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Rachel Dolezal Says She Identifies As 'Trans-Black' | NBC BLK | NBC News

53 066 views | 28 Mar. 2017

Rachel Dolezal talks with

Rachel Dolezal talks with NBCBLK’s Amber Payne about identifying as trans-Black instead of trans-racial, how she got her new Nigerian name, why she ultimately felt she couldn't be more effective as a white ally and her new book, “In Full Color: Finding My Place in a Black and White World.”

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Rachel Dolezal Says She Identifies As 'Trans-Black' | NBC BLK | NBC News

The Black Car Guy

If you can be transgender, you can be transracial. I'm lovin it.


jicheal mackson


Sometimes I like to bury myself in the backyard and identify as trans-carrot...

Talie Hughes

Racial fluidity lmfao !

Cayenne Thepepper

I wonder how black people who have experienced discrimination or violence for being black would feel.

The Adrien

When her forehead is bigger than your future

Tjapco coco

I want to go back to my own planet also called Earth

Shawn Gollatz

Shes happy to use the n-word with impunity

Jules Peace

I'm sick and tired of all these titles for people. Trans fluid, trans racial etc. Now babies don't get a gender on their birth certificate. Just because the Globalist want to mess up our society and have the the most confused and depressed next generation. This world going to be one big mental institution .

silonix studios

Its the art of drifting.. first trans gender, now transracial, whats next..? If we continue to follow this liberal movement we will be denying the way God made us from even being a human.. its aad into trans species?

phi crossing

race is a social construct in the US, so is gender and sexuality. Men and woman can identify as woman and men, you can identify as a different gender. I think if she respects african american culture and recognizes the struggles, she should be able to identify as african american if she’s more comfortable with that :)


I’m calling it, this will become mainstream in the next 10-20 years we will all be called transracial-phobic


I'm fine with trans people who transition from one gender to another if you feel like you're a girl or a boy instead of what you actually then fine go ahead be happy you can become an actual boy or girl too with surgery however I don't think its possible to do the same with skin color it would be ridiculously expensive if you feel like you're black when you technically aren't good for you but unlike trans people you can't become black.



The Ancient Astronaut Conspiracy

I think Black Face is ok too!


Guess what, you're not talking about those Europeans in the Levant calling themselves Jewish or Semitic people.

sumeahs king

Dislike for 15 second ad


Wasnt she born as a white woman? Then if so how can she be trans black lol?


Dating black guys dont make you black

Eileen Camacho

Yup! She’s ashamed of being white. Don’t understand why would u want to portray yourself as something that you are not. It’s a disgrace because now her poor children have to also go through this hate from people and it’s not fair. She wasn’t thinking clearly when she decides to this. She’s erasing her whole past. SMH

Swing Thing

Stunning and brave.

Goober Egg

It's called being trans ethnic it doesn't exist

Creator Studio

I mean it makes as much sense as transgenderism...

Sweetner Ari

I hate when trans-black people say “ if you can change your gender I can change my race” like NO Transgender women/men actually FEEL like they are in the wrong body. Study shows that trans people’s brains work the same as the gender they want to be.

River Stone

Who else came here after watching the Dr Phil video about the black girl thinking she's white?


I’m trans-gamer


being black isn't an option, it's honestly extremely annoying that someone (just because they want to) can adopt the struggles that black people have to go through every day. She is not black. In fact, her doing this makes her even more white.

Rev Reva

Guys if you believe in trans gender than you believe in trans racial it’s the same thing

Jess X Kirby

Feminists do not endorse transracial because it disproves their Marxist arguments about racism and racial inequality, as a white person who trans-racially identifies as an African American could say they are not responsible for racism against black people because they are a black person themselves (via social identity). Then it could go further, whereby white people who are trans-black could start making laws so they get the socialist welfare benefits intended for black people. That is why social constructivism is a flawed epistemology, because this actually all works within the theoretical foundation, but in physical reality it undermines the Marxist ideals the feminists intended to indoctrinate people into. However, Transgender does the same thing, as a man could use transgender to identify as a woman and than undermine the legal factors put in place to give biological women equal pay and equal job status. For example, say a sexist company want to appoint a biological man as the CEO, but the feminists in the legal system force them via laws to put a female as CEO. All the sexist company would have to do is give the CEO job to a man who idenifies as a woman (transgender) and reject the women who applied for the job. That way the sexist business still followed the anti-discrimination laws whilst still puting a biological male in control as CEO.

