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491偏遠地區州擔保系列 - TAS 塔斯馬尼亞篇章

1 187 views | 13 Jan. 2020







歡迎訂閱我們頻道 ?


想要瞭解更多如何便宜透過網路加強自己的語言能力 ?


如何加強 PTE Academic level,歡迎到我們合作PTE網路學習平台 ?






購買冷錢包 ?



Email: [email protected]





#澳洲移民 #491 #偏遠地區 #州擔保 #TAS #塔斯馬尼亞

wu Ann


Stephen Leung

在申請491/190的時候,有英國護照的話,需要考Ielts/pte 嗎?


您好,请问申请Tasmania移民的条件是必须要家人也要居住在那边吗? 如果只有我一个人在那边读完本科再就业,家人在国内,这样的话是不是就不可以申请移民了呢?

David Lee


Samson Lam



请问过去读civil engineering硕士,移民稳吗

Catherine Hong


P eekaboowithMM


Stipend 中文

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Learning Chinese: Careers Advice to Consider (IMPORTANT!)

15 005 views | 23 Jul. 2018

I had a number of jobs,

I had a number of jobs, before and after I became fluent in Mandarin. In this video, I give my top advice to learners of Chinese. Hopefully you can avoid some of the mistakes that I've made along my career path.

Aaron James

Thank you , this video was very informative ! Appreciated it

Simulation Ryuuko

I study English but I don't have a TOEFL degree and I am not a native speaker. I study electrical engineering too and going to get my diploma in 2021, I just started learning Chinese and I want to get a master in electrical engineering in China and work there. Is it worthy? Is it difficult to find a work in China?

Philipp Hörtnagl

can you do a video, or write me here what are the 3 best learning materials for absolute beginners? I am a language learner myself and I used succesfully the Assimil books for several languages.. do you recommend them?

Nivia Maria

thank u, thats very helpful :)

trainbless - dennissmd

thank you so much for this video. It really brought me back to earth after learning chinese for 1,5 years. I will combine it with my job as Software Engineer. Hope that works out :) Keep it up with your videos they are great. Are you still in the foreign and security policy team?

Alina N

Wonderful video and advice ! It's been just a year of studying Chinese for me ,but this video made my perspectives more clear :) Especially in regards of trying to obtain master's degree at the end . I'm Ukrainian and I've got my first bachelor degree in English philology,and oh boy . ...wish I invested those 4 years in something else. My best results came from lots and lots of comprehensive input and personal communication rather then from spending time in classroom )

Ronald Pilime

Thanks for the info it’s very helpful. I just graduated from a Chinese university I was studying a degree in Chinese Language. I should find a masters program to beef up my CV

James Lang

Great advice much appreciated.

Noa Kim

Thank you for video , I'm from Turkey. I am a junior language student(eng) as a high-schooler. I don't have any plan about my career. Just studying and trying to find a goal to reach. And i found your channel while i was willing to get inspired.I also study Korean, Japanese and Chinese languages by myself. And i decided to learn chinese a month ago . So ,It's been a month since i started to study. I am learning up a storm .

Harmonium Sumant

Extremely helpful video!! Thanks a lot... I've been learning Chinese for less than a year now and I just appeared for HSK3. I can so far relate a lot with your career history and wish to become a Chinese Language Expert like you one day. Keep blessing!?

Víctor Briceño

Wow, my story is very similar as yours talking about the ages Ive started at 24 now Im 27 probably graduate at my 30s maybe later with the covid situation( if i Can return my Uni in China...) anyways, your advice is very USEFUL however i would like to know more ways to study the one - two year courses you mentioned in the video without abandond my degree in Chinese Language. Thanks!


Wow, the first part of this sounds like my life...


Yes! I'm so glad to find you are making more videos! No other channel has such specifically helpful advice, they all seem to be general guides to basic phrases instead of what tools you should be learning. Just hit a roadblock of what I think I can learn with just practicing vocabulary lists and app use, your video recommending Tony Buzan I think is really helpful! Thanks again :)

Iustina Balan

What do you mean by HSK10? I thought HSK6 is the highest level

Dan Hammie

Thanks for this video it's great! do you give private lessons? Keep up the good work, very inspiring??


