you also said your woman's birthday is also today Happy birthday to her too.

Sean McDougall

Alan in your opinion what percentage of women are duplicitous? We break down men but not women in terms of the amount or percentage that are not genuine

Prince LJ

Happy Birthday Uncle Alan Roger Currie! Thank you for all the work you've done & continue to do. Working soon to meet you in-person & getting training from you.

Mad Scientist

Happy birthday Allen! Never let the opposition redefine terms! Have you thought about how MODE ONE can be applied to a marriage? Once again Happy birthday ARC!

Deep's Voice

Happy birthday Alan!


Happy birthday, dude! May your year be as awesome, and even more so than the last with your marriage and baby coming!


Even I felt it when you turned it around on the last comment lol what a great come back!

Jameel Edwards

I can honestly say I haven't read, watched or listened to anywhere near everything you've produced but god blessed me with common sense (which I admit I haven't used at times in my life) and after hearing you just explain to those who can't use critical thinking and surmise that their were reasons why you didn't settle down or marry. One of which was because you were having some of the best times of your life sexually!! A lot of us are still having trust issues with women and are still dealing with the hurt and view women as untrustworthy, lying, manipulative cheaters and just prefer to disconnect from our emotions to prevent future hurt. After reading some of your material (not nearly enough though) we see the picture of who all women really are and we have to adapt accordingly and use what we've learned. If we don't, we will continue to bang our heads against the wall in frustration and be bitter, broken and incapable of being better men and treat all women as the enemy!! From a mental and personal growth stand point it is counterproductive, self-destructive and can lead to some serious mental issues behind our inability to understand what's going on and how we just can't seem to win no matter what we do. It's emotionally, physically and mentally draining!! It all boils down to men being taught incorrectly growing up a matriarchal home and in some instances not being taught at all on how to deal with women and having to learn on the fly and/or what we saw on the T.V.!! Learning the feminine nature of women is complex, so it's a wonderful thing and a blessing that a brother like you shared what he knows with us who don't!! #Forevergrateful #ARCSOVEREIGN

Mr Mapp

Happy belated birthday ARC, hopefully you enjoyed your birthday

Getcartervision / Calvin Carter

Contract work sometimes does the job, but having a fulltime employee (wife or girlfriend) to always be there is better usually for long term relationships.

Luis W

ARC first happy belated birthday brother. This was a great video at best you cleared up a lot of definition what guys think of the pump & dump meaning ?. Your content is always ? much respect for your work you put out here. Side note it took me 20 yrs to find my miss right too but it's all good bro.

Teddy B Midwest Sports Talk

I remember those blog talk episodes lol especially Sophia. Hilarious times.


Hey Alan, do you have a link to the livestream you discuss at the start of your video involving Ramil?

Jameel Edwards

Damn Mr. Currie, please excuse me for missing your birthday yesterday!! Happy belated birthday and many well wishes and blessings to you and your fiance!! Respect!!

Aleks Hitch

Those dog's faces and the end are incredible! I just subscribed to this channel and it made me realize a lot of things.
Last year I had a friend of mine. She was attractive to me and one day I decided to let her know that I honestly want to exchange orgams with her. She was reluctant in accepting my proposal but after a week or two she told me that she was attracted to me and wanted to have some episodes of casual sex. But after some days she started asking for more attention like sending messages on a regular basis. I had no problem with that so I tried to pay more attention in our relationship of "fuckbuddies"
Then, I told her what exactly she wanted from me so she confessed me she wanted me as a serious boyfriend. I told her I wasn't prepared to a serious long relationship yet.
But I told her I was not totally reluctant to start a relationship with her but she had to give me more time. Finally She stop talking to me and even didn't respond my messages .
Have I been not totally honest with her in regards of she could become my next girlfriend ? Did I lie her when I told her I needed some time to see her as future girlfriend? But deep down I wasn't sure ??
Thanks .. and sorry for my English I am not a native speaker
Greetings! !!

Dj Cuda


Alpha Interactions

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROGER. Keep dropping these gems. Irish Redpill Coach.

Robert Rosca

Last 10 minutes are Gold
That's why you are the true OG in my opinion

Reigning Womban

Hey ARC! The WALL and I coming thru to say HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!! Also CONGRATULATIONS ? on your engagement and baby on the way!!!!

Lastly, I understand your explanations of the modes and appreciate the truth in them. Have a great day!!!

David Murphy

Happy Belated Birthday Big Bruh!!


Once again, happy belated birthday unc Alan. I am keeping you and your fiancee in my prayers.

Like you said, engaging in casual sex with women isn't pumping and dumping unless the guy wasn't upfront and straightforward with his intentions towards them from the get-go due to verbal cowardness.

I absolutely co-sign with you on doing a self-assessment before looking out for quality women. Because, you have look at yourself in the mirror and ask if you are truly a quality men. A quality men attracts a quality women.

Even though, I am still in my early 20s, I am working on personally developing myself after gaining wisdom and knowledge from you mainly and other mentors in my life. It's been an uphill battle but, I know deep down I will experience sexual and dating success in the coming years after learning from you into practice. The work ethic is important.



The whole “pumping and dumping” movement or narrative on YouTube is a proactive tactic by men with fragile egos trying to save themselves from a broken heart. The reality of it is most dudes don’t have what it takes to consistently “pump” women to begin with.


Happy Birthday!


Happy Belated Birthday Alan!

Reggie Lee

24:00 My Complism is you're books have influence but the level of wide spread red pill knowledge is mostly the blame if the internet. You're a baaaad man (Stephen A. Smith voice). But that guy is over exaggerating.


Damn u got some fools out here. Maybe it gets their rocks off just to say ignorant shit against ur mastery. Happy birthday again brotha. Hope it was a great 1.

Craig Thomahawk

Happy Belated Birthday Alan. You gave me the ability to talk women out of their pants with little to no effore required. Look out for the donation.

Naimah Buckner

This is why we luv you Uncle Alan you are Real Raw and Honest ??????????

Kirk Kirk

While I detest the idea of marriage because I don’t trust these broads at all I would like to wish you and your fiancée the best for your relationship as well as wishing good health for you, your fiancée and your child as well during this pregnancy.

Larry Rice jr

#PiscesSeason Happy birthday ARC, mine was on the 4th.


Love that intro, smooth just like you brother!

Getcartervision / Calvin Carter

Happy birthday to you and yours unc

Marcus Lee

Happy birthday. You are a blessing to many. Keep spreading that wisdom


Happy belated! ?


You’re dealing with people who never read your books...smh