The Ancient Astronaut Conspiracy

When is she gonna start singing “Camptown Races” ? Gentlemen Be Seated!

Parker Gabriel

She’s trans alright lol


I identify as rich but my account don’t show it..

Park Jimin • 박지민

Yea and I’m a flying testicle.. ??


I laughed throughout the video ?

Jon Brown

I'm a black white man I hope,white legally

Cayenne Thepepper

This is about as worse as dating someone outside your race because you want to have a biracial baby and not date the person for being a person but for their race. Its odd

Jordan Hanna

Well , I wrote the book to make money......

James Blunt

Most of the comments here are straight-up transphobic, disguised as "outrage" - you all straight-up hate trans people. BIGOTS


All you transphobes in the comments better delete or prepare to get cancelled here in 2021

Nicole Michel

Give 30m likes.


Lmao my own ppl make me sick sometimes. This lady wants to be black and ur mad, y? Makes more sense than people identifying as another gender lol most of you in the comments dont do anything for black people anyway


Rachel you are one of the most beautiful woman ever


Does she also identify as half-bald?


"To encourage people to be exactly who they are..." oh the irony.

Emotional breakdown Jimmy

I heard the term "transethnic" and now I just want to delete Internet.


How does one feels black? Didn't know black was a feeling ??

Anel Mukendi

She ain't black she is a white women

Runar Antila

So this is the one dave chapelle talked about. I wondered so i searched trans-Black and bingo..there it is. Dave was right.. This is a hilarious predicament

Jennay Bay2

“Being black” is based on dna and having African descendants, not wanting to be black, that’s not how it works. She can like African culture and feel connected with it but she isn’t African American. Just how it is

Rodrigo Díaz de Vivar

So many Transracial phobes commenting.

James C.

"Racial fluidity" and "trans black." Just keep making this stuff up, lady. Eventually, everyone will be so confused, you'll bland right in.


This is like me when i wanted to become a middle Eastern woman. My father is half Greek and half Moroccan but i was obsessed with middle Eastern culture. I learned their langauge dances watched a lot of movies soap operas ate a lot of their food(which is similar to the food in Balkan Europe where i’m from but still) dressed like them. I did that without understanding the sexism and the struggles those women go through. I think it’s fine to Participate in other people culture but remember it’s not yours and you’re a guest to it and always give credit where’s credit

Rani P

If they accept transgender they have to accept transracial.

grandmazona rules

Did anyone besides me catch her say in the beginning..." I read the book" huh??????


Im not defending her or agreeing with her but if you can be trans gender, why can you not be “trans black”

preston McCain

but she's "thick" though ;-)


Why can't real black women get the recognition that they deserve like this false fake whole white woman is getting and really don't deserve Silver Spoon in her mouth great parents but she wants to relate to the harsh depression of poverty that most black women put up with and the black race as a whole what I do not understand is that they have gone all the way out of their way to give this woman numerous interviews when she is a nobody I dislike NBC or whatever Broadcasting Company production company that goes out of their way to recognize a false claim claimer it makes Not only her look bad as a person but that is a overstatement I hate this woman guts

CherryCherryReiki / KirschbluetenReiki

?...she just looks like a white European woman after a day on the beach. She may be very knowledgable about everything Afro-American, but without being actually black she can always rely on her white privilege


They both look the same to me ?

Styleby Cre

But we accept transsexuals, why not trans black or trans white people???? This needs to be a real discussion. How can you accept a man as a woman so openly and give them acknowledgment like they're a real woman, but condemn a trans black person????? They have the same struggles with identity. Accept all or condemn all is my stance.


Yeahhh definitely not

Jay Stilly

Your beautiful inside and out.

Wesley Hempoli

Apparently Black Face isn't racist if you wear it all the time. Seems legit.

Nathan De La Rosa-Wood

Everyone's bullying this woman for trying to be herself without trying to make fun of the culture she's putting herself in. Why? Just unnecessary hatred.

Latisha Daniels

There are a lot of white ppl who grew up around all black people and they feel like they are black, they feel it in their soul and you can't tell them any different. Lol they fight harder for black equality than some blacks do.

Rio Aiello

There’s a person who identifies as Transit age from 53 and now he identifies as a seven-year-old girl and there’s another transgender person who identifies as a Filipino woman.