I was 30 when I returned to school, finish my undergrad and entered Med School at 33. ?. BUT, I had been an RN/paramedic since age 22, and also had a Vet Tech/Zoo tech certification, with tons of medical experience and a great group of doctors and professors beside me; I was nominated for a unique accelerated program. Considering I was also a single-mom with 3 young children going through a very difficult, often violent divorce...I was VERY lucky to have the help I did. It’s also why just 5 years after finishing school, when I was thrown from a new horse I had just purchased; I sank into a very deep depression for the first 2 years. I also lost everything, including my 2nd marriage, after almost $400K in medical bills, I lost all my savings, home and retirement, (my insurance just decided they would deny paying all my bills-something made illegal just 2 years later with the ACA/“Obamacare”; but now legal once again in some states ?), and worst of all my children. Their father decided to take them overseas to a country that doesn’t allow extradition..and I didn’t see them for almost 4 years. It nearly killed me; literally. Anyways, that now seems like a lifetime ago, and I’ve had to reinvent myself several times since.
Now, at 60, my wonderful youngest child, my Son, (29), has talked me into yet another journey. While I hate what my kids had to go through those years, (the drugs finally took their toll on their father and it’s been 8 years since he OD’d); they DID have some bright spots. The fact that they’ve had their own experiences in other countries-something that, unfortunately, far too many Americans either chose not to do, or can’t afford to; has been a HUGE advantage for them. I had taken them to a few places when they were very young, but many of the people they met in their teens, are very close friends...including my Sons chinese friends. His father had basically “dumped” him in Guam in his senior year in high school-drained his bank account and left him homeless at 17. (He’d found out that we’d found him and my brothers friends in the Navy were preparing to arrest him). My son stayed with friends, finished with Honors and got a full scholarship to the university there. He was chosen to be a school Ambassador and counselor to Chinese students, and ended up going to China with them numerous times.
Yes, I know our story is crazy, but all 3 kids are now doing great, my younger daughter followed in my footsteps (at a younger age and sans kids or husband ?. She’s a smart girl ?); my eldest works in commercial real estate, professional modeling and her passion, Music, singing, songwriting and performing. I’m mainly writing, currently...specifically about the flood of false, negative propaganda about China...and, as usual, ruffling some nasty feathers in the process. In other words, I’m REALLY having fun! I guess many think my concept of “fun” is strange; but after everything we’ve been through, I’ve become a stickler for FACTS...something many seem to have issues with these days. I joke with my kids that I think we’ve been invaded by insane aliens who have taken over the minds and souls of millions of my fellow Americans. I’ve never seen anything like it.
But, that’s enough political stuff, this old lady needs to get ready for yoga therapy. Then, I have GOT to finish an article I’m writing, that some of my friends are promising to get published on some major websites. To get me amped up, I think I’ll either wear my shirt from Nathan, (Rich), “Yes I Love China; Get Over It”..or a shirt one of my sons friends sent me last week “I Don’t Need Therapy; I Just Need A Ticket To China”-in English on the front, Chinese on the back-with a map of China. ? They’ve certainly sparked some interesting conversations... ?❤️??☮️

Danny Rwagamba

Thank you a lot for the precious advice .

Ramdy Salimbacod

i needed to hear this, thank you. and this doesnt just apply to chinese, it applies to all languages as well that we are learning, so its very useful to hear this. i was thinking of just getting a degree in russian or spanish, but its probaly a good thing that i watched this before doing that, so now i can do it the right away. cheers

Kamran Khan


ogochukwu Catherine

Thank very much for being very Real in this Video!... I just realized sooo much. Thank you Thank you.... Now i will bolding finish my Bsc. In Insurance and keep doing the chinese as a vocation!