As a Nigerian, African, and a black man, I agree with Madam Rachel Dolezal. She is my hero. Those who call her a fraud are the real frauds. She is a trailblazer for a better world. It's not easy to run against the grain of society in a wicked world.


Trans Black? OoooooooooooooK. ? Well either way she has heavy naturals.

St. Haborym

She reminds me of that movie Get Out

Jacqueline Trudel

to each their own.

Jasmine Valadian

If a trans woman is biologically male and trans man is biologically female, by that logic she would be trans white.

Sunny Dae

Please don’t take your unhappy childhood and use it make ugly sweeping statements about the entire white community....you aren’t going to fight racism with racism

•Ginger• •Snap•

Yh but the perm tho?

Melissa Horn

People like this are the people who make trans people like a joke

Giovanni Bivona

She is as black as Bill Brockbrader is a Navy SEAL.

Taisen Fjouri

You can't hate this if you support transgenders

Xavier Lemus

800th dislike!! ???

DooM DooMerson

Where's NBC WHT?


So ya'll ok with trans gender or trying to be another gender but when it comes to races ya'll can't be having that?

Whatchu Lookin at boy

Us black people do not accept your offer

Jane Reich

Well I feel the same way when a man tries to be a trans woman!

Sorek Ben-Ephraim

I'm broke but identify as trans rich. These banks be discriminating against me.

Gary Garison

Seeing a lot of bigots in the comments..... Race LIKE GENDER is a social construct! If you can be transgender you can be transracial !


That body looks black to me. Besides she's more black than Candice Owens.

RED -5

This is a joke


If you are against trans-black/racial, then you are also against transgender/transsexual. If this is not true for you, then you are a racist.

Welders Anonymous

Bona-fide racist is what this woman actually is.

Tylor Whitt

“challenge white supremacy spiritually”

Thatb 1717

Transgender and transracial aren’t the same thing so don’t hate on transgender people but transracial isn’t a thing your not born thinking your a different there’s no such thing as racial disphoria


Like nooo man it don’t work like this


This lady— I’m black
Trump— I’m orange

Sam Morgan

How is this not just blackface? Asking for a race.

Chris D

When she said "trans-black" I lost it lmfao

Faith Nyensuah

Omg stfu we will never expect u

Scott C

Was MJ trans white?

That’s What She Said

i identify as trans helicopter then

Durthea Charles

Thank you for outing Rachel she is crazy

George Juravlel

I am a romanian who identifies as a british. My ethnic assigned at birth is romanian.
I am transethnic person. Where is my rights as a transbrithish person. :)

Finalboss Oftheinternet

Why would you want to be black I don’t get it, I’m black and I’m ok with that but if I got to choose at the start I wouldn’t be. Maybe white or Japanese or something.


This woman no cap is made, I mean made disrespectful. Like just because you tanned your skin and curled your hair it do make one but close to being black at all. Sure your skin a little bit darker but you still have your white privilege. So please for your own well-being and for the black community, JUST STOP THIS NONSENSE NOW.

What is blk

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157 540 views | 25 Nov. 2019

Hey #QueenTeam, in this

Hey #QueenTeam, in this video I talk about bl.ack female infuencers being cheated out of sponsorships and paid oppurtunities in the industry. I feel that not onlt do we nnot get the same respect and oppurtunities, but we need to have faith and ownership of our brands so people will respect us.

About Me:

Name: Chioma

Age: 22

Location: Toledo, OH for College. From Philadelphia

Major: Mass Communications

Fun Facts:

1. I'm 5'10

2. I am NIGERIAN (Igbo Tribe)

3. My favorite color is Pink

4. I have 2 siblings, 1 older brother and 1 younger sister

5. My favorite food is potatoes


Email: [email protected]

❤INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/thequeenchioma/

❤TWITTER: https://twitter.com/thequeenchioma


❤FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/cabakporo1



1. How old are you? 22

2. What college do you attend? University of Toledo

3. What is your major? Communications and Marketing

4. What do you use to edit your videos? Final Cut Pro

5. What camera do you use? Sony Alpha 6000 with Kit Lens


Naddy_ Nad_

Free stuff does not pay the bill?
You cannot pay for clothes, rent, water or shelter with a free Waist trainer???

Fashion Goddezz

That is amazing!!! Because im building my brand and this is what's going to help me on my YouTube channel

Phia Kate

You also need to recognise that we do not support each other where it counts. Influencers sold all their ratchet and garbage pallets and those influencers sold out in a morning. Jackie sold her pallet and weeks later was still pushing product because we did not support her in a way that counts. Who do you think companies will collab with next time?

Toni Letoya

Great COntent You are love and baby anything you want you can do leh go sis speak truth

Little Blueprint Writing hood



I'll share on my social media accounts, including word of mouth--directing them to this channel.

Kyra's World

Can my fellow Ladies on here check out my little channel? Pleaseee

BruceWayne's Girl

the picture of the first girl is absolutely stunning... the red color just works!


Ecidomicly!! Is that a word!!!!??? 3.25 and u have the cheek to point out other black influencers that they’re not so literate!! OMG!!! ?

Jerome Fowler

Know your worth

Serenity Map

Very true. Know your worth sis. Remember back in the 2010's black youtubers were talking about how sponsorships were screwing them over taking well over half of their monetization $$ for doing nothing. But they were just so excited to get a "sponsor" didn't read the fine print.

Ayo Shittu

My sistah the accent you did...on point?

Marc Edwards

Why don't y'all come up with your own product can get together all black women

Aloha Azzie


Mere Brooks

I recently launched an online wig and beauty store withsunkisses.com I'm wondering if I need an influencer to work with..

Alisha On Demand

I just started and it’s depressing. People just leave thumbs down from my videos for no reason ?.

Lavish Jules

It's like being paid in exposure. ? Absolutely Not!

Mel 25 1106

I love your podcast!!!!

Nonye B

I believe it’s also important for us to discuss how much we’re getting paid. Gabrielle Union stated this awhile ago on a panel. All her actor friends aren’t afraid to speak about how much they’re getting paid with each other so they know if the movie directors are lowballing them due to their race or paying them a fair wage.

Phia Kate

Everything was true and honest.

whatchutalknboutwillis ?

We being finnesses into swirling as well because the result from the swirl is the washing away,lightening up of blk ppl by way of procreation w/these pinkies!Were beimg finnessed into destroying ourselves just like the rap industry promotes our own destruction.The devil is busy!!!

Lenni Bunny

Omg. The passion in this video! Love this message! Bless you girl!


Everyone that watches this needs to just share and repost. Don’t just watch it and like, GO ACTUALLY SPEAD THE WORD! REPOST THIS!

Lexi L

Now, brothers and sisters, I want to remind you of the gospel I preached to you, which you received and on which you have taken your stand. 2 By this gospel you are saved, if you hold firmly to the word I preached to you. Otherwise, you have believed in vain.

3 For what I received I passed on to you as of first importance[a]: that Christ died for our sins according to the Scriptures, 4 that he was buried, that he was raised on the third day according to the Scriptures,

Only Christ saves Not works, Faith.......

Tracee Land

Everything you said....IS ABSOLUTELY CORRECT!!

Summer Radebe

I think it’s time for us as community to agree that we won’t be accepting anything less than xxxxx for a simple promotion video because sis you right, that $100 is not paying my bills. So yes, I agree with you. I think it’s time we started milking this platform for what it’s worth because we haven’t even started yet. Having a couple of big black influencers isn’t enough. I agree with you ?.

Zainab Lawal


Seleipiri Davies

Thank you for this

kem-laurin lubin

Honey I work in Tech and the same shit. But #kneeoffournecks #enough I spend where I see my people. Periot!!! Charge them!!!

Lynnette Southwood

Absolutely! I'm rebranding my site and previously, I got a lot of free products but no cash. Even writing a review takes time so creating and editing a video? You are absolutely right.


Real shit

Taja King


Lessa Manzambi

Why do they never get what they deserve. They always want to go the extra mile for ppl like Jeffrey star and James charles

Deborah Walker

I'm not sure how I found you as I am actually looking for fashion, lifestyle from women of colour! But. I cosign everything you just said here! I am not into the gossip channels because I don't know who half the people being discussed are, but I will stop for something that looks like sense. Honestly, if you can suggest women of colour who are doing more than haul videos then I am here for it. I shall explore your channel some more as I am fed up - not to be rude - of watching Becky showing me her perfect life. I want to see women who look like me this year. If I had the talent I would do it myself, but I don't! I don't do the hair or the make-up or the hauls, I need something new in 2020: HELP!!