Levi Golding

Cool man. Great info。

md faisal

How is learning Chinese language for me, if know Hindi, Urdu and English

Ling Ling

I’m 16 and I’m honestly really glad I’m learning chinese seriously. I think this is going to benefit me so much in the future

Randall's Terminal

The advice I always hear is "go out and talk to the people" but when I do they don't understand me about %50 of the time (the tone thing). It does help improve my vocabulary but its a slow process if you are trying to learn thousands of words and characters. So lately my 'immersion' is writing words and characters, listening and especially reading everything when I go out in the street. This has really helped because seeing signs and adverts is a constant reminder of the characters and words I've already learned. Another problem I've encountered is that us foreigners need to learn how to do things like bank and post transactions as well as buying and setting up phones, internet services, alipay, going to the visa office and acquiring a metro card etc...however most lessons still focus on 'nihao and other small talk' -even the intermediate lessons.

Jacob thomas aquinas

My motivation for learning Chinese is to improve my daily life in China and to help me teach children English especially in private classes.

Bxby Melly

I planning on doing a applied linguistics and chinese language/culture as my first major. However, I plan on doing cyber security as a second major. Do you think studying chinese will leave me with no time complete my other coursework?


Hi thanks for you good videos , is there any way that probably can directly contact with you ?

Wild Owl

Would studying different languages at the same time as you study Chinese be enough? I mean, you could get a French and Chinese/German and Chinese BA and be as prepared for the market place as if you’d studied Economics and Chinese? I don’t really like any other field, just languages, and I think more languages would completely prepare you for the real world. Great video again mate??


Is the light in front your camera? Because I could see the two light spot in your eyes....

Macarena Ud

are you talking about mandarin chinese?

Miracle L. Smith

I'm sorry...Did you say HSK 10?? I've never even heard of that...

Laura Nguyen

You can say that again. When I was in my final year at high school, my mother wanted me to go to the language school, but I declined. As I think language is something that you can learn by yourself, so don't waste 4 years at the university just to learn one language which other people out there can also do that while they are learning economics, technology, etc.

Jade LeC

Echoing other comments I’ve seen, thanks for sharing your story and advice. Don’t comment on YouTube ever but i felt compelled to share. I’ve also found out the hard way when I graduated from my undergrad in the US that speaking foreign languages is not nearly as useful for the current job market as people had made it out to be without coupling it with an additional skill. I went back to school to study a technical degree that got me a good job, and now I can finally afford to study Chinese in my free time. It’s very upsetting to have to give the advice to people not to major in a foreign language alone in school, because it’s such a shame that not everyone’s passion is rewarded equally in the job market, but unfortunately that’s currently where we’re at.

Weiwei Zhang

Hi man! never thought would ever see you AGAIN like this! Little crab and Weiwei (Eva) say hi & hope you still remember us. All the best! Stay safe and healthy!


I am learning just for fun. But i think i could work in the China industrie for like 2-3 years (Chemistry ==> Rubber). Do you know anything about that? :D


I got an honours degree in Graphic Design from the UK and have been teaching English to elementary school kids in Korea and Taiwan for a handful of years. This video has made me think about furthering my knowledge of Chinese and possibly Korean too, combining one of these languages with my knowledge of the Graphic Design or art industry. Hmm and I also passed an Access Course to HE (health) but am going back out to Taiwan to teach English after spending way too much money on college and university courses. I want to study Chinese but unsure what to combine it with?? Boy am I mixed up. I find teaching English to be an extremely satisfying career, however I would very much like to learn more Mandarin and utilise into my working life somehow. Possibly translating at exhibitions for artists, or working in event management, working with international curators? Possibly learning some UX and combining it with Mandarin? It's an important but tough life choice to make. I feel like the answer is staring right in my face but I cannot see it yet.


This is refreshing to hear, knowing you were not gifted in your school life oin terms of language learning, I also got a C in German and am now 21 with a sudden urge to learn Chinese, stange

123 abc

I speak Polish, French, English and Japanese. All at a fluent level. How much money did I make per language:

English 60%
Polish 20%
French 19,9%
Japanese 0,1%

Was learning Japanese worth the effort? Nope. Do any of my friends who are fluent in Japanese make a living through Japanese? Nope.

Philipp Hörtnagl

thanks for sharing this story here!!