Flawless Rose


Ariane Chamberlain

Contact me for a hair collab deal , +237 670366108 on WhatsApp looking for USA influencer

16 n

Love this intro the best x


I don’t know why but here is the thing I fell like you don’t support black men influencer because we are only popular when we talk bad bout you or we rap and the guys who are doing different videos are not getting recognized since you have this platform you should. You said black influencers I only see girls we are a supposed to be supporting each other.

1980’s babe L b

Exactly , I was saying this the other day to a supplier on Ali ? wasn’t happy with what they wanted to give for what they wanted me to do , I know my worth .

Holistic Registered Nurse ??‍⚕️

I know this first hand. I refuse working with other brands until they pay my fee. It doesn't matter that Suzy Q gets paid for $5 per post, that has nothing to do with me. Also they try to finesse you by offering you affiliate offerings like it some prize. Girl Bye. Know your value then add tax. PeriodT!


I don't even have a channel but I'm definitely going to share this because I've have watch a lot of influencers talkin about free products they receive they need to see this video!! #levelUP

Crystalina Ice

Kylie Jenner : I'm weird and corny

The Pertinent Influence

I hear your point but I must say additionally that black influencers don't really support each other from my personal experience. Black women seem to compete

Sami Ba


Kimberly Sanders

@queenchioma Thanks, this was the honest to goodness truth! Can't live off free product...Charge Em! ? #BlackInfluencers

Galax Ekeanya

Promote natural hair not artificial or wigs or weave on, and don't settle for less because if you are the market you can charge what you want with your natural afro hair. if it my hair I would never agree for less take it or leave it anyway it business.

Valencia Suggs

Well said, you are making valid points, with clarity. It is important that we support one another. Make them pay for your endorsement and at the same time block all of their irrelevant content and ads as much as possible. In the words of Kwame Ture, “The masses don’t shed blood for the benefit of a few individuals”. We need to make them as irrelevant as they attempt to make us, build our own, with celerity and autonomy, without relenting. Steadfast in never dealing with them. Remembering the proverb of the dog that returns to his own vomit because they will never repent of their evil deeds. Paraphrasing a quote from Malcolm X, how can you speak about morality to a nefarious people.
This is why I advocate for my people to leave a cursed land and a cursed people.
Revelations 17 & 18
Jeremiah 51
Key verses 18:4 and 51:45


Hey sis! I’m a new subbie!!

Billie Jean

you just dropped gems


Look at all these beautiful black women coming up in my screen ?

august ken

that intro kinda scary tbh

No-Winter Only_Snow

Thank you to my Fans for Joining my Pinterest Board "Lisa's House of Dreams L.L.C.": https://tinyurl.com/y57bwgyx


I was approached by a company that wanted me to promote their wigs , but they wanted me to buy the hair first THEN they would reimburse me after I made the video!!! ??? Hell no!! It does not work like that! I turned it down because even though I only 100 and something subscribers at the time I’m not working for free or getting scammed ??‍♀️

Destiny Shaude'

Glad you made this video because I am an upcoming YouTuber ?❤️


I’ll support everybody in the comments if they support me ?!


Omg I love this video. You are absolutely right about these companies. As a new youtuber granted I don’t have a lot of followers but why would a company think they can ask to use clips of my video for free? Tf black women deserve better especially dark skin women ??‍♀️

Ruth Juliana

lemme tell u, these brands get behind who black people support because black people spend on makeup the most, YES YOU HEARD ME! The black dollar leaves the community the quickest, every 6 seconds. Jackie Aina had to take shit, oh yes until her channel blew up, she has been on for 10+ years. BTW Jefree starrr be dissing and bashing these brands and they still send him free products and shit. Jackie Aina did that to kim k and lost her pr but she-kim didn't mind sending jefree shit and he was dissing her brand so...There are so many more black Youtubers I can name off the top of my head that are not even biracial. you want more black influence to wild that power with brands SUPPORT THEM, SUBSCRIBE HUNNY, GO TO THEIR LINKS, USE THEIR CODES, WAIT ON THEIR LAUNCH DATES THE SAME WAY YOU DO WHITE OWNED BRANDS. SUPPORT EACH OTHER because if you don't white people will continue to dominate.