Great video. I am about to go to university and I am still am thinking of taking a course there on the side of my degree but I am not sure how much one 2 hour class per week would help, apart from meeting new people with the same frame of mind. I was thinking about going head first with the Chinese but now this video has definitely made me realise you need two strings to your bow. Also, do you have any advice to people wanting to learn other languages? As in, for me I have been studying Chinese for around 1 year but might not be able to get to your level since I also want to learn Japanese and Korean. So would you reckon HSK 6 (or around there) in Chinese and the equivalents in the other languages would be enough to improve my job opportunities or would I need a higher level, combined with a degree in something else? Obviously, I realise this is extremely hard but I am definitely, very motivated. Thanks a lot mate.

Macarena Ud

thanks for this vid

alfonso aqquepucho huisa

thank you for you honest experience!

Tim Romo

HSK 6? or 10? hahaha holy crap that high. HSK 6 is 5000 characters. Good video though I can relate in some way because i'm British and I have lived and worked in china for over 7 year.

Emmy Nayts

Hi..if I learn d Chinese language..so what will be an opportunity for engineering field??

Alexis Cunningham

Great video! It really gave me a lot of insight into the competitiveness of the market place and the usefulness of Chinese Studies alone.
With that being said, I've applied to a British university for a BA (Hons) in Chinese studies which is a four year course. In your opinion do you think it would be worth applying for a 1 year MA course in International Relations after my undergraduate studies in Chinese?

Holly Frad

I am taking Chinese through high school and I’m planning on taking it for all 4 years. I am wanting to learn more languages in the future. Your channel is keeping me motivated to continue learning Chinese.

Korey G

I was planning on going to school to study chinese language. I'm prior military so I think that would help me further with job searches/government internships in the future. Would you still not recommend doing it? I get free school due to the GI Bill and I really want to learn chinese and most schools make us do one or two semesters abroad in our target language. I don't find myself having the discipline to teach it myself. Thanks for any advice.

Stephen Hall

I'm planning to minor in Chinese (language, not studies), and major in a more practical area like marketing. At that point, I'll be going to China either for a masters in Chinese or to self-study Chinese while working in my major in China (I think the language-learning will come at roughly an equal rate).


Fantastic video mate! I'm a Brit who has just just taken HSK6 and am hoping to soon make a move away from teaching English to a business based role. This video was extremely relatable and helpful. You've made some great points that will be very useful to many people in different positions and stages of their China journey. Thanks a lot!

hem kusum

such an honest advice


I can recommend you a great job if you are interested. My friend who used to work for the United nations as a translator makes millions yearly translating Chinese martial arts stories to English speakers. 武侠小说和网文。
Check out this website wuxiaworld.com, which has stories in English and Americans readers willing to pay money to read. It is a big market.

jai Anil

Very good advice , I did same thing mba in international business then learn Chinese...it makes more sense

andrew andkins

hello. i am chinese. could i put an advertisement here? ?i am learning English . anyone wants to be my language exchange partner?

Abdulsalam Fadhel

Extremely helpful! Thank you so much for sharing!

Latifa Elkhatt

I’m 21 , I’m in a college in china ?? now


I'm studying engineering and my goal is to learn Chinese after my degree


Thanks for the video!

We are a little bit in trouble. We are a young family in germany with a baby and under time pressure to find a job for my chinese wife(26y old):
- bachelor double degree in law and economics

- master in economic law(chinese)
- overall outstanding student

- lawyer certificate/permissionn (in china)
- c1 german (she is only in germany since 2 years)

Do you or anybody have a good advice for a suitable job for her in Germany for her?
i would be very thankful for any advice

Michał Musiał

I think it may also depend on your native language. It's obvious that with knowledge of only English or any language with many speakers it will be tough to get a good job. I mean, I am a Polish native speaker. I know people who studied Chinese on university in Poland and were offered well-paid jobs at a stroke because there's not much competition in Poland when it comes to Chinese translations, because many Chinese find Polish impossible to learn (and secundo, why the hell would they learn some Slavic language?) but you can't say that about English. Thus, I think the more difficult/the less popular the language is for Chinese people, the easier it may be to get a job in translations. What do you guys think?


Are you in China right now? I'm currently in a situation where I don't know what to do with my life. If I could talk to you for some advice it would be much appreciated. Wechat: tjw3751

Nic Gray - Piano

Thanks so much. That was awesome, Sir.

WONHO IS FKN BACK But still go to jail Han seo hee

If you’re going to learn chinese, remember how words sound more than how they look. Notice patterns in the language. As a Chinese person who only mastered chinese in high school, noticing the patterns definitely helped me learn how to write it a lot. Also, the only way to learn how to write chinese is writing it over and over again. There’s no easy way out


Excellent, insightful advice. Thank you very much for sharing.

Fernanda L

I liked your honesty. :) A very useful video!! Thanks a lot!

Jiao Feng

Hello, I want to say this is a great video! And here is question, I want to be a English-Chinese medical interpreter in the US while Chinese is my mother language. Do you do interpreter as a part-time job and do you feel its annoying to translate over the phone ?


I can relate completely. I studied Asian Studies without master any language. And now I want to be portuguese language teacher to Chinese students. So, I will apply for uni again. I'm 25 and it will take me more 5 years. My classmates are 18. I'm learning Chinese again. Finally I have more clarity of what to do

Anderzon Manrique

Hey what about studying Accounting? and then learn Chinese

Chinese Is Easy

Are you planning to use Chinese for your career? What career path are you taking?

A. G.

This video is very informative...thank u so much

YGA Podcast

Fred(such an English name might I add), love your content mate. Got one quick question for you. What possible jobs can one get with a combination of an Economics degree(and masters) with HSK Chinese. That’s what I’m currently doing at Liaoning University here in Jinzhou so I’m interested in knowing what the end game will be upon graduation. Much appreciated

anton fleary

Hi I'm a new subscriber, how did you master tones?


Looking forward to the next video. I like listening to your story


Does chinese have scope in India at this time ?

Patricia Kaur

hi im 7 years old i think chinese is amazing

Samuel Luttrell-Henshaw

Hey I was wondering if you could give me some advice. I’m 17 and thinking of doing a degree at Manchester Metropolitan in French with Mandarin as a minor and also learn Spanish outside which i’ve been teaching myself for a few years anyway. This is because languages are my passion and I may go down the interpreting route when it comes to finding jobs. I did work shadowing last year in a translation/interpreting firm in Manchester City Council and they said they’ll hopefully give me a part time job during my studies. I was wondering how could I gain these other employability skills while still doing a languages degree? Could the societies and extra courses at uni help? What extra courses would you suggest? Thanks (btw love your vids!)

Luvina Chungkham

hey, your video was very helpful specially the combination of two subjects advice that you gave. I will be finishing my Masters in English this year and will go for Chinese course so in what fields can this medley be helpful? I too was planning for market fields but I am not from business background. My whole background is literature. please help

julian ruiz

Don’t put all your eggs in that Chinese basket. Wise words

Matthew Bowater

I’m 27 and just starting out, thanks for the advice!

Beau Vrbas

Hey man awesome video thank you!
I think you’re spot on. Don’t put all your hopes on solely learning Chinese.
I’ve managed to teach myself up to HSK 3 in under one year part time, whilst working in Sales. Ive now just recently moved to China to teach English with the intention of SPEEDING up my learning curve. My plan after 1-2 years here in China is to come out of this with not only a professional-business level chinese but coupled with strong Sales and Marketing background, And hit the marketplace.

Stephen Hall

Man, you're a beast. Thanks for the video.


Hi, thank you for your very informative video. I am currently abroad learning Chinese (Traditional) intensively and am learning a lot about this language which I have much passion for. I have not heard of HSK 10 ~ as far as I have ever heard, it only goes up to level 6. Do you mind informing me as to this Chinese proficiency scale you use?

Also, do you think being stronger in Traditional or Simplified writing style has significant affect on career opportunities?