Seleipiri Davies

This is just so frustrating to even think about. A clothing brand tried this with my sister, they wanted her to talk about their clothes on her IG page and sent her a discount code for their stuff, and I think the cheapest thing there was a N12k ugly ass top. No talk about paying her, and when I checked their page, barely any black women on there. Just one. I told her to leave it alone, we can't be doing this


Yea like thee mademossell


Great information. Do you have anything or recommendations on how to write an proposal and negotiate? I looked around on web and it's alot. Thanks for sharing


Us Chioma’s gotta stick together sis! Let’s connect!!!

Candice Lee

This video should have over 100,000 likes. The influencer world needs to hear this.


Yesssss! Black people really like to dislike your video for no reason then turn around and complain that black people aren’t being recommended. Well, y’all are killing black creators by disliking their videos and leaving such mean comments for no reasons

At this moment

you did good! ok- they want your work but don't want to pay??? we need to put an end to that- yall out here selling the $hit out of products and for what? to make someone else rich?


The beauty industry and most of this “influence” crap is very shallow anyways... if u pretty it pays more unfortunately.. no matter what colour.. it’s shallow full stop!!!!!

It's Fefe777

I have noticed this too. Even though i just started. SAD!!!!

Ne. Re

You have a great voice...you need a radio show.

Angela Williams

Girl! You telling the TRUTH! I honor how you think, in fact I've never heard of before until now! I made sure I SUBSCRIBED and can't wait to see more from you.

Trending Tube

My kids are influencers and I don't play about there coins!!

Ebony Love

Support blk businesses/influencers - sis, did you forget blk ppl don't make the money many of the white influencers followers do. Just as you experience biases on YouTube, we still do offline too sis. Many of us want to do more, but the pockets are stretched. That's just truth sis.

Connie Rogers

Lol it’s Jackie Aina (eye -nah)

yepitsme_potato Tannye

New youtubers and new to your channel and I love it thx u. Give me hope


I recognize just about all these women!! All so beautiful and talented, black women, know your worth and dont EVER accept less

Terrell allen

Into agree with this %100 but sometimes as new business owner you may not have hundreds or thousands to promote so sometimes a promo in exchange for proudcts can work until you gain real money to invest in promo but for huge companies I agree with you %100


but what is "less" whats the price ranges for certain things!

Susie Says So

Can I just take the time to say thank you for the beautiful montage of Black beauty influncers!! I didn't even skip the ads!!!?????????????????


1000000% true. these companies do NOT want to pay up it’s ridiculous...like nah stay right in them emails chile

Tfny Kpnln

Who is the young lady at the 49 sec Mark?

Toreal Jones

Can you post the YouTuber you showed pictures of. Of course Ik most of them but there are some I’ve never came across I want to check out!

Charmaine Walker

Don’t mean to rain on your parade but this is getting old. Black ppl just need to break out and find their own niche and milk it. Everybody is doing the same damn thing so they think you are desperate.Let them come running to you these sponsors. Reality is if you keep doing the same thing you will get the same results.find your own opportunities because no they are not going to pay us equal. Be creative and o your thing because our community does not support each other

Warriors Prayer Boot Camp

This is all news to me, I guess I’m really green and naive ???, thanks for the eye opener ??

Keshia Gardner

Love how real you are❤

I think you said that you Nigerian ?you can tell Nigerian people are really proud of their culture and literally of who they are

Love all the way from South Africa ?

Tiffany Payne



Spot On!!! We need to be assertive in knowing our worth in everything. Great video.

Miss Lady

I loved glamazontay but she changed so I no longer watch her videos. Not mas or feeling any ill toward her changing tho that’s just life but I ain’t with the videos ?

Focus with Tati



I can't get behind this. How many of those people you flashed have managers? Coaches? Several of them I know for a fact have done bad deals. One of them at least is not personable at all and doesn't even do meet and greets. AND do they reach out to the white influencers to collab? I can't pay this video any mind until I see GOOD business women being straight out denied. It's real Monique-ish. You can't negotiate and racism are not the same thing. Then it's the same ideas over and over. How about take somebody off the street and make them over. Think outside the box. I'm low key ranting.. LOL


Well said , yes yes yes I agree with you 100% ❤️



Healthy Living

It's our fault, we want to be included so bad instead of making paths for ourselves.

Maria A.