Stipend 中文

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[Full Movie] 一根神棍 A Magic Stick, Eng Sub | Stephen Chow 周星驰8大黄金配角 喜剧片 Comedy, 1080P

6 784 065 views | 30 Jun. 2019

Plot Summary:

Plot Summary: [Billiard Movie "A Magic Stick 一根神棍 " is leading acted by Stephen Chow's eight golden support roles: Gabriel Wong, Jatfei Wong, John Ching, Choo Mi Mi, Miss Hong Kong Teresa MAK, Li Jianren, Yuan Qiongdan and Yang Neng.] Guo Daxing is an billiard player with super skill and supernatural power. Under the help of Wu Yingxiong's gang supoort, he gained the title of King of Billiard in mainland. Wu planned to use Guo's reputation to annex other samll gangs. Unexpectedly Guo has no respect for Wu when Guo is famous. So Wu invited the billiard master of Hong Kong, Zhou Bing, and used a trick to defeat Guo. also crippled Guo on his right arm. At last, under the support and help of Wang Xinlan, the leader of a female gang, Guo defeated Wu Yingxiong and Zhou Bing.

故事简介: 电影《一根神棍 A Magic Stick》由周星驰8大黄金配角:黄一山 Gabriel Wong, 黄一飞 Jatfei Wong, 程东 John Ching, 朱咪咪 Choo Mi Mi, 港姐 麦家琪 Teresa MAK, 李健仁(如花), 苑琼丹(石榴姐), 杨能 领衔,讲述 郭达星(花式台球冠军 徐杰 饰演)凭借高超的球技和特异功能,在黑社会吴英雄(常冶凝 饰演)的帮助下成为了大陆的台球之王。吴英雄本想借着郭达星的名气强行吞并其他小社团,不想郭达星成名后完全没把他放在眼里。气愤的吴英雄设下计谋,请来香港台球高手周斌(黄一山 饰演)赢走了郭达星的台球之王的称谓和全部财产,为防止郭达星东山再起还将他惯用的右手打断了。最后郭达星在剩女帮帮主王欣岚(吴业晗 饰演)的帮助下,打败周斌和吴英雄。

出品 Produced: 军盾影业 Army Shield Film

导演 Director: 柳航 Liu Hang

主演 Starring: 徐杰 Xu Jie, 吴业晗 Wu Yehan, 常冶凝 Chang Yening,

8位周星驰黄金配角: 黄一山 Gabriel Wong, 黄一飞 Jatfei Wong, 程东 John Ching, 朱咪咪 Choo Mi Mi, 港姐 麦家琪 Teresa MAK, 李健仁(如花), 苑琼丹(石榴姐), 杨能.

题材 Feature: 喜剧 搞笑 无厘头 Comedy, 剧情 Drama, 台球 billiard

圈影圈外YouTube频道影视上线计划 Updated Release Schedule:


关于我们 About us:

A Distribution Company & A Platform Website of Film:


频道内容介绍 Introduction of Channels & Contents

1, 圈影圈外电视剧网剧分频道 Q1Q2 TV/Web Series Sub-Channel:


2, 圈影圈外短视频分频道 Q1Q2 Short Videos Sub-Channel:


3, 圈影圈外官方主频道 Q1Q2 Official Channel Main:


---推荐精品电影 Recommended Movies


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---古惑仔黑帮主题 Youth & Gangster Topic


---赌神赌侠赌圣主题 God of Gamblers Topic


---犯罪悬疑惊悚恐怖电影 Crime, Suspense, Thriller & Horror Movies


---神话魔幻科幻电影 Mystery, Fantasy & Science Fiction Movies


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---喜剧搞笑电影 Comedy Movies


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4, 圈影圈外网络电影分频道 Q1Q2 Web Movie Sub-Channel:


5, 圈影圈外格斗赛事分频道 Q1Q2 MMA Sports Sub-Channel:


根据“Creative Commons Attribution”许可 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) 使用Kevin MacLeod创作的歌曲“Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy”



根据“Creative Commons Attribution”许可 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) 使用Kevin MacLeod创作的歌曲“Hitman”





Sugiono Tokuda

Film genre komedi tapi komedinya garing sih.



Rahmat Sanusi

Sukses selalu





sorry kebanyakan

Sori bat nih gw kesini cuma mau bacain komentar

Riyen Alam M.P

Tak sesuai sama judul. Stephen Chow. Tapi pemain nya bukan stephen Chow


Amazing 33:10

kevin yik

w t f

wy w


Ricky Tam



Indo sub jembuyut

Ilham alfaturahman 2b no 13 Nayla azqia kls1a

Trs uplad film jadul stephen chow sub indo ny y


有 沒 有 可 能 是 拍 的 太 前 衛 了 還 沒 看 懂 他 的 幽 默
或 是 ....

Happy Pappy

That was too stupid to watch.

Hanif maulana

Gua nyasar cok

Aldo Nurjaman

Ada orang indo kah?

Rubi yono


Daut Yusup

Yg lgi nyari sub indo ada di titik 3 di pojok kanan atas ya

Wu Yicheng


abdul Hadi






y g

Ngakak parah??

Teuku Muhammad Tezart


Zuhri Zuhri

Lihaenya dia krang kurangnya ber main sampai begitu ????


No job in

puput Andego

Orang indonesia mana ini...jempolllll


Heard 007 theme on the match, and heard Resident Evil 6 title theme on 56:56

Kevin Stallone


Elvis Cheang


Leo Cen


Yusak Pahnael

Kalo jago ame gue ajaa

Momo Jaja

Don't be fooled, this is s third rate crappy movie. Not even a glimpse of Steven Chow.

bujang tunggal channel




Aliyu Anas

Nice chinese movie f

Movie Capsule

Thanks for English subtitles!You're a hero.



Baso Ariel

buatlah yg lebih kreatif bos.....



Riki Piahar

Ooo w aku suka vidos ini

Juwel Nath jitu



我居然看完了 這到底三小


Endinng yg sangat membagongkan

mohd shafatimy

Keren banget film nya..lucu deh,bikin ngakak??

Indonesian Bee Channel

Aku ndak paha kkk

Kita Bisa




Prajnamita _b

The last part was really funny

mad world


Nicolas B Barron

? @ 0:43

Ntah Lah

Sial joged tik tok?

Hendrik Gojali

Iklan nya bangke

Suka Suka


Amat Yudih


CAD Creative & Pets




Iwan Kurniawan

full of hoax

Defa Afandi


aqilaputri putri

Oke makasih

Bad boy

Njirr youtube gancuk dikit2 iklan gatell







Randa Gustira

film bgst ???


jangkrik bos ?


我只想請問一下 這個星…………野…………………………到底是哪一個 大陸高官子弟??????????????????

Q1Q2 Movie Channel Official 圈影圈外官方电影频道

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fadia zaenab




Heri Asturi

Anda kepengin memiliki penis Besar panjang&tahan lama..wa082210203330


草泥馬德 有錢就可以濫拍逆 草 還找星爺的人拍爛片 暈



Patrick Woo


Yanto Jagad




Zleipnir Goh

What movie is this? the acting skills so contrasting... the young actors/ actresses no natural expressions... -.-

Tempuh P

"Audio Jungle" repeatedly at the start of the movie music...Seriously you guys haven't even bought the music you are using from the stock website for commercial project like this?

Fajar Pujianto

Satu kata : kocak?


kok bisa ya

Hanifah Suwanda

Mana sub indonya pant3*

aqilaputri putri

Pilm pendekar cw

Baiki Mania

Mantap filimnya om.


S T U P I D M O V I E E V E R ❗️

Ade Wijaya

Menurut gua jelekkkk, bosannn nontonnyaa

muhamad fajar


goen wibowo

Coment ke 500 ???

Kosim Sim



9 hmm

XJX- m


Riduan 123

Pemutaran latar belakang tdk dpt d lakukan

Muhlis Hardianto

Iklan berlebih

Amish todah

too many ads!!:(

Fadil Wirja03

Ngan iklan bae dia mah gebleg

Suni Ningsih

Untung gw ngerti bhsaya hhhh seruuuu

ru di

Film paling jelek yg pernah gw nonton,gak ada bagus2nya