Girl I want to like you but you are so arrogant. Stop putting other women down damn


“I know how to write. I know how to speak. Next sentence ...”is going to tell you every information that you need to know” lol

Luo Li Ai

I really needed to see this video. I would like to be an Instagram Influencer so I needed to see this

Lala Blue

Oh that African accent got me! ? I’m African too btw.

Asia Clark

Can someone name all list all of these influencers I know most of them but some I would like to follow


Felt this!

Itsnotthat deepchill

@joanna kinuthia


Out of curiosity, is this all assumption or do you actually have the data to back you up that a white influencer was paid more than a black influencer with same number of subscribers. Having data/receipts in your videos will be more helpful.

Haya Glamazon

A lot of what you said in this video is very true but I also think some black influencers (from my experience) don't want to work with smaller brands even if we have the budget. I found this to be true with my businesses, contact influencers even if the fit is there and the budget is there, but if a huge name brand calls then we get ignored.

Phenita Gomes


What is blk

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She Said She Hated Me! Story Time!

2 502 views | 9 Feb. 2021

She Said She Hated

She Said She Hated Me! Story Time!

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Joyce Folake Igbafen

Finally ?????

Michelle Williams

I washed a old ladies feet , she said to me u have don't for me what. Not 1 of my 6 KIDS have ever done , it made me cry i didn't do it in her presence but when i was by myself i did wow

Tanisha Bradford

I had many positive and negative ones could fit on a few pages, but the thing is I've learned to turn the negatives into positive.??

Cinella Johnaly

It's my first time here and I'm loving you already one day I was constipated and instead my mama take me to the doctor she said I take people man and they fix me I was about 16 she never see me with amn

Lili's African Dance Workout Agbornkie

Am a new subscriber , You are just amazing !!! Am a new youtouber as well

Mibi Kolapo

Yes it prep time!

Buchi Okonma

True fact... Know what you say to people

Precious Austine-Ushie

Thank you so much ma for sharing. Boarding house was traumatizing and my experience there is the reason why I wouldn't want to send my children to one. I remember one time, my gang of friends saying I was possessed and they said it out loud so the whole form could hear, something along that line and I found it so hard to make friends. And it's why I always tell people childhood trauma is real. This idea of oh the person is still a child, what has he or she fine through in life to be sad or depressed? I believe is very wrong, children can be sad, they can be depressed and I believe childhood traumas can be the worst because they can linger for so long and sometimes people push it down down in their memory and don't realise it's still affecting them even when they've grown older.

Ojo Esther

Words are very precious ✨
Is it not the Word of God that everyone holds onto now.

When I was in secondary school few years ago, my teacher wrote in my report card that;
I'm not just a Boss, I'm a leader.

Today, people still notice those traits in me to the glory of God and when I first got my first set of customized shirts, I had those words inscribed on a shirt.
Now, people may think I did that out of personal inspiration, but one day the whole world will know about what Mrs Fadele did.
This is the first time I'm actually sharing this ?

Trust Eyabunor

My classmate told me that I'm a green snake. I searched my heart deeply to know what I did to deserve such comment, but I still can't find any.

Phumelela Mantwana

I have such a similar story ??

Michelle Williams

Your glowing beautiful ?

Faith Ojomolade

I've learnt over time that people catch the feelings you have for yourself and unconsciously behave like that to you. So if you don't feel secure about yourself, or have issues with esteem, you don't expect people to treat you more than that. It's the air you breathe that people take in.

Ain't saying treating people like shit is normal or justifiable, but, when it comes to 'kids', parents have lots and lots to do to help boost their esteem and confidence.

My opinion.

I've had issues with esteem before too, people have said shit to me too, but what helped me was working on my esteem. Now, if you say shit, I don't feel bad, I just feel it's your opinion, you're entitled to it.

Ayokunnumi Omolola

I'm here to learn?. Thank you for the lesson?.

Sonnah Kabba.

Words are like a bullet u can take dem back, as longer as u say it
People have that habit.

Sade Modupe

Interesting, bullying some kind.

Osariemen Opaluwa

Exactly!!! even as adults some of us are still badly behaved, if things are not working well for you, other people suffer for it, it’s just sad. Funny thing is most times people like that see you as a competition they just can’t understand how you are the way you are so they hate u for it?some of them will come around to confess.

denise walker

Growing up years ago, I was in grade school; probably kindergarten or 1st grade. This little boy came up to me to tell me he could not invite to his home for his birthday party, because I was Black! I was heart broken & sad, all at the same time., This was back in the late 50's, and I still to this day remember it. Happy Tuesday!??‍?

The Itembu Family


T Snobby

Yes you’re right it’s ‘prep’?

Mofehintoluwa A.O

Hmm, this story reminds me of something my best friend did to me in University. She kept malice with me for days just because she feels we not in the same level and I don't argue or fight with her. She uses iPhone at that time and I was using one faulty Android. She insulted me and said am suffering that if I don't change she won't be friends with me again. Anytime I remember I just laugh...

Peace Nosa-omorogiuwa

I related to the high school cliques, I was part of a group but was not anyone's favorite or top pick. One experience that stayed with me was when I was in high school, this girl asked me in public (not privately out of curiosity- I was never sick tho) if I had a sickness or problem because I was so skinny. I endured lots of comparison because I had a fraternal twin was much bigger than me and quite pretty. So I was the skinny (I was small from birth lol- 4lbs), not too pretty one. Some of it has stayed with me a little. But thats in the past. Kids really have to be trained to mind what they say, I notice parents with mean kids are also not necessarily the nicest people some of the time.

Alphabet Number

Let me be ur 901 viewer?????

Doreen Onekalit

Looking extra pretty today.

Kehinde Adeyemo

My boss at a time had said something like that to me too. Her exact words were ' I don't like you, I don't know why, but I don't like you'. When I told my husband, he said, only people that have inferiority complex can open their mouths to say such to another person.

Abena Offeibea

Mama with the glowwwww?

Ogungbemi Busayo

My best friend then ,told me am heartless nd am a bad girl bcus her boyfriend broke up with her bcus I took most of her time and doesn't give attention to her boo,it's kinda funny bt it's hurts bcus I knew the guy doesn't love her ND ended up dumping her with some kinda disease ???


My best friend told me that I was wicked and very heartless but I was shocked ? and just couldn’t figured. I searched and asked myself but still couldn’t find how.. but I had to forget it.

Temi Journal

Mama, I have thousands that I'm still dealing with right now. Talking about it makes me want to hate people. They are really painful. Just praying to God to help me forget.

Oluyitan Wuraola

I was not really good in mathematics then in secondary school.so there was this our mathematics teacher who was teaching so I told her I don't understand.she actually told me that when I get home i should ask my mother whether they gave birth to me where they were rearing tortoise.i wept that day and anytime I remember am always not happy. Don't say words which can hurt the feelings of the person ?.

michelle Taylor

These things happen all the time ...and it not fair. because it doesn't go away! Someone actually said I don't like you! and that fine

Nana Esther

I used to be friends with a girl back in secondary school and for some reason my fine art teacher hated that girl, and he didn’t like seeing both of us together. He’d chase me whenever he sees me with the girl or even flog me. I wanted to ask him but I never gathered courage to do so till he left the school.
guess what I did after I graduated lol mo flash weyre pa ! I just kept on flashing him ??? some days I let him answer the phone, and when he asks who ? I tell him the girl he hated/flogged few years ago ???? I tormented the man till I got tired ??? let Just say I’ve forgiven him now cos I’ve stopped calling him.??

Josephine AB


Adebayo Kehinde PG

I have a teacher in secondary school too (ss1) she said I have a black heart because I was dark skinned and wouldn't ever share my answers with others.
Since then, I became so insecure, I remember vividly my classmates raining abuses at me even telling our class teacher then that I stole from them, she called me aside and asked what happened, I remember crying so much that I had to miss a class because she wanted to calm me down and get what happened.
She was actually the journey to my high self esteem, she gave me words that I held on to.
Never change yourself for anything. Most of those classmates today, we still talk but it seems like I was the only one that remembers what happened in school.
Teachers need to be better, she made me lose a lot of goodies because even though I was the best accounting student in my class, she won't ever pick me for accounting quizzes and debates. I remember when I won the best student in Commerce she asked the teacher if she was sure there was no better person.
That woman hurt me a lot, it took the Holy Spirit for me to forgive her ooo. She just hated me for no reason from day 1 till I finished secondary school.

unlimited DANA

Na wa oooo... that pikin na winch o ?
Like what’s the relevance in telling you?? Words are too big to be thrown around carelessly..

Mibi Kolapo

Glow mama glow?